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With Vladimir Putin currently denying any involvement in the attempted murder of sixty-six year old Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on March 4th 2018 via a toxic chemical warfare agent so deadly a few grains of it could kill hundreds, the following quotation comes to mind: The logic of war seems to be if the belligerent can fight, he will fight. That leaders will not surrender until surrender is academic. How is a national leader to explain the sacrifice of so much for nothing? (Логика войны, похоже, если воюющий может сражаться, он будет сражаться. Эти лидеры не сдадутся, пока капитуляция не станет академической. Как общенациональный лидер объясняет жертву так много ни для чего?) Quote by Thomas Powers [… (also heard in 'War' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, 1984)

                        Isn't it time the Russian president just admitted that dirty tricks, inhuman treatment and underhand techniques are the cornerstone of the former Soviet and present system and just save us all from a long drawn out and utterly pointless period of saber-rattling. Those of us who know something of the way the Soviet Union operated (same empire, just rebranded), how it uses propoganda with the skill of a surgeons knife and that lies are  weapons against the truth. I find it amusing how two-faced the premier is, how a scant month or so ago, his regime was congratulating the British government officer Boris Johnson for his Russian heritiage, and yet today he is widely shown on Russian television as a buffoon, a liar and a fraud. I know for a fact that the Russian people are not fools, nor do they believe with absolute conviction that their government always tells the truth (the same can be said of my own) but facts cannot be denied. A weapons grade nerve toxic so deadly it is banned by every sensible nation in the world on humanitarian grounds was manufactured in Russia and deployed in the middle of a major British population center in a very public place which was a very busy place - thankfully, on the day that it was used the people present were a mere handful. A British police officer who was first on the scene and found the victims was also affected by this nerve toxin and is lucky to be alive. The fact that the agent was manufactured in RUSSIA and that it could potentially have been interpreted as an ACT OF WAR does not need explaining but could be seen as an aggressive act against the British people even if the intended victims were a former spy and his daughter. If similar actions took place in any major Russian population center, I'm sure the Kremlin would not stop until the people who did it were mining salt for eternity while eating black bread and onion soup in Siberia. And this isn't the first time; Alexander Litvinenko [… was poisoned while in Britain as a political asylum seeker by polonium-210 on November 1st 2006 leading to a long and horrible drawn-out death and the prime candidates were his former KGB associates. 

                        Yet Russia is a great country with some amazing people in it (and abroad). Its citizens have given the world many amazing innovations and brought about much in the way of social, political and humanatarian advancement and all of that despite the country being in the grip, both historically and presently of men who want power - ABSOLUTE POWER - to do as they wish, when they wish to whom they wish. You have to wonder if their eventual goal is to be vindictive and to take everyone with them should that power ever be threatened or lost. We're stood on this ledge before and we've seen that utter devestation lays beneath us. I for one lived through the sixties, seventies and eighties when all we heard for months - years - on end was that we could be NUKED OUT OF EXISTANCE at any moment and all because the leaderships in Russia and the leadership in America were busy waiting to get the drop on one another. Thankfully, Muturally Assured Destruction (MAD, a pefect acronym if ever I heard one) has prevented this, but Russia's involvement in so many wars is troubling. What do they expect to get out of it? Gone are the days when Communism was the driving force and land-grabs followed by the hearts of minds of those subjecated under its red banner was the reasons therefore. That said, America (as I've said in one of my recent commentaries) has used the pretense of 'world policing' to do much the same thing.

                        I see no point in asking for sanity to prevail as I'm convinced that Putin is playing out a long end game. Today the Russians are going to the polls and if Putin wins ([edit] which he did and the man who was running against him who posed the most threatening to his power was BANNED FROM RUNNING by Putin) he will be in power for another six years. Rigged ballot boxes, electronic votes and polling the graveyard (look it up - in fact read this:…) are all ever so dirty tricks, Mr. Premier and not the actions of a man who wants peace with other nations. Gone are the days of the warlord and sadly, for some diseased reason, the need to dominate, control and dictate to others how they can live is a very human problem that we have yet to lick. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Those of you who are my regular subscribers will have noticed by now that I've begun putting back my Arcos MK I gallery artwork after it was taken down on legal advice in order to track and pursue a couple of scumbags who were taking advantage of their laughable anonymity on the Internet to shamelessly steal it and claim it as their own intellectual property. Well, its back now and not likely to be removed again and what is more its been improved upon in the process. Not only have I made small changes to the original art to take care of a couple of niggling faults that I spotted back in 2016, it has also seen the introduction of a few sheets which up until now had only existed in my sketches folder for this class such as the ramp and the drogue chutes which although always intended for illustration were not produced until very recently. More artwork will follow for this class of vessel and I'm already designing the Arcos MK II and it's been well over a decade in the planning. The original MK I was conceived of in late 1979, early 1980 and hand-illustrated at that time as a blueprint on A3 size sheets of paper with a fine drawing pen. It remained on paper until 1991 when computer drawing tools allowed me to make the first of the pixel illustrated images that were utilized and re-scaled, repeated as graphics card technologies improved screen resolutions until 2012 when the first of the 'modern' Arcos MK I plan sets was produced. However I wasn't entirely happy with the way those turned out so in 2015 worked to completely rethink the artwork and produced the colorized set that is currently in my gallery.

              Sadly some projects have not come to term for one reason or another - predominately health related, including chronic fatigue, anxiety attacks and PTSD due to shitty 'environmental conditions' which were forced on me by unthinking pricks who didn't know any better because they were ignorant drug dealing poor white trash; and recently the most devastating blow of all, that of my losing 50% of my vision due to diabetes but in the last month or so it has stabilized and now I have days when my eyes are not watering continuously so have been able to get some artwork produced, albeit very slowly compared to my former efficiency due to a combination of chronic fatigue and unbelievable back pain that I've had been living with since the mid-eighties. My artwork is sporadic and issued when its produced. A lot of the time I only notice mistakes on it
after its been posted so I have to do fixes and updates, so if you download my art, give it a day or so before doing so unless you like unfinished works. I've given up on ever getting 'my universe' published as despite my trying to market the idea for the last thirty-seven years all that anyone has ever done is promise much, deliver nothing and waste my time. So with respect, I'm jaded with other artists and know that if they were genuinely interested in getting involved they would be trying to impress me with interpretative artwork based on my ideas but that's not happened in nearly four decades (with the notable exception of the most excellent Jason Thurman). Every once in a while somebody contacts me, asks a lot of questions, tells me the artwork is 'great' and 'amazing' and 'should be in a book' but like a drive-by they're in my life, they shoot and drive off and leave me feeling used and abused and my time wasted.

              There was a time when I used to do freebies for people with the promise hanging over me that there was work in it, but they always came back to me (if they fucking bothered at all - and 90% of the time I never heard from the cunts every again and they ignored emails and calls from me asking for them to explain their intentions) saying ''no, we cannot use you for this project'' followed by some bullshit reason and yet the artwork later appeared in certain books, certain publications and I never got so much as mentioned as the originating artist. The worse was a company in Russia, which published my samples and put under them 'drawn by artist' but no mention of my name. They went out of business soon after that. Anyway, I digress and yes I am very bitter about how things turned out. In the eighties practically every publication used 2D artwork showing vessels and vehicles in projection - top, bottom, front, back and sides long before we had photo-realistic art programs and real technical artists (draftsmen) were highly thought of but sadly those days are now long gone and nowany artistic prick can 'make' 3D art because all of the actual work is done for them in a 3D package. And the rise of 3D is what killed 2D. Why would anyone want to see flat projections when they could see it in glorious 3D, but we lost something when that happened - we now have people who on seeing 2D projections have not got a clue what they're looking at as they're simply not bright enough to join-the-dots. I'll readily admit that my art isn't the best out there, in fact its
yesterdays art form and I'm under no illusions as to its salability in the modern market but I also feel that every form of art has a niche and that maybe one day, probably long after I'm pushing up the daisies and atomic fallout somebody will make 2D retro computer artwork popular again and it will enjoy a brief revival, not that I'll be around to enjoy it. So, enjoy what's being offered. As I said in late December 2017 and again in January 2018 the only reason I keep posting art is for a very small but dedicated minority who enjoy my work - damned if I know why given the amazing offerings out there by real artists - but what do I know, eh?

              I only really had one ambition in my life and that was in have my art used by me, in some technical work, perhaps a role-playing game system or best of all, adapted for a sci-fi movie (I also have ideas for scripts - many of which are far better than the shite that passes for high adventure these days, and don't get me started on the terrible remakes of classic movies) and I could die a relatively happy man for the truly miserable bastard that I am in reality. Those of you who love my work, you have my unending admiration for your loyalty and good taste. My work is themed to look like Eighties Style spacecraft and technologies and I know a lot of people simply don't
get that. I design stuff that looks as if it could have been kit-based manufactured in some movie studio that is why so much of my work makes use of primary shapes and forms and is so angular.

              Jonathan Bluestone
              Winchester, Hampshire, England
              March 16th 2018
Born on January 8th 1942, Professor Stephen William Hawking, one of the most gifted people on the planet had died aged seventy-six at his home in Cambridge, England in the early hours of Wednesday, March 14th 2018. His work on the origin and meaning of black holes and the theory of relativity (postulated by the late Albert Einstein) was published in A Brief History of Time. He was diagnosed with the truly terrible condition motor neurone disease at the age of twenty-two, which eventually resulted in him spending much of the rest of his life in a wheelchair. A sci-fi fan, Hawking appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation as himself recreated as a holodeck character several times (as well as The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons) and his life was put on film in the movie The Theory of Everything in 2014 with the actor Eddie Redmayne putting in an amazing performance as him. Hawking' site can be found here:

SOLAR STORM WARNING: Beginning Wednesday, March 14th 2018 I've been informed that a relatively minor solar storm will result in increased magnetosphere activity. This may cause satellite disruption, leading to Internet data transfer issues depending on intensity and your geographical location. So if the net gets weird, blame our nearest stellar neighbor. The phenomenon is expected to last about a week.
Here's a prediction for you and I'm surprised that nobody else has seen it coming. President Trump will go to Pyongyang in order to open a dialogue with Kim Jong-un and will end up being kidnapped or assassinated or both simply because Trump openly insulted the North Korean leader; he verbally abused and threatened him with the combined might of the United States 'world police' machine. He even demanded the leader of a sovereign state give up nuclear weapons. So how does that work? So, its okay for the United States to have nukes but not anyone else? Because that's exactly how it looks and has looked since the forties. Actually, this is the big problem with the United States and has been for many years. It was acceptable to rattle the sabre when others threatened the safety and security of the United States but since the government, military and intelligence services starting telling other sovereign nations what they could or could not do on their own soil the United States stepped over a morally acceptable line and became a bully.

                That said, I openly accept that some nations are so corrupt, so intent on starting a war just to be in the right or to use nukes because of some twisted childlike mentality or good old-fashioned backwardness that they do need policing, but surely its time they got their own house in order and lets be blunt, realized that their actions were anti-social and made neighbouring countries and states very uncomfortable. Coming back to Trump and any potential kidnapping or assassination; it won't matter how many secret service personnel go with him, it won't matter what sort of response Trump's kidnapping or killing will involve in the United States, because Kim Jong-un knows that the most probable outcome will be a period of negotiations and threats before the United States even considers bombing North Korea and that somebody somewhere will be asking ''how much is Trump worth to the American people? What will we be losing over this? Is it worth starting World War Three over him and dragging in neighbouring nations with emphasis on China and Russia?'' At the moment Trump is very pleased with himself and I seem to be the only person who thinks that this two-dimensional businessman is so smug, so sure of his own superiority that he is unable to realize how much danger he is potentially putting himself in.

                Clearly he does not understand the Eastern way of thinking or appreciate that words are weapons and if you insult somebody and they have sufficient cause to take offence, luring a potential enemy into a situation wherein it looks as if you wish to talk and settle respective differences is a chance to have your enemy in the same room as you and to eliminate them so that honor is regained. Only Nixon could go to China, but Trump is likely to be assassinated or unexpectedly 'become ill' in North Korea. And before the haters start leaving me examples of RED WHITE and BLUE Patriotic commentaries remember that I'm simply stating what I see and noting that the United States has become one of the most hated countries in the world due to foreign policy and the 'invasion' other oil-rich nations simply because the United States wants what is under them. The last I checked, that was known as a land-grab, and whether its done by going in and securing the country and then taking over, or simply by hiring some locals to secure it and keep the oil coming out to you, or by replacing a regime that didn't like the United States with one that does, it all amounts to the same thing. A thinly veiled invasion, occupation and looting of resources under the guise of aid packages and international trade. So when Mr. Trump says that America has been getting the shitty end of the stick for years, think back on how many lands were bombed, how many innocents were murdered and how many regimes were supported just to get a few bucks off of a barrel of crude oil.

                And this commentary marks the use of my First Amendment rights.

                I've lived in America; I am in fact a citizen, having obtained citizenship there. I paid taxes, I lived by the letter of the law and my impression of the average American was the same as any normal citizen anywhere in the world who just wants to get on with life and avoid being the subject of attention. Good, decent and in many cases, God fearing people. However, it is often those same good, decent God fearing people who are blamed by people in other countries for the 'world police' incidents wherein fact they have nothing whatsoever to do with any of those actions. Sadly the actions of the very people who the American people elected to protect them are the cause of so much misery. I am referring of course to the politicians, the military and the intelligence services - and of course to the businessmen and the industrialists who drive the United States economy and I have often thought to myself how in a hundred years or so how the United States will end up in much the same situation as Great Britain has done.

                For those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

                For those of you who do not study history or are ignorant of it, let me tell you about the British Empire. Built on trade, wide-scale land-grabs and colonialism, the British used their navy to travel to other lands and to bully the people living there into giving them what they wanted. Early incidents saw British officers and soldiers simply marching into one place or another and taking what they wanted and killing anyone who tried to stop them. They elected a few of the more powerful leaders to act on the behalf of the Empire and entered into trading deals, which were very lucrative for the British but hardly fair for the people being exploited. And at its height, the British from this tiny island nation off of the coast of Europe effectively ruled the whole of Canada, a small portion of South America, Almost one-third of Africa, parts of the Middle East, the whole of India (and were directly responsible for the separating of that country into other States, including Bangladesh and Pakistan), a number of islands in the Pacific, parts of China, Australia and New Zealand and numerous other islands in out of the way places with a total of four hundred fifty eight million 'subjects' which was one-quarter of the planets entire population at the time spread out over 33,700,000 km2, almost a quarter of the Earth's total land area yet by 1947 most of this was gone and those former colonial interests were no longer part of the Empire. Today, Britain is a third-rate national and frankly does not have a Navy to speak of, an Air Force worth mentioning and its Army numbers one hundred fifty-three thousand four hundred seventy Regular soldiers, with thirty-five thousand two hundred Volunteer Reserves, and just eight thousand one hundred sixty other personnel and that's out of an estimated population of nearly sixty-six million people living in Britain. I see the United States facing the same fate as the United Kingdom. You're in your expansion phase at the moment and sooner or later you're just going to piss somebody off and then its going to be a situation wherein you are forced to live off of your own land as the resources you want will no longer be available to you, that is assuming that some maniac or other with a small dick and an ego which far outweighs their common sense and humanity starts a nuclear war. Curiously that is why following World War Two, Britain agreed to a Common Market so that this tiny island could prosper as we do not have the best of seasons here and our weather is terrible. It is not conductive to growing the sort of crops that we have become accustomed too, so much of our produce is imported under trade agreements.

                Slightly off-subject for anyone who happens to be reading this in Russia, your media is presently discussing the poisoning of a former Soviet-spy here and making all sorts of debased claims on your news channels. Britain DOES NOT HANG PEOPLE and I can only say that your propaganda machine seriously needs to drag its butt out of the nineteen-fifties. The last person to be hanged in Britain was dropped on August 13th 1964, that's more than half a century ago so its hardly accurate information now - and Britain is no more dangerous than any other country in the world with a similar level of culture, society and technology. But then, comrades, we don't have to queue up for hours on end to eat or expect to wait months to be paid unlike Russia in the last decade or so and we don't have reports at all in our media of bags with more than sixty human hands found inside them on Russian territory (in the Beshennaya channel on the Amur River in Khabarovsk, in southeastern Russia this week) ... that's the problem with the truth, when its replaced by lies it hurts the innocent and in this case the innocent are the Russian people whose government is lying to them! Do svidaniya i udachi comrades!

            Please note that the author has more than twenty years experience in regards to copyright and intellectual property rights usage.

            Just recently I've been forced by circumstances to take down a lot of my existing artwork and this is in part due to the fact that blank accounts with no content whatsoever were being used for 'data mining' purposes to seek URLs and to store them prior to that art being stolen piecemeal and used on T-Shirts, in game supplements or later reprinted and claimed as somebody else's intellectual property. I also remove pages from my deviantART account when commentary is left on any page which I deem (a) non-constructive, including comments that I consider so stupid as to beggar belief, (b) abusive or an abusing of the posting rules, and (c) self-promotion of another artists work. In such instances the offender is reported if the need warrants it and automatically blocked. So if you've been favoring my artwork and its vanishing - BLAME THE ASSHOLES who force me to do this because deviantART admin have not yet bothered to add a 'delete comment' option. If such an option existed, I would simply remove the offending material and not have to take down the whole fucking page just to remove it.

            Those of you who visit my pages will probably come here for my retro-Eighties style space vehicles and technologies and I can say with absolute conviction that I have every right to mark those as my intellectual property because I invented them, they are my own creation and as such I own the intellectual property rights to the designs, the unique shapes that they consist of and that if any of my designs were seen in silhouette they could not be mistaken for anyone else's intellectual property.

            There are however, exceptions to this rule.

            Periodically I see something that interests me and I search the Internet to see if somebody has produced blueprints or plans for it, and if they have not, or if the item has been illustrated by an 'artist' in a way that I do not feel suitably does the original property credit, I source as much information on the item as is possible and then set out to calculate the relative dimensions of that object or image and then attempt to recreate it myself.

            This action is known as creating an interpretative work and under International Law if I do so, I do so knowing that if I post that artwork I am open to being challenged by the owner of the original property and they have every right to demand that I take down my interpretative work as it somehow impacts on their brand, their business or gives them cause for concern and I will always honor that request.

            In cases where I produce something based on an existing intellectual property which follows the rules I have laid out above, I always mark it this item remains the intellectual property of the respective owner. Now, most of the time it is not necessary to request in writing permission to do this as the resulting artwork is out there for all to see. However, doing this does bring with it certain risks.

            As I have mentioned, if they ask that it be removed, you are required to do so quickly and without fuss as arguing that you have a 'right' to post it is instantly and automatically nullified should it in any way shape or form offend the owner of the intellectual property it is based on.

            The property owner most certainly will come after you seeking damages if you attempt to sell copies of the artwork or claim that it is your intellectual property if it is an exact copy of their intellectual property and no court anywhere in the world will support your case against the owner of said property.

            So it amuses me immensely when artists produce something which is clearly a tracing-over of somebody else's work - especially when they have not even bothered to do the job properly or produced a shoddy reproduction, or worse, mark it as being sourced from another artists original. But in doing so, in creating what amounts to being a clone (duplicate, direct or rescaled copy) of that work is in fact infringing on the work of the artist they have effectively stolen the work from and this is compounded when the offending party don't even bother to cite their source or credit the original artist. I am not going to mention by name (at the moment) certain 'artists' on deviantART whose work is copied poorly from sites such as ''the blueprints'' who claim to have a background in the aviation industry but are in fact nothing of the sort. Neither will I mention by name (as of this time) certain persons who I've been forced to block and pursue legal action against for sending me abusive notes as those cases were put in the hands of the police as such communications are a direct violation of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 (MCA) and a serious criminal offence.

            Now, I've got plenty of artwork in my gallery which qualifies as such, but in my own defense, one hundred percent of it is created by my researching the original sources, producing sketches of items and then re-drawing them completely and then crediting both the original source material and where possible the artists and adding the respective intellectual property and copyright information to the narrative section of my deviantART pages.

            Under those circumstances I am covered legally and morally as I have made no claim to originating the artwork outside of my stating that I actually drew that specific image, and that it is not a duplicating of anyone else's work anywhere on the Internet or in any existing published works.

            I also produce original artworks which are inspired by existing media and this is where the situation changes.

            Say for example that you have an idea and you wish to base it on an existing intellectual property which is owned by another person, but you are not making a direct copy of something you have seen on the Internet, in a book or from a movie or a television show, well, you are in fact creating an original work which is classed as an inspired property.

            An inspired property is any item that takes the spirit of the original source and as long as you respect the intellectual property rights of the original copyright holder and absolutely mention them and most importantly that the work you have created is an original composition based on such-an-such an item you are technically, legally and morally fine, as long as you do not act to take advantage of that interpretation to use that as an excuse to profit from your work at the expense of the copyright holder. You are also bound by International Law, to say nothing of morality to remove the artwork the moment the person who owns the intellectual property it is based on demands you do so.

            As a side-note, if you decide to take somebody's intellectual property and ignore a clearly posted ''not to be used without prior or express permission in writing from the owner'' you can expect to be prosecuted without question because you have by that action chosen to ignore said warning. This is why I put that on everything that I originate as it covers me from a legal perspective. 

            Continued use of the artwork without their permission is grounds for them to sue you for damages amounting to whatever number they can realistically prove the offending artwork has cost them in potential lost sales and curiously also includes emotional damage caused when the owner had to pursue the offender. I've successfully prosecuted people who thought that they were safe behind an IP Address because if I want somebody bad enough I will go after them and will never, ever, stop prosecuting until they have learned the error of their ways because its the principle of the thing. If I let one person get away with intellectual property theft (and that theft includes them claiming it as 'their' work when in fact it is not), a percentage of unscrupulous 'artists' will try it thinking that they can get away with it. I'm a big believer in what I like to call The 13th Commandment, ''Thou shalt not get away with it.'' and believe me, you won't because I will stamp you down to a greasy spot and I will make your life a living hell if you steal from me.

            So let's not have any more claims that I've stolen somebody else's work, or that something I've published which is marked ''based on'' or ''inspired by'' is claimed to be a direct duplication of something that is already in the public domain. I don't operate in that manner and I hold dear certain moral and ethical standards which make me consider before I draw - is what I'm making going to infringe on somebody else's intellectual property? Do I need to ask permission? I find that ninety-nine percent of the time if you are in doubt, contacting the owner of that property you are basing your work on and asking their opinion often clears up a lot of issues. Its also a good idea where possible to email them with a sketch (or the finished art) before you intend to publish on deviantART noting that its 'fan-related' and that you do not intend to infringe on any of their published works.

            It is rare that a company fires back a reply which is short and to the point - ''no'' but it does happen. Don't automatically assume that you have permission because that is both arrogant and immoral and frankly an insult to the original properties owner.

            FANDOM accounts for a lot of fan-generated artwork and the owners of the intellectual property that is often being appreciated in this manner varies in quality but seldom do any of the companies who own those intellectual properties prosecute simply because unless the artwork being produced is being manufactured for profit, or worse, is a direct rip from say a video game, magazine or movie and television show and is being used to make a profit which the intellectual property rights owner is not getting a penny of.

            This is why if your artwork is good enough you will hear of artists whose work is used with permission by companies or individuals who enter into a contract with the artist to both license the artwork and to use it. Many artists have profited from their talent in this way. I've certainly profited in the past, with my work being noticed by ROLE PLAYING GAME companies who having seen my work, have asked to use it in play guides and supplements. Often such companies will offer the artist a flat deal, "let us use the artwork and we're give you a mention by name in the book but no pay" and when they do this, sure, the artist gets mentioned and that's invaluable but its not as good as a percentage of the profits from the book that is being published. So if your work is going to be used in such a way, explain to the party requesting said work that you want a flat payment based on projected sales or enter into a contractual agreement IN WRITING and preferably witnessed, with the publishing company for a percentage of all profits generated from the property your artwork is being used in - that's the gift that keeps on giving.

            I've been PUBLISHED. I've produced artwork and blueprints for the motion picture industry and originated the artwork specifically for Legionnaires, a failed movie project (which failed because the upper-class asshole who was running it ran off with all of the money for the production and failed to pay me and several other artists in the process - you can see my designs on the movie poster here:…). My work was used extensively in the Second Edition of the role-playing game Reich Star (Creative Encounters). Sadly the game manual is no longer available or being published. I am not responsible for any of the artwork in the first edition of the core rulebook. I have also had my work published in Analog magazine and in various smaller publications throughout the eighties and up to the late nineties, wherein I stopped doing commercial work simply because the pressure of maintaining quality with a deadline approaching was causing me undue emotional and physical stress.

            So now you know. READ the narrative that comes after every image I post to see the copyright and intellectual property status of it and please don't contact me telling me I have 'stolen' such-and-such as it only acts to piss me off and to go after the worse offenders with a cease and desist order with a claim for damages against my person for harassment and false prosecution.

            My apologies for any typos. I'm currently visually impaired and often miss such things as I speed touch-type without benefit of a spell checker.

            Jonathan Bluestone
            Winchester, Hampshire, England

            March 9th 2018

Well, it's been almost a year and no doubt the Judge Dredd big-budget television series is well under way. Announced on May 10th 2017 the series is set to take place in the Mega-City One of the iconic British comic book and is not thought to be associated with either of the movie spin-offs; the first of which was Judge Dredd (1995), which featured Sylvester Stallone as Dredd, and DREDD (2012) featuring Karl Urban as the Lawman. The BBC article can be seen here:… if you have not seen either of these movies, don't read beyond this line as the narrative contains spoilers. DREDD: MEGA-CITY ONE.

                                  ''In the third millennium, the world changed. Climate, nations, all were in upheaval. The Earth transformed into a poisonous,
                                  scorched desert, known as "The Cursed Earth". Millions of people crowded into a few Megacities, where roving bands of street
                                  savages created violence the justice system could not control. Law, as we know it, collapsed. From the decay rose a new order,
                                  a society ruled by a new, elite force. A force with the power to dispense both justice and punishment. They were the police,
                                  jury and executioner all in one. They were the Judges.''
-- Judge Dredd (1995)

                The 1995 movie version had a comic-book quality to it and centered around a relatively harmless Lawbreaker named Herman 'Fergee' Ferguson who having just been released from the Aspen Penitentiary in what used to be Colorado in the Cursed Earth for hacking crimes, returns to Mega-City One to discover that his assigned apartment in the unfortunately named Heavenly Haven block has been taken over by armed squatters (some of which are hardened Lawbreakers) who then engage with neighboring blockers and start a Block War. The first Judges on the scene are Judge Hershey and Judge Brisco, who has only just gone from being a rookie to a Street Judge and is eager to show the Department that he was worth their time and investment. Also attending is Judge Dredd, a senior Street Judge with a reputation of being hard but fair (but mainly hard to the point where he is more machine-like than man). Together they assault the squatters and carry out mandatory executions, as one of the squatters is clearly a Judge Killer. Brisco, however, is killed when his enthusiasm leads him to make one serious mistake and he is killed by concentrated fire moments after arriving on the scene. In the meantime, former Judge Rico, clone-brother of Judge Dredd manages to escape from the maximum-security wing of Aspen prison with a little help sent in the form of a concealed firearm. He kills the Warden and escapes back to Mega-City One where he calls in on a back-street pawn store and collects a parcel that is being held for him. The parcel contains a Lawmaster, Judge Badge with Rico on it and a picture of a television reporter named Vartis Hammond who is doing an expose on the legally acceptable levels of violence that the Judges have to employ to subdue Lawbreakers. Soon after this, the reporter is found dead and CCTV within the victims apartment shows a Mega-City Judge executing the man and his wife, seemingly without reason and as an unsanctioned execution the forensics division is called in and the bullets examined to determine who fired them.

                Elsewhere, on the streets of the city, Judge Hershey is on routine patrol when she comes across an active traffic violation situation and intervenes. Seemingly the citizen driving a sports car has little respect for the Law and is all to eager to argue that she is wasting his time when Judge Dredd turns up unexpectedly and out of line of sight of Judge Hershey intimidates the errant citizen and would-be Lawbreaker into submission simply by standing nearby. Dredd's solution is simple - rather than order up a tow-truck, he uses his Lawgiver sidearm to fire a grenade into the car and turns it into smoking wreckage. Hershey then arrests the perp for being intoxicated, traffic violations and wasting Judge time. Dredd in the meantime is confronted by a squad of Judge Hunters who arrest him for murder and Dredd soon learns that the bullets that killed the reporter and his partner were tagged with Dredd's DNA. Based on this and this alone, it looks very bad for Dredd. In what amounts to a show-trial follows and Dredd is found guilty of murder based on the fact that every bullet fired by a Mega-City Judge is tagged with the DNA of the Judge firing the weapon so that a Judge can be eliminated from any investigation that followed, or in the case of bent Judges, proved to be the shooter. Dredd maintains his innocence and genuinely knows nothing about the murders. Despite his being supported by Judge Hershey, he is sentenced to death but a last-moment reprieve is obtained when Chief Judge Fargo steps in and uses his vote to change the sentence to life without parole in Aspen Penitentiary and in doing so steps down as Chief Judge and feels obliged to leave the city to take the Long Walk into the Cursed Earth to bring Law to the Lawless until his death. With Fargo stepping down, Judge Griffin steps in and takes control of the Council of Five and sees that Dredd is stripped of his rank, uniform and dispatched to serve sentence, while Fargo, armed with a rad-cloak and a Judge Pump is given a twenty-one gun salute as he walks out into the radioactive hell of the wastes of North America.

                With Dredd and Fargo gone, Griffin attempts to convince the council to act to endorse his program of accelerated cloning so that the Justice Department can place more Judges on the streets - Judges who will do exactly as he wants because he would have a hand in programming them to be unquestionably loyal to him. The council questions the validity of the cloning program as the only two Judges who were in fact clones 'went bad' - first Judge Rico, who everyone believes was executed for breaking the Law, and now Dredd. Griffin is also secretly working with Rico to bring about this change in policy by having Rico and a now re-activated A.B.C. Warrior left over from the last nuclear war work to murder as many Judges as possible in what amounts to a concentrated terrorist action. With chaos in the streets, the council refuses to comply with Griffin's suggestions, and even with bombs going off inside the Squad Room inside the Hall of Justice itself, and the attempted murder of Judge Hershey they remain
unpersuaded. Meanwhile, an hour or so out into the Cursed Earth the Justice Department H-Wagon taking convicted perps to Aspen passes over an area of the radlands where it comes under attack by the Texas City renegades, The Angel Gang and is blown out of the air. The survivors are captured by the Angels and eaten, for they're cannibals and food is hard to come by in the Cursed Earth. Dredd and Fergie however are bound and due to be sacrificed, but on realization of who Dredd is, Pa Angel decides to let his oldest boy, Mean Angel loose on him. Mean has been turned into a hideous cyborg and because he's had a considerable percentage of his brain cut out is none too bright. With a dial on his head with four settings; Pa turns it all the way up to four and Mean head-butts Dredd but Dredd is able to break free and takes on the Angel Gang single-handedly and dispatches all but one, who moments later is shot dead by Fargo who having arrived on the scene saves Dredd, but is mortally wounded by Mean who stabs him through the back with one of his cybernetic attachments.

                Mean is quickly dispatched by Dredd, but Fargo is dying. Dredd comforts Fargo as best he can under the circumstances and with his dying breath, Fargo admits that Dredd was convicted due to a lie ... that he knew that Dredd had not committed the crimes he was accused of because there were two men who shared his DNA, and one of them was Fargo himself, whose DNA was used to create Dredd. But another clone was also created in that experiment: Rico. Up until this point, Dredd has believed without question that he was an orphan and that his parents were murdered and that the Justice Department took him in and raised him. He also believed that his own brother, Rico was dead as Dredd was the Judge who discovered that Rico had been corrupted and had committed murder to further his own ends so Dredd 'Judged him' and according to Fargo, Rico was executed. It would seem however that instead of being disposed of, Rico was instead the victim of a 'black bag' operation conceived of by Griffin and his being kept on ice so to speak until such time that Rico could be useful to Rico, wherein Rico organized the gun and other equipment to see that he got free. With Fargo dead and with Dredd realizing that Rico was still alive the DNA related conviction makes sense and with Fergie in tow, Dredd goes back to the city but on arrival has to determine a way to get inside as the whole city has a one mile high wall surrounding it. It is at this moment that one of the best lines of the movie is uttered by Fergie, who on noticing the impossibility of their predicament says to Dredd, ''What are you going to do, knock on the gate and say Cursed Earth Pizza!''' Dredd explains that there are vents which lead from the city out to the Cursed Earth through which the city incinerators flush waste heat and its entirely possible to climb into them and with some degree of swiftness get inside and to a maintenance hatch before the incineration cycle occurs again, vaporizing anyone who happens to be trying this method.

                Having successfully gained entry, Dredd and Fergie cross the city without attracting Judge attention and enter the Hall of Justice where Dredd intends to confront the Council of Five and explain about Fargo, Rico and his own genetic heritage. Dredd then assaults a fellow Judge and appropriates his uniform and disguised now and seemingly escorting a perp (Fergie) he makes his way to the Grand Council Chamber only to be recognized just outside the doors by another Judge. For some unexplained reason, the Judge removes Dredd's appropriated helmet, Dredd assaults the Judge and hearing the commotion outside, the doors to the chamber are flung open and Dredd finds Griffin and Rico and the Council who have just been executed by the rogue Judge for failing to comply with Griffin's requests. Dredd goes to shoot Rico on general principle but Griffin shields Rico as he makes good his escape. Griffin then shoots himself in the arm and starts screaming that Dredd has assassinated the entire council. Faced with this, Dredd flees with Fergie in tow. With the alarm bringing more Judges into the area, Dredd ends up in the Development Section of the Grand Hall where he appropriates a new H-Lawmaster which has proven less than reliable for use and blasts a hole in the wall and with Fergie sitting behind him flies out of the gaping hole into a free-fall dive two miles straight down with a Judge Hunter H-Unit in close pursuit. With orders now to kill Dredd on sight, Dredd and the Hunters go a few miles across the city at altitude, weaving in and out of citiblocks, industrial and commercial zones and then dip down to near street level and skim along a sector street before Dredd manages to give them the slip. In the process he ditches the malfunctioning prototype bike, throws one the of the hunters off of his bike and appropriating it, goes in search of Judge Hershey who he feels he can trust. Meanwhile with the Council dead, Griffin assumes supreme control of the city and sends Rico to begin PROJECT JANUS, the programme that brought Dredd and Rico into being.

                Arriving at the program he meets Dr.
Ilsa Hayden, one of the scientists who was involved in the Justice Department's engentics program to breed the perfect Judge and quickly acts to enforce his will over hers. Although its not seen on screen, its heavilly implied that Rico and Hayden have been sexually active between his meeting her, and her later supporting of his and Griffin's efforts. It isn't long however before Rico's psychotic side reveals itself and he flash-wipes all of the stored genomes for the Judges (including Fargo's) and replaces it with his own then programs the accelerated cloning vats to grow as many new copies of him as possible so he can take down the rest of the department. On discovering this, and the fact that Rico has corrupted Hayden, Griffin sees his own plans coming apart and goes to shoot Rico, but Rico orders the A.B.C. Warrior to kill Griffin, and it does this by violently dismembering him. Elsewhere in the city, Judge Hershey is understandably paranoid so when Dredd arrives back with Fergie in tow, her first instinct is to challenge him wherein Dredd explains what he knows - that he didn't commit the murders, that Fargo was his father and that Fargo's DNA was used to make Dredd and Rico. This ties in with what Hershey has already discovered, that a viewie (photograph) of Dredd as an infant is false and that the environment it was taken in was all computer generated as to suggest he was natural born. The original image beneath all of the programming shows the interior of the Janus laboratory. Hershey notes that just before her Lawmaster was blown up by a concealed explosive device there was a massive power loss in the sector near to where the old Statue of Liberty had been relocated and that this seemed odd. Further investigation reveals that the power was transferred out of the mega-grid to a unspecified destination and this gets Dredd curious. Without further evidence, Dredd, Hershey and Fergie travel to where the Statue of Liberty is and entering it discovers a labyrinth of Justice Department corridors beneath it.

