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Sierra 90-E22 Dropship Personnel Module (sketch) by JonathanBluestone
Sierra 90-E22 Dropship Personnel Module (sketch)
When I was designing the Sierra series medical recovery craft in June 2015 I produced a series of sketches, one of which shows an additional module which is actuality would be loaded on a support vessel and attached either side of the 90-E22 and then the craft would fly to the drop-zone, wherein the module would be soft-dropped from an altitude of no more than six meters above the ground. On landing and once the immediate area has been cleared of enemy personnel, the deployment ramps (two) would drop and the personnel inside it deployed to the battlefield.

The module could also be re-attached to the drop-craft simply by it landing close-by and tractor-moorings activated to drag it into place where it would be held fast. You can see the vehicle which would act as the drop-ship here: jonathanbluestone.deviantart.c… - the modules could carry a unit of twenty persons, fully-equipped in each module, so a deployment of two units allowed for a maximum deployment of forty armed foot soldiers.

Armored, the modules were also used as Command Post (CP) facilities once on the ground and could in emergencies act as bombardment shelters, although their armor was not sufficient to survive a direct hit from heavy ordnance but was proof against automatic and small arms fire.

Design concept and sketch remains the intellectual property of Jonathan Bluestone. (C) Copyright Bluestone 2015-2016
Steampunk: Calvary Class Lancer (sketch 1986) by JonathanBluestone
Steampunk: Calvary Class Lancer (sketch 1986)
A frontline compact attack craft, this ironclad space-ship had three large independently swiveling cannons mounted on it and a command deck (cockpit) submerged within the body of the craft with a large re-enforced glass view port out of which the pilot directed the craft. The engines were located aft, on a armored pillar which contained the propulsion elements and the power core, a stabilized atomic pile, both being heavily armored.

More of my 1986 work, this never went much further than basic sketches. Design remains my intellectual property.
Steampunk: Galvin Raptor Class Scout (sketch 1986) by JonathanBluestone
Steampunk: Galvin Raptor Class Scout (sketch 1986)
I'm not really updating my gallery due to mental health concerns (crippling depression, designers/illustrators block) but I might be posting snippets now and again unless I somehow improve my mood and can be a creative member of the community again. This illustration dates back to the year 1986 and was my early and some might say very ugly attempt at designing a steampunk spaceship. Today I would do it much more differently, think more steam, more Victorian but back then I was blown away by the sci-fi of the era and well, was not very analytical in my design approach so it looks wrong to me. The top illustration is a view of the dorsal surface, while the image to the lower left is a side view and the one to the lower right a idea of what it would look like head-on. Frankly I'm embarrassed to be posting it but since my gallery looks like crap with my commentaries about yahoo posted here, I need to shuffle those items somehow off of the opening page and into the misery folders where they belong.

Design remains my intellectual property - such as it is.

A fairly amusing selection of Star Trek and Star Wars related comedies: / / and finally (warning on the last one, adult themed content)

Go on, embrace your inner nerd - you know you want too..

Yahoo eMail forced Verification Screens by JonathanBluestone
Yahoo eMail forced Verification Screens
Off-subject I know but one of the big irritations in my life is the failing Yahoo Mail. At present I rely on them to provide me with the means to communicate, yet this company has a really poor record when it comes to getting it right. Take the above image for example ... its composed of three images, three pages which I encounter more or less every day, several times a day offering to keep my account secure and so I can access it. Well, Yahoo, let me tell you that this irritates the crap out of me! I have no wish to share with you my cell phone or any other number as I see that as an invasion of my privacy, nor do I want to keep changing my password. If you people could provide better security for your system we would not have hackers trading password and account lists on the Internet or selling them to the highest bidder so they can send me shitty emails for things which I've no intention of using, will never subscribe too or for that matter have any interest in whatsoever.

It is made all the worse when their truly moronic staff have problems reading emails sent to them. I had an issue one time with a problem and wrote to them clearly explaining the issue and what did they do ... they closed my account to ''solve'' my problem. There is no easy way of contacting Yahoo and it seems they have lost the point of a 'service' which is to make the experience of the user as easy as possible and without stress, yet using their service stresses me out enormously. And what happens if you have an issue - well, the system asks you to reset the password and then offers you a bunch of questions, some of which may not make any sense at all, because at the time of setting up (many years earlier) the answers you provided were paramount in your mind but in the intervening time have become dim memories, if recalled at all. This is a major issue with any so-called 'security' and I for one will feel a lot more secure when we can sign in using something truly unique to us; perhaps a scan of our eye or a fingerprint reader with a verification code.

UPDATE: today proves my point. I logged in using my present IP Address, from my current location using my codes and was awarded with a message, "we have seen unusual activity on your account" which is shit and then the account forced me to log in using all sorts of information which I'm thankful now for having written down - and then issued me with a code so I could access my fucking email. What the fuck?

A fairly amusing selection of Star Trek and Star Wars related comedies: / / and finally (warning on the last one, adult themed content)

Go on, embrace your inner nerd - you know you want too..


