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Judge Dredd: Judge Helmets by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: Judge Helmets by JonathanBluestone
#01-02 Helmets as worn by the Judges of Brit-Cit, the city in Southern England; two different variants have been presented, with the larger of the two being the more commonly drawn variant. I speculate that the helmet size and shape is homage to the traditional headgear worn by current British police officers and features a stylized lion's head. The helmet is finished in black and gold. #03-04 Helmets as worn by the Judges of East-Meg One and East-Meg Two, the Soviet Mega-Cities; Featuring the Hammer and sickle the helmet is black with red and gold highlights. #05 Helmet of Judge Death of Deadworld, an alternative dimension where life itself was declared illegal because only the living commit crime. Finished in black with a steel gray grille and red highlights.

#6 Helmet of the Justice Department of Mega-City One. This version was in use   between 2102 and 2110, it is predominately blue in color with highlights in red and gold. #7 The 2102 Mega-City One Justice Department helmet with the short-duration respirator deployed. #8 Helmet as used by the Justice Department of Mega-City One between 2110 and the present day. Finished in black with red highlights and with gold for the badge. #9 Helmet as issued to Judge-Cadets at the Mega-City One Justice Department's Academy of Law. It has an armored visor and differs in shape from the normal Judge's helmet. #10 Helmet as utilized by the very earliest cadets at the newly formed Mega-City One Academy of Law during Chief Justice Eustace Fargo's era (2072). The helmet featured the insignia of the Justice Department and the name of the cadet wearing it.

#11-12 Helmets as worn by Rookies who have newly graduated from the Mega-City One Academy of Law. The helmet is the same as issued to Street Judges but is in white, with the exception of the respirator that is finished in gold. Both the 2102 and 2111 issues are shown. #13 Helmet as utilized by the very first Mega-City Judges shortly after the deposition of the last President of the United States in 2072. Finished in black with the insignia f the Justice Department above the visor, it was in use during the Fargo era. #14-15 Helmets as issued to Judges assigned to the Special Judicial Squad. The first being in use by 2099 and the second by 2103, the SJS were Judges specially trained to Judge other Judges seeking out corruption via any and all means possible.

Artwork by Jonathan Bluestone (C) Copyright Rebellion 1977-2018. Rebellion owns the intellectual property shown here, but I am asserting my artistic rights over these interpretative images. Unauthorized usage will be met with prosecution, creeps.
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