                Eventually they make their way to the cloning section and Dredd enters it and is immediately confronted by Rico who is all too pleased to see his clone brother. Rico implores Dredd to join him and sweep away the Justice Department, and when Dredd refuses, Rico reveals that his pet A.B.C. Warrior has captured Hershey and is holding her by the neck. Rico orders the robot to kill Hershey, and then changes his mind and orders it to rip off Dredd's dead and to hand it to her instead, wherein all hell breaks loose. Fergie has successfully hacked the robot and drives it crazy. The machine drops Hershey; a firefight ensues between Rico and Dredd while Hershey and Hayden duke it out in some girl-on-girl action with another good line in the movie, "Bitch!" - "That's JUDGE Bitch!" While they scratch each others eyes out, Rico makes an escape for it by climbing the interior of the Statue of Liberty and arriving at the old public viewing platform in the head goes to ride off on a Justice Department issue H-Lawmaster but is prevented from doing so by Dredd and the two of them face off. With his ammunition exhausted, Dredd resorts to using a signal flare to temporarily blind Rico and then dukes it out with him until Rico falls to his death from the top of the statue. With Rico dead, Hayden appears in the statues head and attacks Dredd, but she shot dead by Hershey. She, Dredd and Fergie exit the statue at ground level to find the place swarming with Judges. Dredd is expecting trouble and goes to defend himself but he is stopped by Cadet
Nathan Olmeyer, who assited Hershey with her investigation of the viewie. He tells them that with Griffin's death the whole PROJECT JANUS plan was broadcast to every Justice Department screen so everyone knows what was happening and now it made sense - and because of this, Dredd is declared innocent of any crime and his sentence is automatically quashed. Seemingly, they've come prepared for Dredd is given a helmet, a shield with his own name on it, a Lawgiver and climbs onto a Lawmaster and just before leaving to resume his duties, he is kissed by Hershey who tells him "its good to be human".

                Released on June 30th 1995 the movie was downright terrible (if the person viewing it was an original comic book fan). It lacked any real script, had little in the way of originality and the dialogue and acting was both unprofessional and at times downright embarrassing, although the visualization and the effects were noteworthy. A number issues stopped it being accurate to the comic book, most notably the first and biggest which is Dredd never takes off his helmet nor does Dredd randomly attack Justice Department personnel as that would be attacking the Law itself. Exceptions are made for bent Judges who have broken the Law, as they are in effect not Judges anymore. Neither would be steal (appropriate) Justice Department equipment while he was not a Judge as that would be betraying the Law yet in Judge Dredd he does this numerous times while not technically a Judge. He also murders at least one Judge Hunter and damages numerous items of Justice Department equipment and property. To back this issue up, you only have to see the immediate prelude to The Day The Law Died where Dredd, having returned to Mega-City One from the lunar colonies is back in the city and seemingly ignoring crime taking place right under his nose but there is a good reason for this, as at the time of his noticing said crime was not yet sworn in as a Judge of Mega-City One and therefore not entitled to dispense Justice. The moment he is sworn back in, Dredd deals with the perps quickly and efficiently. Dredd is also shown as overtly emotional, irrational at times and even disrespectful of the Law he serves. His outburst in the chamber when he is convicted of murder is laughable as the comic book Dredd would never do this, instead he would hang his head or at best make a statement that he had no defense or evidence to prove his innocence and ask that the circumstances be investigated before the case was closed. Stallone's Dredd also uses a grenade to destroy a citizen's car, an act that would cause unnecessary noise pollution, create environmental pollution and in effect be classed as damage to property, to say nothing of the cost to the city to have the wreckage removed.

                                  ''America is an irradiated wasteland. Within it lies a city. Outside the boundary walls, a desert. A cursed earth.
                                  Inside the walls, a cursed city, stretching from Boston to Washington D.C. An unbroken concrete landscape.
                                  Eight Hundred million people living in the ruin of the old world and the mega structures of the new one. Mega
                                  blocks. Mega highways. Mega City One. Convulsing. Choking. Breaking under its own weight. Citizens in fear
                                  of the street. The gun. The gang. Only one thing fighting for order in the chaos: the men and women of the
                                  Hall of Justice. Juries. Executioners. Judges.''
-- Dredd (2012)

                The 2012 movie is by comparison a far more accurate portrayal of Dredd and his world, although seemingly set in an earlier era (the uniforms and hardware suggests 2085-2090) to the Dredd that we saw in the 1995 movie. It centers on what amounts to a day in the life of a Street Judge and has Senior Street Judge Dredd becoming involved in the pursuit of a group of three perps in a beat-up minivan who seemingly high on narcotics attempt to evade his Lawmaster bike. Giving chase, Dredd incapacitates the vehicle by shooting out its tires and after it has crashed arrives on the scene moments after one surviving perp frees into a nearby citiblock where he shoots dead several citizens and finally running into a dead end, takes a female hottie vendor hostage. Dredd makes it clear to the perp that he has two options, either come quietly and spend the rest of his life in an Isocube or get shoot where he stands. The perp believing that the hostage is all the protect he needs ignores Dredd, openly mocks him, so Dredd shoots him with a incendiary round (the hotshot) which causes his brain to boil and cracks open his skull. With the hostage safe, he calls in a Med-Team and a clean-up squad and then is called in to the Hall of Justice by the Chief Judge so that she can brief him on a rookie that she wants him to evaluate. In Mega-City One, cadets are enrolled in the Academy of Law aged five and undergo fifteen years of training that will convert them into lightning fast killing machines capable of handing out Justice on the spot in the crime filled streets of the city. Cadets that survive the training are assigned rookie status and are eventually assigned a Senior Street Judge to oversee them on a one-day assessment on the streets with the attending Judge having the rookie dictate the choices made in the course of any given investigation. Any slipup, any error in Judgment is likely to go against the final score of the attending Judge and the rookie knows this.

                But there are a number of instances, which see the rookie washed out of the Academy altogether. Committing a crime, injuring a citizen, failing to protect a citizen from harm or by inaction allowing an innocent to be wrongly convicted are all washout offences. Having a perp take the rookies Lawgiver or boot knife is a fail offence and no amount of mitigating circumstances will change that fact that the rookie was not diligent enough to prevent it happening. Dredd is informed that Cadet Cassandra Anderson has a talent that the city needs, she is a powerful psychic but she failed to graduate from the Academy with a suitable passing grade. Dredd, who is a by-the-book Judge considers her a wash-out and therefore unsuitable material for a Judge but he is overruled by the Chief Judge who suggests she is worth one more evaluation just to see if she can "sink or swim" and he is to be her examiner. Dredd is unimpressed, his distaste for the cadet bordering on disgust, but he is forced to swallow this because its a direct order from a superior Judge that he do his duty. Anderson is introduced to Dredd and if she knows of his reputation (which is very likely) she does not make mention of it. Dredd is all business and sets out to instruct Anderson on what is expected of her as a rookie. Crime in the city is at an unprecedented level. Approximately seventeen thousand serious crimes are reported daily and the overstretched Justice Department can respond to around five percent of that number, or eight hundred and fifty investigations daily for the whole city - not counting the hundreds of thousands of minor crimes and misdemeanors. Once that is done he asks her to suggest an assignment so they can investigate and she chooses Peach Trees block in Sector Thirteen, a two-hundred story vertical slum-block where Control (the resource management side of Justice Department) has flagged three homicides.

                Arriving at the block, Dredd starts out as he means to go on and asks Anderson what sentence she will give to a man who is sitting in the shadow of the block's blast doors begging for money. Anderson replies quickly enough and by the book to have Dredd make no further comment to her, but he warns the citizen to be gone or he will file further charges if he sees him again. Proceeding on into the mezzanine area mid-block and Dredd asks what information is known about the three victims there. The block doctor informs him and Anderson that they fell from the top of the block. Dredd methodically throws back the sheet on one of the corpses, revealing that most of his brains are spread out all over the tile work while Anderson looks on, clearly repressing an emotional response. Dredd is indifferent to the scene, he has seen such depravity so often that he is now unaffected by it - if he was ever effected by it. Dredd recognizes that the perp is a heavy user of narcotics delivered via a inhaler, which leaves a characteristic burn around the users mouth. They are informed that its from a new drug called Slo-Mo that makes the human brain perceive reality at a fraction of its normal speed. He and Anderson consult; she correctly replies to his inquiries and they determine that the deceased are all gang members and that they were put on show as a warning to others not to screw with the woman who saw herself as the local crime lord
Madeline 'Ma-Ma' Madrigal. Having ascertained the most likely perpetrator is Ma-Ma, Dredd determines where to start searching for evidence to back up this supposition and proceed up a few floors and soon come to an apartment where the evidence suggests members of her 'clan' are operating. While Dredd takes control of the situation, he still expects Anderson to advise him on the correct judgment in arrest situations. For Anderson the situation is difficult, partly because she is on assessment and is convinced that any failing will mean she does not become a Judge, and partly because she is a powerful telepath and can feel the fear and hatred in the block.

                Her emotional perceptions are noticed by Dredd who puts it down to nerves, she suggests that her demeanor is due to adrenaline and the prospect of being put in a hazardous situation. Dredd blows in the door to the apartment with a shaped charge and he and Anderson enter. The room is being used as a drug den and although the door is being guarded by a thug with a scattergun the suddeness of the unexpected explosion, the door being blown into the room and two Judges entering at speed does not change the fact that the thug is quick to bear on them but his reactions, although fast are practically a snails pace compared to the Judges who are trained to move like lightning, assign targets based on their threat potential and then carry out Judgment against them. For Anderson, she feels everything. Dredd shoots down several gang members and then with the survivors surrendering Dredd interrogates the perps. Anderson using her psychic abilities identifies one of them, a man named Kay, as the perp who skinned the three murdered men and Dredd suggests that they take him prisoner so that he can be taken to the local Sector House and interrogated to be sure. Dredd and Anderson don't get a chance to leave Peach Trees as the building is placed on War Status and locked down so that nothing short of a nuke could crack it and in the process they get sealed inside. Ma-Ma then informs the block residents (rezzies) that she wants the two Judges murdered and only then will she open the building up again. Dredd and Anderson decide to act to protect themselves, and Anderson is forced to drag Kay along with them while they seek a solution to their problem. With much of the building occupied by armed gang members the situation had now gone from dangerous to lethal and for Anderson this is going to be a real 'sink or swim' situation and probably one she was not expecting. Applying tactical thinking Dredd and Anderson evade a number of gang members and then are forced to execute a mob of armed thugs who are intend on killing them.

                Anderson hesitates when she is confronted with a badly injured male thug, and has to be reminded by Dredd that he was guilty of attempting to murder a Judge, wherein she shoots him in the head. Not long after this, the Judges find themselves cornered so Anderson reaches out with her mind and obtains the name of the occupant of an apartment and using that knowledge feigns familiarity to gain entry. Once inside and secured, Dredd and Anderson discover that they can reach the upper floors via use of an express elevator and do so - but in doing so Anderson comes to the realization that the man she shot dead was in fact the husband of the woman in the apartment. Proceeding up-block, Dredd leaves Anderson to guard Kay who tries to shock her by thinking of a violent sexual encounter with her, and she responds by pistol-whipping him to assert her dominance over him. While they wait, Dredd finally gets within range of Ma-Ma's base of operations mid-level up the block and having taken care of a group of gang members who are hunting him by firing off a white phosphorus round and burning them alive he finds his way blocked when Ma-Ma's men open up on his position with mini-guns which tear out much of one side of the building and Dredd is forced to withdraw, wherein he meets up with Anderson once more and noticing that the mini-gun rounds have cracked the buildings side, he uses a high-explosive round to make it bigger and he, she and Kay leap out of it into the open - a skate park on a plaform mid-block where they can once again contact Control and state their position, situation and request back-up. With their situation being made known to Control, Dredd and Anderson, with Kay in tow go back inside the block and having used the elevator and now much closer to Ma-Ma's lair, Anderson and Dredd find themselves confronted by two juves armed with hand guns and while Dredd is distracted shooting them with stun shots, Kay takes advantage of the situation and abducts Anderson by dragging her into the elevator before Dredd can stop him and makes good his escape.

                Dredd, having lost his rookie is mad and the last thing anyone wants to do is piss off Dredd. Brought before Ma-Ma, Anderson is humiliated by her gang, but she warns them not to rape her, as she wants the situation to look like the Judges ran into more trouble than they could handle and got ''a bunch of bullets to the head'' for their trouble. Kay is told to guard her while Ma-Ma calls in support to deal with Dredd by telling one of her gang to dial 9-1-1. Unable to go up, Dredd works around and in doing so enters the buildings maintenance service corridors, while outside a squad of Judges arrive and are given access to the building. Immediately after entry they execute the man who spoke to Dredd and Anderson about the crime and then decide to re-write history so it looks as if Dredd and Anderson triggered a gang-war. Judges
Lex, Kaplan, Chan and Alvarez are all bent Judges in the employ of Ma-Ma and arriving at Peach Trees are given entry, and on learning that Anderson is alive, order her death then go to kill Dredd so they can be paid one million credits for removing him. However, they clearly underestimate Dredd who on seeing another Judge - in this case, Chan, is not instantly convinced that he is there to help him, so Dredd offhandedly comments that two Judges (he and Anderson) called in for support, yet Chan did not immediately ask where his rookie was, which was standard procedure, and with his cover blown Chan attacks Dredd and Dredd kills Chan by crushing his wind-pipe and causing him to asphyxiate and drown in his own blood. Dredd then takes down Alvarez when his Lawgiver runs out of standard execution ammunition by blowing his head off of his shoulders with a Hi-Ex round, but then Dredd finds concealment behind a wall attempting to get the drop on Lex, who guesses where Dredd is and fired off a number of armor-piercing rounds, one of which goes clean through Dredd's abdomen, narrowly missing his liver.

                Badly wounded, things look bad for Dredd.

                In the meantime and minutes earlier Anderson is forced to listen to Kay bragging on about how she was not Judge material and that if she did not get killed one day, she would the next because of it. He then makes the mistake of examining her lawgiver and admiring the weapon decides to execute her with it. But on pulling the trigger to do this, the DNA sampler in the stock identifies him as an unauthorized user and detonates, blowing his hand to pieces and takes off most of his forearm. Anderson rakes advantage of this to swing around and deliver a kick to his face that snaps his neck and then manages to free herself and almost immediately runs into Judge Kaplan, who attempts to bluff that she is there to assist, but Anderson reads her mind and shoots Kaplan dead on the spot. As a telepath she knows where to find Dredd and can feel that he is wounded and close to death and arriving on the scene she sees another Judge standing over him, goading him, wherein Dredd asks Lex to ''wait'' and Lex replies, ''Wait? Are you kidding me? Did you just say, Wait? Judge Dredd - *the* Judge Dredd - finally gets on the wrong end of a gun and all he says is, Wait. You know what? I expected more from you. I mean, wait for what? Wait for me to change my mind? Wait for another two or three seconds of life because you are so fucking weak you can't stand to see it end?'' Wherein Dredd weakly replies, ''No.'' and then Lex is cut down in a hail of bullets from behind, and Dredd finishes with ''Wait for her to shoot you.'' and he falls to reveal Anderson standing there with a Judge issue shotgun. Dredd does not know the meaning of failure. Try to kill him, it will just piss him off. For him there is only one love, the LAW and with it comes DUTY and commitment to protect the city and its citizens from criminals. Despite being wounded in a way that would have killed most men, Dredd unpacks an emergency medical kit and taking painkillers, stimulants and using pressure staples to close his wounds he strips the dead Judges of their equipment and ammunition and with Anderson accompanying him go in search of Ma-Ma.

                They confront one of her operatives, a hacker and on discovering that he is as much a victim as anyone else in the block who was forced to work for Ma-Ma or else be killed, she releases him and is immediately administered a warning by Dredd who states that letting him go is not only a fail but also technically a crime. Anderson explains that he's a victim and reminds Dredd that while she is still on assessment she is still entitled to dispense justice - and seemingly Dredd does not argue with her over this. Whether this is because her judgment is correct under the circumstances or because he was testing to see if she would stand up to her instructor is not entirely clear but it is not unknown for Judges assessing rookies to test in such a manner. Armed with the code to enter Ma-Ma's den, Dredd and Anderson enter and are immediately fired on, resulting in Anderson being injured and she drops to the floor unable to proceed. Dredd kills her attackers and then goes after Ma-Ma, but the crime lord had synced a cardio-feedback device to her body which if her heart stops will trigger the top floors of the building to be blown to pieces. Dredd contemplates his options for a moment and firing, shoots her in the side, wherein Ma-Ma now wounded but very much alive is approached by Dredd who charges her for all of the crimes he has witnessed and for the illegal manufacturing and distribution of Slo-Mo. When asked for her plea, Ma-Ma is unable or unwilling to respond because Dredd has hit her with a large shot of the drug from a inhaler and from her point of view, time is now passing at one percent of normal. Dredd then throws her out of the window in a manner not dissimilar to the way she threw her initial three victims to their deaths - poetic justice if you will. With justice seen to be done, Dredd goes back to Anderson, helps her to her feet and then to the express elevator which they take to ground level, with Dredd assisting her with her injuries on the way.

                On arrival at ground level the place is literally swamped with helmets (Judge slang for Justice Department personnel) and Dredd and Anderson stand there, wherein Dredd reminds her that she is still on assessment and that it is time for him to provide her with his decision. But Anderson stops him, saying that she's aware that she's failed, and that she picked up the fail when she lost her primary weapon. Angry at herself she unpins her shield and hands it to Dredd before he can speak and then walks off towards the Med-Wagons for treatment. As she does so, the Chief Judge approaches Dredd and comments on how things got serious, so she thought she would come have a look for herself. Dredd responds by mentioning that it was a drug bust that went south very quickly and then when pressed for a reply by the Chief Judge, Dredd grudgingly admits that Anderson is a pass - and without saying it, for having true grit if nothing else. The movie ends with Anderson riding off on a Lawmaster, now no longer a rookie, but a full Street Judge with Psi Division.

                Dredd was released on September 7th 2012. Both movies are presently available on DVD.

I brought a Packard Bell IBM Compatible home computer (32-bit) in late 1992 and among the items bundled with it was a game called MegaRace. Up until this time my PC experience had been limited to dedicated work stations and software specially written for the job I was doing at the time, so this form of gaming was definitely a change from what I had been used too, which was the old 8-Bit BBC Microcomputer and the game featured pre-rendered graphics of reasonable quality for the time. Pre-rendered meant that because the processors of that era could not handle the real-time computing necessary to draw the objects on screen, color them, render them multiple times per second they faked this by creating a set of pre-drawn images and then depending on where the user input placed the object on the screen would 'draw' the new render at that position. The effect worked so well that those unfamiliar with how rendering works (at least on those old machines) would never have known it was not real-time graphics. Anyway, I recently discovered that the original MegaRace and the two games that followed it, predictably named MegaRace 2 and MegaRace 3 are available on STEAM for a mind-numbingly low price of under ten bucks so paid for copies and then went in search of the original video from 1993 (made in 1992) and found a link which I'm going to share here:…

High on the popularity of Max Headroom, the virtual reality host who had been introduced in 1985 in the television movie, Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future the game featured a Max-Like (in personality at least) host named Lance Boyle (played by actor Christian Erickson) who would comment and inform the player about the world and what they were expected to do and most importantly of all, introduce the racing sessions and the cars you could use. The point of the game was simple - drive around the tracks killing off enemy gang-member drivers and getting to the finish line alive. Recently a remake has been in the works, with the same host (now in high resolution), you can see the trailer here:…

You had to beat fourteen tracks and could use eight different cars. The game's deliberately 8-Bit music was written and performed by Stéphane Picq (AdLib score here:…) and the game was released for MS-DOS, Sega CD and 3DO platforms.

            deviantNEWS was an experiment that I was trying out to share unusual stories in the media ... with emphasis
            on crime and good-old-fashioned human greed, indifference and stupidity. I also included stories that tickled
            me, personally that is, and well this experiment is at an end for the moment. I've had respectable page views,
            and some interesting comments (both public and private) but now I'm going to have to stop doing it for a
            while as my eyes simply are not up to reading a few hundred incidents a day, choosing the worse examples and
            then posting them. The occasional typo or spelling mistake you might have noticed is due also to my touch-typing
            and spell-checking in real-life, so errors do occur without warning. If you have enjoyed deviantNEWS kindly let me
            know and maybe if I'm able I'll bring it back.

Sadly, it's an ugly world we live in, full of diseased individuals (many of which are religiously inclined or think that their religious views entitle them to be assholes to everyone else - and I'm referring to all recognized religions, not just one which is unpopular at the moment due to terrorism in its name) who think of crime, bullying and the abuse of others as normal and acceptable. I feel that often these things are glossed over so people can go about their business thinking happy happy thoughts and ignoring the fact that society is sliding backwards into barbarism and is rife with sickness and corruption. In many cases here I've concentrated on the southern half of England, with emphasis on the London area but in truth this is a 'snapshot' of life and crime in general in Great Britain. I also cite international crime and news stories where applicable. Stabbings for example are now daily occurrences with two or three reported instances a day in London and many more across the nation. WARNING: Contains harsh language and politically insensitive ideology (so consider that a bonus!)

            Chump the Chump
            Former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan stated this week that President Chump is ''unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical'' and I could not agree more with him. You have to remember, Brennan got where he was by using his intellect and his cunning, and he is probably better presidential material than the double-standard holding businessman. He is concerned that Chump is incapable of understanding or dealing with the very real threats from the Russian Premier and the North Korean psyche-job, not to mention the world-wide issue of islamic terrorism.

            What The Hell?
            Once in a while you hear about a human pursuit that frankly leaves you wondering if the people pursuing it are missing a few brain cells. Take for example BOG SNORKELLING, an event unique to the British Isles but which in recent years has been taken up as a hobby by other people worldwide. Allegedly, bog snorkeling began in 1976 near Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, United Kingdom, following a late-night conversation between several men in a bar (no surprise there) as to what the daftest thing a person could do, and somebody suggested putting on a snorkel, flippers and then climbing into a water filled ditch and moving along it without resorting to any known or accepted swimming stroke. In recent years bog snorklers have taken to wearing wetsuits, some have even gone in for silly costumes, but whatever they decide to wear they feel compelled to climb into a water filled ditch, often at the edge of a field and work their way along it. Such is the appeal of this ... bizarre pasttime that they even have a world championship for the quickest time from beginning to end. For more, wiki this sport.

            Two-Year-Old Causes One Hundred Twenty Thousand Dollars Worth of Damage
            Definition of 'accident' - an instance or instant that under unpredictable for unforeseen circumstances is seen to occur, often with an unfortunate outcome; now the definition of 'accident' where a small child who does not know how to behave civilly occurs: totally predictable devastation and mayhem. When a woman took her two-year-old child to see an elderly relative the last thing she expected to happen was to the kid to make one innocent mistake. It all began with the child picking up a remote control for a television set and begin playing with it - and one button press caused a hidden television set to rise up out of the cabinet and because the top of the television set was at that time being used for the display of antiques, the set coming up caused the collection to come crashing down, with the loss of an estimated £87,000 ($120,000) worth of damage of irreplaceable items. The parquet flooring also took damage, especially after a marble clock hit it and shattered. And the outcome of all of this, the mother - believe it or not - blamed the elderly relative noting, "What sort of idiot puts antiques on top of a television cabinet?" The short answer is, one who does not expect a two-year-old to go pressing buttons, dear. You should have made sure the brat wasn't allowed to interfere. An believe it or not she was defended by other mothers, with some of them claiming their kids had smeared cream on carpet, poured expensive wine down the toilet and tearing a radiator off of the wall - all of which would not have happened if they had bothered to (a) watch their little darlings, and (b) taught them the value of responsible actions and to keep their damned hands off of other peoples goods and property. Often you meet moms whose kids ruin their home environment on a daily basis and they pick up after them without wondering why. So with that in mind, does not enter the mind of this laughable mother that the moment her 'little darling' who acted that way at home would also do so in somebody else's home? Apparently not - so I blame the mother for not controlling the offender. Anyway, coming back to the point of my commentary, when a small child does something wrong you're no longer allowed to strike them under law in Britain, and simply telling them off does next to nothing as the little shits don't take their parents or guardians seriously and the only other way of punishing them is to force them to their room for a time-out or take something they value away from them - and that's all you can do, legally.

            Excuse? Californian Dreaming ...
            A couple living on Sun Fair Road in Joshua Tree, California became the focus of a investigation by San Bernardino County deputies when the site they were living on was inspected and what they found there was the grounds for arresting, Mona Kirk and Daniel Panico because the site had human faeces everywhere mixed with trash and no running water, no electricity and worse of all, their children LOCKED IN A BOX measuring ten feet wide by four feet high for what it seems has been the last couple of years. Police rescued three kids, aged eleven, thirteen and fourteen and charged the parents with multiple crimes including willful cruelty of a child. They are being held in lieu of one hundred thousand dollars bail each.

            Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob) Experiences Massive Heart Attack
            Indeed the writer, Kevin Smith (47) director, actor experienced a self-described ''massive heart attack'' after performing on stage on February 25th and was subsequently rushed to hospital where his condition was stabilized but not before doctors discovered one of his arteries was completely blocked. "I faced my greatest fear tonight ... and it wasn't as bad as I've always imagined it'd be," he later wrote. He is now out of danger I'm happy to report.

            Man Beaten by FIVE Thugs in Baseball Bats in Broad Daylight
            San Hart (26), an actor was proceeding along a residential street, Curzon Avenue, Longsight, Manchester when at 15:00 hours on February 26th five men in their twenties roared up in a car, climbed out at speed and approached him and gave him a harsh beating before leaping back into the vehicle and driving off again. Mr. Hart had done nothing to justify this action. An ambulance was called and he was rushed to hospital where he received treatment for serious head wounds. The police have no leads at this time as to who the perps are or the reason for their attack.

            Homemade Bomb Explodes in Stockport, Greater Manchester
            Police were called to Penny Lane at Lancashire Hill, Stockport, Greater Manchester on February 27th, after reports of a small explosive device going off next to garages.
 The police have no information at this time as to who made it, why or what their intentions were - but terrorism has not yet been ruled out.

            Girl Dies Because She is Refused a Doctors Appointment
            Its been reported that a five-year-old girl named Ellie-May Clark with a history of asthma was turned away from a doctors office in the Grange Clinic in Newport, Shropshire, England, because she and her mother turned up five minutes late for the appointment. I've had the same experience myself, if you turn up on time they keep you waiting for forty-five minutes or more, yet if you are so much as one minute late they tell you to rebook, and that may mean waiting weeks to be seen - what the sort of fucked up situation is that? But coming back to the five-year-old, on arriving late she was turned away and sadly died that same evening in hospital due to complications. Her family are understandably devastated, and all because the place has a "ten minute rule" - funny, my present surgery has the same rule in place but they will happily keep be waiting. Maybe if it says 10.00 A.M. on my appointment card, it should be 10:00 A.M. not 10:45 or later, eh?

            Two-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped in India in Broad Daylight
            High quality CCTV released on Youtube shows the moment a two-year-old girl Shireen Fatima stumbling around on the pavement outside her father's shop in the aka Naka area of the city of Mumbai, India when brazenly and in broad daylight with other people around, a passing man - later identified as Sandeep Parab (28) - casually picked her up and then walked off with her. It didn't take the family long to discover she was gone and they called the police. However, young Shireen remained missing for six hours, wherein the cops on seeing CCTV footage identified and then arrested the suspect and the girl was returned to her parents. It is not known if she experienced any form of molestation or harm, but given the high level of pedophilia in India, the police are understandably concerned.

            Chump is the Biggest BULLSHITTER Alive: OFFICIAL
            Reportedly the joke who thinks he is in charge claims that had he been at the Florida high school where seventeen people were shot dead by one diseased maniac, he would have "run in there even if I didn't have a weapon." His comments come in the shadow of the fact that the security guard at the school who was armed and there on the day stood by and did NOTHING while people were being slaughtered. You may love Chump, but I don't believe for a moment that he would risk his precious skin for anyone else. Vietnam: Chump managed somehow to avoid being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. Does not sound very patriotic to me, Meester Presidente. Approximately nine million Americans fought and a percentage died for their country, why didn't Chump? He claimed at the time that he could not enlist because he had bone spurs on his feet, but that didn't stop him playing sports, including football, tennis and golf. He graduated in 1968, the year that nineteen thousand, six hundred Americans died in combat or were listed as missing in action. Chump once said, that avoiding STDs was his Vietnam and that he felt like "a great and very brave soldier" because of it. Coward I say, COWARD. 2015: Chump was paired up with an Bald Eagle named Uncle Sam, but the bird took an instant dislike to him and Chump dusted out with an obvious look of "what the fuck!!" on his face. I honestly wonder if this was a portent that he was not going to be loved by everyone. 03/2016 Dayton, Ohio: Thomas Dimassimo came at Chump and was leapt on by secret service personnel. Result? Chump claimed that if they had not got him, he would have done - but clearly didn't. "I was ready for him, but its much easier if the cops do it." He said. 2016:, Nevada: A male was pulled from the stage after going for Chump after somebody in the crowd shouted "gun!" No evidence of a weapon was found. The Bloodied Floor: At one of his benefit events an extremely elderly man falling from the stage and Chump didn't want to touch him, because allegedly he was terrified of blood. Chump was 'saved' by the marines where he started issuing orders, "get that blood cleaned up! Its disgusting!" In 2008 he admitted on air that he didn't even bother to call to see if the elderly man was okay.

            Chump on the Subject of Video Game Violence
            Chump obviously never played the original DOOM when it was first released in 1993 because frankly he does not come across as a gamer, nor is he aware it seems that in 1994 that certain segments of the media, pressed by christian fundamentalist (who seem incapable of having fun it seems) claimed that DOOM and video games in general were the playthings of satan and would turn our children into angry psychotics stalking the streets of our cities seeking out demonic enemies to eliminate ... in other words, they would be unable to determine the difference between what they saw on screen and reality and well, no evidence has ever been found that this is indeed the case and that's in the intervening quarter century, yet CHUMP has seemingly wasted my time and yours by vowing to ''do something'' about the violence in video games and in motion pictures watched by the kiddies.
            Sadly, out-of-touch-with-the-kids Chump is unaware that in Britain, Europe and especially in America the average child aged between four and nine has seen multiple murders, some actualizing cold-blooded executions on screen in movies and in television shows; has heard harsh language from their friends, parents and neighbors and even from the television and movies, and most certainly has played video games intended for ''more mature'' players. Now I swear, I make no fucking claim not too and I do it for dramatic effect, but there was a time when America for example was so squeaky clean that embarrassingly 'married couples' had separate beds on screen as not to inflame passions or suggest a hint that they had a normal sexual relationship, yet alone knew what sex was!! That nobody, no matter the provocation used the word FUCK and absolutely never shot anyone in anything other than the body (and what about Westerns, America has a very long association with the Western where people were regularly shot and in the fifties and early sixties were often shown being hung by the neck, twitching as they did - and that's not horrific?), although in today's post-driller killer culture such things are now normal ... and you have to ask is that right? Well, I'm not going to be a killjoy and say they aren't, but I will defend with my last breath the right for whoever wishes to see such things (or to do them in video games) as long as its all fictionalized because kids, murder, you know isn't okay, alright?
            Sure, society has its problems but at least the majority of the western world isn't yet overrun with religious psyche-jobs who want to turn our cities into piles of smoking rubble where the survivors cower awaiting the end times like 'some' bits of the world which readily come to mind. Chump held a meeting at the White House this week in which he claimed the violence in video games played a role in shaping the way people saw the world ... oh, really? How about you comment on gangsta rap music too Meester Presidente? Or are you afraid of a mob of pistol packing badass < insert completely unnecessary ethnic or cultural slur here with your imagination > splitting your wig? So far I've not heard Chump mention South-Central L.A. or Compton. His meeting came a week after seventeen innocents were murdered by a lone gunman in Florida. Well, Mr. President, and paraphrasing
George Santayana, ''those who cannot remember the past are DOOMED to repeat it.'' If anything video games allow people to let off steam which otherwise might be filtered into going out for real and wasting somebody just because the murderer is mad at the world. Assholes don't need video games to be assholes, they just need to think that they have some unspoken reason to do what they do.
            I wonder just how long it will be before he actually discovers Grand Theft Auto exists and uses that to justify his moronic suggestion.

            Sad, Sad, SAD Little Man
            Reportedly there is a twenty-two year old who takes two hundred selfies a day. He has fifty thousand people following him on a platform I'm not going to mention here and they must all be as brain-dead as he is if they keep swallowing his visage from various and differing angles on a daily basis. If it fails to get more then six hundred 'likes' he deleted the image. As fads go, this one is definitely up there with applying glitter to your genitals.

            Albanian Stabbed to Death in East London
            Jozef Boci (30) came all the way from Albania, Eastern Europe to live and work in Britain, and you just know that the last thing he ever expected was to be attacked and killed in Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, East London. Reportedly he was out after dark on February 17th when he and others who were drinking with him were involved in a violently heated argument in the North Pole, a nearby public house (bar) and on stepping outside the argument continued, and the resulting fracas ended with him being repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen by three men, aged twenty, twenty-one and twenty-nine who have since been identified from CCTV, traced, arrested on suspicion of murder and who at this time remain in custody. Despite being rushed to hospital, Boci died from his injuries. A fourth man aged twenty-one has since been traced and has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

            Knifing in Russell Howard Park, Hampshire
            Jason Williams (41) was discovered dead, with evidence of a single deep penetrating stab wound in his chest in Russell Howard (named after a British comedian) at 01:30 hours on February 20th and the police have now arrested David Brewer (34) of West Ham Close in the town. Additionally, a thirty-seven year old male from Basingstoke, Hampshire was released from custody but seemingly is still under suspicion of involvement.

            Knifing in Blackwater, Hampshire
            A seventeen-year-old male was found at a secluded garage block in Hearsey Gardens, Blackwater, Hampshire on February 10th with a single gunshot wound to the chest. Although he did not die from the gunshot, he was left for dead. Police have since arrested and interviewed a number of people but are concentrating on a forty-nine year old woman and a thirty-nine year old male from the town who it is thought assisted an offender (in other words they covered for their son who did the actual shooting).

            Terrorist-A-Go-Go As Far Right Vs. Extremists
            According to the head of counter-terrorism in the United Kingdom, there has been a massive and dramatic increase in Far Right groups to counter the rise is Islamic extremists who seem to think its a free-for-all murdering spree in this country, and this does not surprise me as people (not necessarily white, let's make that clear) are sick to death of British culture and British values being undermined by non-British people living in the United Kingdom but wishing to maintain their religion, culture, language and values on British soil. That's their opinion, I wish to note before anyone starts getting funny ideas about me. It was only a matter of time before this happened and frankly its been a long time coming. Socially speaking, the British Isles, especially in the big cities is coming apart at the seams. Reportedly, four extreme Far Right plots were prevented from playing out in 2017 and ten islamist plots between March and December of that same year. It seems the Far Right have actually adopted the tactics of the very people they claim they are setting out to stop ... now what sort of fucked up situation is that?

            Facebook Vs. Would-Be Terrorists
            Its been reported that Facebook Messenger has been used to de-radicalize extremists in a pilot project which the company itself is funding. People who post extreme Far Right or islamist content in Britain are being contacted and asked to explain why they did it. Reportedly they contacted five hundred sixty-nine persons and seventy-six of that lot entered into a conversation about their viewpoint and eight showed 'signs' it had a positive impact on them. Of course, you realize that what Facebook doing is surveillance, pure and simple. I think its fair to say that most of the creatures on either side who decide to harm innocent people are so far gone as to see people are something that they can do as they wish with. Its at that point that society should intervene and take them out of the picture so they cannot harm anyone else.

