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Judge Dredd: Justice Dept. [Insignia Variants] by JonathanBluestone Judge Dredd: Justice Dept. [Insignia Variants] by JonathanBluestone
The Mega-City One Justice Department has since its inception, utilized as its symbol a combination of the American Eagle and the Shield incorporating the Flag of the United States. Although when the last President of the United States, Robert 'Bad Bob' Booth was deposed by the Judges, Old Glory (the American Flag) was also 'retired' in favor of the adopted symbol and insignia of the Justice Department to represent the United States. Very early examples of the insignia consisted of the eagle with wings rampant on its own (and this symbol still exists in the form of the right shoulder pad on the Judges uniform) and in a combination of the eagle and the shield incorporating the flag. Although it is my intention to publish my recreations of the original insignia as used in the comic book between 1977-2017, the examples shown here are variants based on ones used over the years. The top left image was seen in many early episodes of Judge Dredd, wherein the ones which lay to its immediate right and below have been in usage since the nineties. The one on the far right is being used for the forthcoming Judge Dredd: Mega-City One television series based on the comic.

NOTE: Low Resolution images posted to deter art theft - My apologies to regular viewers, but in time the full-resolution images may be reintroduced.

Artwork by Jonathan Bluestone, based on materials originally published in 2000A.D. These materials are the intellectual property of Rebellion (C) Copyright Rebellion 1977-2018
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