Jonathan Bluestone
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
PROFILE IMAGE: This is the face of a guy who you seriously do not want to screw around with. I'm not in the habit of threatening people. I don't issue threats, I make things happen. Do we have an understanding? A man with a human thighbone is not to be taken lightly. Kickings available on request (or if you irritate me). Warning: home invaders will have their skulls cracked.


BIOGRAPHICAL: British citizen, born in London in 1967 who has spent much of his life living between the U.K. and the United States. I hold both British and American citizenship. I've wanted to be an astronaut since an early age but sadly my inability to be able to do math, to say nothing of my financial status prevented me from joining any of the space programmes (I may enjoy fantasy, but I'm a realist and frankly it would never happen and I accepted that at an early age).

In my twenties I was a hell raiser, pub-crawler, just out of have a good time (see: King, Gary, Re: The World's End) yeah, I'm that sad - deal with it. I spent a lot of time in Texas, and later in my thirties on a lot of time in Oklahoma (where two world-class assholes decided to maliciously and sadistically lampoon me in some unauthorized and slanderous podcast (they know who they are and if they do it again, they will be paying me a very large amount of money in damages)). Later still I moved to Michigan, but that never worked out to moved back to the United Kingdom and to the misery of unemployment, welfare, and the bloody awful British weather.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

STATUS: Disabled, on welfare (but if the authorities had their way, they would have me working - I am mentally messed up and physically disabled in such a way that I am in pain ALL of the time and the fucking painkillers do not work at all anymore meaning that I'm pissed off pretty much MOST of the time and have no time for assholes or people who think I'm perfectly capable of working. Working? I can barely stand up for ten minutes without my feet feeling as if I'm standing on hot coals and my back locking up and that is the LEAST of my problems, ATOS). But by far my biggest problem is my own personal hell of a high functioning bi-polar condition, which means that some days I wake to find the world a weird, twisted and fucked up version of itself in which I feel as if I'VE DIED and everyone else on the planet has died right along with me and well, I feel downright suicidal ... and on other, less intense days I merely feel suicidal. Yes, the 'fun' never ends with mental health problems!

MUSIC: Eighties, Seventies, Movie and Television Scores and Incidental Music (with emphasis on science fiction). Music as used by Oracle, 4-Tel, Ceefax in the Eighties. I collect old scores and soundtracks - mainly for movies.

INTERESTS: Science and Technologies, Aviation (with emphasis on World War I and II), Spaceflight, Science Fiction, History (predominately the ancient world), Parapsychology, UFOlogy, The Unexplained.

ENTERTAINMENT: Alternative Comedy (Spike Milligan, The Young Ones, Bottom, Mr. Bean, Blackadder, Chelmsford 123, The Brittas Empire, Dad's Army, Spitting Image, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Drop the Dead Donkey, Whose line Is It Anyway?, Little Britain, Hyperdrive, SPACED, Miranda, Mrs. Brown's Boys, etc) and from the American market: 'Titus' (Christopher Titus), American Dad, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, Bevis and Butthead. Science Fiction with interest in Gerry Andersons Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Stingray, SPACE 1999, Terrahawks. Farscape, Lexx, Star Wars, Star Trek, (classic) Battlestar Galactica, (classic) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I also enjoy older comedies, such as Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd, Abbott and Costello, Carry On (movies) and action-adventure movies, with the Dirty Harry, Die Hard and Deathwish series high up there - and horror, such as (original) The Fog, They Live, The Thing (re-make), etc.

GAMING: Acornsoft ELITE (retro-gaming on BBC Micro emulator), ELITE: Dangerous, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV (The Lost and Damned, The Ballard of Gay Tony), Grand Theft Auto V, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Saints Row the Third, Saints Row IV, Rogue Trooper, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Quake III, DOOM (original, I was there in TX where and when it began)

READING: Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction (Harry Harrison, Larry Niven), Comedy (Spike Milligan, Douglas Adams) but prefer comic books with emphasis on 2000A.D. and Judge Dredd: The Megazine (IPC publishing, now Rebellion). History, Philosophy Psychology, Law and an interest in the human condition.

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Carlos Ezquerra , Brian Bolland

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7 64-Bit and Windows XP

MP3 PLAYER: Destiny Media Player

PERSONAL QUOTE: ''If something is worth doing well, it's worth giving it to a professional and keeping the amateurs out of it as they'll only foul it up.''

WISHING: The BBC would re-release STAR COPS on DVD.

WARNING: I am very protective of the work in my catalogue (gallery) and rabidly WILL PURSUE LEGAL ACTION (prosecution) of any person, party or company which utilizes individual designs, elements, concepts or any other material from this site irrespective of use or purpose. You are welcome to look at the material but you may not under any circumstances use or adapt any of my work for your own ends. The material is protected by INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS and copyright. Failure to accept this will lead to my seeking high value damages against the offending party. I've been operating as an independent technical artist specializing in blueprint style illustration for more than thirty years and have associates worldwide who can provide evidence to that end should I need to prove it.

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