            Car Dealership Hit by Child Arsonist
            Frightened witnesses living close to a motor vehicle selling dealership in Ellen's Road, Deal, in Kent, England must have been terrified when they reported a large fire on the evening of February 23rd at the dealership and on arriving on the scene, the fire department discovered the place well alight. Clearly a case of deliberate arson (setting fires) they found the completely and partly burnt out wrecks of one hundred and twenty cars. Subsequent review of CCTV showed a thirteen-year-old female was the perpetrator and she was arrested soon after the identification. She has since been released while inquiries continue.

            Serial Arsonist
            Thomas Ashcroft (40) of Musgrave Crescent, Sheffield, England had a history of setting and making fires (arson) and following a spate of them across various locations in England, was arrested by the police and questioned. He subsequently admitted to setting fires at a hospital and a university in Staffordshire, and at a museum in Southampton, Hampshire, just for his own amusement and was sentenced to 'life' in jail, which works out to fifteen years in real time. No doubt his sentence was based on the cost of the property damage incurred.

            Massive Explosion in Leicester
            It was a normal evening on February 25th when around 19:00 hours a truly epic explosion took out a shop and the flat above it in Hinckley Road, Leicester, resulting in extensive injuries to at least six persons at the scene, and extensive damage to the property. The fire department worked to dampen down the fire and search for additional victims. At this stage in the investigation there is no thought that this was a 'terrorist related incident' but I feel the only other options consist of a massive gas leak, but surely you would have thought people would have smelt that prior to the explosion? UPDATE: Five are now known to have died, five others remain in hospital in a critical condition. Police are suggesting that more may be unaccounted for ... but given the premise that exploded was a flat above a shop and the usual number of people living in such a place is between 1 and four, this many people is already suggesting there may have been undocumented residents living there.

            Drone Saves Man's Life
            Drones are good for rescue work as demonstrated this week in the rough and rocky moors which the A16 road crosses near Ludborough, Lincolnshire. Reportedly a man crashed his car in freezing nighttime conditions and another driver coming across the over-turned vehicle top-down in a ditch at 02:20 hours that morning, found the driver nearby with survivable injuries. However, between the times the driver found the injured man and his reporting the incident to the emergency services the injured man had wandered off and when the authorities arrived there was no sign of him. So they deployed a drone with a thermal tracking system and camera installed and the missing man was found lying on the ground in a freezing cold ditch. Thankfully he was rescued, but at the time of his recovery was found unresponsive and hypothermic. Which brings me to say, that if you are in a crash of any sort, stay close to the wreckage unless there is a very real chance of it exploding or burning; as shelter of any kind is far preferable to dying of exposure.

            Cheap Goods? Cheap Life
            There are some real scum around and one of the sorts who play on peoples fears are the ones who sell shoddy merchandise or who deliberately act to sell items, which are supposed to save lives knowing full well that they won't. One such example of Robert Czernik (36), a Polish national who sold cheap airbags, which failed to work when they were required too, and in effect put peoples lives at risk. Czernik living in Poole, Dorset, received a five-month sentence, suspended for two years (meaning that if he commits any crime in the next two years he automatically goes to jail) after admitting to selling fake goods. He was also ordered to carry out one hundred thirty-five hours of unpaid labor - and you have to ask what sort of stupid sentence is that? People could potentially be killed by his greed and don't-give-a-fuck attitude. It is cases with results like this that make the British legal system a laughing stock.

            Fake Donations Page Warning
            British police have issued a warning to potential would-be donators of cash to fund Daisy Dymyd (6) of Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, England. In as far as she is a real person and was found unconscious in her home and subsequently rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, she sadly passed away at Sheffield's Children's Hospital this week. However, some scumbag claiming to be her uncle has established a FAKE DONATION ACCOUNT on claiming to represent her and wanting the money for her funeral. Her family informed the police of this and efforts have been made to have the page taken down.

            Hit-And-Run Driver Killed Young Children
            There is something very wrong with the world when two small children, obviously finding the world a new and exciting place step out into the road in the company of their parents and are hit by a speeding car, only to have the driver quickly leave the scene without stopping. This horrific situation was played out this week when Corey Plat-May (6) and Casper Plat-May (2) were killed in exactly this manner while crossing a road to get to a park for a family day out. The incident occurred in Coventry, England, and the driver Robert Brown (53) and his passenger, Gwendoline Harrison (41) just drove off. It is not clear if they turned themselves in or were traced by police, but have now been arrested for what amounts to manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crime and were up before the judge in Coventry Magistrates' Court.

            Latest Knife Statistics for London, England
            As of February 24th 2018, there have been 14,521 knife crime offences with sixteen people stabbed to death in London alone. Knife crime is climbing and the primary perpetrators are between the ages of fourteen and twenty-six. Sadly the city has seen a rise in paranoia among children who carry knives to 'protect' themselves, but a percentage of these knifings are due to vicious attacks on total strangers because the ones committing said crime enjoy harming others and seem to get some sense of power out of it. carrying any sort of bladed weapon anywhere in Britain is a criminal offence which will get you serious jail time. And as of the morning of February 24th man found with stab wounds in Dannett Street, Leicester died shortly after 03:40 hours GMT according to the police. It is believe that he was the victim of gang related crime and that he and others had been in a dispute with other youths.

            It's Your Modern Urban Robbin' Hood, Innit?
            A man walked into a local grocery store in Brook street Erith, Southeast London at 20:15 hours on February 1st, and on noticing a woman and a boy were within, politely asked them to wait outside 'for a minute' and once they had stepped out, he pulled a large hunting knife out of his jacket and waved it at the store owner demanding cigarettes, sweets (candy) and canned drinks then told the owner to empty the till of all of the cash. All of this was captured on CCTV and police now want the villain ... but he also did something very weird ... after robbing the place, he stepped outside and handed the sweets to the child, the canned drinks too his mother and then ran off with the money in a plastic grocery bag.

            What the Fuck Is WRONG With These People?
            Joanna Demafelis (29) was from the Philippines and finding work in Damascus, Syria, was employed as a maid to a rich family. Then she suddenly stopped responding to social media, and every call to her employers was met with a pack of lies, with them claiming she had left and they had no idea where she was. Eventually the police got involved and after she had been missing for a year the cops finally found her corpse in a freezer at her employers home. They were understandably arrested on the spot and charged with murder. They are Nader Essam Assaf, a Lebanese national and Mona, who is Syrian. He has since been transferred for some reason to Beirut, while this wife remains in custody in Damascus awaiting trial. And the meaning of my opening headline? WHY is it that people from this part of the world and places south of it seem to treat human life as if it is NOTHING to them?

            Does He Give A Shit?
            Apparently not. Lamarr Chambers (24) of Villa Road, Brixton, London was suspected of drug dealing so when he was cornered in Harlow, Essex, what did this rocket scientist do? He swallowed the evidence. Ah, you have to love the classics! But the cops were ready for him and whisked the dealer off to a secure facility with a toilet in it which when he poops, the poop and the dope does not head for the sewage system, nope, it head right into the evidence bag. Now, Chambers knows this and it is for this fact that since his arrest on January 17th 2018 he has refused to poop. Short of beating the shit out of him, he isn't planning on taking a shit anytime soon and yet this Einstein is eating and drinking and well, he clearly does not understand that if the human digestive system isn't allowed to do what its design to do, sooner or later its going to foul up and he will die because he does not give a shit. He's been told this, and yet over the last thirty-seven days (as of the time of this going to screen) he has not pooped out the evidence. He's rejected laxatives, medical advice, an X-Ray and is seriously worried that somebody with a truncheon might get ideas. Whatever happened to the ''good old days'' when five minutes with a suspect meant they were singing like a Canary? I'll tell you what - 'humans rights' for scumbags.

            Wedding Day Explosion
            Soumya Sekhar and Reema Sahu got married in Odisha, India on February 18th and a few days after the fact were settling into married life when a 'gift' arrived for them at the wedding reception, except it wasn't a gift, it was an explosive device and they were its intended targets. He was killed instantly, his grandmother who happened to be standing nearby was also killed, his wife survived but has critical injuries. The sender of the bomb remains unknown and police have nothing to go on as no return address (obviously) was not included on the 'gift'.

            Welfare Fraud on an Industrial Scale
            It does not take much in the United Kingdom to be a welfare cheat, you just need to claim ignorance of the system while secretly milking it for every penny you can get while denying you have any assets and that is what Abida Khan (52) did. Originally from Pakistan, but now living in Hartburn, Stockton, County Durham, England since 1991, she claimed £27,142.11 in benefits for housing and living expenses (income support, housing benefit and council tax relief over a period of four years) for her and her four kids, aged twelve, thirteen, eighteen and twenty (two of which are legally adults and it is assumed as adults were also claiming for same) until caught red-handed committing fraud by the Department of Social Security/Department of Work and Pensions, and when challenged claimed she had no money at all, citing via an interpreter (she has been living in Britain for twenty-six years but hardly speaks any English) the 'fact' that she had a grand total of £650 in her bank and showed the DWP evidence to that effect, while quietly and deliberately ignoring the fact or admitting to it that she had an additional twelve bank accounts she had not admitted too with a grand total of £37,438 in them. Note that under Law in Britain, if you have £16,000 or more you CANNOT quality for Housing Benefit or Council Tax support so she was intentionally defrauding the British government and the taxpayers who paid for her to enjoy all of that money. She was eventually proven guilty of what accounts to large-scale premeditated fraud and her sentence? Well, the judge told her she would be sent to jail to serve a ridiculous twelve-week sentence but only if she re-offended in the next twelve months. She was also told to pay £735 in costs for her prosecution. What the hell sort of justice is that? Under law, her actions should have seen her assets seized to make her realize the error of her ways but no, the system is broken and she is getting off scot-free in my opinion. She broke the law; she claimed ignorance while expertly hiding money away. Fraud is commonplace in Pakistan so this does not surprise me, yet none of this was considered and all because two of her four children are under the age that they are legally adults.

            Unbelievable Welfare Fraud
            Brian Matthews (51) a resident of Penzance, Cornwall, England, committed welfare fraud to the value of £245,000 by claiming to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to be paralyzed from the neck down and had no feeling whatsoever below the neck. Somehow he convinced multiple doctors that he was both a paraplegic (impaired physical moment in his limbs) and quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs) over an extended period of time and claimed incapacity benefit, industrial injuries benefit, disability living allowance and housing benefit for sixteen years using various names which is where he really screwed up as sooner or later somebody was going to notice and ultimately they did which is why he ended up in court on fraud charges for the period 11/2001 to 02/2016. In court his defense lawyer said that Mr. Matthews accepted that he was not a paraplegic or quadriplegic and had lied to get sympathy and to claim benefit fraudulently and was perfectly capable of standing without any sort of aid, despite claiming previously that he could not under any circumstances. He has yet to be sentenced.

            Police Killing Suspects Get Theirs
            Seemingly god is very quick these days with the old "fire and brimstone" as seven men, all suspected of murdering police officers in South Africa were cornered inside a church and entered into a gun fight with the cops. They are thought to be part of an armed gang that killed six police officers in a raid on a police station in the Eastern Cape. An additional ten suspects were inside another church in Nyanga village, and were waving their fingers in the air as police swarmed in and subdued them. Both groups had hopes that they would be protected if they hid inside a church ... but then, god does not give aid to murdering scum, does s/he?

            Seemingly the madmen are most definitely running the asylum which is much of the rest of the uncivilized world as evidenced in the press of late. Two car-bomb attacks took place in Mogadishu, Somalia resulting in the deaths of thirty-eight people. Dozens were wounded and islamic terrorists are thought to be to blame. The police fought a gun battle with them near the presidential palace and frankly 'executions' got carried out as this is the most accurate way of describing the outcome. Frankly, they had it coming. Meanwhile, in Sittwe, Myanmar, three bombs went off resulting in one police officer receiving 'slight' injuries. This time nobody knows for such which manic from which group planted them as the whole place is a hells-a-popping at the moment with unrest. Finally in Syria, as many as five hundred civilians have been violently killed (lets call it murder, because frankly, it is) in that country by aircraft dropping ordinance and firing machine guns at them. Of this horrific number of pointless deaths are at least one hundred twenty one children - what did they ever do to deserve that? Sadly the aircraft are Russian ... when will the world wake up to the fact that killing people because of politics is just fucking stupid. The answer is: NEVER.

            Weird Noise and Saucer Shaped Thing on Ocean Bed
            In November 2017, the Canadian military was curious as to what was causing a strange pinging noise on the ocean floor in a remote region of the Arctic. Reportedly the noise was frightening animals for months, and yet a search with an aircraft carrying sensors was unable to determine what the noise was or where it was coming from specifically and referred to the noise as "acoustic anomalies." This story in itself is certainly curious enough, but it was quickly followed up by an unconfirmed story in which a 'commercial diver' named Sean Smyrichinsky who had discovered a "lost nuclear bomb" manufactured by the United States off of the coast of British Columbia, Canada while seeking sea cucumbers. He claims the 'bomb' looked like a flying saucer. It was claimed the 'bomb' was a lost nuke which was from a B-36 Bomber what had crashed in the area in 1950 - so how does that explain the pinging noise?

            World War II Wrecks ... Vanishing
            At least three World War II wrecks of Dutch vessels have vanished without a trace off of the bed of the Java Sea. All three vessels were sunk by the Japanese during the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942 and were accidentally rediscovered by divers in 2002. It is also claimed that a number of British wrecks have also vanished without a trace from the same ocean and it is thought that illegal metal salvaging operations have been carried out in the area, effectively interfering with war graves.

            That's So Gay
            Its amazing the shit some people will use to justify their sick and twisted ideals. Take the case of Brian Tamaki, the leader of the Destiny Church which is located on the South Island, New Zealand who claimed that earthquakes were caused by homosexuality. What an asshole. Specifically, he made his claims following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed two people in November 2017. He posted a 'sermon' on Facebook claiming that such disasters were caused by sin, gay marriage and other 'unnatural' acts. An online petition has been created which called for the church to be classified as a hate group and to lose its tax-free status, as of the middle of November 2017, had been signed by one hundred thousand persons.

            Police Officers Attacked: Kids Simply Don't Fear The Cops Anymore
            A unnamed Metropolitan Police Officer in his forties was attacked and stabbed by a group of teenagers in East London while on an operation. Three boys and one girl attacked the plain clothes officer in an alleyway near the Bow Bells public house in Bow, London resulting in his receiving three stab wounds and ended up in hospital. An additional male suspect was arrested on charges of attempted murder. In another case on November 23rd 2017, a Metropolitan Police Officer was attacked and punched and then while on the ground was repeatedly kicked in the body and the head by as many as thirty ethnic schoolchildren in a sustained vicious attack in New Cross, Southeast London. Another officer at the scene attempted to protect him but she was unsuccessful and received injuries too. The pair had noticed a group of children who was trying to conceal a large knife and on questioning them was attacked. One fifteen-year-old youth was arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm.

            Murder in Central London at Tourist Spot
            On January 1st 2018, two nineteen-year-old men (of no fixed address) set upon a man in his mid-thirties in the middle of busy rush hour commuter traffic in Trafalgar Square in Central London and stabbed him to death. After being stabbed the victim staggered to nearby Adelaide Street, which runs behind St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church and died there from blood loss. The murderers have been charged, and their court date is due for sometime in 2018.

            British Government CRETINS Throwing Millions at African Girl Band Project
            Can you believe the following bullshit; seemingly in the midst of massive economic crisis, with Britains industries and medical care system going down the drain due to this countries government giving housing, medical care and so forth to anyone who decides to emigrate here, the same government was going to give a five-member all-female Ethiopian band called Yegna more money, having already received MILLIONS of pounds of funding straight out of the British tax payers pocket to fund their little adventure in music making. Finally seeing sense, the band was refused more money. They were to be given an additional £11.8 million between 2015-2018. Total insanity. What about sorting out Britain's problems first without funding stupid programs such as this?

            Religious Loonies Await End of World, Again
            Five people, all members of an extremely religious christian anti-voodoo group in Benin, Africa, the lavishly named The Very Holy Church of Jesus Christ of Baname died when they accepted absolutely the command from their religious leader to sit in a locked prayer room and burn incense and charcoal while waiting for the end of the world to come. Several others survived but were taken to hospital suffering from near-asphyxiation. If you ask me, all religion when used to harm people is dangerous. Voodoo is big in Benin, so they are constantly under attack for their viewpoint and actions.

            Man Dies While All Around Him Don't Give a Fuck
            In early February 2018, Anwar Ali (17) was stuck by a bus while cycling in a hit-and-run incident and lay on the road in Karnataka state, India, pleading to numerous passers-by to help him but not a one of them acted to lift a finger to do so. A few actually stopped but only to video him lying there; and one scumbag uploaded the video to Youtube, which is why we know about it. Sadly because of the indifference of what amounts to human trash, he bled out at the scene. Doctors later claimed that he would have survived if somebody cared sufficiently to help him. It is never acceptable to not give a fuck about a fellow human being.

            Witchcraft 'Cure' in Nicaragua
In late February 2017 a twenty-five year old woman named Vilma Trujillo was kidnapped by four people, tied up and then thrown alive onto a fire in a 'exorcism ritual' on the orders of her own family and the kidnappers were led by one of those diseased holier-than-thou evangelical pastors who have managed to turn christianity into a sick parody of itself in Nicaragua. When confronted by the police, the pastor, Juan Rocha denied any knowledge and claimed that ''evil spirits'' had suspended her above the flames and then dropped her on behalf of satan. She was 'found' hours after the fact by her family. Police are now pursing a link between them and the pastor.

            Such Inhumanity
            It only takes one asshole to set off the mob and seemingly this is what happened in the Belvedere Zoo, Tunisia in March 2017 and seemingly this is why a mob stoned a crocodile to death. Having died from internal hemorrhaging the reptile has yet to be avenged as the police have no idea who did it or why. A year on and nobody has yet to be arrested. And if that wasn't bad enough the barbaric fucked-up scum which pass for human decided to murder a elephant named Gustavito (15) in the National Zoo of El Salvador. Initially it was though the animal had died on account of it being stabbed and beat by an unknown attacker - but then they changed the story to say that no evidence of knife wounds had been found despite a press statement stating so ... and now the animal is supposed to have died due to poor care.

            Romanian Take-Out
            Want a free lunch? Go to Spain it seems ... two restaurants in the northwestern part of the country were literally invaded by as many as one hundred and sixty persons who sat down, ordered food, drink and made merry and then when the time came to pay, they all rushed out en masse without doing so. Occurring in February 2017, the police have now identified the leader of the "eat and run" gang and charged them with the crimes. Bills adding up to 12,000 Euros were leveled against them. The arrested man is Romanian and is facing fraud charges and claims for damages by the effected eateries.

            And the Rich Get Richer ...
            Former Chancellor, George Osborne is to be paid £650,000 a year for advising the United States fund manager Blackrock. He was to be paid £162,500 each quarter and would work a mere forty-eight days a year - talk about balancing the books in the favor of the ultra-rich and powerful in society. He has already earned close to £800,000 for speeches made to banks and other companies since leaving office in Britain in July 2017.

            Google Forces Adverts on Users
            I've often suspected big businesses see all of us as money waiting to happen and this was reinforced when I heard in March 2017 that Google Home devices were playing "By the way, Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast opens today" without prompting to startled owners of the equipment. Google has since removed the advert, but watch out - its only a matter of time before they think we've all forgotten this incident and do it again. In a video which you can see on Youtube the device goes on to discuss the plot and chortle about "more movie fun" to anyone stupid enough to continue listening. I just hate it when promotions are shoved in our faces and often choose to do the complete opposite to what they want me to do because of it.

            SLOW Sign
            Highway painting contractors have refused to finish painting the word SLOW on a highway on Sand Hill, in Boxford, near Ipswich, Suffolk because half the word was ''outside the permitted area''. The job was eventually finished by another company - talk about petty management. This is the big problem with Britain today, small-minded thinking like the above.

            Poetic Justice
            I have zero sympathy for the burglar mentioned in the following story because what they did, they did to themselves. According to the police, a man broke into the back of the Rowlands Pharmacy in Queensbury, near Bradford, West Yorkshire in late March 2017 and seemingly did so by plying off roofing tiles and then sliding into the roof space where he became trapped and died due to asphyxiation. His corpse was eventually found by staff after being there for several weeks.

            The Kennedy Diaries
            A diary kept by the late President John F. Kennedy while as a young man traveling in Europe in the last year of World War II mentions Adolph Hitler, referring to him "Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived." Then twenty-eight years old, Kennedy wasn't praising him, but did note his impact on society, even if it was for the worse possible reasons. He went on to write, "He had in him the stuff of which legends are made." The entry dated during the summer of 1945 while touring the now de-Nazified Bavarian mountain retreat favored by Hitler. This is certainly interesting, considering what a Liberal icon Kennedy eventually became.

            Dog Glues Mouth Shut
            A Jack Russell named Finlay (7) who became excited when the post dropped through the letterbox at his owners home decided to eat the envelopes and that's where his problems began for in his enthusiasm and frankly his doggie ignorance he got his mouth gummed shut by the glue on a leaflet. On discovery of his situation the small dog was rushed to the local vet and had emergency treatment as the owner was unable to open his mouth. The canine was sedated and spent forty-five minutes sleeping while the now rock-hard paste was chipped away. As the vet said, "it was glued shut, you could not open it. I've never seen anything like it."

            British Commando Met Rommel
            Just before D-Day in 1944, Roy Wooldridge (97) was a British paratrooper in France and on a secret intelligence gathering mission when he surrounded and captured by the German soldiers and then taken before the legendary Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Rommel questioned him personally, and on recognizing that Wooldridge was not the sort of man who was going to snap under pressure, divulge information or be disrespectful to the high ranking officer irrespective of what side he happened to be serving on, decided to spare his life. Following the retaking of Europe from the Nazi's, Mr. Wooldridge was awarded the Military Cross twice, and later in life lived in Cardiff, Wales, sadly passed away in December 2017. It should be known by my German viewers that many British officers and soldiers actually held Rommel in high regard as he was both an officer and a gentleman and because he was a consummate professional who abided by the gentleman's arrangement in regards to warfare and never once in any recorded instance treated any Allied prisoner brought before him in a dishonorable or brutal fashion. There is a fascinating history on the Field Marshal here:…

            Flying Warehouses From Amazon
            Amazon has filed a patent for a massive flying warehouse - no kidding, carrying fleets of parcel carrying drones that can be utilized to deliver to key locations, but you know the parcels will still be delivered by Eastern Europeans who keep getting your address confused with somebody else's and while they are enjoying your orders, you will be forced to waste your time contacting Amazon to sort out the drivers incompetence and the wrong recipients dishonesty. Reportedly the warehouses would hover in the sky (watch out, they would be perfect targets for terrorists!) and deliver goods to people at sporting events or other social functions. The patent also includes provision for support vehicles to re-supply the warehouses.

            Wishful Thinking Isn't Going to Save The World
            Over Christmas, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, gave a sermon in which he said that "god can chase away the fear of terror" and "the economies of injustice" Well, no disrespect to the man, but when god turns up to do those things I'll be a believer - until then, I'm not buying it.

            The Fucked-Up Welfare State
            Everyone on welfare in Britain knows all too well that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is all too quick to make poor decisions in regards to their benefits following the mandatory medical tests (often conducted by complete incompetents who are indifferent to the pain the subject is in) and are all too quick to cut the money of said claimants, forcing the person to write and launch an appeal to get their welfare checks rolling in again. Among the worse for this was a highly incompetent company called ATOS (atossers I call them - who have been banned from working in North America because of this) who conducted the most humiliating 'medical' review on subjects (I speak from multiple bad experiences) and Concentrix who did much the same and left claimants forced into living on next to no money while their claim was 'reviewed'. Now it seems a government commission has looked into the problem and discovered that the companies in question made decisions against 90% of claimants that removed benefits. Frankly, these fuckers ought to try living on the laughable handouts they try to take away from the needy.

            Block of ICE Falls from Sky into Residential Street in Kew, London - Caught on CCTV
            Indeed a substantial block of ice, which if it had hit a adult or a child would have killed them fell from the sky over Kew, Southwest London earlier this week. Video: [link] - caught on CCTV the block probably fell from a passing aircraft as Kew is on the route into and out of nearby Heathrow Airport. I grew up in that general area so have seen ice fall from an otherwise clear sky before now, but this impact footage shows you the true nature of the issues involved. Additionally, if the ice was from human waste, it would have been more devastating as it would have offered a potential biological contaminant issue.

            On February 16th, Mexico was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which originated at a depth of
24.6km beneath Pinotepa de Don Luis in Oaxaca State. People in buildings as far away as Mexico City felt the vibrations. Meanwhile in Britain on February 17th, an 4.4-magnitude earthquake which originated 7.4km beneath Cwmllynfell, approximately twenty miles north-northeast of Swansea, Wales, caused people to notice vibrations as far away as Southampton and Winchester (indeed, at 14:30 hours on Saturday, I felt them and thought I was imagining it). Reportedly the British one was felt at least two hundred miles away.

            18th Century Cello Stolen At Knifepoint
            Ophelie Gaillard was outside her home in Paris on Thursday this week when a man approached her and pulling a knife demanded whatever valuables she had on her person, including her cell phone and a Cello which happened to be in a case. Despite her pleading with him to not to take it, he did and that was when she turned to social media and reported the crime and pleaded with the man for its return as it was a rare instrument. She then received an anonymous phone call informing her that the Cello was in a car outside her home - and going outside found the vehicle with the window smashed and the Cello - undamaged - within and intact. The instrument is worth around $1.6 million but its rarity is far more valuable.

            No Job For You - You're British
            Michael Fowler, a truck driver from Salisbury, Wiltshire, England was told that he could not apply for work as a HGV (heavy goods vehicle) driver because he ''was British''. He had replied to the advert posted by a company based in Wolverhampton called Blu Global and was stunned when he replied an email from them stating that his nationality was an issue. How does that work? How can a British person, born in Britain not be offered work in Britain? And he was told that he could not apply as their positions "exclude British candidates." The company has since apologized but that's simply not good enough and frankly they ought to be reported for what amounts to racism. You have to wonder who exactly is in charge of that company and where it originated to have thought up a stunt like that.

            Male Model Who Became Homeless in London Found Dead in Underpass
            A Portuguese national who was living rough in London and who in his own country was a male model was found dead shortly after 07:30 hours on the morning of February 14th in the Westminster Tube Station underpass that was immediately adjacent to the Houses of Parliament. Having been unable to secure work he had recently attempted to be hired as a waiter just to earn enough to eat. He was known to a homeless charity, The Connection based in St. Martins, central London, as he had stayed at their emergency shelter during cold weather. His death is unexplained but police are treating it as natural causes at the moment. London is one of the hardest cities in the world, especially in regards to finding work and housing. I'm ashamed to say that I've lived rough in the city before now and its not a pleasant experience.

            X-Ray Or What?
            I'm security conscious, so much so that frankly I don't trust anyone to treat my personal possessions with any degree of respect but some people can be downright perverse ... take the case of a woman who was visiting the Dongguan railway station in southern China who was asked to place her hangbag (purse) on a belt so it could be X-rayed. As the bag slid into the machine the person watching the screen suddenly realized the woman had followed it in ... and was being x-rayed as well. The incident was filmed and is now on Youtube (…). She then passed through the machine, climbed off of the conveyor belt, with her bag and left as if what she had done was perfectly normal.

            Tourist Murderer Jailed for 'Life'
            When French tourist Laurent Volpe (49) was stabbed in the abdomen by Nicholas Foy (39) in Eltham, London on August 11th 2017, Foy was as high as a kite having been on a cocaine and alcohol binge. And what was the point of this meaningless, pointless murder you may ask? Reportedly Foy did it on a whim. Sadly, Volpe, who was on vacation in London with his family was so badly injured that he was rushed to hospital and died three days later. The murdering asshole is expected to serve fourteen years - which frankly isn't long enough in my opinion, but then the whole system is broken and he should have received a life sentence. In Britain a 'life' sentence means the murderer will probably be out in seven to ten years and has a high probability of reoffending. Meanwhile, the victims family have not in my opinion received any real justice and have to live with the horror of this selfish drugged up assholes actions for the rest of their lives.

            Three-Year-Old Screams on Atlantic Flight for Over Eight Hours Non-Stop
            We now live in a society that is so over-civilized in places that people are afraid of speaking out in case they upset some asshole and chief among the sorts of people that are easily upset are the sorts who allow their kids to get away with what amounts to noise pollution, anti-social behavior and other actions which are claimed to be ''just the way kids are'' - well, I've got news for you, its not acceptable. For example where I live in Winchester, Hampshire, we have a lot of people who for use of a better expression are ''poor white trash'' types who think wearing caps and sports clothing makes them look cool; and children who run around in the road and who scream at the top of their lungs for hours on end, especially during the summer months and yet nobody does a damned thing about it. Worse, these same trash send their kids - some as young as four or five years of age - off to scream and shout and run around in the road outside of other peoples homes so they can get some peace and quiet from their own brood for a few hours. Sadly their respite is my spite and I've often had to lean out of my window and tell the kids to go play someplace else because the sheer level of noise that they are making is making it impossible to hear my own television for example or even think straight. So with that in mind, when I read that passengers had boarded an airliner on August 26th 2017 in Germany intending to go to New York and that a small child had screamed loudly for the whole of the eight-hour trip they had my sympathies. Reportedly the Lufthansa plane took off and the three-year-old (who ought to have known better, or the parents ought to have controlled the child) threw a tantrum. The mother claimed the child had behavioral issues, but that's just a handy excuse, isn't it? Not content with just screaming the child was up and down, running around, being a nuisance ... basically pissing people off. Now I'm going to be sensitive to that woman's issues with the child, but you would have thought that if the child was like that pretty much all of the time she would have worked out a way to placate the little monster, and for eight hours, if not more, she seemingly thought differently. So in this respect I'm sorry to say that she needed to work harder to do her job. I don't know whose worse, the kids or their pig-ignorant scumbag parents.

             Former Student Shoots Seventeen Dead in Parkland, Florida
            Guns don't kill people, people kill people which is why I am pro-gun as a gun has never harmed a single human being (a gun is a tool, as is a knife, sword, spear or even a chainsaw) to make a gun harm somebody, just add an asshole or occasionally an animal and this was borne out by a mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida during late afternoon on Wednesday, February 14th when some diseased loser creep by the name of Nikolas Crus (19) who was maladjusted decided to kill as many people as he could. The thing is, he had actually made his intentions clear on Facebook, posting a comment in 2017 that he intended to be a ''professional school shooter''. Curiously the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been alerted to this, but if that was the case why did he manage to kill so many people before he was apprehended and stopped? He is now in custody and if he does not get the death penalty I'll be very surprised. Young survivors of the assault have called for tighter gun control (and I agree with them) but U.S. Lawmakers and of course El Presidente Chump who has decided to get the blue collar vote by not infringing on the rights of gun owners ... I've got nothing against gun owners - only assholes who use guns to solve problems which don't need to be solved that way.

            Fifteen-Year-Old Murdered in Croydon by Gang
            Jermaine Goupall (15) was approached on August 8th 2017 by a group of no less than four and then assaulted and stabbed so violently that he died on the spot and all over a gang issue it seems. His assailants didn't remain free for long and the law soon caught up with them and they've just been handed down sentencing for their actions. Adam Benzahi (21), Samuel Oliver-Rowland (18), Junior Simpson (17) were all convicted of murder and given 'life' sentences meaning they will be out in seven or eight years ... and Saskia Haye-Elliot (18) was sentenced to twelve years, six months for what amounts to manslaughter as being found not guilty of murder. Must be 'big men' to have to have taken four of them to murder a defenseless fifteen-year-old.

            Seventeen-Year-Old Murdered in Canning Town
            Reportedly a as yet unnamed seventeen-year-old was stabbed to death in what police are referring to as a targeted, sustained attack in Goldwing Close, Canning Town in East London on the evening of February 14th. Given the level of his injures and resultant blood loss he died at the scene. Police are unsure as to who the attackers were but forensic tests are being carried out on a stolen, abandoned vehicle in nearby Freemasons Road under the assumption that the murderers used it to travel there.

            Weaponized Hacking Originated in Russia Says Report
            According to a report, the hacking incident that took place last year (June 2017) which took out numerous services in the Ukraine was initiated by the Russian military and was a targeted event. This was part of the NotPetya ransomware attack that caused billions of dollars worth of damage across Britain, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The British intend to respond to it, but exactly as to how that's going to happen is open to debate. U.K. Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said that Russia had "ripped up the rule book" - really? What rules? The term of the Russian leadership has always been to succeed in world domination, no matter what and they have never been shy about making that clear to the rest of the world with emphasis on Europe and of course North America. I wish to note for the record that the Russian people, the ordinary citizens who are just trying to live their lives are in no way, shape or form an issue here - they are not responsible for the actions of their leadership, government, military or intelligence services - and that's true of a lot of other countries too, including my own. Sadly and for far too long the ordinary citizen has been forced to fight for those faceless 'leaders of men' who send other peoples sons to fight pointless battles and sadly that is still the way of things. Prosto pomnite, chto lyudi v drugikh stranakh khotyat mira i ponimaniya tak zhe, kak i vy, i chestno polagayut, chto ikh pravitel'stva - vsego lish' kuchka besserdechnykh zhopy, kotoryye prosto ishchut bitvu. Moscow has of course denied all knowledge and responsibility.

            Can I Examine Your Buttocks, Please?
            A slightly-suspect looking thirty-two year old man with a Brazilian passport tried to nonchalantly weave his way through the maddening crowds at Lisbon's International Airport, Portugal but was stopped by security and asked "Do you mind sir if we ask you some questions about your journey today?" Before he knew what hit him, he was whisked off and questioned and examined and that was when they police found one kilogram (2.2lbs) of high quality cocaine concealed in false buttocks he happened to be wearing. He had arrived from a flight from Belem, Brazil and soon police pounced on a forty-year-old male waiting at a nearby train station and he was arrested on suspicion of being the intended recipient of the narcotics. I'll never look at the fabled rubber glove of exploration and anal probing the same way ever again.

            British Police to be Issued with Handheld Fingerprint Scanning Technology
            That's right, the British police will have fingerprint scanning technology to hand which it is hoped will save both time and money by allowing potential suspects to be scanned on the spot and their fingerprints sent via transmission to a central database where they can be identified. This is also to identify illegal immigrants and known suspects with a history of criminal intent or violence who may not be cooperating with officers. Those found to be in the country illegally or whose information indicates that they have previous form (other convictions) will obviously be held pending questioning and subsequent sentencing. The scanning devices cost less than £300 per unit and can link to the IDENT1 and IABS databases which contain the fingerprints of all processed asylum seekers, while IDENT1, designed and managed by American aerospace and defense technology giant Northrop Grunman, holds data from people who have been previously arrested in the United Kingdom. On the Spot Judgment is coming, creeps ...

            Disabled Permits Theft
            If you're disabled in Britain and have a vehicle you can apply for a Blue Badge to put in the windshield which entitles you to park where you like (within reason) without fear of prosecution. And these badges have long been a source of income for professional criminals who steal them from parked vehicles and then after altering them, sell them on as black market goods. According to the government, thefts of these badges has quadrupled in the last four years, with two thousand, nine hundred twenty-one of them being reported stolen in England between 2016-2017, that's a rise of fourteen percent on the year 2015. That said, only six hundred fifty-six were stolen between 2012-2013. It is believed that criminal gangs are to blame with emphasis on eastern Europeans (according to police reports). Thankfully, local authorities have successfully pursued people who have purchased such stolen property or have been caught using it illegally and prosecuted them, with more than one thousand, one hundred cases dealt with between 2016-2017, but that's no way near the total number of badges stolen now, is it?

            Moped Crime Popular
            Seemingly the crime of choice at the moment in London is drive-by robberies of electronic goods such as cell phones and cameras and bags and this is accomplished by getting two thieving assholes, putting them on a moped and then driving down a busy street full of shoppers and then riding up to them and grabbing what they want then riding away using traffic and other people as cover. Sadly the police have a policy against pursuing such vehicles in case the scumbags riding them get injured in the resulting chase. How is that ever right? They do the crime, they can expect to get a bloody nose for it I say.

            Kids, Don't Do Mud!
            A twelve-year-old male was saved from drowning in mud when he walked out onto mud flats at Kippford, the River Urr estuary at Rough Fifth, on the Solway coast in Dumfries and Galloway and got stuck in it. He was eventually rescued after an hour and it is assumed that after being stuck he had phoned an emergency number to get assistance while fishing. After being released he was taken to hospital, experiencing shock and hypothermia.

            Joyriders Drive Around School Playground
            Yep, two rocket scientists were seen screeching the tires of a stolen black BMW at speed around the large open concrete playground at the Fir Vale Secondary School in Owler Lane, Sheffield, at 08:25 hours a day or so back, before seemingly losing control of the vehicle and then slamming it right into the entrance doors causing damage to the building - and the car. Both of them (sadly) managed to get out without any serious injuries but their actions were witnessed by parents and children arriving for school. The two occupants, a rocket scientist aged twenty-three and a neutron-bomb tester aged twenty were arrested on 'suspicion' of dangerous driving, theft of a motor vehicle and damage to property. They went for questioning and the kids ... they got a day off from school (so it wasn't all bad for them).

            Asylum Seeking Terrorist on Trial
            Rakhmat Akilov (39) entered Sweden in 2015 and in 2016 had his claim for political asylum rejected by the authorities there; so his solution in April 2017 was to get a truck and drive it at high speed down a  busy pedestrian street in Stockholm, Sweden, resulting in the deaths of five people and many more wounded. Now in court he has admitted to the attack, claiming that he agrees with the daesh scum's philosophy and diseased point of view, and with any luck he will be handed a long jail sentence soon. Frankly death is too good for creeps like this.

            Schoolgirl Raped in Bannockburn
            You have to ask what sort of fucked up world we live in when you read about thirteen-year-old girls being raped in broad daylight. This instance took place in Ladywell Park, Bannockburn, Scotland on Saturday, February 10th by a 'unidentified' hooded male who approached from behind and dragged her into woodland and violently sexually assaulted her. Frankly if they catch him, all that he will get under the present laws is a short joke of a sentence when he ought to be receiving life.

            Smokers Beware
            If you're a woman and use skin cream and smoke in bed, you are more likely to end up a crispy corpse next too (or along with) your nearest and dearest because your habits (both putting cream on your face/hands/body and smoking) is just the catalyst necessary to turn your bed into your own private cremation pit. You see, most skin creams contain a petroleum product known as paraffin and in time it soaks into the bedclothes and the mattress - until one day you fall asleep with a cigarette on and WHOOPH you fry in your sleep. What, my descriptive text too nasty for you? Get over it - this is the way of the world and frankly smoking is a disgusting 'habit' practiced by far too many people who enjoy sharing the contents of their diseased lungs with other people - whether they want too share it or not. Yes, that's right, smokers, you're supremely selfish and just seem to love polluting the air of anyone in your immediate vicinity. And that's without the stink cloud you carry around with you which can extend out to a depth of at least six feet in some cases with your nicotine habit being shared with others even when you don't have a sorry looking bit of paper filled with tobacco and chemical additives hanging limply from between your blackened lips and yellowed teeth. And vaping? Don't get me started - you vapers are just as arrogant with your habit. And thinking that you can pollute the world with laughable vanilla, strawberry and other flavored smoke is just an excuse for the fact that you're weak both in body and soul. QUIT and give other people a chance and the pleasure to breathe air, not the foul crap that you have had inside of you.

            Man Attempts to Kill Own Children With Hammer ...
            Owen Scott (29), formerly of Fawley, Hampshire attempted to kill his four children by repeatedly striking the with a claw hammer resulting in them receiving extensive skull trauma, then not content with his sick fucked-up act, bundled the children into his car and then drove at speed straight into the wall near Penistone, South Yorkshire at close to ninety miles an hour. His victims, two girls aged seven and eight, two boys aged twenty-one months and nine months were seriously injured in the impact - he had been found guilty of grievous bodily harm and attempted murder and will serve a minimum of at least fourteen years.

            Man Leaps from Second Story Window and Assaults Numerous People
            What is happening in Britain? Has the whole island turned into a asylum? Seemingly so - reportedly a man entered a residential building in Swan Street, Ancoats, Manchester, England, went into the flat (apartment) of a woman and then murdered her, but for some reason he decided to leave via the second story window, wherein on landing went on to assault a 'number of people' before attempting his escape at 07:40 on February 12th. On entering the building the police found the dead woman and soon afterwards arrested a thirty-seven year old male on suspicion of murder and is presently in custody for questioning.

            British-Born Terrorists Captured in Syria
            One British-Born islamic scumbag, and one Sudanese born scumbag have been seized in Syria by Kurdish forces. Alexanda Kotey (34) and El Shafee Elsheikh (29) were the last two members of a group of murdering fucks which the locals nicknamed 'The Beatles' on account of their British accents. These two scumbags and two others, now deceased, were all from London and were directly responsible for the torturing and mutilation of probably hundreds of people and the murder by beheading of at least twenty-seven western hostages for daesh propaganda films. If they manage to make it back to Britain they can expect to serve life - and that means a comfortable bed, regular meals, free medical and dental, television - where's the justice in that? Pity we don't have the death penalty.

            Dumb 'Craze' Among Kids Causes Manhunt
            Kaden Mirza (11) hid inside a IKEA store in Sheffield, England just because its currently 'popular' for like-minded cretins to play the 'stay in IKEA overnight and not get caught challenge'. The police are not happy and what of the question of trespassing or potential for theft and damage to property? His father, Abid Mirza, explained to the press what his son was doing but did not condemn his sons actions.

            White Powder in Envelope Sent to Parliament
            A package was received at the Houses of Parliament which when opened was found to contain white powder. Fearing a biological attack the package and the people who were associate with its opening were isolated and tests run on them - thankfully they came back negative for biological contamination. The Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorist Command Squad are investigating, so expect more on this soon.

            Instagram Ordered by Russian Security Services to BLOCK Corruption Claims
            Indeed, Instagram, the company owned by Facebook was ordered to block posts in Russia which related to corruption claims made by the countries most prominent opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. 

            Fake Acid and 'Islamic Bomb' Attacks on the Rise
            Sadly there is an increasing number of cretins out there who have an associate aim a camera at some hapless individual standing or sitting minding their own business and then the 'attacker' approaches them, screams "acid!" and throws a bottle of water in the victims face. Sadly this, and other so-called 'joke' attacks have become very popular on the internet. Another example is the fake 'islamic terrorist attack' where some cretin with far too much time on their hands walks up (sometimes dressed as an Arab) and drops a bomb at the feet of some innocent victim while screaming "Allah is Great" in Arabic or Punjabi. They sometimes do the same to people sitting in cars and trucks at traffic lights and STOP signs. When will this stop? Probably never, but it is my most keen wish that somebody somewhere shoots these fuckers dead in ''self defense'' and maybe they might start to see the error of their ways.

            You Want the Job? You Can't Handle the Job! You're A WOMAN
            Ouch and damn, just when you think that the glass ceiling cannot get any more transparent you read about stuff that makes you appreciate that there are an awful not of dickheads in the world whose dicks seem to be running it. Take the case of Carla Forcada who went for a job as an account executive and was told she could not have the position as it "needed a man who could handle the pace of working with big companies." (Impulsa Comunicacion). She subsequently posted the refusal and comment as to why she was told to get lost on social media, resulting in companies such as Coca Cola dropping their support of the company by way of solidarity. The PR company claims it has not discriminated against her - really?

            Just When You Think You Have Heard It All ...
            I've just read a report about a gang of scumbags in Pakistani (where life seemingly is cheap if you read all of the sick shit mentioned in their media daily) who told a number of women that they could in fact get financial support and assistance from the Punjab government if they agreed to give blood samples for quality. Seemingly none of the women questioned this highly unorthodox request. Instead the gang stole SPINAL FLUID from their victims and sold it on the black market (no surprise there). The four-man gang is thought to have harvested spinal fluid from at least twelve women, including a teenager.

            Graduate Attempts to Sue Oxford University for Failing in Life
            Having failed miserably and completely to get a high-paying job, Faiz Siddiqui decided rather than accepting the possibility that he did not put in sufficient time and effort in his studies that instead the ones responsible for not teaching him everything he needed to know was the world famous Oxford University so he decided to bring a legal action against them and sue them for what he termed "inadequate teaching". I must admit, on reading the original report I laughed my ass off because like everything in life you only get out what you are willing to put in unless of course you were born with a platinum spoon shoved up your ass and have been given everything your entire life and told you are infallible. He claims that it cost him entry to a top United States law college and wanted Oxford to give him one million pounds as compensation. I can only imagine the judge, Justice Foskett was laughing his ass off when he dismissed the claim and the case.

            British Police STILL WANT Julian Assange!
            An open arrest warrant on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (46) is still active so despite the fact that rape charges against him have been dropped (as of May 2017), if he steps foot outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he will be arrested on the spot. The warrant was issued when he breached bail conditions in 2012 by walking into the embassy and demanding political asylum. He understandably fears being extradited to the United States where they're slap his balls around and force him to recant.

            Funny Handshake Brigade Complains About Isolation
            Before I begin, my own grandfather and father were Freemasons so I could join the 'funny handshake' brigade anytime I wanted and if I was already I member I would not be telling you. Anyway, they have become so tired of being discriminated against that they have taken the unusual step of placing full-page advertisements in a number of British national newspapers saying so. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) says that it welcome individuals from all walks of life and had written a letter about discrimination to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Sadly, Britain has a long history of Freemasons - especially the police turning a blind eye to other Freemasons indiscretions simply because they happen to be Freemasons. There was a time when the 'funny handshake' could assure a politician or a Minister for Parliament could get off with a warning (if that) merely by identifying themselves as a Mason.

            Top Cop Makes Massive Mistake
            Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale made a serious mistake when he 'forgot' that the trunk of his unmarked police car contained TOP SECRET documents - more so when the same documents were stolen from the trunk of that car in May 2017. Beale was a senior counter terrorism officer with the West Midlands Police and is facing possible dismissal from the force over his screw-up (aka gross misconduct). In December 2017 he pleaded guilty to failing to suitably safeguard information under the OFFICAL SECRETS ACT. He is due for retirement in April 2018.

            Chef Throws Chilli Pepper In Diners Eyes
            According to Kamrul Islam (47) the owner and chef at the Prince of Bengal in Wales, a diner named as David Evans eating at the establishment where he worked was being aggressive and complaining about a meal being badly cooked before he acted to 'defend' himself against the diner in January 2017. Reportedly, Islam threw chilli pepper powder in the victims face and it got into his eyes causing considerable irritation. Islam admitted to the assault but insists that it was self-defense. What cretin throws chilli in somebodies face?

            Religious Slap Spat
            Normally I avoid stories about religious differences as in my view they are simply human beings using religion as a handy way of abusing each other and the following is such a case. Seemingly a Palestinian teenage girl, Ahed Tamimi (17) approached a Israeli soldier and slapped him. Sure, now she is up on twelve charges, including assaulting security forces and incitement to violence. Her actions are seen as bold in Palestine, a symbol of resistance; and in Israel as an offense and her as a violent troublemaker trying to shake their monkey tree. I have to ask, is it so much trouble just to get along?

            Bermuda Blocks Gay Marriage Right
            Indeed, the island of Bermuda in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean has chosen to repeal the same-sex marriage law having passed the law and then instantly revoked it as the people there seem to believe that marriage between straights and the opposite sexes is acceptable, wherein gay marriage is unacceptable. This means that cruise ships visiting Bermuda will be refused permission to host gay weddings. I happen to be straight but have to ask what sort of fucked-up medieval mentality makes assholes stop people who love each other getting married irrespective of their gender?

            Christian Radicals Promote 'Gay Cure' at Venue
            The christian group known as the Core Issues Trust (CIT) rented a screen at the Vue cinema in Piccadilly, London in order to show their movie ''the voices of the silenced'' which is about forcing 'therapy' on gay people in order to 'cure' them of their homosexuality and lesbianism. Predictably dozens of protesters turned up and caused a stink about the group and their religious perspective and Vue refused to show the film citing the fact that it contradicted the companies values - good for them. Whether christian or muslim, when any group uses religion as an excuse to persecute or prosecute others its gone too far, but try telling that to the religious psyche-jobs. They're happily kill you to be in the right and to have the last word.

            No Shit
            Richard Handley (33) who was born with Down's Syndrome was operated on at Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, England because he was experiencing chronic constipation. Surgeons subsequently removed no less than ten kilograms (22lbs) of faeces from his rectal cavity but even with this surgical procedure completed such were the complications and strain that his body had placed on it that he died two days later, on November 17th 2012. The doctor overseeing his case and the consultants who advised were brought up on charges after the fact for failing to notice and deal with his condition until it reached such a critical and irreversible phase.

            Florida Boy Squeezes into Arcade Machine
            A young boy named Mason reportedly was with his parents in an amusement arcade in Titusville, Florida when he came across one of those cabinet machines with toys inside which when you attempt to get the toy with a claw you always run out of time ... anyway, deciding that he wanted the item he had gone for, the kid crawled into the machine via the dispensing slot and got stuck there inside the glass cabinet section. He was quickly rescued by an off-duty Fire Department officer who happened to be enjoying his lunch at a nearby eating establishment and Mason was freed. At no time did Mason complain, panic or struggle. He reportedly just sat there until the machine was opened and he was able to step out.

            'Man' In Russia Denied Children
            A man in Russia who was born female and who subsequently had her breasts removed as part of gender reassignment surgery is now being denied his/her children as Yulia Savinovskikh is no longer their mother. While still a she, she had adopted two mentally disabled boys - and now a lack of female genitals makes him/her unsuitable for the same task. What madness is this? Your genitals don't constitute who a person is, Russia, it's what's inside that matters!

            NEWS ''Games of Thrones'' Writers hired to write new STAR WARS Saga
            I have little on this at the moment, but the same writers who brought us Game of Thrones have been hired to write a new Star Wars saga which is separate to the Skywalker Chronicles. I fully expect fandom to either embrace it or hate it. I for example love the original movies, the prequels and the movie Rogue One but there are some fans who simply are not open to exploring new characters or situations set in the Star Wars universe. And while you're here, the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released: [link] and [link] - I was impressed. I just hope they keep it canon (canon has it that Han, as a trainee Imperial pilot rescued Chewbacca from slavery and went rogue. Later he met Lando, who wanting a pilot to teach him how to fly introduced Han to the Millennium Falcon, and Solo subsequently won the ship in a game of chance).

            Katie Price Demands British Politicians Make Cyberbullying / Trolling a Criminal Offence
            And I agree with her there. For those of you outside of the United Kingdom, Katie Price is a woman who has used her considerable physical assets (surgically enhanced I wish to note) to promote herself and her business interests. I'll readily admit that I didn't like Price for a number of years, considering her obvious and vulgar, but a interview about her life, her children and her business interests turned me around and now I have considerable respect for her. Anyway, Price has gone to Parliament to call on Ministers there to make online abuse a criminal offence and its about bloody time they did this. She wants to see the creation of a register of offenders and those fuckers traced and charged for abusing others, irrespective of where the abuse takes place - on social media, in chat rooms, forums or video games because at the moment the scum think that they can abuse another person and simply walk away having had their fun. A petition started by price has already received more than two hundred thousand people's votes - I would have signed it myself, except despite a detailed search I don't seem to be able to find it at any British Government site.

            Children Take Ecstasy
            I can only imagine that they thought they were candies - that or they knew what they were and thought that doing so would be a kick. The result of taking the super-strong orange 'tesla' Ecstasy tablets was that at least five kids in Yorkshire, England, got hospitalized - and have now been returned home free of symptoms.

            Teenager Pulls Gun on Cop
            You have to ask what would have happened if that police officer was armed - but sadly, in Britain, most of them are not and we're proud of that fact but the world is changing and well, its about bloody time that they were. Seemingly a young teenage male walked up to a police officer in Lewisham, South London and cockily pulled a gun and holding it sideways like a gangsta' pointed it at the officers head then smiled, laughed and ran off along with a mob of similarly aged children. The police launched an immediate search for the little f**ker and found him in Lewisham Park, having changed his clothes. He, a fourteen-year-old girl and a seventeen-year-old were all arrested as they had all been present when the firearm was revealed. All of them are being held on suspicion of possessing a firearm and threatening a police officer.

            Police Officer Beaten Up By Mob
            Reportedly a police officer was patrolling in the grounds of St. Lawrence Church, Manston Road, Ramsgate, Kent at 21:50 hours on Friday, February 2nd, when a mob of teenagers and young adults approached him and then set about beating him up. He was stuck so hard that he lost consciousness and was subsequently found to have injures that required a hospital visit. Following the attack the police deployed a aerial unit to seek out the mob so they could be detained pending questioning. As of this time, no arrests have been made.

            Gunman in Italy Targets Black People
            The Italian police have arrested a gunman named Luca Traini (28) who seemingly went on a drive-by shooting spree and was aiming for anyone who looked as if they were from Africa - and therefore 'migrants'. At least six people were wounded in the attack in the town of Macerata, Italty. He had previously taken part in regional elections for the anti-immigration Northern League party and performed a fascist salute when he was captured. He was detained with an Italian flag around his neck.

            Russian Millionaires Living in Britain to be Asked to explain Wealth
            Russian oligarches who are now living in Britain who are wealthy beyond belief will now be expected to explain to Her Majesties government how they got to be so wealthy and to admit to their business practices because Britain is increasingly concerned that their money comes from corruption, organized crime and other less than savory ventures. The program is part of a crack-down on organized crime and anyone caught ignoring the questions or giving bullshit replies may have their assets seized; especially if they have more than fifty thousand pounds. Wealthy foreign criminals can no longer use Britain as a refuge from their lives of crime. It is estimated that at least ninety billion pounds of illegal cash is laundered in the United Kingdom every year.

            LATEST London Stabbings
            A nineteen-year-old male was stabbed by an unknown assailant in Abbey Road, Barking, in East London at 22:10 hours on February 3rd and died at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Yaya Mbye (26) was found with stab wounds on the George Downing Estate in Stoke Newington on January 28th this year and was taken to hospital where his condition deteriorated and he died from his wounds. Once again, the police have no clue as to who did the stabbing and are appealing for information, although they are trying to trace three males dressed in dark clothing who they think were the ones responsible. As is typical in Britain, the race of the males is not given thereby hindering the dissemination of information or the presentation of evidence in case their skin color or race somehow offends a percentage of the community. But you would think that providing as full a description as possible would help. The police are also unaware of who stabbed and killed a twenty-two year old male at St. Mary's Close, Tottenham, London on February 3rd; finally, Juan Olmos Saca (39), a resident of Southwark, London was stabbed in an altercation in Peckham, London on January 29th and died almost a week later while in hospital due to his injuries. What the f**k is wrong with Britain today? In his case the police know who did it and charged the fool with attempted murder - now actualizing murder. A second victim of the same instance aged twenty-seven has just been released from hospital after undergoing treatment for stab wounds to his head and abdomen.

            Teenager Stabs 'Friend' Over Egocentric Rant
            Abdulrahman Ali (16) sent out laughing emojis during a group chat on Snapchat after one of his 'friends' claimed that he was tougher than Ali. But the on-line argument was not finished, and Ali decided to prove that he was tougher by getting a meat cleaver and stabbed his 'friend' Osman Sharif Soufi (16) with it resulting his Soufi's death. Well, f**k me - that's a bit of an over-reaction, but sadly that's how these kids think these days, isn't it? Reportedly after the chat an argument brewed up and they met the following day in Tottenham, London on June 6th 2017. Ali was subsequently sentenced to life detention with a minimal sentencing of fifteen years. A reminder dear reader, in Britain 'life' is a joke and an insult to the victim.

            Man Charged With Illegal Immigration Offences
            Afrim Xhekaliu (40) an Albanian national, who was resident of Leicester Road, Barnet, was found by coastguards mid-English Channel in a sinking inflatable boat some twenty miles south of Dungeness, Kent. He and his nine passengers - all of them without any visa, any documents, seeking illegal entry into Britain, were saved and brought ashore at Eastbourne where he was charged and they sent off to a detention center to be deported.

            'Model' Citizens in Mass-Brawl
            French police were forced to shoot at least five migrants camped out in Calais, France after a mass brawl between Afghans and Eritreans broke out. Reportedly four Eritrean youths aged sixteen to eighteen are in a critical condition after the Afghans brought iron bars and other heavy improvised weapons to the scene and were using them with intention to kill. At least thirteen other persons are known to received wounds from these weapons. One of the victims was so badly beaten that he was taken to hospital for emergency treatment ... and these same scum want to be given free entry to the United Kingdom and will do whatever it takes to get there. Frankly this incident is a snapshot of the situation which has turned Britain into a very dangerous place to live due to mass and uncontrolled migration/immigration and so-called asylum seeking by people who are all to quick to resort to violence to get what they want or think that they deserve.

            Islamic Scholar found Guilty of Rape
            Tariq Ramadan (55) a prominent islamic studies scholar has been found guilty of raping two women in Paris, France during October 2017. He denies any wrongdoing and is claiming that the testimony against him is slander. He is presently in custody pending formal charging. He is currently suing one of the women who accused him.

            Twelve-Year-Old Shoots Students
            Students and educators alike were shocked and thrown into panic when at 08:55 hours on the morning of February 1st 2018, a series of gunshots rang out at Salvador Castro Middle School in the Westlake District of Los Angeles. It was quickly determined that a twelve-year-old student had shot a fifteen-year-old boy in the head (he is described as critical but stable) and a fifteen-year-old girl was shot in the wrist. Three others aged eleven to thirty received minor wounds but survived. The shooter was quickly subdued and arrested by police. Speculative perhaps, but this sounds like a 'love' triangle case.

            Mystery Deaths in Otherwise Ordinary Home
            Lillian Oluk (36) and her daughter Lynne Mutumba (2) were found dead at their home in Gillingham, Kent on March 14th 2016 with no sign as to how either of them died. The house was found to be in great shape, no evidence of damaged boilers or electrical discharge - there simply was no obvious cause for their deaths. Interestingly, her visa to live in the United Kingdom had expired and she was applying for permission to remain in the county. Their deaths remain unexplained - and what of the father? No mention is made of him in the report I sourced from.

            Chump Claims Massive Number of Viewers ... Reality Much More Sobering
            Seemingly the self-styled King of America is claiming that his speech to Congress pulled in forty-five million viewers, wherein the reality is that it was only around four and a half million. People like Chump have massive egos that need constant stroking or they get lonely. You have to wonder if he read 4.5 and saw 45, and for a man who is supposed to be good with numbers that's downright embarrassing.

            Chump Offers Undocumented Immigrants American Citizenship - How the 'Mighty' President Elected on the Wall Vote Has Fallen
            I can only assume that all of the people who supported Chump when he ran for office on the notion that he would clear America of all of the unwanted and undocumented immigrants (with emphasis on Mexicans) are now spitting out their coffee in disgust at his turnabout. He now wants to make nearly TWO MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS legalized American Citizens in return for their funding his pet project, the wall - requiring an estimated $25 Billion. Both sides of the house are disgusted with him and rightly so. The Liberals called the deal "a white supremacist ransom note."

            Man Stabbed During Fight on London Bridge Platform
            Police were called to London Bridge Railway Station in Central London at 06:48 hours on February 1st in order to break up a disturbance which was taking place on the southbound platform of the Northern Line. They discovered that one male had received non-serious stab injuries - and his attackers, three men (cowards) were arrested at the scene and are currently in custody charged with affray and possession of a knife.

            Stabbing in Brixton, London
            Alando Bolt (45) reportedly stabbed Andrew Thompson (30) in Brixton, London eleven times and then simply strolled off, leaving his victim to bleed out on August 18th 2017. His victim was unarmed, and Bolt's defense? He claimed that he 'thought' that his victim was going to attack him and was acting in 'self defense'. This does not explain why Bolt violently assaulted Mr. Thompson and then stabbed him, leaving him for dead - for indeed his victim died at the scene. Bolt has since been found guilty of murder.

            Fake Documents
            A gang of seven men have been arrested in the Midlands and London after police seized false documents, including identity papers, British passports and national insurance cards. The gang were supplying all of the above, plus residency documents and a university degree certificate for cash to anyone who wanted them with emphasis on foreign nationals from India/Pakistan and Africa. They created fake identification to give people the cover necessary to live illegally in Britain and claim welfare but were foiled when police applied for the documents, arranged a meet and captured certain of the gang who talked and this led to the rest being tracked down and captured. The group admitted their crimes and were jailed, and you just know the millisecond they get out they're be back to doing that all over again as scum never learn.

            Scotland Makes Psychological Abuse a Crime
            And about bloody time too. I'm a survivor of severe psychological emotional and physical abuse and it was my own mother who perpetrated it against me for more than thirty years. She now denies any of it ever happened and when I tell her it did, her response is to tell me I imagined it. Did I imagine the beatings? The verbal and emotional abuse? No. In fact, had this law been passed in England I would be using it to get my revenge to be perfectly honest with you and shine a little light on her for abusing me. Anyway, coming back to Scotland, the law is known as the Domestic Abuse bill and creates a specific offence of ''abusive behavior in relation to a partner or ex-partner'' (so its fine to abuse somebody if they happen to be your own family it seems). This law includes psychological abuse such as coercive and controlling actions - I've been the victim of both over a very long time, and violence - ditto. The critics of course claim it would be impossible to prove it, but then the critics are CRETINS who do not know how to use a camera or a audio recorder and make physical records of said abuse.

            Fifteen-Year-Old Car Thief Kills Five
            A fifteen-year-old boy stole and then drove a car at dangerous speeds through the streets of Meanwood, Leeds and lost control of it resulting in the vehicle slamming into a tree in a residential street at 88mph on November 25th 2017. Such was the impact that the vehicle was split in two and his passengers, fellow 'joy' riders, Ellis Thornton-Kimmitt (12), Elliott Thornton-Kimmitt (14), Darnell Harte (15), Anthony Armour (24) and Robbie Meerum (24) were killed on impact. The driver received in excess of four years youth detention for their deaths but like so much in this world, he'll get out eventually - they won't.

            Car Crash Murder in Hayes, Middlesex
            Jaynesh Chudasama (28) crashed a Audi car near a bus stop in Shepiston Lane, Hayes, West London a week ago and in doing so rammed and killed instantly three friends, namely Harry Rice (17), George Wilkinson (16) and Josh Mcgunniess (16) who were visiting the town. Immediately after the crash, Chudasama ran off but was captured nearby. He has now been charged with three counts of causing death by dangerous driving. Another man - unnamed, but thirty-four years of age also ran off but later handed himself into police and he has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

            Pizza Delivery Man Murdered for Three Pizzas
            When Ali Qasemi was sent out to deliver pizzas to an address in Peterborough, the last thing he probably expected was to be murdered for the food - three pizzas. An employee of Pizza Hut; in May 2017 he was punched by the person who the delivery was intended for because the recipient had no intention of paying and died two days after the attack. Police eventually arrested the murderer, Mark Lintott (29) who denied the assault, manslaughter and robbery but he was found guilty on all counts. The police described how he and a friend had planned to get free food and intended a series of attacks to this end.

            Woman Stabbed to Death by Ex-Boyfriend
            Molly McLaren (23) was sitting in a car at the Dockside shopping center in Chatham, Kent on June 29th 2017 when her on/off and frankly unbalanced boyfriend Joshua Stimpson (26) pulled a knife and stabbed her seventy-five times - with wounds mainly to the neck, head and body with wounds also on her hands and arms, when she attempted to defend herself. Her wounds led to her death from trauma and blood loss - thankfully she would have lost consciousness within seconds. Seemingly she told him she had enough and he fearing 'abandonment' decided right there and then that if he could not have her, nobody would. A psychologist said that he was 'hypersensitive to rejection' and this was brought on following his mother leaving home when he was a teenager. He denies murder but admits to manslaughter. He was eventually found guilty and sentenced to twenty-six years in jail as this was a "cruel, calculated and cowardly act." He brought a knife with him - so it was calculated. What sort of freak meets their on/off girlfriend with a knife in their jacket pocket?

            Michigan Man Murders Six Because App Told Him Too
            Do you recall when Jason Dalton (45), a Uber driver decided to go completely apeshit and start shooting people in Michigan on February 20th 2017? He murdered six people and had the nerve to try and claim the Uber application on his cellphone ''told [him] to do it.'' and that it "took over [his] mind and body." Weakest excuse I've ever heard for being a murdering shit. He added, "When I logged into the [application] it started making me feel like a puppet."

            Sisters Murder Child Over Cupcake
            In October 2017 Kejuan Mason (3) a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, seemingly snuck a cupcake from the kitchen at his home and was seemingly caught by his sisters, LaShirley Morris, and Glenndria Morris who police now believe beat the living crap out of him with a baseball bat while the other sister repeatedly rained blows on him with her hands or fists. This resulted in him dying from blunt force trauma to the skull and torso. But when the cops arrived the sisters told the police that he had choked to death on the cupcake, which they then removed from his mouth. Glenndria Morris was arrested on the day of the incident, while her sister was arrested five days later. Both sisters are in their late teens.

            Ancient Ruins in Guatemala Revealed
            Laser technology that penetrates trees and vegetation has revealed that more than sixty thousand hidden Mayan ruins are sitting undiscovered by ground based explorers in the jungles of Guatemala. The ruins include palaces, elevated highways, defensive fortifications and other common buildings and are not far from existing and known Mayan cities. Given the new evidence, the number of Mayans who once lived in that area has to be recalculated. The researchers mapped over eight hundred ten square miles in north Peten.

            The Overdraft Gift
            When Ella Johannessen was speaking with her mother via cellphone on a train last weekend she discussed how stressed and upset she was that the money she had simply was not stretching to paying for all of her needs and that she was going to go into the red on her overdraft. Ringing off she closed her eyes and took a nap, its so easy to do on a train, especially if you're fatigued and sitting at a table as she was and when she woke and went to collect her belongings she picked up a napkin on her lap and found somebody with a soul had donated one hundred pounds to her. She later commented on Facebook that whoever left the money for her had been amazingly generous and wished to find them so they could thank them.

            Fraud Is A Way Of Life For Some People
            There are some thieving shits in the world and sadly the majority of them tend to use fraud as a means to get what they want because they think they will be untraceable due to the complexity of the paper trails involved. Take the case of Sajid Raza (43), Shabana Hussain (40), and Daud Khan (44) who established a 'flagship academy' for one reason only - to defraud the British government (and via them the British tax-paying public). Receiving payments from the Department of Education (DfE) for the running of their business they instead funneled the money straight into their own accounts and spent it as they saw fit while lying to the authorities that the money had been spent on educational courses. In all they stole one hundred and fifty thousand pounds that was intended (by the government) to establish and run the Kings Science Academy in Bradford in 2011. All three were found guilty of fraud and appropriating money intended for business purposes.
            I've had experience of people like this my entire life, and when I lived in Hayes/Southall/Ealing in West London saw it on a daily basis. One time I happened to walk into an Indian run store with an umbrella, I then walked out again without taking it with me and returned about five minutes later only to find the umbrella I had just lost on display, hanging with a sign on it with FIVE POUNDS written on it. I demanded my umbrella back, they refused and 'banned me' from the store. That's when I explained to them that they could take it up with the police when they arrived because my name was on the stolen umbrella. Faced with this, they threw the item at me and 'banned' me. Most amusing. I reported them anyway.

            Lea Adri-Soejoko Murder Case
            The following is an update on an existing news story and is reported here because I want you to know what levels of depravity and outright lies come so easily to certain people to try and justify their violent, murdering ways: Reportedly when Lea Adri-Soejoko (80), a widow weighing eleven stone and who was just five feet five inches tall went missing her daughter attempted to call her and after receiving no reply eventually went to an allotment ground in Colindale, North London in order to see if she was there. On arrival she failed to see her mother so tried her cell phone again and this time heard it ringing from the interior of a pad-locked shed on the site and that was when she called in the police and they gained entry to find Mrs. Adri-Soejoko crumbled inside, dead with signs of a violent struggle in evidence. It soon transpired that the key to the shed was in the possession of Rahim Mohammadi (41), a resident of Bethnal Green, East London, and on the day that she vanished he was seen at the allotments. Both he and she had been members of the allotment committee and he was known to be a man prone to violence and he had little respect for her and had openly told others that he wanted her job, that of secretary of the allotment plots. Medical evidence soon proved that prior to her death she had been beaten so badly that she had extensive bruising on her skull, broken ribs and several fractures to her spine before being throttled to death with a lawnmower cord which was left alongside the victim which had both her and his DNA on it. When he was arrested he denied any wrongdoing (of course) and that he had anything to do with her death but when shown the evidence he changed his claim and now claimed that she was selling opium and that he had gone to her to purchase some but the 'deal' had gone bad, resulting in his beating her up and then strangling her. This is all so obviously a pack of lies it does not even need discussion. He denies murder.

            Celine Dookhran Rape/Murder Case
            The following is an update on an existing news story and is reported here because I want you to know what levels of depravity and outright lies come so easily to certain people to try and justify their violent, murdering ways: On July 19th 2017, Mujahid Arshid (33), of no known fixed address who worked as a builder (general unlicensed construction employee) acted with malice of forethought to kidnap his niece, Celine Dookhran (19), raped her, slit her wrists and her throat and then stuffed her face down into a large freezer at a house in Kingston, Southwest London (talking of which, when confronted with an extensive browser history about freezing a human body his response was to say that it was 'pure coincidence' - sounds premeditated to me) and all because she had committed what he considered an 'honor crime' - that is, living outside of accepted islamic doctrine. He then went on to attack another woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, rape her and then slit her wrists and throat and coldly told her "you have ten minutes to live" but she managed to escape and using a cell phone called for emergency assistance. Once she was safe, she informed the authorities as to what he had done and the police hunted him down. Now this lying piece of shit, Arshid, is denying the kidnapping, rape and cold-blooded murder and concealment of Dookhran's corpse and the kidnapping rape and attempted murder of the unnamed woman and has in fact - incredibly - tried to lie his way out of being prosecuted and his latest offering is that he had been given the consent by both women to have sex with him, with the unnamed woman going first and Dookhran second, and while he was sleeping off his sexual conquests, Ms. Dookhran allegedly burst into the room and was emotionally upset - wherein his claim was that he "left them to it" and that both women then entered into a fight to the death while he calmly got dressed and went outside to his truck. He then alleges that when he came back into the otherwise empty and seemingly abandoned property he had claimed to have sex with them both in, the unnamed woman was in the upstairs bathroom with a knife in her hand, blood on her hands and Ms. Dookhran was lying wounded in the bathtub. "I never knew so much blood came out of a person" he whined. He further claims that he helped the unnamed woman place the corpse of Ms. Dookhran in a freezer and that they both cleaned up the blood, wherein the unnamed woman then attacked him with the knife and he had to fight for his life - honestly his 'defence' is beyond a joke. What makes this case interesting is that Arshid worked with Vincent Tappu (28) to kidnap both women prior to raping them and then murdering the first and attempting to murder the second to conceal what was clearly a kidnap-rape and silencing the victim's case. Arshid had also offered an undercover police officer the chance to drug and rape one of the victims via the Internet in 2013, with the listing saying "teenage girlfriend available for paid sex" (if he meant the first victim, she would have been thirteen years old at that time) to me that's both sick and premeditated and the case will hinge on that fact. Arshid has pleaded not guilty to murder, attempted murder, rape of both women and the sexual assault and assault by penetration of the surviving woman when she was a child. Both he and Tappu, of Spencer Road, Acton, also deny kidnap and false imprisonment, and possession of a firearm with intent.

            Honor Killings in Pakistan
            Did you know that approximately one thousand women were murdered in Pakistan in 2016 by their own relatives who believed without questions that they had dishonored their families? Such ''honor killings'' also involved their own families either sexually assaulting them or strangers hired by the family to sexually assault them before the victims were murdered. In 2014 alone, approximately a thousand women were sexually abused, raped and murdered in honor-related attacks. According to records, approximately eight hundred and seventy similar crimes took place in Pakistan in 2013 and those are only the ones we know about because they were reported or the police are aware of them, and it is thought that this is only the tip of a very ugly iceberg in which human life is meaningless. A very high percentage of crimes, including child molestation, the molestation of women and the murder of women and children goes unreported in that country and in neighboring India every year and is in fact a consequence of their respective cultures and attitudes towards others. Sadly these numbers do not include those victims who so brutalized took their own lives, preferring suicide to being forced to live as little more than slaves or to be abused at the whim of some other - often in their own families.

            Being Born a Girl in India is Undesirable
            In India it is common practice for men for keep getting their partners pregnant until they eventually produce a boy, because girls have a much lower social status in India; are unable to be given property and businesses and are considered less valuable, so this is why India now has an estimated twenty-one million girls who are frankly unwanted by their families. Sadly this mentality is not going to change anytime soon as it is a core aspect of Indian society and culturally ingrained to the point where it is practiced irrespective of where Indian parents live in the world.

            Student Murdered for Speaking Out On Religious Extremists
In the first days of April 2017, Nazimuddin Samad (28) was approached by two males and they hacked him to death with machetes in front of startled and terrified witnesses in broad daylight at a traffic junction in Dhaka, Bangladesh - and all because he expressed secular views in his blog. Samad was an intelligent man, a law student. The murdering shits who did it then made sure that he was dead by shooting him before running off. His murder was typical of similar murders of bloggers and those who use the media to express distrust and disgust at religious violence in Bangladesh in the last couple of years.

            Toddler Charged with Murder
            An Egyptian Military Court convicted a FOUR-YEAR-OLD MALE to LIFE IN PRISON for murder in the second week of August 2017, then realized their mistake and instead pardoned the child and re-sentenced a sixteen year old teenager named Ahmed Mansour Qurani Ali because both the perpetrator and the child had the same name. Nothing personal guys, but if islamic names are often so similar that I imagine the phone book is a nightmare to search through. The teenager was convicted along with one hundred fifty other men in connection with rioting, violence, rape and bombings connected with the Muslim Brotherhood in Fayoum province, Egypt in 2014. Reportedly the accused was one year old at the time of the riots.

            Bangladeshi Rapist Tries to Flee British Justice
            The man considered Britain's most wanted fugitives was finally captured in Tenerife after six years on the run from the authorities. Named as Mohammed Jahangir Alam (33) he fled Britain in 2010 after being convicted of raping a woman in Cheltenham, wherein he received a sentence of fourteen years - but he had no intention of serving it. Originally from Bangladesh, he was granted immigrant status in Britain in 2009.

            More False Rape Allegations Exposed
In 2016, a man in his forties was accused of rape and his life was put in danger because of it as social media, the press and the police more or less pointed the finger at him ... which is terrible considering that he was innocent and in 2017 was acquitted at a retrial. He decided to speak out on the incident, saying that North Yorkshire police who brought the case against him had not worked to review all of the evidence. But the bitterest pill to swallow in this case is that the fallout from the incident is that he must now give police twenty-four hours notice before he plans to have sex so he cannot be accused of rape again. He is presently the subject of a Sexual Risk Order (SRO) and if he does not tell the police he plans to get fruity he could face up to five years in prison for a quick shag.

            Papal News
            In early December 2017 the Pope Francis recognized a second 'miracle' attributed to Mother Teresa, clearing the way for the Roman Catholic nun to be made a saint. Reportedly she healed a Brazilian man of 'several' brain tumors in 2008. I'm not remotely religious and have little time for what amounts to fantasy - but sadly, I'm not allowed to say that in case I offend somebody; so much for free speech - you believe in what you want to believe in, and have enough respect to allow me my point of view too. She died in 1997. Talking of the church, the Pope has also dispatched more than a thousand priests on a global mission to forgive grave sins and provide pardons. Such "super-confessors' are known as the Missionaries of Mercy and were given a special license to act on the Pope's behalf, in effect they are extensions of him. Grave sins include defiling consecrated bread and wine, violating the confessional secrecy and plotting to kill the Pope.

            Police Murder Innocent Man in Hotel Room
            In January 2017, Daniel Shaver, a resident of Texas was killed while on his knees, begging for two police officers who had came into his hotel room in Arizona not to shoot him - yet they did, and he died. The police were responding to unsubstantiated reports of a male pointing a rifle out of a window and had no evidence whatsoever that Shaver was the offender. "Please don't shoot me!" Shaver pleaded and then was shot by Officer Philip Brailsford no less than five times. The officer has now lost his job and is facing changes for second-degree murder.

            Times Up For Politicians Who Pocket Money / Europeans Will Not Get Resident Benefits After Brexit
            The British Prime Minister, Theresa May intends to make it a crime for those in government to seek to use their position to become rich. Those found to have become rich will be investigated for ''illicit enrichment'' and if found guilty will be forced to deal with the consequences of their actions and have their ill gotten gains seized. About bloody time too in my opinion. And coming back to Britain again, the Prime Minister has also said that after we part ways with the European Union anyone wanting to come to Britain won't be able to just wander in, claim a house, free welfare, free medical care, free childcare, etc. and live like royalty while doing nothing to justify their being here - no. They won't have any residents rights whatsoever AFTER Britain leaves the E.U. and its about bloody time this happened. Britain has MILLIONS of people who frankly ought to be back in their own countries, but no, it was easier to come here and leach off of the British welfare state because in many instances back in their own countries they won't get those sorts of benefits and certainly not what can currently claim here because of the f**king E.U. forcing its laws on Britain and in effect, their citizens on us.

            Ten Immutable Laws of Security
            In the year 2000 Scott Culp wrote an essay on computer security entitled the "Ten Immutable Laws of Security" and in 2015 he revisited his earlier work and reviewed it. Chief among the comments he made were about what amounts to drive-by hacks of people's computers.

            Rule #1 If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer; it's not your computer anymore.

            Rule #2 If a bad guy can alter the operating system on your computer; it's not your computer anymore.
            NOTE: If your OS (operating system) gets hacked, don't waste time running antivirus programs because ultimately you can never be sure. Just flash-copy all of your valuable data to a USB stick or other storage device and isolate it and then flash-wipe the hard drive and reformat it, then reinstall your OS. It's the only way to be absolutely sure you're getting a clean machine.

            Rule #3 If a bad guy has unrestricted physical access to your computer; it's not your computer anymore.
            NOTE: Something as simple as plugging in a USB key or drive can leave your computer open to attack, remember that - do you really trust the person who gave you it? Malware does not require an invitation to attack. I would honestly advise you encrypting your hard drives so it is more secure when powered down.

            Rule #4: If you allow a bad guy to upload programs to your website, it's not your website any more.
            Well, that's the truth of it, isn't it? Be very careful online. Somebody gets access to your site, you can kiss it goodbye. Always a good idea to have a 'mirror' you can reload from. Take deviantART for example, many is the time that I've been hit - and thousands of others - simply via malware being transmitted into our respective computers via the advert feed and most of the time you do not need to click on anything at all to be infected. In the past, especially where deviantART is concerned the abuse came from fake flash, JavaScript and browsing history adverts repeatedly coming up. So much so and with such regularity that at its worse, there was an attack every 0.5 seconds.

            Rule #5: Weak passwords trump strong security.
            NOTE: I'm not about to tell you my passwords but using a foreign language for them will make them harder for a hacker to guess based on all of the information about you out there on the Internet.

            Rule #6: A computer is only as secure as the administrator is trustworthy.

            Rule #7: Encrypted data is only as secure as the decryption key.

            Rule #8: An out of date virus checker is only marginally better than none at all.

            Rule #9: Absolute anonymity isn't practical, in real life or on the web.
            NOTE: One of my favorites. You may think that you're safe, but as I have proven repeatedly in the last twenty years, anyone pisses me off sufficiently will cause me to go after them and obtaining their complete records, address, telephone numbers, security clearances is only a matter of time. If I can do it (and note that I do it ethically and to protect my interests) anyone can and they may not have the moral code or scruples I live by.

            Rule #10: Technology is not a panacea.
            NOTE: The technology you use is only as good as its weakest link and that's YOU. You have to keep the antivirus up to date; you have to have strong passwords. You have to notice weird activity on the machine. Fail to be vigilant and you will pay the price for that lack of vision. There is no such thing as 'casual computing' and I get two or three messages a week at the moment from people who have been hacked and want me to help them get the situation under control. If you have found this interesting you may want to visit a site which tells you if your email has been compromised.

            More Murder In Afghanistan
            The diseased daesh have murdered at least ninety-five people and injured at least one hundred and fifty-eight others in the center of Kabul, Afghanistan when they drove a ambulance packed full of explosives into it, passing a security gate and detonated it. The driver and his companion died in the explosion.

            Brazilian Drug Dealers Target Nightclub
            Three cars loaded with gunmen drove up to a nightclub on the outskirts of Fortaleza, Brazil during the early hours of Saturday (January 27th) and forced their way inside, then began shooting. At least fourteen people are known to have died, including two minors. A twelve-year-old male survived and was taken for medical attention. According to the media the gunmen are local drug dealers who wanted to reinforce that they 'own' the area.

            Columbian Drug Dealers Target Cops
            Meanwhile in Barranquilla, Columbia a bomb went off outside a police station while officers were being briefed on their daily assignments resulting in five of them being killed. Dozens are reported as wounded. It is believed the attack was revenge for a drug crime related crackdown. The authorities have offered a reward of fifty million pesos for information relating to the attackers.

            Sexing Up Darts (oh for f**ks sakes)
            The degrading and frankly sexist action of having pretty girls escorting darts players onto the stage is a long-established practice in British darts tournaments, and has thankfully now been dropped under rules drawn up by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) after talks with broadcasters. I have often thought how degrading this is, its like women in tight dresses running their hands erotically over prizes atop pedestals on game shows - pointless and they are there merely for sex appeal.

Sadly, it's an ugly world we live in, full of diseased individuals who think of crime, bullying and the abuse of others as normal and acceptable. I feel that often these things are glossed over so people can go about their business thinking happy happy thoughts and ignoring the fact that society is sliding backwards into barbarism and is rife with sickness and corruption. In many cases here I've concentrated on the southern half of England, with emphasis on the London area but in truth this is a 'snapshot' of life and crime in general in Great Britain. I also cite international crime and news stories where applicable. Stabbings for example are now daily occurrences with two or three reported instances a day in London and many more across the nation.

            Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek
            When I heard that noted director of such violence-filled movies as Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk to Dawn and Pulp Fiction had been hired to make a Star Trek movie my initial thought was that it would be wall-to-wall REDSHIRT action with plenty of the hapless single-name heroes being greased in an orgy of high plasma weapons fire with graphic death scenes full of plenty of unnecessary violence resulting in gruesome dismemberment and long agonized drawn-out blood-letting, so it came as no surprise to me that BILL SHATNER wants to be part of that movie but allegedly on one condition, and if that wasn't enough to get your Dilithium Crystals glowing noted British actor Patrick Stewart wants in too. Already fans are speculating that Shatner (86) and Stewart (77) whose smouldering appearance alongside each other in Star Trek: Generations may mean a reprising of their most famous roles ... which will be interesting, considering that Jim Kirk is DOA and Jean-Luc Picard was last seen trying to break-in a new "Number One". Engage!

            You Conniving Thieving Bastard
            I've felt for many decades that the majority of those with money will do anything, including screw over everyone else; to keep it and well this story just reinforces that belief. A man described as a 'top advertising executive' (meaning he has money to burn with an annual salary measured in millions) started a crowd-funding page on GoFundMe just to pay the veterinary bills for his dog! Talk about greedy, penny-pinching, small-minded and selfish. The man runs his own dog clothing range and expected others to reach deep into their pockets to pay off a £5,000 ($7,000) bill when he could have easily have paid it out of his 'small change'. When people found out who was asking for the money the backlash was to be expected.

            Animal Nature
            I often shake my head when I see pet owners telling the world that their pals love them so much that they would never harm them - and then a Rottweiler or a Pitbull or some other unusual and potentially dangerous pet either mutilates them or some other person or worse kills them because such actions are well within the nature of the animal and no matter what the pet owner thinks, this is the way the animal will respond. Take the case of Daniel Brandon (31) who lived near Basingstoke, Hampshire who on August 25 2017 was somehow entangled in the coils of his pet female African Rock Python (2m 40cms) named Tiny, who he referred to as ''baby'' and compressed him so that he was unable to breathe. His death is listed as misadventure. My sympathies are with Mr. Brandon's family at this time.

            Dlya Stalina, Tovarishch, Poluchit' Chuvstvo Yumora
            Seemingly the new
Armando Iannucci movie, entitled "The Death of Stalin" a socio-political comedy about Russia's not so distant past has upset quite a few people in the propaganda and cultural administrations but your average everyday Russian seemingly loves it. According to the Russian cultural ministry the movie was offensive - so offensive in fact that it was universally BANNED from showing anywhere in Russia. They even went as far as to say it was ''extremist material'' which means if you're Russian and you have a passing interest in your countries history go take a look now. According to the director, Russian officials who saw it were rolling in their seats, yet Yelena Drapeko, the deputy head of the lower house of parliament’s culture committee, told RBK news she had “never seen anything so disgusting in my life. (The audience), me included, saw elements of extremism in the film,” But then she works for the culture committee and has to say that, especially in these times of the party line and ... blah blah blah, you get the point. Her job would be on the line if she said she liked it. Perhaps although its satire the nature of the material is covers is essentially true and that's the problem, people don't like to be reminded of how things were back in the good-old-days of Stalinism. The Russian press says that a group of Russians saw the movie prior to release and twenty-one of them demanded it be banned - signing a document to that effect (must be good, I'll get a copy when it comes out on DVD). The movie broke no Russian laws and is merely a lampooning of history.

            Ursula K. Le Guin Deceased
            American sci-fi and fatasy author and Ursula K. Le Guin has passed away at her home in Portland, Oregon aged eighty-eight. I will openly admit that I only read one of her books, but nevertheless she was a well-respected writer who blended sci-fi with fantasy. Immediately prior to her death she had experienced a period of poor health and passed away in her sleep.

            Terrorist Scum Murder Air Workers in Afghanistan
            Terrorists (we don't know what faction they support as of yet, but they're all the same) detonated an explosive device in a car outside of the offices of Save The Children a charity in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, Afghanistan killing at least one person and injuring at least eleven others that we know of at this time. Approximately fifty persons were in the building at the time of the attack. Then terrorist gunmen rushed in and opened fire with automatic weapons and Rocket Propelled Grenades. At least three gunmen are known to have entered and reportedly fighting is still ongoing on the upper floors. Its when you read reports like this that you seriously wonder if 'these people' will ever become civilized and learn to value human life. In response to the attack, Save The Children has terminated all Afghan programs.

            Chump News
            Immediately after firing James Comey (then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation), President Chump, the King of America actually had the nerve to ask Andrew McCabe, who had just become the acting chief who he voted for - no doubt in order to make sure he could be 'trusted' or not to do as the president demanded. Sorry Mister President, it doesn't work that way. The Director of the F.B.I. serves the Nations security interests first and the president second. Presently Robert Mueller is investigating whether or not Comey's firing was an attempt to obstruct justice. While I'm on the subject Chump hates sharks - perhaps because his business practices so resemble their feeding frenzy. He went on record to say that he would never donate money to charities working to promote or save sharks and added, "I hope all sharks die." Donations to shark charities is now at an all-time high - thank you, mister president!

            Grumpy Cat Payout
            A feline made famous because of his utterly miserable look (put a Mega-City Judge helmet on him and he resembles 'old stoney face') has been awarded $710,000 in a copyright case in a Californian court case. Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of Grenade, a United States coffee company for exceeding an agreement over the use of the cat's likeness in promotional materials for their business. They were given permission only to sell Grumppuccino coffee, an iced drink which featured the cat on its advertising, but decided to sell other Grumpy Cat goods without permission. Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce and became famous in 2012.

            Volcanic Eruption in Japan
            A Japanese national attached to the Japanese army was killed when an avalanche took place in the vicinity of Kasatsu, near Mount Kusatsu-Shirane, NW of Tokyo, apparently killed either when he was struck by a rock ejected from the now actual volcano or in the avalanche that followed and which covered an area one kilometer wide. An additional eleven other persons (that we know of) have also been injured, several of them critically as the eruption sent rocks rolling down the slopes toward a ski resort.

            Monkeys Cloned in China
            Two monkeys have been cloned in China - both being 'copies' of a original long-tailed macaques primate. Named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua they were produced using the same technique that was employed to create Dolly the Sheep. Scientists claim that the monkeys can be utilized in medical research ... but you know damned well that the next major step is in cloning people. That isn't a crime, but what these clones may well be utilized as the next labor source. Gotta love sci-fi for thinking ahead and ''what if'' situations.

            West End of London Hit by Massive Gas Leak
            Commuter traffic was more chaotic than usual on Tuesday morning, January 23rd 2018, as at 02:00 hours it was reported that a major gas main had ruptured in the vicinity of Craven Street, just off of The Strand. Emergency services saw fit to wake and evacuate more than 1,450 persons, mainly at a nightclub and hotel for their own safety. The area is presently cordoned off and may well be for much of the morning. Charing Cross station is also shut.

            It's Scooby-Doo Time Down at the Morgue
            Imagine a loved one dying and then their body being given an autopsy to determine the cause of death ... and then the body not being put back together again correctly. One person's corpse was reassembled with the wrong brain inside the skull, another was left open when it should have been closed up and organs removed and put back in so badly that they failed to fall into place. These incidents were among more than two hundred and seventy-eight serious incidents between 2014-16 in Britain alone. Post-Death damage was also up with corpses being treated so poorly that chunks of flesh or post-death bruising occurring due to poor handling and storage with at least eighty-nine instances over the same period. So much for resting in peace.

            Disabled Woman Charged Enormous Fee For Parking Bay
            A woman with the condition multiple sclerosis was charged an eye-watering three thousand, eight hundred British pounds ($5,314.07) to paint a bunch of lines on the highway outside her home in Cornwall, southern England. She had filed a order for a disabled parking spot (known as a bay) for her exclusive use and certainly was not expecting that bill. Elsewhere in Britain, disabled people pay nothing for what amounts to less than five dollars worth of weather-proof paint. One councilor stated on hearing this that the authority he was part of was "effectively charging people for being disabled." Naturally rather than just deal with the problem and not make her pay the local bigwigs and timewasters plan to 'discuss' the issue. Enough discussion already! Its like the middle east peace talks that have been a long-running joke since World War II.

            Man Charged With Rape: Evidence He Was Innocent Ignored
            When Samson Makele (17) was arrested and charged with rape he could hardly believe it as he was innocent of the charges, however, it would be months before the truth was to be discovered and all because of the incompetence of the investigating officers who had among their collection of evidence items his cell phone which had a series of pictures of the young man and his 'victim' cuddling and obviously enjoying themselves in bed. The defense reasoned that if they were obviously so close in that image, how could his partner (name not mentioned in report) claim that he raped her? It simply did not make sense - and what made the issue worse was that the phone evidence was not admitted to until many months after he was charged and not made available to prosecutors or his defense. He has since been released and she is under investigation for making false claims against him.

            Lethal Sneeze
            Ever tried to stop a sneeze? Well, after reading what's coming up you may want to rethink it. A thirty-four year old man closed his eyes, slammed his hand over his nose and mouth and prepared to violently sneeze and instead of containing it, the sneeze RIPPED a hole in his throat such was its force. Although rare this is entirely possible. Thankfully he was treated for soft tissue damage and is now making a recovery. The preferred action for a sneeze is to aim it into your arm or a hankie, but do not constrict it. Sneezes have been known to cause damage to the eardrums and rupture blood vessels in the brain leading to a aneurysm.

            Arsenic in Children's Play Putty
            No surprise here that the 'toy' in question 'Magnetic Putty' was manufactured in China where the manufacturing process, to say nothing of health concerns are often glossed over. When tested the putty was found to have seven times the toxic amount of Arsenic in it. I'm sure you know this, but if you don't, Arsenic is pure poison to humans. Sold with a small cube magnet the item has now been withdrawn from sale because of the toxicity and the fact that the magnet was twenty-nine times more powerful than permitted under law and could be easily swallowed.

            Britain's Most Senior Military Officer Warns of Potential Russian Aggression
            General Sir Nick Carter, the head of the British army has gone on record as saying that Britain's military is (and I'm para-phrasing) unable to realistically protect the British Isles should the Russians decide to start a war. Due to spending cuts on all aspects of the British military we have ships but a laughably small number for a seafaring nation ... planes that lack the suitable types of weapons and worse of all, much of our armor including tanks is very much outmoded and outdated. The Challenger II tank for example is twenty years old, wherein the Russian models are far superior in many ways. His comments came after Russia launched a full-scale military exercise on the border with N.A.T.O. conducting simulated attacks on Europe. Britain has also been worried in the last few years due to the deliberate and premeditated action of the Russian air force flying bombers across the North Sea to test our response times. As yet, no Russian bomber has actually entered British airspace, but if they are doing this for a joke, I'm a large brown bear on a unicycle. The Cold War isn't so cold, and like all great wars it is merely sleeping. Sir Carter went on to suggest that every aspect of the British military, and every British citizen should make ready to repel Russian soldiers if an invasion should take place. I for one am ready. Let's just say that knowledge is power 'Department of the Army'.

            White Van Man Rams Muslims in Revenge Attack
            On June 19th 2017, Darren Osborne (48) of Cardiff, Wales, climbed into a white van and drove it at speed at a group of late-night worshippers at the Muslim Welfare House, one hundred yards from Finsbury Park Mosque, resulting in his injuring eight muslims and being responsible - either directly or indirectly - for the death of Makram Ali (51) who had earlier collapsed at the scene and experienced a massive cardiac arrest. Immediately after this, the muslim community was up in arms, suspecting a racist attack but nothing could be proven at the time, and Osborne was dragged by an angry mob from the vehicle and set upon - however, one of the clerics there shouted for them to step back and not act to fall and revenge upon him. Since that incident and his subsequent arrest Osborne has admitted to wanting to kill as many muslims as possible as reprisal for muslim 'daesh' attacks both at home and abroad on British citizens. His trial continues.

            Islamic Community in Meltdown over FAKE News
            The islamic community in Canada and elsewhere went into melt-down when it was reported that a eleven-year-old girl was approached in public in Toronto, Canada by a white male stranger and scissors used to cut off her Hijab. Except ... it never happened as the story was all a fiction and police are now hunting the originator of said tale which caused social outcry and unrest among the muslim community.

            UBER Driver With Sword Seen Cruising Near Buckingham Palace ...
On August 25th 2017 Mohiussunnath Chowdhury (26), a self-employed Uber taxi driver from Luton, Bedfordshire, went cruising in his taxi, a Toyota Prius, and ended up at Buckingham Palace in central London. Driving along at barely walking speed he drew the attention of police sitting in a patrol car on Constitution Hill who stopped him and on questioning him and searching the vehicle discovered he was carrying a sword. He was immediately arrested and charged with preparing for an act of terrorism. He is presently in Belmarsh Prison, southeast London waiting the conclusion of his trial. Possession of any blade in Britain is a prison sentence offence.

            Schoolboy Killer Blogs From Jail, Taunting His Victim's Family
            Breck Bednar (14) from Caterham, Surrey, was murdered at the flat of Lewis Daynes (19) in Grays, Essex in 2014 after they both met via a gaming site. His motive remains unknown, but Daynes is now serving a life sentence with a minimum of twenty-five years for the teenagers murder. Despite being inside a cell he managed to send two menacing communications to the parents of the murder victim and they subsequently contacted police to ask if he had escaped. No doubt they were sent via a smuggled in cellphone.

            Seagal Accused of Inappropriate Sexual Contact With Actress - Who Was Then Fired
            Sixty-Five year old Steven Seagal (an actor I cannot stand as I look at him and see one smug bastard whose abilities although once impressive are far outweighed by his very obvious ego) is presently accused of the rape of Rachel Grant, an actress. She claims that he attempted to indecently expose himself to her and that he sexually assaulted her during a movie rehearsal in Sofia in 2002. Refusing his advances it came as no surprise to her that she was kicked off of the project entitled 'Out For A Kill.' She claims that she is acting to expose him for what he is, a sexual predator. He is of course, denying any deviancy.

            Black Death Spread By Humans, NOT Rats
            I've been told that the infamous Black Death, a bacterium that killed as many as two hundred million people living in Eurasia and Britain between 1346 and 1353 was spread by rats but now new findings suggest the rats were innocent and it was in fact human kind that did the spreading ... and why doesn't that surprise me? Recent and exhaustive research suggests that the disease was in fact spread due to human fleas and body lice on the unwashed, often unsanitary bodies (and corpses) of humans, but of course, it was much easier to blame the rats.

            Don't Watch What You Get Shared ...
            Watch out what's on your cell phone because at least a thousand people in Denmark have been charged with distributing sexually explicit material - two video clips of fifteen-year-olds having sex via Facebook Messenger. Possession, let alone distributing it makes the user/sender a pedophile and likely to be prosecuted.

            Widespread Diploma Fraud in Britain
            Well the following story is no surprise to me as I used to live in a community dominated by Indian and Pakistani immigrants in West London and saw such a percentage of institutionalized fraud and outright lies about qualifications that this made perfect sense when I read it. Reportedly thousands of United Kingdom nationals (without saying it, they meant people from India and Pakistan) have been purchasing fake degrees from a multi-million pound 'diploma mill' in Pakistan. Those purchasing these fake qualifications in order to secure high-paying jobs without actually having the training or competency to do the jobs include National Health Service (NHS) consultants, nurses and those working for a large defense contractor. One person based in Britain paid out five hundred thousand pounds on bogus documents - and thankfully their fraud has been uncovered and they fired from their job for it. I wish to point out in all fairness that not all Indian or Pakistani people are frauds or cheats but there is a known and very active percentage of the community who considered such unethical and downright illegal activity perfectly acceptable in order to get ahead.

            Chinese-Swedish Author Gets Detained on Train and Spirited Away in China
            Gui Minhai, a publisher who published books from his own company in Hong Kong about the personal lives of the politicians and party members who run China (and no doubt enjoy a far richer, more wealthy lifestyle than the average Chinese citizen) was on a train traveling from Beijing with two Swedish diplomats when Chinese internal security forces personnel in plain clothes boarded the train unexpectedly and despite his complaining that they had no right to take him - took him. Minhai has only just been released from prison for what the Chinese government claims was corruption and publishing falsehoods and at the time of his being taken he was on route to a Swedish mission for a medical examination. His present whereabouts remain unknown.

            Feed The Homeless and Get Arrested
            At least nine people in El Cajon, California were arrested by the police for handing out food to people living on the street as the city has a law on the books about sharing food in public. No kidding. The ordinance was introduced when the city dealt with an outbreak of Hepatitis A in order to prevent the condition spreading and has never been repealed.

            German Daesh Scum Charged
            A German national has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of supporting the diseased maniacs known as daesh in Iraq. Her name has not yet been given but it is known she is a German national of Moroccan descent who was captured at the Battle of Mosul in 2017. Thousands of foreign nationals are fighting for the diseased daesh in Iraq and Syria.

            Latest Stabbing in Luton ...
            Two men were stabbed at The Mall, a shopping center in Luton, Bedfordshire and were subsequently taken to hospital for treatment. No additional details are known at this time, although a photograph has surfaced of a huge knife on the floor outside of a WH Smith store in the center.

            Shop Employee Attacks At All-Time High
            Such is the increase in unprovoked attacks in Britain since the beginning of mass uncontrolled immigration (I say that as the statistics show a large percentage of attacks are by persons not born in Britain) that lawmakers are interested in creating a bill (law) to create new offences and punishments for the abuse of employees who sell age-related items such as alcohol and nicotine/smoking tools as a high percentage of attacks are by youths who want the goods and when told to take a hike, attack the shopkeeper and steal what they need. Violence of this kind is currently at a ten year high and is only getting worse.

            Wikileaks Leader 'A Problem'
            President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador has described Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks as "a problem [he] had inherited" when he decided to hide in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in order to avoid arrest over unsupported rape claims, and later against arrest from the British police and possible deportation to America to face charges for telling the truth of things. Assange has been living inside the embassy since June 2012 when he claimed political asylum and in recent months his cat has been seen at the windows dressed in a shirt collar and tie (the cat is also technically a political prisoner). The claims from Sweden have now been dropped. Recently, the United Kingdom's (British) government has refused to accept Assange as a diplomatic agent, which would have provided him with legally, reinforced protection from arrest or prosecution if he stepped outside of the building.

            Amazon Establishes the Mega-Store of the Future: Today
            Those maniacs at Amazon have done it again ... behold, the future of the NEW WORLD ORDER ... err, I mean the supermarket ("all hail our consumer overlords"). They have spent the last year testing a new kind of shopping experience. You enter the store, wander around and whatever you pick up for purchase is carefully tracked on hundreds of ceiling-mounted CCTV cameras and electronic sensors as you have YOUR EVERY MOVE watched and traced. Then when you go to leave the store you just walk out - no checkout at all, just walk out - and whatever you picked up and kept is automatically charged to your credit card. Amazon Go in Seattle, Washington was the initial testing site. Now in as far as this is a brilliant idea, I don't feel comfortable being watched every second of my shopping experience with facial recognition software making sure I'm me - what if twins walk in and the assigning software gets confused when they vanish momentarily out of sight? What if the software gets me confused with another person? What is the software is 'racist' and does not recognize people who are non-white? I wonder where the back door is to the service areas.

            Japanese Tourists Charged Truly INSANE Prices in Venice
            Four Japanese student tourists visiting Venice, Italy, the city on the lake were charged $1,347 for four steaks, a plate of fried fish, glasses of ordinary water and service (that's $336 each) and that bill was handed to them at St. Mark's Square. They then choose another restaurant where they ordered three plates of seafood pasta and were charged $1,042 (or $260 each) resulting in an official complaint being made which has now been taken up with the cities mayor who is furious and understandably so!

            Politician Fails To Fall On His Sword
            Now what do you do if you are the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and are a former balding military officer aged fifty-four and dating a woman who is a clear quarter-century younger than you and she turns out to be a racist, tweeting such comments as is suggesting people of African descent were ''Negroes'' had ''small brains'', were ''ugly'' and would ''pollute'' the bloodline. Well, you go on record as stating that you're distancing yourself from her and those nasty NASTY comments and then three days after saying you want nothing more to do with her, you say that you are supporting her and her family and are seen out enjoying a romantic dinner with the woman you have vowed to have nothing more to do with! You just have to wonder what she had that he wanted so badly as to ruin his career and turn him into a laughing stock across the United Kingdom. Now, if that wasn't amusing enough he has been told to get lost by his own party and is ignoring them, refusing to step down and senior party members are leaving in disgust. His local government, education, trade and immigration representatives have all quit, as have the deputy leader, the assistant deputy leader ... so he is now in control of a party who has zero confidence in him. I honestly wonder how much he gets paid ... after all, with his political career in tatters and his about to be ex-communicated by his own party who are deserting him like rats from a sinking ship you have to wonder what possibly might be keeping him there. For the record, it's not his party I dislike - I hate all politicians and when they turn up at my door I tell them to take a hike.

            Child Stabbed to Death
            Although stabbings, mutilations and even deaths are a daily occurrence in Britain due to knife crime the saddest instances of all are when children are harmed. When police were called to a bungalow in Valley View, Brownhills, near Walsall, West Midlands, the last thing they expected to find was Mylee Billingham (8) who had received a single stab wound to the chest. The child was subsequently rushed to hospital but later died from her injuries. Bill Billingham (54) her own father was also taken to hospital with a single abdominal stab wound - and police believe that he murdered his daughter in what is being described as a domestic incident. How he obtained his wound remains uncertain although self-infliction has not been ruled out. From what can be ascertained it would seem the child was visiting as part of a custody deal between estranged parents at the time of her death.

            Police Leave Victims At Scene of Crash
            Two 'police officers' employed in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh reported turned up at the scene of a road crash and on seeing the victims who were badly injured and bleeding, turned around and walked back to their vehicle. Bystanders stopped them and asked them to take the wounded men to the nearest hospital and the officers refused on the grounds that they didn't want blood stains or the victims bleeding out in the back of the vehicle. They then got in their patrol car and drove off. Both officers have now been put under investigation and risk losing their jobs for this act of cowardice and malice. A short video, taken on a cell phone has been put online showing the scene of the incident:… - that television station seriously needs to learn how to present a video. Most of the time the action was obscured behind a wall of highly irritating text.

            Cold-Blooded Killers Caught in Honey Trap
            When two teenage boys aged just twelve and thirteen decided on December 28th 2017 that it would be 'fun' to destroy beehives they acted to vandalize property owned by Wild Hill Honey, Sioux City, Iowa, and in the space of a single evening kicked over and smashed apart fifty beehives, resulting in the death's of more than five hundred thousand bees due to exposure to the cold as snow was lying on the ground. No doubt proud of their work, these little shitheads went off home and left the owners of the business, Justin and Tori Englehardt, to come in the following morning to what has been estimated as being $60,000 in damage to the business. The boys were identified from CCTV security monitoring and subsequently charged. Much of the population of the local area wanted to lynch them - which is not surprising as the farm employs them and the business was more or less ruined by the vandals actions. Sadly, the full weight of the law cannot be thrown at them because they are considered juveniles. In commenting to the media, the owners said that the crime was "completely senseless" and I agree with them.

            Failed Terrorist Wanted to Destroy Big Ben and Heathrow Airport
            London's famous clock tower (Elizabeth Tower) immediately adjacent to the House of Parliament and which holds the clock known as Big Ben was allegedly the target of an islamic home-grown psyche-job named Umar Ahmed Haque (25) from East London as he prepared to commit acts of terrorism on the British mainland. This diseased would-be terrorist also wanted to bomb Heathrow Airport and other locations. He and three other diseased scumbags aged nineteen to twenty-seven are presently on trial at the Old Bailey, London (one of Britain's main courts) for acts or terrorism, preparing for acts of terrorism and being supporters of daesh. Haque had professed under interrogation that it had been his intention of carry out at least three terrorist attacks against well-known British institutions and or landmarks.

            Tube Train Bomber Guilty of Attempted Murder
            Ahmed Hassan (18) went to Parsons Green Tube Station in London on September 15th 2017 and got on board a tube train with every intention of setting off a homemade bomb for the purposes of mass murder and mutilation. His device failed to go off, but the primers did resulting in injury to thirty persons - nobody died. He has since pleaded guilty to attempted murder and creating an explosion and is due to be sentence on March 5th at the Old Bailey (Crown Court) for his crimes.

            Castrate the Unemployed and Stop 'em Scrounging
            You know I've suspected for decades that politicians really don't give a shit about the people they are supposed to be representing and the following story pretty much reinforces that belief. In 2012 aged twenty-three a Tory (Conservative party) politician by the name of Ben Bradley (now 28) blogged that all male benefit (welfare) claimants should be forced to have vasectomies so that they could not have sex and bring more of their kind into the world, adding that the British Isles was awash in "a vast sea of unemployed wasters." The post vanished soon enough as they often do, and he of course apologized for it. Amusingly he was recently made Vice-Chairman for Youth and claims he has matured since his original comments. For international readers, 'Scrounging' is a British word meaning to take without deserving something.

            Lonely? There's a Commission For Everything These Days ...
            The British government has just announced the posting of a Minister for Loneliness. Tracey Crouch (42) a lifelong Conservative party member has been hired in order to combat loneliness in Britain with a new Commission on Loneliness. I wish her the best of luck with that, as there are an awful lot of lonely people out there (including the author) with an estimated nine million alone on the British mainland. The idea for a Minister for Loneliness was established by the late Jo Cox, who was murdered in the street in full daylight with people near her on June 16th 2016 by a maniac named Thomas Mair (52) who shot her three times with one of the bullets entering her skull before he repeatedly stabbed her. She died at the scene. Her attacker was heard to shout, "This is for Britain, Britain will always come first!" The creep will die in jail for the murder. A 2017 commissioned report on loneliness said that the emotional impact of it is as bad for our health (mental and physical) as smoking fifteen cigarettes every day.

            White Male Throws BLEACH In Woman's Face
            On January 5th 2018, an unknown male entered Poundland on Wulfrun Square, Wolverhampton, West Midlands and after milling around proceeded to the busy sales area near the exit and waited in line for a few seconds before deciding that he didn't have to queue so pushed his way forward in order to be served next. It was at this point that a twenty-four year old female Poundland employee stopped him and asked him to queue, where in the unidentified male pulled out a bottle of household bleach (a powerful toxic corrosive) and sprayed the contents into her eyes and then emptied the rest of the bottle over her head as she lay on the floor sobbing in understandable agony. He then fled - and the police are now after this walking vomit stain. Thankfully the employee escaped serious injury because her colleagues undressed her (as her clothes were coated in the bleach) and rinsed her skin until the damage was minimalized. Images of the scumbag (a while male in his mid-twenties to early-thirties) have since been released by the police.

            Teenage Knifeman Convicted
            A sixteen-year-old male who cannot be named for legal reasons, who acted to rape a forty-six year old woman at knife point in Sutcliffe Park, Eltham, London in April 2017, was identified and arrested and subsequently charged for his crimes. He was originally sent down with an order to detain him for six years. Now given the gravity of his crime, his sentencing has been extended and he won't be getting out any time soon. The actual sentencing was not mentioned in the report I sourced.

            Cold-Blooded 'Snuff' Murder
            When Ashley Foster (24) met Megan Bills (17) on a night out in Dudley, West Midlands on April 16th 2017 he knew exactly what he wanted, and she was completely unaware that he was a violent psychopath. Foster had only been released from prison three days earlier and was at that time living in an ex-offenders’ hostel, the New Path of Life hostel in Highgate Road in Brierley Hill, Dudley. She was visiting the house in order to see an old friend when she ran into him and he charmed her, chatted her up and then took her back to his room where they both engaged in consensual sex ... then he throttled her, employing manual strangulation until she stopped moving, then he stepped back and enjoyed the fruit of his labors for Foster was into snuff movies (films which depict violent murder but don't use 'actors' for the murder victims are all too real) and had fantasized about killing a girl just to get a kick out of it. When he was finished he wrapped her in a curtain and then unceremoniously stuffed her corpse into a wardrobe and sealed the doors and the cracks around the doors with ordinary kitchen Clingfilm and then pretended that he had not seen her at all while plotting a way to dispose of her corpse without being discovered. However, he was not given suitable opportunity to get rid of Bills remains and they began to decompose as the weather grew hotter (and the summer 2017 was hot) and they remained there for more than a fortnight while he surfed the Internet looking for so-called snuff movies and necrophilia-related images. He also wrote to his mother during that time, admitting to having been with her, had sex with her and that she had died during sex-play, but it was ''all an accident'' and now he had to get rid of the corpse in a way that did not see him facing questions from the police. He also told his own mother the body was in the wardrobe and now he was bleating to her for a solution. However the smell of her decomposing body drew the attention of staff that on entering found the wardrobe leaking and on opening it called the police. They were forced to use dental records to identify her as the corpse was barely recognizable as female. Foster who fled to Walsall, initially denied his own identity and denied any association or knowledge of his staying at the hostel, her or the murder web evidence and his known whereabouts at the time of the murder proved otherwise, plus the email to his mother. They also called up his browser history and on seeing the searches for snuff movies, violent sex and other deviant activity put the woman's death down to his playing out a sick fantasy. Despite being interrogated he refused to explain what he had done to her and concealed her body for weeks in a deliberate act so that nature could eradicate any forensic evidence by decomposition. Little creep eventually got sent-down to serve a minimal sentence of twenty-six years.

            Furious Asian Male Ruins Wife's Night Out Over Jealously
            When the Duke of Wellington public house in Minehead, Somerset received a phone call on the evening of November 25th 2017 the last thing the owner expected to hear was a Asian male hissing down the phone line "There's a bomb in your pub." The place was instantly evacuated, and in the process people drinking, dining and enjoying their time there were asked to stand outside while the police surveyed the building. Among them was the wife of Mo Ahmed (42) who called in the false bomb threat in order just to stop her enjoying her time away from him. The public house lost £840 ($1,164) in potential earnings. The number Ahmed called from was traced and he identified as making two hoax calls from it. He received a suspended sentence for his selfish crimes. What a prize prick.

            Ill-Conceived Medical Solution
            You have to question how intelligent the average person is at times. Take the case of N'na Fanta Camara a self-styled faith healer (quack) working out of a village in Guinea who gave women who were unable to conceive a brew that made them ''pregnant''. Defying logic and common sense these women went on to walk around with their abdomens swollen and expecting a baby but they were to be disappointed for the healer was in fact a con-artist who used herbs, leaves and other medicines to cause their abdomen to swell up enormously. She changed them each $33 in a country where the average monthly wage of just $47 and yet nobody questioned her sincerity or professionalism until the babies didn't appear after nine months. Ignorance isn't bliss.

            Chump News
            That greasy dot of a man, Chump has triumphantly tweeted that the democratic party caved in and that his republican party had achieved a ''big win'' when they stepped in at the last moment in order to prevent the United States from being without a working government after a three-day delay in sorting out funding. The Democratic leadership only agreed to support their opposite numbers in order to back a bill for a debate on the future of young illegal immigrants - a bill that the republicans have promised to debate despite it being a major bone of contention under Chump. I find it amusing that the self-styled King of America sat by (yes, I do watch what he is doing, I don't just accept reports like some people I could mention) and did nothing while government unraveled. This was also noticed by Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumber who said, "The great deal-making 'president' sat on the sidelines." Of course he did. Businessmen make the best deals when the people they want to make deals with are at their weakest, Mr. Schumber.

            On a Personal Note About a Seller on Amazon
            On Wednesday, January 17th that I had to pay £13.28 ($18.41) to have United Kingdom customs officials release a parcel that had come in from North America. The order for the item it contained was placed on September 28th 2017. I received the parcel on Saturday, January 20th 2018 and discovered that it contained a Star Wars Black Series 6'' figure which had been dispatched on October 26th 2017 (almost a month after the order was placed to a toy selling company in Tucson, Arizona). Allegedly it took the United States Postal Service (USPS) just a week shy of FOUR MONTHS to get it to me and the parcel was marked first class - however, the label that was on the parcel was printed off by the seller so I have my suspicions that it was not mailed when they claimed it was mailed. And my reasons are simple; the box the item arrived in contains pages from a newspaper from Tucson, Arizona used as packing that are dated JANUARY 2018 so how does that make sense? What is really pissing me off however, is that the sender charged me £24.02 ($33.29) and sent the item untracked - which is also suspicious; so how can they possibly justify sending it at that cost (when the usual cost for a similarly sized item as defined by the USPS is £3.96 ($5.49) and they didn't pay the import fees either, which should have been £3.27 ($4.53 the fee Amazon has calculated for a item and box weighing a mere four ounces with a box size of 2x5x9 inches) meaning I was forced at this end to pay out £13.28 ($18.41) because of the senders incompetence or don't give a fuck attitude. Anyway, this is an injustice I am addressing now with Amazon, the company who hosted the seller. The parcel had to come five thousand two hundred seventy nine miles and even via sea, it would not have taken four months.
            * So, for the record the seller took the order on September 28th 2017 and then waited a month to post it - or so he claims.
            * No tracking whatsoever - convenient if you planned some sort of fraud, as in saying it was posted when in fact it wasn't.
            * Then the item which allegedly was sent on October 26th 2017 took nearly three months as 'first class' mail to reach me (four if you count the initial delay in posting).
            * On January 22nd I was presented with absolute evidence that the seller committed MAIL FRAUD and yet Amazon is ignoring my communications about the incident.
            * And if it WAS sent in October why does it contain pages from a Arizona newspaper dated January 2018? I believe the seller took the money and 'only just' mailed me the item.
            As soon as Amazon bothers to look at my claim I'll post an update. Late in 2017 after bringing my concerns about the seller to Amazon's attention, they sent me a letter in which they openly threatened me, saying that if I contacted them again about the seller they would ignore all future communications from me about them (funny thing is, I've written to them twice now - once on the 20th, again on the 21st and no reply whatsoever, so Amazon are ignoring me and as such are ignoring my customers rights under law. Time to file a report with the Better Business Bureau I think. Normally the moment I file a request, there is a reply email saying my inquiry has been received and is being processed - why no email now? Twice?). It will be interesting to see what the Better Business Bureau says about Amazon's attitude and about the seller's over-charging, delay in posting and of course that anomalous 'sent in October 2017 with January 2018 newspaper packing' in it. I've already drafted a letter to the popular media reporting on these circumstances - with emphasis on Amazon. See how their P.R. people like that.

WAKE UP DEVIANTART developers - the community desperately need an option to REMOVE comments left by malignant and abusive gallery visitors and users, and those who choose to spam our galleries with links or other unauthorized materials which serve their own selfish ends. We also need an option to prevent people commenting unless we want them too because at the moment the front page and the gallery does not have that option at all. At the moment if such things happen to a gallery the owner of the gallery has the rather pathetic option of concealing the commentary but not removing it. And that would be fine, except the option really does not conceal anything at all and the person being abused has a nasty reminder in the form of a 'comment hidden' bar on their pages. This is especially loathsome when it occurs on the gallery page or the front page on the account as the offending commentary cannot ever be removed at all. As for comments left on pages associated with deviations, its entirely possible to remove them completely by simply DELETING THE WHOLE PAGE and then re-posting it but in doing so the person who owns that gallery has to lose watchers, favorites and go to all the trouble of re-publishing when a simple deletion of an offending comment would make everything right once more.

So why isn't it possible to add a DELETE option? What's so hard about that? Adding the option would be relatively simple. When the button is pressed the offending commentary is removed from the stack and is not refreshed when the page is reloaded. Personally, I feel two options should be added - DELETE COMMENT and DELETE COMMENT AND BLOCK USER.

            Animal Trafficking Kingpin Arrested
            Boonchai Bach (40) born in Vietnam but naturalized as a Thai has been arrested for multiple wildlife trafficking crimes after he was identified and held by police in a town on the border with Laos. He faces four years in jail for trading in endangered wildlife and protected species. He also smuggled rhino horn and elephant ivory purely for the profit it made him. Considered the ringleader of an extensive network of smugglers, his capture will cripple the network but not stop it as they'll just have the next unprincipled thug in line step in to fill the space left and it will be business as usual.

            Married ... by the POPE in 'Heaven'
            Well, not quite but its interpretative as Pope Francis happened to be on board an airliner flying at high altitude between cities in Chile, South America when he was approached by two of the staff, Paula Podest Ruiz (39) and Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga (41) and although they already married at a civil service on the ground but had wanted to do it in a church but could not, so asked His Holiness if he would bless their marriage to which he replied, "Do you want me to marry you?" They were unable to conduct a ceremony in their own church in Santiago, Chile after it was damaged in the 2010 earthquake, so he was kind enough to do that for them.

            STREWTH! Drone!
            When a beachgoer noticed two teenagers in the water off of Lennox Head beach, New South Wales an unusual and very well executed rescue rolled into place worthy of Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds ... a large remote controlled drone (the Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver) was flown out to them and a floatation device dropped to them and using it the now exhausted swimmers got back to shore. Reportedly this is the FIRST TIME anywhere in the world that a drone has been used to save human lives.

            Carrier Pigeon [finally] Receives Heroism Award
            Mary, a British carrier pigeon who was attached to the National Pigeon Service (NPS) during World War II and who flew messages and vital intelligence between Nazi occupied France and the British mainland during the war has been awarded the Blue Plaque - a permanent display marking the loft where she and other pigeons lived at the time of their service in Exeter, Devon. The loft was behind the shop of Cevil 'Charlie' Brewer, a boot maker and repairer who owned her. She was also awarded the Dickin Medal, the highest award for Animal bravery because she was seriously injured three times by falcons trained to intercept pigeons by German forces and she was shot at by German soldiers resulting in physical injury.

            Californian Family Holds Own Children In Chains
            David Allen Turpin (57) sporting a 'village idiot' haircut, and his wife, Louise Anna Turpin (49) seemed to everyone to be a normal enough couple living in (100 block of Muir Woods Road) Perris, a community fifty-nine miles southeast of Los Angeles, but their home held a terrible secret - none of their thirteen children were ever allowed out or allowed to interact with others because they were prisoners in their own home. Reportedly one of the captives (a seventeen year old female) managed to get free and grabbing a cell phone called the police and reported that she and her siblings were prisoners. Well, the cops swooped on the property and found thirteen kids, with the oldest seven being adults - all chained and padlocked to their own beds and surrounded by filth because they could not go to the actual bathroom in the house. Food would be brought into the home, vast feasts laid out on a table and the children punished if they touched it, but they were forced to look at it. They were also only permitted to SHOWER ONCE A YEAR, no shit. The couples offspring were aged two to twenty-nine. The parents were immediately charged with child endangerment and torture. Their own Aunt never realized what was going on, but said that the children (and adult children) were never allowed to watch television, not allowed friends, to date or use the telephone. You have to wonder if their parents were religious nuts. When police turned up at the house, Mrs. Turpin was genuinely shocked - and did not appreciate that holding their own kids in chains was a crime. Ignorance is no excuse. Oh, this is going to be a juicy court case! Both parents are claiming 'not guilty' to the charges.

            Anglo-French Bridge a Possibility
            Although the project would cost billions, certain parties in Britain are presently pressing to build a large high suspension bridge across the Straits of Dover, a stretch of water between England and France otherwise known as the English Channel. If they decide to do it, they better have some pretty good defenses on it as (a) migrants and immigrants will want to exploit it, and (b) it would be a massive structure that might be struck by shipping in the channel. Britain and France are already connected by a twenty miles long railroad tunnel which links the two countries and which runs beneath the bed of the channel.

            Murderer Rapes and Murders Niece and Conceals Corpse
            I've covered this story before, but now the offenders are up for charging. Anyway, they say that 'profiling' somebody based on their race, culture and ethics (the values of their culture or religion) is not politically correct but I believe that if the shoe fits, wear it. What are we to make of Mujahid Arshid (33) who kidnapped Celine Doohran (19) while she was showering, then tasered her into submission, raped her. Then before she would act, he cut her throat and in order to conceal her corpse stuffed her in a freezer face-down with the assistance of Vincent Tappu and all because of a 'honor' crime which demanded she be murdered as appeasement. The two men also tried to do the same to a twenty-one year old female who (cannot be named for legal reasons) who was also raped by Arshid then he cut her wrists and neck and coldly told her that she had "ten minutes left to live" but she managed to escape wherein she managed to get off one text message to her mother which read "He's going to kill me" identifying him as her kidnapper. It came out in court that prior to this attack, Arshid had molested and abused her as a teenager, and that was when the police discovered Ms. Doohran's corpse in an otherwise empty house as the murdering bastards had left in order to avoid association and to establish alibi's. Both men have since been thrown in jail while their cases play out. Recently they were tried, with both denying any blame whatsoever for these hideous acts - and Arshid screaming and ranting via a video link that he had committed no crime and that he was being held illegally. Maybe this murdering f**k is trying to claim insanity? I tend to agree that profiling is an unreliable tool, but even the dimmest of observers has to ask why the same sorts of crimes are repeated over and over by the same groups in society. When you hear cases like this, you wonder why we don't have a death penalty to see that they are permanently 'put down' for such crimes - and what are we to make of the fact that the surviving woman was told by one of her relatives not to report the incident to the police? A culture of concealment exists which needs to be excised of such evil notions.

            From the Guilty to the Supposed Guilty - Miscarriage of Justice
            Oliver Mears a Oxford University student (Oxford, England) was accused of rape in July 2015 when he was just seventeen years of age and it has only now that his trial was due to start - but the trial has been dropped as the police investigation into the instance was fouled up and vital evidence which cleared him was ignored. Face with the fact that Mears was telling the truth and that his accuser was lying about being assaulted by him and subsequently raped, the case against him has been dropped. But this does not change the fact that for the last two years he has had the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head ready to strike him down to an act that he never did. Although the media does not state this opinion, it is entirely possibly his accuser is now being investigated for making false claims.

            Murdered Woman Gets Justice Against Murderer from Beyond the Grave
            When Brittney Gargol (18) was found murdered by manual strangulation near a landfill site in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in March 2015 the police were initially unable to determine who the murderer was as the case simply did not provide any clues at all. Her friends knew nothing, her parents knew of no boyfriends or stalkers ... so the case went cold, but it wasn't declared inactive but there was one anomalous item found at the scene, and thought to be the murder weapon - a woman's belt. Police toyed with it being found by the victim at the landfill site but never really went beyond that until a important clue surfaced via the Internet. They discovered an image of the victim and a 'friend' Cheyenne Rose Antoine (21) in which Antoine happened to be wearing the same belt. She was subsequently approached by police and asked to provide the belt and she was unable too - so based on that and that alone, they arrested her on suspicion of murder. She has since changed her plea of not guilty to guilty and admitted killing Gargol with the belt.

            United States Now Concentrating on Foreign Powers as Potential Enemies
            Since 9/11 America has focused on dealing with terrorists and has spent a considerable amount of money doing it with, it can be argued, relatively little success as the terrorists are not grouped into one spot or have a command net which can easily be infiltrated and used to cause dissent and betrayal so in effect America's war on terrorism has been somewhat ineffectual and that don't like admitting that. But just recently U.S. Defense secretary James Mattis has said that the U.S. will not be concentrating on threats of all kinds from foreign regimes - noting North Korea, China and Russia who are the seat of what was described as ''growing threats from revisionist powers''. He singled out Russia, noting ''threaten America's experiment in democracy,'' and added ''If you challenge us, it will be your longest and worse day.'' So basically its the same old message 'our nukes are bigger than your nukes' - and to think there are madmen the world over armed with their nuclear toys who can ruin every life on earth with their insanity just to prove they have the technical capability to make them right.

            7-11 Immigration Swoop
            Its a long-running joke in North America that if you walk into any 7-11 Store there you will probably need a professional translator to converse with the people running it and well, on January 9th 2018 that joke was made a reality when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided nearly one hundred 7-11 stores across seventeen of the United States and arrested twenty-one persons who had no right to be in the United States and had no social security numbers, green cards or right to work there. They now face questioning, criminal charges and deportation.

            Immigrants Still Living in Calais, France, And Wanting Illegal Entry to the United Kingdom
            Yes, people from Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan and Africa are still arriving in the French port of Calais and setting up camp in the woods surrounding the city in order to gain entry to a vehicle such as a truck or a car in order to smuggle themselves in Britain. Britain of course does not want them, as the majority of these people are male, aged between fifteen and twenty-five on average and have in many cases criminal records or have acted in a highly anti-social manner meaning they are a clear and present danger. A couple of years back the French forcibly cleared the 'Calais Camp' and sent the migrants arriving there off to live in pre-built emergency housing until such time that they could be deported, but now these same migrants, reinforced with new ones, are forming a considerable group who only have one thing on their minds - illegal entry into the United Kingdom. If that was not shocking enough, the French government is now trying to force Britain to take responsibility for their migrant problem. Why doesn't France step up and deal with it as its a problem on their soil, no matter where the migrants what to go - they are in France illegally in many cases and causing trouble. Britain is to spend an additional £44.5 million on French soil to add fencing, monitored CCTV and infrared detection equipment in Calais and other border points - why aren't the French doing this? Its their problem as its on their soil. Britain is also 'expected' to take more migrants who on entering Britain will be given homes, welfare, medical care, etc. To me it sounds as if being a migrant is a lottery win at the expense of the Great British taxpayer who is living on a small island which has finite resources and who seemingly the third-world seems to think is the land of milk and honey.

            Try Looking for the Southern Half of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec on a Map ... Because It's Not There Anymore
            On July 6th 2013 a runaway train hauling a cargo of petroleum crude oil derailed, crashed and exploded with widespread damage and loss of life in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada. Forty-seven people died and much of downtown near the town harbor was erased from the face of the Earth (45°34'32.64" N 70°52'58.28" W at 1,312 feet above sea level). Following the disaster three railroad employees were charged with criminal negligence (trial began October 2nd that same year) but as of early 2018 (five years later) they have now been cleared of any responsibility - so much for a speedy trial. Waiting to hear whether they would be charged and imprisoned must have been a living hell.

            Teenager Stabbed to Death
            A Sixteen year old male who it is thought to come from Birmingham was found near a children's playground in Friars Wharf, Oxford, at 19:55 hours on January 4th with extensive stab wounds to his body. Police have since arrested and detained a twenty-five year old woman and a thirty-three year old male, both from Oxford on suspicion of murder. The motive for the murder is as yet unknown, but its seventy-eight miles between the victims home city and the place where he died.

            Eating Dangerously in Japan
            Its become necessary to broadcast a warning via television, radio and Internet in the city of Gamagori, Japan after a local supermarket accidentally sold five packets of Fugu fish which had not been properly prepared - that is, had the livers removed. The Fugu is edible, but the liver contains so much poison that a tiny amount can kill a healthy human in seconds. As of the time of my reporting, three have been found but two remain out there.

            Woman Stabbed to Death
            An as yet unnamed forty-four year old woman was stabbed to death in Norfolk Road, Redbridge, East London on January 2nd and was immediately attended by paramedics who announced her dead at the scene. A forty-five year old man has since been arrested at an address in Newham, London on suspicion of murder. The motive remains unknown.

            Bridge Under Construction in Columbia Collapses
            Construction work has been ongoing over a gorge at Chirajara, Columbia when one half of the suspension bridge collapsed without warning resulting in the deaths of nine workers and injuring a further five. It was on the highway linking Bogota and Villavicencio. The bridge was intended to be four hundred and fifty meters long.

            Girlfriend of Las Vegas Gunmen Cleared of Association
            I'm sure you recall this as it was big news. In October 2017 Stephen Paddock booked into a room on the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and after making a hole in the window began shooting at 22,000 concert goers resulting in 58 fatalities (excluding Paddock) and 546 injuries - he was later shot by police once they worked out where the shots were coming from. Following his arrest his own twin brother claimed no knowledge of the murderers deeds or intents, but he was later found to be lying. When police broke into the offenders home they found an arsenal of guns, ammunition and other offensive items. Subsequently the murderers girlfriend, Marilou Danley was questioned by police as they believed she had to have some clue as to his intention which would have made her an accessory for failing to report the preparation of a crime. She has now been told no charges will be laid against her.

            Chump Denies Changing Viewpoint on US-Mexico Border Wall
            Yep, the King of America has denied changing his views on a border wall after John Kelly, an aide reportedly claimed that the president was "uninformed" when he made the promise to the American people. Hours later, Chump predictably tweeted that Mexico would be forced to directly or indirectly pay for the wall to be built.

            Stabbing in Hackney
            A murder investigation was initiated when a man (estimated age, thirty-four) was found late afternoon, in the dark at
Shakspeare Walk, Stoke Newington, North London, N16 with evidence of multiple stab wounds to his body and hands. He died hours later from his injuries. Police have no leads at this time and the motive remains unknown.

            Travel Agency Murder
            A thirty-year-old male walked into a TUI travel agency store in Chapel Street, Southport, Merseyside on the second week of January and approached a twenty-eight year old woman before coldly cutting her throat; and despite the victim being rushed to hospital, she later died of her injury. Having done this, the murderer then left and went on the run from the police. He was arrested a few days later on suspicion of murder with detectives believing that it was the eventuality of a domestic spat between the two.

            Elderly Man Collapses Trying to Save Wife
            Nobody would have suspected that when an as yet unnamed sixty-three year old woman opened Wylie's Newsagents in Springvale Street, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, on January 12th the place would be the scene of a robbery. Yet that's what happened when a male entered the store and approaching the counter threatened the woman with a knife demanding money. It is not known how her husband, a seventy-one year old heard about the robbery, but on doing so he sprinted for the store and reportedly died of a heart attack brought on by the action. His wife was unharmed and the robber got away with a small amount of cash - but the husband died at the shop in the company of his wife. You know, stories like this just make me think how petty the universe really is. Did he have to die? And for what? I salute his intentions but ultimately they were his downfall, but I blame the man who robbed the store as he - unintentionally - brought about the victims heart attack.

            Polluting the Jungles of South America
            One of the biggest garbage dumps in South America has closed in Brazil after almost sixty years of service. Known as the Estructural dump, its located in Brasilia and processed more than a thousand tons of garbage a day but was beset by professional scavengers who relied on it to provide items which were often recycled and introduced back into the local economy. Noting this, the local government has issued a statement that the scavengers will be paid by the city to scavenge in a new recycling center under much cleaner conditions.

            Reward to Identify Murderer
            A ten thousand pound reward is being offered (as of January 10th) by the police for information leading to the identification and charging of a man who walked into the Double K Gym in Stable Lane, Bexley, Southeast London, and after spotting his victim, waited for him to emerge, wherein the victim, George Barker (24) was stabbed repeatedly resulting in his death. The assault/murder took place on November 14th 2016 and yet no information has been provided to identify the present whereabouts of the killer, identified as Charles 'Charlie' Riddington (aka Barry Ryan). It is thought that he fled to Germany.

            Elderly Woman Strangled by Immigrant In Order to Conceal Crime
            Late on the evening of February 27th 2017, Lea Adri-Soejoko (80) was confronted at allotments in Colindale, Northwest London and threatened by Rahim Mohammadi (41) which led to her being brutally beaten up by him and then strangled with a lawnmower cord in what can best be described as a pre-meditated act of violence against her to prevent her telling others about his nature. He was well-known among people who worked the ground at the allotments as being threatening and volatile, and had made a number of enemies there simply by acting in an intimidating manner, demanding that things be done his way and refusing to listen to reason or to respect the boundaries of those working near his allotted plot of land. Seemingly Adri-Soejoko had warned him about his activities, and he had killed her in a shed on the property and then tried to dispose of her corpse by leaving it there and locking the shed. The murderer naturally denies any wrongdoing.

            Multiple-Rapist Soon to be Freed From Jail
            John Worboys (60), a multiple-rapist who drove a black cab in London would get often young women into the vehicle and then claimed that he had a big lottery win, before offering them champagne laced with drugs before raping them and dropping them off in back streets. It is thought that he had committed more than one hundred rapes between 2002-2008 and was jailed in 2009 and served time for only nineteen proven offences - and now he is to be freed, but on hearing of this, a massive backlash was felt and his freedom is now in doubt as he is considered a risk to others. The case is still ongoing, but Worboys is an example of the sickness in society that can never really be cured. Frankly, he ought to die in prison for what he has done.

            Man In Penguin Costume Assaulted by Soccer Scum
            A nineteen-year-old man wearing a penguin costume was attached without reason on a train by a group of men after being asked by them if he supported the soccer team Tottenham Hotspur. The victim allegedly said 'no' and was set upon by the sick soccer thugs simply for not agreeing with their viewpoint. The train was btween London, Liverpool Street and Chelmsford at the time of the incident. The thugs also attacked the victims father and a citizen who attempted to intervene resulting in all three of them sustaining injuries. The thugs later got off the train, showing no sympathy at all for their victims. Police are now reviewing CCTV with the intention of identifying the attackers and seeing that they are brought to justice.

            Shopkeeper Tackles Armed Thugs and Survives
            A fight broke out inside the A&S Off License, a small off-license and convenience store (a corner store selling alcohol) at
4 Glynne Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6LR on July 11th 2017 between a group of five men who came prepared with guns, a meat cleaver and a samurai sword. Instantly realizing what was happening, the owner of the store stepped in and tried to separate the group - thankfully he did not receive any injury - and the group was forced to disband. Later, certain of the group were identified as Jordan Francois (21), Ali Osman (27) and Abdinasir Abdurahim (26) who have since been charged for their part and are facing trial over the incident that is thought to be gang-related violence.

            Sixteen-Year-Old Murders Shopkeeper
            When a group of three youths with African ancestry walked into the shop, the Rota Express, on The Broadway, Mill Hill owned by Vijay Patel (49) a father of two at 23:45 hours one night in the opening week of January 2018 he probably didn't expect to be murdered for refusing to serve them as they were clearly underage. Yet, that's exactly what happened - after demanding that he sell them papers for making cigarettes and alcohol, he refused and asked them to leave, wherein they grew violent and verbally abusing him then attacked him outside his own shop with one as yet unnamed sixteen-year-old delivering the blow that saw Patel so critically injured that despite emergency treatment he died in hospital. The offender was from Brent, North London - his associates although caught clearly on CCTV have yet to be formally identified and charged with assault and assisting with a murder.

            Fifty-Two Killed On Bus in Russia
            It is not stated how it happened, but a bus carrying fifty-seven people caught fire and that resulted in the deaths of fifty-two of the passengers in the Irgiz district of the Aktobe region, northwestern Kazakhstan, in Central Asia on January 11th. Five survived and the fire was quickly dealt with, but the other passengers were beyond saving and you have to wonder why this was? The authorities believe the bus was carrying Uzbek citizens to or from Russia along the Samara-Shymkent route.

            Men Lose Legs in Hit-And-Run Incident
            Two men in their forties had the unfortunate experience of their car, a Vauxhall Vectra, breaking down on a flyover (bridge) above the Redbridge Roundabout, on the North Circular Road (A406 which is in northeast London) early last week and while examining the vehicle to determine the cause of the breakdown were both struck by a car which was in turn stuck by a silver BMW driven by an unknown party. The driver stopped a the scene and then decided to abandon them both on foot, leaving his (or a stolen) vehicle there. No arrest has yet been made and both victims each lost a leg due to their injuries.

            Total Recall
            When an Australian teenager named Samuel Lethbridge (17) went missing in New South Wales and police had no idea where to start looking, the missing teens own father felt that he had an idea of where his son might be. So he hired a helicopter and went looking - and found him and all because he recalled a car accident on the same stretch of road that his son would have traveled and felt that it was likely his son had taken the same corner in the same way as the person in the previous accident - and was proved correct. His son is now safe and back with his family.

            Acid Attacker Should Get Life Sentence
            I covered this story in an earlier release but for those of you who didn't read it, it basically comes down to this. A sick little shit called Derryck John (17) though that he had stumbled on the perfect way of stealing motorcycles - so he set about walking up to his victims, often fast-food delivery riders - and threw acid full in their face. While the victims were dealing with the outcome of that John when just rode off with the victims bike. Sadly for him, he got greedy and tried to take four bikes at once and got caught (boo-bleeding-hoo) and now one of his victims, Jabed Hussain who was attacked on July 13th 2017 wants the little shit to serve a life sentence for his crimes - and frankly I agree with him. Hussain has since made a recovery from his experience but deals with the posttraumatic stress from the incident on a daily basis and has issues breathing normally because of deep tissue damage. John pleaded guilty in January to the crimes, citing six attacks in the London area.

            Do You Speak Politician?
            Well, if you did (and it makes no different which country you're in or which language you use, 'Politician' is very simple to understand. Basically, the meaning of anything that they say is to be reversed to understand the true meaning. Take the case of Britain, wherein in January 2018 a group of unnamed MPs (Ministers for Parliament) decided that the government should drop its target of reducing net migration (basically, anyone who was not born in Britain coming to Britain to claim free housing, welfare, medical, childcare) to the tens of thousands
because frankly their inability to control migration and asylum claims, to say nothing of illegal migration into Britain has left them not knowing at all how many non-British people are now living legally or illegally in the United Kingdom. In order to keep it legal, they added that their 'failure' to meet the number they claimed they would enforce undermines public trust in the government (I've never trusted this government or any other and find their actions both criminal and laughable). Their ill-considered decision to deal with the problem is to ''consider the United Kingdom's need and humanitarian obligations'' which is just double-talk for allowing people in simply because they claim to be repressed without any actual evidence of that state being true because of a lack of official data. Despite Britain wanting out of the European Union (in part due too) demands that Britain allow Europeans to live in Britain and use its facilities without having not paid a penny into the national insurance (NI) system entitling them to claim such things. They can claim free housing on humanitarian grounds at any local authority, claim to be disabled or persecuted to get free welfare money and claim free medical care and child care for much the same reasons - yet people born in Britain are told to wait, in some cases up to twelve years, for a place to live. The problem is made worse by a percentage of immigrants and asylum seekers claiming welfare under more than one name, at more than one address (some of them P.O. boxes that are not even associated with physical addresses) as widespread fraud is commonplace in their own countries. Such cases rarely get noticed for a number of reasons, the least of which is the inability for the Department of Social Services (DSS) to read national insurance and other details correctly. It is no small wonder that the British are angry about such things.

            American Ambassador Admits to No-Go Zone
            No kidding, Pete Hoekstra (Republican) the newly elected ambassador to the Netherlands had admitted to claiming in the year 2015 that muslim youths had effectively acted to create 'no-go' zones in the Netherlands. President Chump of course was shown video evidence of this proving Hoekstra right and immediately claimed it was 'fake news' - which is interesting as Chump himself elected Hoekstra to that post.

            Body in Garden Pushing Up the Daisies
            And the police had no idea the corpse was there until a sixty-three year old woman, the resident of a house in Matlock Road, Reddish 
near Stockport, Greater Manchester walked into a police station and confessed to murdering Kenneth Coombes, her own father a few years earlier and then concealing his corpse in the back yard of the family home. Police have now uncovered the body and she is facing murder charges. The motive for the killing remains unknown.

            White Noise
            A musician who made a ten-hour long video of non-stop white noise has stated that five copyright infringement claims against him are unlawful. Sebastian Tomczak, an Australian, claimed that he made his video in 2015 and put it on YouTube, is now facing claims of infringement from publishers of white noise intended for sleep therapy. Like anyone can claim to own White Noise, right?

            Art Critical Critic
            A Russian man was seen by passers-by lighting and throwing Molotov Cocktails at the wall of London's Tate Art Gallery in Central London during November 2017. When arrested, he claimed to be Alexander Art, and had deployed four bottles resulting in relatively minor damage to the building's exterior. And his reason? He claimed it was a ''artistic protest'' that they would not display his art. Appearing in court under his real name of Aleksandr Maslov, he was charged with and pleaded guilty to arson and given a suspended jail sentence of four months suspended for eighteen months (meaning if he does anything at all criminal in the next year and a half, he will get the four months promised to him in a British jail).

            Former Nazi Wants 'Mercy' For Unspeakable Crimes
            Seemingly a member of the former 'master race' has requested mercy. Oskar Groening (96) was the infamous 'bookkeeper of Auschwitz' a Nazi concentration camp which was in Poland during World War II, and was responsible for keeping records of all of the people admitted, the items stolen from them and their executions. When finally identified and arrested for being an accessory to the murder of at least three hundred thousand Jews, he tried to get out of his punishment by arguing that he was only following orders and that he was an old man now and incapable of harming anyone. Nevertheless, this former Nazi wanted the sentencing tribunal to grant him mercy so that he would not have to go to and die in prison. He is now to serve four years for his crimes (the sentence was handed down in 2015) as he has admitted his 'moral guilt.'

            Britain Threatening to Cut Aid To Countries That Refuse to Develop
            Yep, Britain (actually the Great British tax payer) has been paying in billions of U.K. Pounds a year in countries (with emphasis on Third World countries) who repeatedly fail to invest in their own people or even to make the most basic of social and economic development. I well recall watching television shows as a kid - and we're talking the late Sixties and Seventies wherein appeals were made to donate generously so that aid agencies could go abroad and dig wells for people in Africa and India/Pakistan and to give them food, livestock and to see that they had houses, yet despite all of this care and the truly massive amounts of money given these countries failed, repeatedly, to advance in even the most basic of ways. After a while you start to wonder where all that money went too, and did it actually benefit the people it was intended for? Sadly, it is often the case that the moment the aid agency moves out the military or the ruling party moves in and takes the money and the goods intended for the people away from them - in effect, theft for their benefit. At the moment the British government is committed to spending 0.7% of the gross national income on overseas aid and currently spends an eye-watering THIRTEEN BILLION pounds a year. Why are the governments of the countries the British public are more or less forced into assisting not helping their own people?

            Children Abused and Murdered in Pakistan
            Well, sadly this isn't anything new. The corpse of a girl named Zainab (7) was found by passers-by on top of a rubbish dump on January 9th 2018. She had been raped and strangled. The discovery of the child - thought missing, now known to have been kidnapped - led to rioting which saw two people die when the activity got out of hand. This incident sadly marks the most recent of a series of child murders in Kasur, Pakistan. According to protestors, the authorities are only giving lip service to promises made to find those responsible for these despicable acts. At least twelve similar rape/murders have occurred in the same area in the past two years.

            Fake Preachers in Africa
            Well, there is no doubt in my mind that a certain percentage of humanity see religion as a get-rich-quick scheme which is all too easy to make the dumb religious majority pay into. Take the case of the closure of 'Shepherd' Bushiri's Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (don't you just love the grandiose names they give such groups?) in Gaborone, Botswana, Africa, which it was alleged was demanding holy guidance and salvation if the parishioners gave the preacher 'miracle money'. Honestly, people trying to buy their way into heaven just isn't right - religion in general has a lot to answer for on this planet.

            Politician's Racist 'Model' Girlfriend-Gate
            Earlier this week Jo Marney (apparently a model, go find a picture of her and see if you think she's model material) was revealed as the originator of a number of downright racist comments which she sent via text about Meghan Markle, the girlfriend of one of the British Royal Family. In them she stated that Markle would 'taint' the Bloodline of the British Royal Family, and that she had 'a small brain' and lastly that 'black people were ugly'. The amusing part is, this petty-minded racist claimed on publication of her texts that they were made 'some time ago' and that they were 'taken out of context.' Really? That sounds to me like she is trying desperately to avoid association. A day later, Henry Bolton, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and who is twenty-five years older than his girlfriend (you have to wonder what she sees in him) an organization sadly supported by a high percentage of secretly or openly racist British citizens decided that she was a political hot potato and dumped her ass. Reportedly they are no longer romantically involved (meaning 'it was her or my position of power and I voted power') yet he sent on television and stated that he was supporting her, her family - so why is this 'model' expecting him to pay for her groceries? Very strange if you ask me, they are no longer romantically involved yet he is still welcome at their home.

            Chump Splutters ''I Am Not A Racist''
            Earlier this week, President Chump, the King of America was in a high-level meeting where he openly described African and Central-American citizens as living in ''shithole'' countries. Later he was challenged on this by a reporter but decided to ignore her and has now issued a press release in which he claimed that he is ''not a racist. I'm the least racist person you have ever interviewed.'' Keep it coming Chump! I don't believe you, but sadly millions do.

            Want an Ethiopian Child? Not Happening!
            Reportedly Ethiopia has now banned the adoption of children (for adoption, see 'sale') to non-Africans because of fears that the children may be taken abroad and treated as little more than slave labor with all of the associated abuse expected of such situations. The country is the source of much of the world's adoptions, with United States citizens accounting for twenty percent of the total being exported in this manner (although I am not suggesting for reasons mentioned above - let's make that quite clear). This was in part due to the case in 2013 in which a American couple murdered a girl adopted from the country - their motive however, was never made clear.

            Baghdad Boom Doom
            Yet more violence and mutilation in Baghdad, and sadly its not going to be ending anytime soon. At least thirty-five people were murdered by diseased terrorists who blew themselves up for Allah in a double bombing in Tayaran Square, Baghdad. An additional ninety persons received serious wounding. Attacks like this have been commonplace since the daesh scum took large areas of Iraq in 2014, and despite the Iraqi government claiming in 2017 that they had eliminated them a few 'cells' are obviously still active.

            Crossbow Killer Murder
            Anthony Lawrence (55) went on a rampage earlier this week and shot Shane Gilmer, a neighbor in the street in which he lived at Southburn, near Driffield, North Yorkshire with a crossbow bolt. Gilmer later died. Lawrence also shot Gilmer's pregnant girlfriend, Laura Sugden, but she survived - then Lawrence fled and was the subject of a massive police manhunt. He was later found dead, apparently the victim of self-inflicted wounds sitting in his vehicle some distance from the murder scene.

            Man Left For Dead By 'Fellow' Drug Dealers
            You know that they say weed makes you paranoid. Well, the following story just reinforces that fact. Richard Spottiswood (34) the owner of a garage in Northumberland, England, and his girlfriend, Lucy Burn (29), were engaged in the growing, cultivating and selling of cannabis with an associate, Darren Bonner (24) and seemingly the aforementioned somehow got the idea that Bonner was in fact attempting to undermine their illegal little operation and was working for a rival drug dealer, so in order to deal with the 'traitor' they invited him to join them for a holiday break at Creswell Towers Holiday Park, in Northumberland ... but on arrival, they beat the living crap out of him and then left him for dead, naked in what amounted to a shallow grave a short distance away. He was found by a walker who initially heard 'snoring noises' and on discovery of Bonner in a fetal position called the emergency services. Sadly, Bonner later died in hospital sixteen days after his discovery from a number of wounds, and it was discovered he had received such a kicking that he had brain damage. Police eventually obtained information that provided them with link to his former boss and the girlfriend and interviewed them under caution. Their recounting of their whereabouts and actions differed sufficiently for them to be considered responsible for Bonner's murder, and they were subsequently charged with murder. Spottiswood admitted that he had started by placing Bonner in a headlock during an argument about his spying for a rival, resulting in such pressure that blood vessels burst in Bonner's face. Spottiswood then struck Bonner twelve to fourteen blows from behind with a rod-shaped weapon. Once Bonner was thought to be dead - or near to death - Spottiswood put him in his car and drove him to the wall where he was found, stripped him naked to remove any DNA that might incriminate him and dug a shallow grave, kicked him in and left him for dead. Burn admitted to assisting Spottiswood by telling them lies as to his whereabouts at the time of the attempted murder, and concealed the fact that Spottiswood and Bonner had an argument. When Spottiswood was told that Burn had supplied vital evidence, Spottiswood changed his story and admitted to assault intending murder.

            McDonald's Ain't Loving It
            Reportedly a group of between ten and fourteen young teenagers entered a McDonald's restaurant in Middleton
, Greater Manchester, England and ran around, throwing garbage and other items at customers and at staff, were verbally abusive to staff and disrupted the smooth operation of the eatery. One of them even spat full in the face of the manager. The police were then called but by the time they arrived the youths had left and moved on to cause damage and mayhem elsewhere. This is only the latest in a long list of similar offences, and one McDonald's employee has begun wearing a body-cam so that they can identify offenders because of it. Later the same group was seen causing havoc at a branch of Tesco Extra in the town center. Police have now identified the perps as being between the ages of eleven and fourteen and their parents have been identified and shown the CCTV videos from McDonald's and Tesco as well as the town center of their kid's delinquent activities. The mindless little shits were later forced to apologize for their actions and no doubt they're be facing sanctions from their parents too.

            Russian Serial Killer
            Mikhail Popkov (53) was captured by police and charged with multiple murder with his usual method differing slightly on a case by case basis, but essentially it came down to his offering women a ride late at night and then raping and murdering them with a hammer or an axe. Nick-named the 'Angarsk maniac' his victims were often drunk or prostitutes. He had already been prosecuted over the deaths of twenty-two women, and confessed to an additional fifty-nine between 1992 and 2010. Appearing in court in Irkutsk, Siberia, he claimed that he saw himself as a 'cleaner' and it was his duty to purge the city of prostitutes, the drunk or narcotics abusers who he saw as immoral. He was finally caught when tire tracks that were found at the scene of several brutal slayings were matched to his vehicle. He underwent a psychiatric review that saw him as a homicidal maniac with an unquenchable need to murder.

            World's Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka Stolen
            Indeed the most expensive bottle in the world which is made from gold and silver and which has a diamond encrusted cap was stolen while on loan to a Copenhagen bar. Valued at $1.3 million it was later recovered, intact and undamaged empty of the vodka that it once contained (the booze was actually worth very little) on a construction site in Copenhagen, Denmark. CCTV later revealed that an intruder grabbed the bottle late the previous night. The bottle has now been returned and refilled.

            Hawaii on Nuke Alert
            Yep, for almost forty minutes on Saturday last week people were heading for the hills and for shelter as a text message sent out over the islands warned them: Emergency Alert: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Naturally they freaked as a nuke can give you an you family a permanent orange Afro and suck the paint off of the side of your house - but it was a massive error. Seemingly somebody pushed the wrong button and what was meant to be a test suddenly became a case of gross incompetence (no doubt leading to gross incontinence). Of course there will be a full investigation costing a lot of money - but then, there always is, isn't there?

            Just Plain Evil
            Mexican Police discovered the severed heads of five people mounted on the hood of a taxicab in Veracruz, Mexico early in January 2018. The vehicle had been abandoned at the roadside, and their headless torsos found neatly stored in black plastic bags in the car and in the trunk of the vehicle. Whoever murdered them left a warning on the hood, sprayed there linking the murders to the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

            The Devious Ones Always Hide in Plain Sight
            The Chief of Police for Leechburg, Pennsylvania, Michael William Diebold (40) has been arrested for soliciting sex with a minor, much to the shock of his family. Reportedly he sent a fourteen-year-old child, photographs of himself and sexually suggestive texts, but unknown to him the child was in fact another police officer acting to ensnare pedophiles.

            Obscenely Rich Couple Hire Nanny and Pay Her Virtually Nothing - Then Murder Her (motive unclear)
            When Sophie Lionnet (21) went missing from the house (worth £900,000) in Wimbledon, Southwest London, where she was employed as a nanny, being paid a mere fifty pounds a week (£7.70 for a full days hard work looking after children), the couple who had employed her denied any wrongdoing. When they could not contact her, at her flat in Wandsworth, the relatives of the missing woman contacted the British police and asked them to investigate, which in turn eventually led to a forensic investigation of the yard at the home of Ouissem Medouni (40) and Sabrina Kouider (34) who, when presented with the evidence that the police had recovered a badly burned corpse, broke down and initially claimed innocence, but later changed their plea to guilty of burning the woman, but deny murdering her. Their motive remains unknown and is open to speculation. Ms. Lionnet was originally from Troyes, France and was found in the yard on September 20th 2017. This certainly begs the question, why did they kill her? Once again, the level of depravity - first murder, then attempting to destroy the corpse or make it impossible to identify is really an indicator that certain segments of the population are sliding back into barbarism. Sadly, society is also becoming desensitized to such things. Twenty years ago, such a crime would have been a guaranteed life sentence.

            Truck Hits Bus in Dark in Kenya: Thirty-Six Dead
            Thirty-six people are known to have died when a truck and a Nairobi-bound bus full of people struck each other head on along the highway near Migaa, Kenya. Reportedly the bus was speeding and on the wrong side of the road at the time of the impact at three A.M. in the morning, so its no wonder the truck driver did not see them until the last instant. Kenya is among the worse countries in the world for safety on the road (or in the air), and more than a hundred people have died in traffic incidents in the same area in the last month.

            Chump's Ego / Chump and His 'Illegal Voting' Claims
            Chump may be in real trouble now in regards to his mental health. Last month, more than a dozen lawmakers were briefed by a top Yale psychiatrist, Dr. Bandy X. Lee, in which she stated that he was quickly coming apart at the seams. "We feel that the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency," A good example of this is his tweeting that the United States has a ''much bigger and more powerful'' button for sending nukes to North Korea, and that it was bigger than the one of the North Korean leader. Sounds to me like a good old-fashioned pissing contest. Strange isn't it? To think that the world may end prematurely because two assholes are trying to prove their dicks are bigger than each other. And Chump has acted to scrap the voter fraud commission that he initiated in May 2017 to investigate his own allegations of illegal voting - against him because the thought he was so wonderful that anyone that voted against him, clearly did so illegally. And the reason for this? Well, according to the White House, many U.S. States flatly refused to cooperate with the commission as it was like living in a dictatorship. Chump was absolutely convinced that 'fraud' cost him the popular vote in the 2016 election because Hillary Clinton won three million more votes that he did.

            Chump Refuses to Talk to Mueller / Chump Sells Norway Fictional Jets from Call Of Duty Video Games
            The King of America has said that Robert Mueller, the man who is investigating him and his associates over what amounts to high treason (working with the Russians to assure that Chumps opponent was suitably slimed) is never going to interview him over the suspicion. Which is interesting considering that the same Chump said on June last year when questioned about being available for interview to 'clear' him of any wrong-doing, either actual or implied, Chump said that he would be ''one hundred percent'' interviewed ''under oath.'' Chump has maintained that his investigation is a witch-hunt, but you have to read between the lines - if the man has nothing to hide, why is he hiding and refusing to assist in an investigation that will 'if guilty' see his downfall followed by his being impeached and charges laid against him. Treason is a very strong word, but if he did work to secure a victory with Russian assistance, then he is in trouble. Are you Chump fans still waving one hundred dollar bills instead of the good old Red, White and Blue? OBSTRUCTION is a dirty word. President Chump just said that the United States sold Norway the fantastically maneuverable F-52 ... which is fine until you realize that often-wrong-chump is a dotard as the plane is in fact FICTIONAL and appears in the popular Call Of Duty games! What next? Selling the Swedes Imperial T.I.E. fighters? I would not put it past him.

            Chump The Racist?
            Am I the only one who when looking at Chump is strongly reminded of the BULLY Biff Howard Tannen from the Back to the Future movies? He even has the same basic build, facial elements and mannerisms, except wherein Biff did not conceal what he was, the other is all too fond of presenting one face to the world and another one in private ... until now that is. This week, Chump referred to refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers from Central American and African countries as coming from places that are just one step up from an uncleaned toilet bowl. His outburst came during a meeting with lawmakers, and he apparently asked ''why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?'' Later he asked ''why do we need more Haitians?'' Even to the most unsophisticated mind this makes him sound like a racist. Later he (predictably) flatly denied making the comment in a tweet. However, a number of people actually heard him say these things. Among them was Democrat Senator Dick Durbin who confirmed it, noting ''In the course of his comments said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist. I cannot believe that in the history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday. To no surprise the President started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words. It is not true. He said those things. And he said them repeatedly.'' Sadly, a large percentage of the people who elected Chump to office either secretly or openly hold similar viewpoints from what I've seen in the media. As Congressional Black Caucus leader Cedric Richmond commenting, Chumps comments are all the proof necessary to show that when he says "Make America Great Again" he really means "Make America White Again." To me this outburst is going to be the nail that finishes him. But then, people should have woken up to what he is when he went on a witch hunt over Obama's birthplace and right to be President. Chump also said that Mexicans were bringing crime to the United States and suggested they were rapists, and compounded his lack of compassion when he claimed that white supremacists who held a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia were no more guilty of causing trouble than the people protesting against them (in effect endorsing their right to be there) and if you recall, a woman died at they rally when a car driven by a white supremacist drove into a crowd with the deliberate intention of harming, possibly killing people.

            Donkey Skins Wanted in China for Medicine
            China wants donkeys! But not as beasts of burden, but for their SKINS. Seemingly donkey skins are used for traditional herbal medicine (gelatin made from skins) and this new demand is further reducing already limited numbers of donkeys worldwide. Yep, the donkey is rapidly becoming an endangered species due to humanity's lack of humanity.

            Indian Man Sexually Assaults Female Passenger - Is Caught and Denies Crime
            Prabhu Ramamoorthy (34) an Indian national was on a Spirit Airlines commercial flight between Las Vegas, Nevada and Detroit, Michigan on January 3rd 2018 when he decided to sexually assault a twenty-two year old female sleeping passenger sitting next to him. The victim told investigators that she woke to find her pants and shirt unbuttoned and the man’s actually hand inside her pants and touching her intimately, and as soon as he realized that she had woken he denied everything and even claimed that she was imagining it - forty minutes before the plane was due to land. What makes this even more obscene is that Ramamoorthy's wife (living in the United States on a temporary visa) was sitting alongside him, but seemingly did nothing to prevent him and she actively defended him by giving a very similar story that he gave to police, in effect attempting to conceal his actions but both stories differed considerably in regards to key facts as to make police believe that they were concealing a sex crime. However, staff saw the victim's state of undress moments after she woke, and that would certainly have been hard to explain under the circumstances. Ramamoorthy is now on trial and has been denied exit from the United States as he is considered a flight risk. Sadly this sort of thing, sexual molestation is very widespread among men who originate from places such as India, Pakistan and regions in that vicinity. The author has personally seen men assault young women on buses and in the street with such casual disregard for their privacy that I'm come to believe that its a social disease in those countries - one that has sadly been imported to the West.

            Youtuber Punished by YouTube Over Incredibly Insensitive Video
            Not that long ago (December 31st), YouTube 'star' Logan Paul posted a video of a suicide victim that he and his friends found in the Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Juji, Japan - and thought that the dead person's dignity was laughable. Well, Shit happens, and in this case his stupidity has cost him dear as YouTube has cut all business ties with him, meaning he won't make a cent from his videos. His channels were removed by the company from their Google Preferred program list and projects they had planned with him are now off.

            Indian Pilots Fight Mid-Flight in Cockpit of Passenger Plane
            Jet Airways has been forced to ground and suspend two Indian pilots after they began fighting with each other while piloting a passenger jet carrying three hundred twenty-four passengers between London, England, and Mumbai, India on New Year's Day.

            Sexual Deviant Commits Series of Assaults, and Yet is Now Free to Rape Again
            The world is sliding backwards into barbarism. According to reports, Jake Killick (23) went on a 'raping spree' in Norwich, Norfolk, and repeated raped a woman. He also sexually assaulted and raped a number of different women in the city in broad daylight on March 30th 2016, but this started when he raped a woman at her own home in Therford, Norfolk in January that same year. In all he faces sixteen charges and despite his obviously deviant personality was freed from prison - and he denied all charges against him. It amazes me that dangerous creatures such as this aren't just locked away forever.

            Teenage Beauty Kills U.S. Marine in Extortion Gone Wrong
            When Yvonne Raquel Ramirez (19) started dating U.S. Marine boyfriend Joshua McKinney (19) he probably did not think she was a psycho, or a criminal but she was. Blinded by the looks of the attractive young woman he would have been shocked to discover that she had stolen guns from him, and was probably more disturbed and angry when she contacted him and demanded $2000 for the safe return of the weapons. He did not, however, probably expect to be shot by her in Baytown, Texas during a meeting she arranged on New Year's Eve. He was subsequently found lying in the street by police with gunshot wounds, as was Ramirez who took a round in the shoulder, although whether this was self-inflicted or fired by her victim remains uncertain. Her story was that her boyfriend was shot when one of the guns fell to the ground and discharged, but police to not believe that because of the ballistics involved. They are also basing their theory on an eyewitness who saw him choking her and pointing a gun at her - wherein the witness rang the cops. Faced with the evidence, she changed her story so that her killing him was self-defense. Yet another witness claims that she attempted to move his body moments after she shot him, wherein it was discovered she had stolen his wallet. She was subsequently charged with murder.

            Astronaut John Young Has Died at Eighty-Seven
            Sadly, American Astronaut John Young (87) has passed away. Young flew to the Moon twice and commanded the first ever Space Shuttle mission. He is remembered for having flown Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle missions. He also infamously once smuggled an unauthorized corn-beef sandwich inside his environment suit onto a mission as a gift for a fellow astronaut.

            Eight-Legged Freaks!
            A fire that raged in an apartment in a residential building in Redding, California, was started by a man who tried to kill a 'huge spider' using a lighter. It is assumed that the flaming spider ran across the apartment and in doing so, set fire to the place. The occupants fled, the fire department prevented the blaze spreading, and it's assumed the spider was the only casualty, and if not ... they better start sleeping with one eye open.

            Koala Bear Screwed to Wooden Post Angers Australians 
            Some sick shit caused a Koala Bear unnecessary suffering - and then screwed the marsupial to a wooden board, then they took a photograph of the horrific inhuman act and posted it on social media. The authorities are now pursuing the poster with a view towards identifying them and handing out suitable punishment (like doing the same to them?). Council employee's found the creature mounted by screws through its paws on a wooden shelter in a park in Queensland this week. I hope they find the f**k - charges of animal cruelty are the least of their problems. Sadly, it is not clear if the relatively harmless creature was alive or dead when the act took place.

            Bionic Hand with Sense Feedback Now Portable
            Italian scientists have revealed the world's first bionic hand with a sense of touch that can be worm commercially. This is a vast improvement on the same technology that did the same thing back in 2014, but which required the user carrying around a large computer in order to use it - the new version requires a much smaller computer system.

            Bacon Acceptable for Breakfast, According to Study
            An Australian research company has determined that eating protein for breakfast is the best move for your body and they are recommending BACON. No kidding, after years of being told that bacon will ultimately cause our hearts to fail, you can now eat but obviously not overdo it. Bacon is perfect reportedly for setting up the body so it does not feel the need to snack later in the day, thus making you put on weight. According to the study, the average Australian ate 25grams of bacon per meal, with women consuming 11g and men 15g.

            Migrants Reportedly Guilty of Elevated Crime Levels in Germany
            According to a German internal inquiry, migrants may be the primary cause of crime, public distubances and sexually motivated attacks which have been on the rise recently. The report utilized criminal and public disturbance data from Lower Saxony, a state where more than 90% of the rise was attributed (with backup from police records) by young male migrants and asylum seekers with the age of the offenders being between fourteen and thirty.

            Chinese Woman Murders Daughter for Being Naughty
            When police were called to the scene of a child's death in Jackson Township, Ohio, the last thing they expected to find was that the mother of the child was the cause of her death. Ming Ming Chen (30) was taken into custody at the house and then interviewed on camera by the police, wherein after initially denied any involvement but eventually admitted to killing her daughter, Ashley Zhao (5) by beating simply because the child was being ''disobedient' then she compounded her crime by concealing the child's corpse with the ordered assistance from her husband, Liang Zhao, in the family's restaurant. She said, "I just killed her and she died." Showing absolutely no emotion at all, she has now been charged with murder and is due to serve twenty-two years for it. Her husband agreed to a plea-deal for testifying against his wife and with obstructing justice and corpse abuse.

            Knife Crime in London, Mayor Khan Says Enough!
            The Mayor of London (England), Sadig Khan, has suggested that schools start using metal detecting wards to check for concealed knives and other weapons following four fatal stabbings in the city in the space of just twenty-four hours on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

            Cops Ambushed in Colorado
            When police in Denver, Colorado received a report of a verbal disturbance just south of the city they went to investigate and on arrival discovered that the call was a plot to lure them into a well-planned trap. They walked straight into an ambush-style confrontation at the Highlands Ranch, resulting in five police officers being shot, as were several civilians (thought to be neighbors) before the suspects were killed by police.

            Did You Know ... ? : Moths and Butterflies
            Recently discussed fossil evidence suggests that moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) have been on this planet for at least two hundred million years. Archaeologists and Scientists found fossilized butterfly scales inside ancient rock mined in what is now Germany.

            Finally ... Some Common Sense At Last
            The United Kingdom has decided that after spending billions of pounds (currency) in taxpayer's money in aid to foreign countries that provide aid, comfort and shelter to terrorists for the last sixty years its now to be spent on British interests. The British currently spend thirteen billion in foreign aid each year.

            Hate Speech? NOT in Germany - Or Else!
            Germany is going to start enforcing a law that acts to quickly and efficiently remove hate speech, fake news and illegal material from any web based service which is sent or which originates in Germany. Sites that do not quickly act to remove 'illegal posts' will be fined up to a maximum of fifty million Euros per instance. If the material is not gone within twenty-four hours, it's off to court for the hosting site or service.

            Security Forces Murder Protestors
            Sadly some places never change and life is seemingly cheap. Take the case of the laughable ''Democratic'' Republic of Congo, where security forces murdered seven people simply for protesting for President Joseph Kabila to step down. He was due to step down under pressure in December 2017 but decided he likes power and wealth so much he's now ignoring that promise, leading to protests.

            Child Brides Still Legal in Turkey
            Turkey's main opposition party has demanded that a parliamentary inquiry after the directorate of religious affairs said that under Islamic Law it was perfectly acceptable for girls aged as young as NINE could marry much older men. You have to wonder what the f**k is wrong with people who make such laws. I remind the reader that the legal age of consent for marriage in Turkey is eighteen - yet Islamic weddings ignore this.

            Woman Murdered Because She Could Not Call for Help
            Katrina O'Hara, the victim of domestic abuse contacted the police an reported her former partner, Stuart Thomas, for violence and threats, and the police took her cell phone away to examine it for evidence of abusive texts leaving her without any means to contact police (unless she got to a landline). It was while she was without a cell phone that Thomas tracked her down and stabbed her to death in a frenzied killing in January 2016. The police have launched an investigation as to why she was unable to report her situation.

            South Korea is Going to BAN the BitCoin
            Yep, their government is greatly concerned with the crypto-currency as it has the potential to undermine the South Korean economy, support and encourage crime (including tax evasion) and is unregulated; so they want to add a law to the books banning it.

            Acid Attacker Gets Greedy
            Some sick creep named Derryck John (17), a resident of Croydon, London has admitted to police that he was the person guilty of carrying out acid attacks on six moped riders in order to steal their bikes during a series of attacks, which took place in the north and east of London on July 13th 2017. His method was to walk up to them and then to spray the substance into their faces and then while they were incapable of acting steal the bikes. He managed to get two bikes, and was trying for an additional four when stopped.

            French Prosecuting Apple
            The French are thinking of prosecuting iPhone maker Apple after the discovery that Apple was deliberately updating software on older models to make them run more slowly so that the users would be forced to upgrade. This tactic backfired spectacularly on them in France that has a law, which says that it is a serious crime to intentionally shorten the lifespan of a product in order to make a customer replace it.

            Diesel, A Thing of the Past
            The day is over for the diesel fueled car and this is because of the ever-increasing price of the fuel, environmental concerns and the move towards electrical vehicles. According to a study, diesel powered vehicles have stopped out of favor and by the year 2025 will be cut by at least fifty percent if not more.

            Chump Cleaning House / Mueller Investigating
            President Chump has done it again, and is now revoking permits, which provides permission for two hundred thousand El Salvador natives to work in the United States. They were originally granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in 2001, but now it seems the United States is expecting them to go back home. They have until September 9th 2019 to go or find a legal way to stay, or they risk being deported. I remind you that Chump has already done the same for tens of thousands of Haitians and Nicaraguans. And while I'm on the subject, Robert Mueller intends to interrogate Chump (once he has successfully managed to get past Chumps lawyers) as part of a justice department probe into collusion between the now President and the Russians in 2016.

            More Terrorists Arrested in Britain / Asylum Seeker Terrorist Caught
            Following intelligence led arrests in Britain on January 3rd 2018, five men and a woman have been charged by the West Midlands Police with being members of a banned far-right terrorist group 'National Action'. Specifically they are charged with the commission, preparation and instigation of actions of terrorism. And while I'm on the subject, Munir Mohammed (36), a asylum seeker and food factory employee from Derby, and pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan (33) from northwest London have both been convicted of planning a truly devastating terrorist attack on the British mainland using a home-made I.E.D. Mohammed contacted a daesh scum 'commander' via Facebook and exchanged messages, and he also communicated with El-Hassan about obtaining and using ricin (which is extremely toxic) and wanted to use her knowledge of chemicals to make it. Both have been found guilty of planning for acts of terrorism.

            Want Cash Quick? Pretend To Have Been Sick on Vacation
            There is something very wrong with the world ... take for example the fact that millions of British tourists are being encouraged to say that they were physically sick while on vacation in order to profit from what amounts to fraud. According to the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) 19% of all holidaymakers may have been approached or contacted by a claims management company and asked to deliberately fake an illness while on vacation in order to profit (and because the company profits too). A successful claim can net as much as two thousand pounds per person.

            Truck Driver named Kilahuaman Kills Fifty-Two in Accident
            A truck driver named Christian Cesar Kilahuaman (40) in Peru struck a coach a glancing blow with his truck and sent it and the fifty-two people on board off of a cliff and into the beach next to the ocean on a high coastal road at the Curva del Diablo (Devil's Bend) and has just come forward and admitted to the incident which occurred late last week. Everyone died on impact. It is not known if he will be charged with manslaughter given the circumstances. Take a look at his name again and wonder if there is something very wrong with reality.

            English Language No Longer Acceptable in Schools in Iran
            No more English language in Iran - and that's official, as the Iranian government sees the teaching of it to primary school children as a invasion of their culture and language (they do have a point) and they plan to teach Persian ... which is all very well until they need to understand somebody who happens to speak the most popular language in the world. The move is also a drive to empower Iranian Islamic culture apparently.

Did you know that an ordinary American soldier, the G.I. (General Infantry) was paid a mere $12 a week in 1943-44, averaging nearly $50 a month? Although its true that the Army supplied them with uniforms, boots, weapons and supplies, including medical aid and general issue such as cigarettes and candy, items such as alcohol were seldom if ever issued as it might impair their combat efficiency, but that obviously didn't stop soldiers looting or confiscating such items in the course of their actions. Although looting was often met with fatigues (petty, often pointless duties designed to break a man's spirit), demotion, and outright execution by shooting such action was commonplace as the ''spoils of war'' were there and often a G.I. would help themselves if they thought they had a realistic chance of getting away with it.
            The catering corps supplied food, but it was often the case of foraging for supplies - including outright theft - from civilians or looting enemy stores.
            The same was true to weapons and although the U.S. Army was issued with
the Thompson submachine gun (Caliber .45
) issued in 1938, also known as the .45 ACP, it was not unknown for American soldiers to seize and use German firearms, most notibly the MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) as it was a relatively easy task to obtain ammunition from enemy units or supply dumps and it was a highly efficient weapon. Other standard equipment included trench digging tools, duck boards, tents, bedding, packs, ammunition and equipment carrying packs and bags and of course underwear. The actual issue depended on unit type and location of deployment allowing for expected local conditions and terrain.
Coming back to the General Infantry, soldiers were issued with a incredible range of weapons, most of which were designated with the simple phrase 'service rifle' the M1 Garand (.30 Caliber), in service since 1936, the M1917 Enfield (aka the American Enfield, .30 Calibur) issued in 1917, with the men who showed promise as crack-shots issued the M1903 Springfield (Caliber .30-06), a bolt-action sniper rifle issued in 1903. Alternatively, the Winchester Model 70, a professional sniper rifle was also issued. Other weapons included the M1941 Johnson rifle (.30 Calibur), a semi-automatic gun which first saw service in 1941, the M1 carbine (.30 Calibur) of which there were three variants, notably the one mentioned here and the M2/M3 which featured selective-fire options and they saw service starting 1942. Then there was the Browning Auto-5, a recoil-operated shotgun; the Stevens Model 520/620 also a pump-action shotgun known as the M520-30 in the service and of course the M3 submachine gun (Caliber .45) whch was issued starting December 1942.
            The weapon most likely to be used in a entrenched position was the M18 Recoilless Rifle which would be mounted on a tripod. The M1917 Browning Machine Gun, the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, M1919 Browning Machine Gun (tripod model), M2 Browning (tripod model), were all single-man operation heavy guns issued to infantry. The M1A1 was the specialist flamethrower, a truly brutal weapon is was employed both against die-hards and as a psychological weapon and saw extensive service in the Pacific Theater and in the European one. It was capable of throwing a burning stream of napalm fifteen meters and carried approximately five gallons of fuel. Curiosity the design stemmed from German designs which had been encountered during World War I and which had been very effective against Allied soldiers. It was eventually surpassed by the M2 model.
            A variant, the Ronson Flamethrower was mounted on armor vehicles such as tanks.
            Soldiers were also issued knives, most notably the
M1905 bayonet, the M1917 bayonet, the MK I Trench Knife which had a grip which doubled as a 'brass knuckle' defensive weapon. The M3 Fighting Knife, the Ka-Bar, a short vicious looking hand-to-hand combat knife that saw extensive service with the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy. The V-42 Stiletto, the Raider variant of same and the Bolo Knife which was used in the Pacific Theater and which could be utilized to clear heavy jungle foliage in the Philippines.
            Officers and some senior ranking soldiers (such as non-coms, Non Commissioned Officers, NCOs) were also issued with side arms. The most commonly encountered included the Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless, the Colt M1911A1 all of which were compact chamberless weapons that required a clip to be inserted. The seldom seen FP-45 Liberator, a short ugly gun which was used by soldiers air-dropped into occupied territories which could be hidden easily. Revolvers included the M1917 Revolver (.45 ACP), Colt Official Police issue (issued to Military Police and other units), and the Smith and Wesson Model 10 (.38 S&W).
Grenades were also used, with the most common model being the MK II Grenade first manufactured in 1918 and replaced the unreliable MK I with an estimated twenty-one million made and deployed. FACT: prior to World War II they were painted bright yellow but for the war were repainted a olive drab for camoflage purposes and arrived in wooden crates of twenty-five. The average man could toss a grenade approximately thirty meters (thirty-three yards).
            Heavy weapons for use against tanks included the M7 Grenade Launcher, a 22mm rifle attachment for the M1 Garand (mentioned above) and allowed a grenade to be thrown three hundred and fifty meters (three hundred and eighty yards).
            Anyway, that's just a quick round-up of armaments as used by the U.S. Army (and other units) during World War II. So many variants and heavy weapons (including mortars, field guns and the like) were manufactured and deployed on armored vehicles that a complete list would be several pages long, and that obviously does not include the ordnance designed for specific use with the United States Army Air Corps (U.S.A.A.F.) and the United States Navy and its Marine Corps.

            Although terrorism, more specifically Islamic terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon with emphasis on destabilized states and countries; the West has sadly seen a dramatic rise in homegrown and imported terrorists whose only goal in life is somehow to spread a warped version of their religious ideology and convictions to others by murdering them. You have to ask what their point is? Why they do it? Although its a very human sickness to want to commit violence and even kill others, some diseased percentage of the worldwide population positively thrive from doing so and create ever more inventive ways of committing murder in the name of their religion. I'll be concentrating here on instances of terrorism in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) as perpetrated by those who have been radicalized within Islam. Let me make this clear, this is not an attack on Islam itself, but a reminder that a percentage of people choose to use Islam as an excuse to commit unspeakable acts of evil.

            The Incompetent Shoe Bomber
            Richard Colvin Reid (28), British born was a career criminal (and whose father was a career criminal) converted to Islam and while in jail due to petty theft, was radicalized and on release decided to provide aid and materials to fellow terrorists. He subsequently booked a seat on an American Airlines flight and on December 22nd 2001 he boarded Flight 63 from Paris, France to Miami, Florida with his shoes packed with explosives (that he had obtained from terrorists in
Afghanistan or Pakistan) fully intending to detonate it and bring down the airliner and all aboard it. However, looking extremely disheveled and unable to answer even the simplest of questions about his intentions in America, he was held by the airline passenger screeners - neither had he cleared any luggage, all of which were 'red flags' yet for some reason they eventually let him get on the plane the following day. Having successfully boarded Flight 63 the plane was well into its journey and over the North Atlantic when one of the passengers noticed the smell of smoke in the cabin and it was determined that the smell was coming from Reid. He was instructed that smoking anywhere on the aircraft was forbidden as he was attempting to light a match. Confronted, Reid promised to stop and yet a few minutes later one of his fellow passengers noticed him trying to set fire to the shoe that was off of his foot and in his lap. This quickly led to Reid being restrained by the passenger and staff as Reid put up a fight, but eventually he was subdued and tied up. The aircraft was diverted to Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts and police were sent aboard there to take him into custody. Clearly this rocket scientist was chosen for his allotted task as even his masters recognized he was a moron's moron. He was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, attempted homicide, the placing or transporting of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft or public mass transportation vehicle, attempted murder, interference with flight crew and attendants on an aircraft, attempted destruction of an aircraft or public mass transportation vehicle, use of a destructive device during and in relation to a crime of violence and attempted wrecking of an aircraft or public mass transportation vehicle and was handed down three consecutive life sentences and one hundred ten years without parole. He is presently incarcerated in the ADX Florence near Florence, Colorado.

            Murder on the London Underground
            Four islamic extremists, namely, Mohammad Sidique Khan (30), Shehzad Tanweer (22), Germaine Lindsay (19) and Hasib Hussain (18), living in Britain set out on the morning of July 7th 2005 fully intending to murder as many innocent people as possible for their cause, and they did this by deploying in a pre-planned operation to four different areas in the city using the London transport infrastructure. Once in place, they all triggered improvised explosive devices consisting of organic peroxide placed inside backpacks, resulting in their own deaths and the deaths of fifty-six persons of various nationalities, including the terrorists. The first detonation took place in a tube train operated by London Underground (Transport for London, TfL) on the Circle Line between Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate at 08:49 resulting in the death of the terrorist (Tanweer) and eight persons, and so violent was the explosion that it caused severe damage to the tunnel interior. The second detonation took place fifty seconds later on a tube train which was at that time on the Circle Line and which had just departed Edgware Road and was traveling towards Paddington. Seven people were killed, including the terrorist (Khan). The detonation also caused a wall to collapse as the train was at that time above ground. The third detonation occurred fifty seconds after the second and took place on a tube train traveling between King's Cross St. Pancras and Russell Square and resulted in the rear of the car being blown apart and severe damage to the car following it. The tunnel also sustained considerable damage. Twenty-seven people were killed, including the terrorist (Lindsay). Initially the explosions were thought to be electrical explosions caused by faulty equipment, but as the London Underground people and the authorities began sorting out what was known and the damage sustained, it quickly became apparent that electrical issues were not a likely cause. Finally, a fourth explosive device was detonated on the upper rear section of a Dennis Trident 2 double decker bus (registration LX03 BUF) operating between Marble Arch and Hackney resulting in the bus being devastated and sustaining irreparable damage and the loss of fourteen lives, including the terrorist (Hussain). All but Lindsay were born in Britain to Pakistani immigrant parents. Lindsay was from Jamaica and converted to Islam.

            Attempted Murder on the London Underground
            On July 21st 2005, four islamic extremists, namely
Yasin Hassan Omar (35) Somali, Osman Hussain (aka Hamdi Adus Isaac) (39), Ethiopian, Muktar Said Ibrahim (39) Eritrean, and Ramzi Mohammed (36) a Somali set out to murder and to cause terror in London and they set off, or attempted to set off, improvised explosive devices at around midday on board tube trains at Shepards Bush, Warren Street and Oval tube stations (London Underground) and with the remaining attempt being tried on a bus at Bethnal Green. A fifth terrorist lost his nerve, or maybe he didn't want to meet Allah and get his reward because he dumped his bomb and made no attempt to detonate it. Witnesses reported that they heard 'popping noises' coming from the bombs, suggesting only the detonators worked and failed to detonate the hydrogen peroxide explosive associated with them in all four instances. One minor injury was reported due to this. Having failed in their sick mission, the cowards scattered but due to excellent intelligence gathering and use of London's extensive CCTV monitoring network these men were identified, tracked and on July 29th, just over a week after they attempted mass murder, four of the scum were arrested and detained for questioning and charging. Another was arrested in Rome, Italy having fled there following the attack. All five were charged with attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole - serving a minimum of forty years each.
            This incident is also infamous in as far as it saw the death of a relatively innocent man, one
Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes (27), a Brazillian national who was tracked by a armed Anti-Terrorist unit attached to the London Metropolitian Police to Stockwell Station (London Underground) and to a carriage, where according to police he acted in a manner that suggested he was going to detonate a I.E.D. so not wishing to risk more carnage, one of the firearms officers shot him in the head, killing him instantly without first challenging him to surrender and stand-down. It was to transpire that he was an innocent and that the action was an unfortunate incident which resulted in the loss of his life. At that time, de Menezes was living in Britain illegally, having over-stayed on his passport. The officer involved acted while under the impression that the victim was one of the bombers that they were seekng and felt that he was potentially preventing further death and destruction of property. He was shot in the head because the police feared that if he was wearing a suicide vest, the impact of a bullet may trigger it.

            Glasgow Airport - The Attempted Bombing
            At 15:11 hours on the afternoon of June 30th 2007,
Bilal Abdullah (37) born in England, the son of Iraqi immigrants, and Kafeel Ahmed (28) originally from Bangalore, India, drove a dark green Jeep Cherokee loaded with full propane canisters into the glass doors of the Glasgow Airport terminal in an effort to cause a detonation that they hoped would lead to widespread murder and damage to property. The vehicle was then set on fire. Thankfully security bollards outside the entrance stopped the vehicle entering the terminal, where there were an estimated four thousand people present. Ahmed, the driver was badly burnt at the scene and despite being shipped off to hospital eventually died of his injuries at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary where he was receiving treatment before he could be charged with attempted murder. Abdullah on the other hand, received a life sentence for his part in the attack and is expected to serve at least thirty-two years, if not more. Following the failed attack, intelligence allowed for the subsequent arrest and detention of an additional eight persons on the grounds in London, of giving aid too or actively being engaged in terrorism.

            The Brutal Murder of Lee Rigby
            On the afternoon of May 22nd 2013, Michael Adebolajo (31) and Michael Adebowale (25) both born in Britain to Nigerian immigrant parents climbed into a car and then set off fully intending to commit murder. Shortly before 14:20 that day they spotted Lee Rigby, a unarmed British Army soldier attached to the Royal Regiment of
Fusiliers walking along Wellington Street, Greenwich; so they choose to accelerate towards him, their vehicle mounted the pavement Rigby was walking on, resulting in his being rammed. As he went to recover, both of them climbed out of the vehicle and drawing knives and a cleaver instantly set upon him, hacking and stabbing while horrified onlookers watched, seemingly unable too or unwilling to get involved in case they were also targetted. Having murdered Rigby, they subsequently dragged his corpse into the road and just stood there, shouting at the crowd who had gathered and seemed to be elated that they had committed murder, claiming that it was an act of vengeance against the British occupation of Islamic countries and 'murder' of Muslims. They even attempted to decapitate Rigby at the scene. It was during this time that at least one person videoed this gruesome scene on their cell phone and later that video was made available as evidence at the trial that followed. Armed police officers arrived on the scene five minutes after the attack and murder took place and despite their telling both men to stand down and to drop their weapons they choose to ignore them. One of them then pulled a revolver and both charged at the police who shot to wound, bringing them down, wherein both men were disarmed and pacified before being taken away for questioning and charging. Both of the creeps were found guilty of Lee Rigby's death on December 19th 2013 and were sentenced. Adebolajo received a 'full life' term, so he will die in jail; and Adebowale was given forty-five years but it is unlikely that he will ever be freed given the cicrcumances and barbarism involved. Both of the murderers were raised as Christians but converted to Islam, and since they were jailed have actively attempted to convert other prisoners to Islam, and to launch repeated attempts to get their sentences quashed using taxpayers money to fund their legal cases against the authorities who they claim are detaining them illegally.

            London Bridge Attack
            Planning an act of mass murder, initially, Khuram Shazad Butt
(27) of Pakistani origin, had intended to use a 7.5 tonne truck for a planned terrorist attack, but he was refused one when he attempted to hire it from a company because he failed to provide payment details. So, he instead obtained a white Renault van and on March 6th 2017 drove the van from Harold Hill, Havering, picking up Rachid Redouane (31), thought to be either Moroccan or Libyan, and Youssef Zaghba (22) a Moroccan, and the weapons that they intended to use - twelve inch kitchen knives with ceramic blades which they tied to their wrists with leather straps and they strapped on fake suicide belts that were made out of water bottles wrapped in gray tape to resemble explosives believing that they would prevent them being shot by police, fearing they would detonate, creating catastrophic damage and loss of life. The attack began at 21:58 hours, right at the height of nightlife in Central London, with the rented van traveling south across London Bridge, where it is surmised the occupants decided to conduct a visual survey before attacking, then it performed a U-turn, went north once more before turning and returned at considerable speed, mounting the pavement and deliberately ramming innocent pedestrians with intent to maim and kill. Then the driver of the vehicle seemingly lost control and came to an unplanned stop, ramming into a wall on Borough High Street, wherein the three attackers leapt out and ran to nearby Stoney Street adjoining Borough Market where they collectively stabbed four people in and outside the Borough Bistro public house (bar). The people within quickly realized what was happening and defended themselves by throwing whatever was handy, including glasses, tables and chairs at the terrorists who were heard to shout, "This is for Allah!"
            A Romanian baker approached one of the terrorists and struck him on the head with a crate before retreating and beckoning nearby people to get inside his shop where he closed the door and locked it in order to protect approximately twenty persons. A British Transport Police officer was stabbed in the face, receiving multiple stab wounds resulting in the temporary loss of vision in his right eye - he has since recovered from his injuries. Then armed police officers arrived on the scene (eight minutes after the initial emergency call was made reporting the attack) and quickly located the terrorists and didn't waste any time taking them alive. All three were shot where they stood in Borough Market. A total of forty-five rounds were expended by three City of London and five Metropolitan police officers. Given the situation, this delay in arriving on the scene from a specialist police station, tracing the targets and eliminating them was understandable. Casualties consisted of two Australians, one British, one Canadian, three French, one Spanish - a total of eight murders (three of them were killed when they were hit by the van, one person was thrown by the impact and landed in the Thames and died and five were stabbed to death), with an additional forty-eight wounded, mainly from stab and slash wounds. It is surprising that nobody saw this coming, as Butt was well known to the police for repeated attempts to radicalize children prior to the attack.

            Westminster Attack
            On March 22nd 2017,
Khalid Masood (52) drove a Hyundai Tucson 4x4 down Westminster Bridge towards the Houses of Parliment (the seat of British government) and as he reached the western side he deliberately acted to mount the pavement and intentionally rammed people out of his way, resulting in one being killed on impact, and ten injured, some of them severly. One pedestrian survived by leaping from the bridge into the Thames. The vehicle then crashed into railings surrounding New Palace Yard, immediately adjacent to the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) wherein Masood climbed out and entered the yard. He was immediately challenged by Police Constable Keith Palmer and Masood viciously attacked him, resulting in Palmer's death from a stab wound to the chest. He subsequently died at the scene. Although PC Palmer was unarmed, a Metropolitan Police Close Protection Officer was nearby and on realizing what was happening moved to intercept Masood and shot Masood in the chest. The entire attack from impact with the pedestrians to the gunshot lasted eighty-two seconds. Although the emergency services arrived on the scene and attempted to resuscitate the terrorist, he died at the scene. The victims consisted of eleven Britons, one American, one Romanian, four South Koreans, three French, two Greeks, two Italians, one Australian, one Chinese, one Irish, one Polish and one Portuguese - all of which were on the bridge. Of these, four British citizens died, as did the American and the Romanian.

            Manchester Arena Suicide Bombing
            When Salman Ramadan Abedi (22), a British Sunni Muslim of Libyan ancestry who was born in Manchester, decided to kill himself and murder as many as he could in a suicide-bombing on May 22nd, 2017 at a Ariana Grande concert being held at the Manchester Arena in Greater Manchester, he detonated a improvised explosive filled with shrapnel which was encircling his body and his actions resulted in the deaths of twenty-two concert attendees (mainly children and teenagers) and their parents and left two five hundred and twelve with mild to light wounds, but with degrees of psychological trauma. The youngest victim was aged eight, and the oldest was fifty-one. The majority of the victims were British citizens but two were originally from Poland but living in Britain at that time.

            * Apologies for any typos - I am having problems seeing clearly at the moment so may have missed them in final editing *

Did you know that more than two hundred and seventy-five thousand people vanish from the British Isles every year? That's basically the population of a small city; all vanishing at once, with a person vanishing every two minutes every day of every year and those numbers are increasing. And this is despite Britain having so many CCTV cameras that it is claimed that a person can be spotted on camera as many as four hundred times a day in the major cities. Although Missing People the group that put out these numbers estimated that more than thirty thousand more people had vanished over previous numbers, they suggested that the numbers they have put out are a gross underestimate as we really do not know the true number for a number of reasons; the least of which are persons unreported as missing, people who have lost touch with family and friends and those who have been abducted for purposes such as prostitution, slavery or simply spirited away to another country.
            Thankfully, the majority of the missing are found within hours.
            Some within days or weeks in some extreme cases.
            But others stay missing for months, even years ... and you have to wonder where they are.
            According to the police, more than sixteen thousand persons, with as high as twenty thousand persons vanish without a trace each year. Some of the 'missing' aren't missing at all. No, they've become homeless due to interpersonal issues with their nearest and dearest, or due to alcohol, drug addiction or the use of narcotics or criminal endeavors such as illegal gambling, fraud and criminal activity including sex-crimes and murder. Then we have others who decide one day to simply walk away from their lives (I have done this myself in the past) and they change their names, take cash-in-hand jobs, and live rough or by the grace of others good will. They choose to run away from their families and sometimes this running away is justified as they come from broken homes where violence in all its delicious forms is imposed upon their being - and that includes physical, psychological, emotional and verbal abuse (I speak from personal experience all of these) or in the case of certain cultures who have transplanted themselves in Britain, adults force their children (with emphasis on females) into being shipped off abroad into forced marriages or for unethical medical procedures - and sometimes the victims run away rather than be forced into this, or are sent abroad and never return.
            The most common of the teenage girls that go missing are generally of Far Eastern origin and this may be because they exhibit the most pleasing features relatively speaking of all races. Examples include, Xia Wang (17) who vanished and whose location and condition remains unknown since November 2006 from Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex. And then we have Qin Wang (16) who vanished in January 2007 and ten years later there has not been a single sighting of her. Lihua Hi (16), formerly a resident of Birmingham, England vanished in June 2006. Or perhaps Dung Thi Nguyen (17), vanished from Catford, London in April 2007 or Yan He (17) likewise from Worthing, who vanished in July 2007. Sadly, although these girls were British citizens (with immigrant parents) there are many such girls who are trafficked into Britain as sex slaves and as domestic slaves simply because they are pretty.
            Perhaps the saddest missing of all are the children. We can only speculate as to where they go, but in instances that we know of, a percentage are kidnapped by parents in marriages split between different countries; they are preyed upon by pedophiles and perverts or simply 'run off to see the world' and fail to resurface for whatever reason. Curiously, it is children and young adults that make up the bulk of the missing. And the majority of teenagers who run away are invariably female (71% of all runaways with the average being between thirteen to seventeen years old).
            In regards to adults, the majority of the missing are male, aged twenty-four onwards and number approximately 73% of all adult cases. Perhaps the saddest cases are those that involve the elderly, the senior citizens. It is entirely possible that a percentage of them succumb to dementia, that others choose to end their lives and their bodies are never found, but this does not explain the elderly who seemingly have a happy life who just vanish.
            Did you know that its perfectly acceptable to go 'missing' for social reasons, as long as criminality or attempting to avoid being prosecuted is involved, and people who do this often shun their former family members and friends and in some cases get quite upset at being tracked down as they want nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives their way. Technically such persons are not actually missing, merely displaced and in a percentage of instances their location is known even if they are unwilling to associate with their former friends and associates. Not that I'm openly suggesting we should do this, as the very concept is abhorrent to most people but perhaps its time we started biochipping people. We already do it to pets, to our vehicles and our personal possessions but the most important asset of all - people - remains in a state that cannot easily be identified. Well, not biochipping perhaps, but definitely biometrics and DNA recording to make identification a lot easier.
            And what happens to people who seemingly turn up in Britain without any records, without any way of identifying them? In effect people who appear over disappear. Well, most of the time they end up in the deep-freeze section of various mortuaries so they can be preserved in the hopes that they can be identified at some future date. The following instances are typical:

            Why did Gloucester librarian Angela Bradley (34) leave her spectacles in her car, the keys in the ignition, and seemingly just walk away one January day in 1995? She was last seen in Gloucester at 19:00 hours on January 16th that year, and her car was later found abandoned with the keys still inside near Mythe Bridge, Tewkesbury. Described as highly intelligent she has never been found.

            Ruth Wilson (16) took a taxi to an isolated public house (a bar), the Hand In Hand, at Box Hill, Tadworth, Surrey on November 27th 1995, and after leaving the pub at 16:30 that same afternoon vanished without a trace. It is not known if she planned her disappearance as mysteriously she ordered flowers to be delivered to her parents on November 29th, two days after she vanished with the order being placed on or before the 27th. Despite an extensive search she has never been found. Alive or dead.

            A clerical officer, Melanie Hall (then aged 25) arranged to stay with her boyfriend Karlbaum on June 8th 1996 and her mother dropped her off at his home. That night, Hall went to Cadillacs nightclub in Bath, Somerset, England, with Karlbaum and another couple, but her evening was spoiled when she and he entered into an argument after Karlbaum saw Hall dancing with another man. Subsequently Hall departed the club in an aggrivated state. And then she vanished. When she failed to turn up for work, her parents were informed and a police investigation was launched. Sadly, no trace of her could be found despite a extensive search. She was declared legally dead on November 17th 2004. On October 5th 2009, workmen employed to cut back shrubbery and to clear trash from the side of a motorway, found a black bin bag in which were human bones dumped in a bush near Junction 14, the M5 motorway. Initial finding noted that they belonged to a female, and later more detailed analysis using dental records and DNA determined them to be the remains of Hall. So the real question is, where was she and in what state for the intervening thirteen years? Nobody has been charged with her abduction and murder.

            Nicola Payne (18) reportedly stepped out of the door at her home in Winston Avenue, Henley Green, Coventry, and went out to collect clothes for her six-month-old baby on December 14th 1991 and in order to get to her parents house more rapidly, took a short-cut across a an area known as the Black Pad, an area of fields. She then vanished without a trace. Police conducted an extensive search but no trace of her has been found. In the intervening years, two men were accused to her murder but the case against them was dropped when they were declared not guilty.

            Laura Haines (30) vanished from her home in Bristol, England, on February 23rd 1997, leaving two daughters behind. She was known to have a history of on-off relationships with a number of men.

            Liz Chau (19) vanished while walking in West Ealing, West London on April 16th 1999. Her last known movements were with a friend who she shared a drink with at a local bar. She has not been seen since.

            October, 2001 an unknown male with an estimated age between thirty and forty years of age was killed when he was struck by the London bound express train at Canterbury.

            March 15th 2002 Hallelujah Bay near Chesil Beach, Dorset, England: an unknown male (nicknamed Mr. Seagull) with an estimated age somewhere between thirty and forty was found by beachcombers. It was suspected that he washed up there from the English Channel. Later identified as Nigel Day of Weymouth, England.

            Andrew Dill (38) was last seen at the railroad station at Hednesford, Staffordshire, England on April 28th 2003, standing on the platform with a ticket to go to his home in Birmingham, yet he never got there and in as far as the authorities know, he never even got on the train. A father of three he has yet to be relocated.

            Daniel Entwhistle (7) vanished from his home at Great Yarmouth home since May 3rd 2003. His BMX was found close to the river at Trinity Quay, and police worked on the theory for a while that he had fallen into the river and been swept away. No trace of him has ever been found.

            Kevin Fasting (50) vanished on November 21st 2003 after leaving his Merseyside home for work. It is possible he may have committed suicide or ran off after a note was found in which he stated that he was ''the worse father in the world.''

            James Nutley (25) was engage in golfing with approximate twenty other persons on an annual trip of Tenby, West Wales when they heads back to their hotel after a night out on October 24th 2004. He somehow failed to turn up. Despite an intensive search he was never seen again, but police did recover his driving license from an area on the towns South Beach.

            Anne Simpson (60) decided to go out for a walk near her home in the Saffron Lane area in Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire on September 26th 2004 and vanished without a trace. The usual inquiries took place, but she remained lost Then in May 2012 a anonymous telephone call to police from a public phone box in Wigston, Leicestershire suggested that they should investigate the Lakeside Caravan Park at Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire and this led to a male suspect being arrested although it is not known if he was related to the Mrs. Simpson's disappearance. She remains missing.

            Robbie Carroll (40) vanished from his home in Lincolnshire on February 20th 2006. According to friends he was badly affected by the death of his mother.

            August 2006, the badly burnt corpse of a man was found on Parley Common, Dorset by firefighters who were called to deal with a heathland fire. He has yet to be identified.

            Luke Durbin (19) went nightclubbing with friends in Ipswich, Suffolk on May 12th 2006. This was not the first time he vanished. He had previously gone walkabout for a week, but in that instance had kept in contact with family. In the second instance nobody saw him following his vanishing.

            Paige Chivers (15) was last seen leaving her home in Blackpool, England in August 2007. She went with a packed bag and it was initially believed she joined a traveling fair (carnival). It was subsequently discovered that she had been murdered and her body disposed of, although police do not know how or where. Her murderer was Robert Ewing (60) of Kincraig Place, Bispham, a known paedophile, who was assisted by Gareth Dewhurst (46) of Duncan Avenue, Bispham. Ewing was convicted of her murder and got a life sentence, and Dewhurst with assisting with the disposal of a body and received eight years in 2015.

            Andrew Gosden (14) decided to leave home. He went to school, turned around and came back home and then changed out of his school clothes before going into Doncaster and withdrawing two hundred pounds and then set off for London on September 14th 2007. He was last seen on CCTV at King's Cross Station, Central London, and then vanished. Despite intense police inquiries and thousands of cameras in that city with face recognition software nobody has seen him since.

            Janet Cowley (46) vanished on October 1st 2008 from Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

            Alexander Sloley (16) was last seen by a friend in Edmonton, North London on August 2nd 2008. He has not been seen since.

            Mary Ferns (88), vanished from Livingston, West Lothian on June 17th 2008. She reportedly left her home at 09:30 on the morning in question and never came back, leaving her husband, Bill (82) confused. He indicated to police that it had been her intention to simply go to the nearby Livingston Centre to purchase tights. CCTV footage showed her walking along Princess Street, and then nothing.

            Joyce Wells (72) vanished on November 22nd 2008 from her home in Bexhill, Sussex. She had planned to visit her daughter but failed to make the trip. Police investigating her disappearance found important personal effects in her home, including her handbag - which she would not have left the house without.

            Quentin Adams (40) and a father of three from Banchory, Aberdeenshire popped out to buy cigarettes and has not been seen since. He vanished November 5th 2008. He vanished without benefit of a mobile phone or his passport.

            Bernard Coomber (55) went missing from Larkfield Close, Sevenoaks, Kent in January 2009. Later when alerted to the fact that he had not been seen in several days, his family turned up at his home and discovered money that they had lent him and his mobile telephone on the kitchen table. A proud man, he had accepted the money under polite protest, but maybe (and this is speculative as I have no wish to offend his loved ones) it was the final straw as Mr. Coomber was out of work and did not feel comfortable accepting charity - he was rightfully proud of this fact. His body was subsequently found in Pilot's Wood, near Shoreham, Sevenoaks on November 2nd the same year. It is surmised that depressed, he may have committed suicide, but once again that is merely speculative but he was found wearing his house clothes, no coat and had vanished in bitterly cold weather.

            If you have been moved by these incidents, you can find out more at:

            THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If President Trump (from here on in will be referring to him as CHUMP) decries something, or better still violently decries something associated with him personally or his administration its probably worth investigating and its more than likely probably true and that makes Trump very uncomfortable. It's amazing how many things that man has labeled 'fake news' or outright lies. And now a book about his year in the White House is being published today (Friday, January 5th) ahead of its intended publication date as Trump is already dismissing it and its author, claiming that its all a pack of lies. Well, there is no smoke without fire and in a week in which a senior psychiatrist has briefed Congress on Trump's suspected mental health its certainly worth looking at. THANK YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP! Your demand that the book be banned was probably the boost it needed for massive distribution.

            President Chump Self-Claims 'Genius'
            Honestly, how much more evidence do you need before realizing that he's a nut? I got my hands on the book he is decrying, Fire and Fury by the author Michael Wolff and its an interesting if not unsurprising read. He makes for an interesting case, citing Chumps casual disregards for everything but himself and dismissing anything that he does not view as remotely important (or less important than himself) and its my bet that Chump probably has not even read the book. This week he claimed the book was a fiction and the author was a fraud - like he was ever going to say anything else? And that he described himself, in counterpoint as being a ''very stable genius'' - well, obviously he's big on humility and not understating his point of view, adding, ''like, very smart'' - so why does the President sound like a Californian Valley Girl whose intellectual capabilities extend to being able to put on mascara without smudging it and that's their greatest skill and likely to be for the rest of their lives. The book goes on to comment that even his closest advisors question his fitness for office. All this in a week when Chump claimed that a man that he fired wept like a child and begged for his job back. You know, I'm convinced that Chump lives in a dream world and all of this stuff, and his constant need to tell the whole planet of every tiny little bit of shit that pops out of one synapse and into another truly reveals that the man who has everything is missing the important things in life, like the humility a President should have, honesty, honor, compassion, and above all else, the appearance of being infallible. Sadly this 'president' is far from being remotely any of those things. There is too much about him that is highly questionable and history I feel will prove me and hundreds of thousands of others right in that belief.
            While I'm on the subject, music I associate with Chump, as played on a Amiga floppy disc drive - yes, the DRIVE itself is playing the tune by clever manipulation of the drive controller:…

            Teenager Arrested for Murder in New Jersey
            Police were called to a residential street in Long Branch, New Jersey on New Years Eve following reports of gunfire within just before midnight. And on arrival they discovered a sixteen-year-old male had obtained a semi-automatic Century Arms rifle and killed his father, mother and sister and a family friend in cold blood. He was immediately disarmed and arrested and is now facing multiple-murder charges.

            Plane Crazy
            A fifty-seven year old male Polish national decided that the Ryanair plane (Flight
FR8164) that he had taken to Malaga, Spain, which was on the ground was not getting to the terminal fast enough so without warning he rose from his seat, walked to the nearest exit (which happened to be adjacent to the wing) and before the startled air staff could stop him as he calmly said "I'm going via the wing" then opened the door and stepped out onto the wing with the engine less than ten feet away from him still running. Amazingly, he took the time to grab his hand luggage first and was holding it when he stepped out and then realized what a bloody stupid idea it was to be standing on a slippery wing and yet stood there defiantly until the plane came to a halt. The cabin staff alerted the pilot who called the tower who subsequently saw to it that a nice airport police unit was waiting for him. Staff managed to convince him to get back into the aircraft, but he stubbornly refused too for a while, but eventually agreed and that was when they arrested his butt. Reportedly he had become frustrated when the plane was delayed at Stansted Airport, Essex, England, on New Year's Day and simply snapped. Because of his utterly selfish attitude and bloody mindedness the other passengers were forced to wait an additional half an hour before they could deplane. I suspect he will be persona non-grata in future with Ryanair and any number of other airlines for this.

            New Year Stabbings in England
            As a British citizen who actually pays attention to the news I can tell you for a fact, unblinkered in any way, or without any agenda, or without any malice towards any group that since mass migration, crime in this country has soared to a previously unknown level with every type of crime known to man being committed and in ever increasing ways. I am not directly blaming migrants for this, but I do see correlations that the authorities are uncomfortable to make mention of as it basically suggests the belief held by a percentage of the British public that the people entering this tiny island are in fact from parts of the world where such acts are commonplace - and that among them is a percentage of criminals fleeing from their own countries. Sadly these criminals make things hard for the genuinely needy migrants displaced by war and other factors. Anyway, take the carrying and use of knives for example (it is now illegal in Britain to carry a knife in public, or to own any bladed weapon, including antique swords. And if you are caught with a gun or an airgun - you can be charged with a firearms offence).
            * Four young men were murdered in the city of London on the night of December 31st/January 1st by stabbing.
            * In another instance, another young man was stabbed on New Year's Day but he is alive, if you can call being intensive care with pipes sticking out of him ''being alive''. His condition is described as critical, but he is expected to survive and make a recovery.
            * In another instance five men were stabbed at a Great Gatsby-themed New Years Eve party at the Crystal Bar on Carver Street, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Two of the men, in their twenties are in a critical condition in hospital, and the other also in their twenties experienced merely 'superficial injuries.
            And one of the problems Britain has is with gang culture.
            * Take the case of five men who were all arrested over the death of an eighteen-year-old in Larman's Road, Enfield, North London that night. Why five? More than likely because cheap punks are braver in numbers. Before mass migration, we hardly saw knife crimes. So much for 'happy new year'.

            Man Acted to Rob the Dead and the Dying at Terrorist Attack Scene
            When a sick fanatic joke-of-a-terrorist, Salman Ramadan Abedi (22) detonated a homemade I.E.D. at the Ariana Grande concert being held at the Manchester Arena on May 22nd, 2017, he caused widespread carnage and one of the first people on the scene was a homeless man by the name of Chris Parker (33). Reportedly Parker claimed that he was assisting victims and he was subsequently hailed a 'hero' for his supposed selflessness in that time of crisis, but it has since transpired that he was in fact helping himself. Recently he admitted to stealing a purse from one of the victims, and a cell phone from another and selling the phone and the purse contents for money. At the time, and before he admitted to the thefts, he was interviewed on camera he claimed he was assisting, but subsequent analysis of CCTV proved otherwise, and he was seen wandering between victims, many of them laying bleeding, wounded or close to death on the ground and looking for valuables. Specifically, he was seen repeatedly going to Pauline Healey whose granddaughter was killed outright in the explosion and leaning to reach into her handbag (purse) and rooting around for cash and valuables. Faced with the video evidence he came clean about his actions, but denies trying to steal another persons coat and committing fraud. He is due to be charged in January 2018 for his unspeakable immorality.

            Spotify Being Sued ... Again
            The music streaming service Spotify, which is based in Sweden, is being sued for more than $1.6bn over claims that it infringed on the copyright of songwriters and publishers. The suit is being brought by Wixen Music Publishing who claim Spotify used tracks without a license and that they illegally duplicated music and songs and then distributed them for profit. This comes at a bad time for Spotify as they are being sued in a class action lawsuit by songwriters with a expected payment of $43m over a total of ten thousand songs, with a claim of $150,000 per song. In essence, Spotify has been profiting without paying for the materials that they are selling. The company is valued at an estimated $19bn. 

            Parking Lot Fire in Liverpool
            A massive fire roared out of control in a multi-story parking lot in Liverpool, England resulting in the destruction of at least one thousand, four hundred vehicles - many of which had fuel in their tanks. The parking lot, which was in King's Dock, near the Liverpool Echo Arena was fully ablaze on New Year's Eve and was so intense that the structure has now been condemned. Thankfully no casualties were reported. The cause of the fire remains unknown at this time.

            Intel 'Bug' May Compromise the World's Computers
            Reportedly Intel is working with a number of rival companies to fix a two recently discovered issues with their processor code that could potentially allow every computer on the planet to be accessed illegally. Referred to as ''serious security flaws'' and nicknamed SPECTRE the same issue was discovered in chips made by Intel, AMD and ARM - so what do you make of that? Industrial espionage? Funny how all three companies have exactly the same issues. The other issue is known as MELTDOWN and that will or can effect Intel manufactured chips only. Apparently they've known about it for months and have not mentioned it hoping to fix the problem quietly before anyone heard about it, but now the cat is most definitely out of the bag and is hissing and scratching.

            King Trump of America Blasts Pakistan
            Yep, that monarch in all but title in the White House has blasted Pakistan in a tweet, noting that the country has had at least thirty-three billion dollars out of the United States over a number of years, yet has never acted to prevent terrorism. He also reminded them that they actively allow terrorists to hide there, which is all true; Anyway, he had threatened to cut off all financial aid to that country -and frankly I agree with him on that. I don't see them getting their house in order any time soon. Pakistan released a press statement that accused Trump of being 'bitter' about the United States defeat in Afghanistan (the same country that the Soviets attempted to invade and occupy, unsuccessfully I wish to note). The United States is considering withholding an estimated $250,000,000 that it failed to send to Islamabad in August 2017. If memory serves, Britain has also ceased providing aid to Pakistan as the country 'did not need it'.

            Sumo Champion Assaults Junior Wrestler Outside of Basho
            Former Sumo Grand Champion Harumafuji Kōhei (33) a Mongolian ranked Yokozuna, was out celebrating with friends and was drunk when he approached and then struck a junior wrestler, Takanoiwa with a karaoke machine remote control after Takanoiwa and Harumafuji got into an argument over the junior wrestlers behavior in public, as it was unbecoming of a wrestler. OR if you believe the 'official' version, Harumafuji struck Takanoiwa over the head with a beer bottle and then pummeled him with between twenty and thirty punches resulting in the younger man sustaining head injuries. Because of his actions and their bringing shame on Sumo, Harumafuji was demoted from maegashira #8 to jūryō #3 and has since been to court over the assault and instructed to pay the injured man 500,000 Yen ($4,400). How dishonorable (the author enjoys Sumo and this is simply unacceptable, Hai).

            YouTuber Posts Video of Corpse
            You have to wonder if some kind of sickness pervades those who use the Internet to self-promote. Take the case of Logan Paul, who was with friends in the Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Juji, Japan. The forest is a favorite spot for suicides, so when he and his friends came across a suicide victim, what did they do? They became excited and filmed the victim and openly joked on video about the reputation of the area being a suicide spot then compounded his stupidity and lack of respect for the dead by posting the video on Youtube.

             German Politician Arrested for Hate Speech / Age Tests for Migrants
            Reportedly Beatrix von Storch, the deputy leader of Germany's far-right AfD party has been arrested and had her Twitter account suspended after making the following comment, that claimed Cologne police were appeasing "barbaric, gang-raping muslim hordes of men" after the police tweeted a New Years message in Arabic. Meanwhile, German doctors have spoken out about proposals for young asylum seekers to be forced to undergo mandatory medical tests to ascertain their real age. The Bundesärztekammer (Medical Association) suggested the tests were unethical but there is considerable concern in Germany and other countries about asylum seekers and immigrants claiming to be under eighteen years of age to avoid deportation. This comes in the immediate shadow of the case of a Afghan migrant who it is claimed murdered a young girl in Germany.

            Don't Do Drugs, Kids ... Especially When You Don't Know What Drugs You're Doing
            Nine teenage backpackers in Perth, Australia decided to get high and subsequently ingested a white powder that arrived in the post addressed to somebody else that they thought was cocaine only to discover when shit went down that it wasn't. Three of them are now in critical condition in hospital, while the other six are recovering. They all experienced violent hallucinations, seizures and paralysis. Analysis suggests the powder contained Hyoscine (aka scopolamine - C17H21NO4) which is sometimes employed as a 'date-rape' drug.

            Turkish Minister Says ''Break Drug Dealers Legs''
            God forbid I should ever agree with a Turk, but in this case I do (shocked? Get over it). Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that the police who find drug dealers standing in the vicinity of schools should break the legs of those same dealers to send the message that drug dealing to the kiddies isn't right. His comments were immediately decried by the Turkish Human Rights Association (IHD) and others who accused him of incitement to commit a crime! Well, they do have a point. Mr. Soylu said, "If a dealer is near a school the police have a duty to break his leg. Do it and blame me. Even if it costs five, ten, twenty years in jail - we're pay." And you wonder why I love Judge Dredd so much? Break the Law, we break you.

            Volunteers To Guard British Borders
            No kidding! Such is the lack of security at British coastal ports that the Home Office is actively looking to recruit ordinary citizens to walk up and down the lanes, highways and byways of this tiny island nation watching out for suspicious people trying to enter the country illegally. They do have a point, as Britain is easy to get into, and once in its hard to get illegal immigrants out again as attempting to remove them would violate their human rights. The plans under consideration are for ''Border Force Special Volunteers'' to be used at small air and sea ports. What next I wonder? A old man with far-right sympathies holding a double-barreled shotgun and screaming, "git the fook off my land!'' while letting some poor soul have both barrels?

            Scottish Man Held on Suspicion of Passing Bad Currency in Saudi Arabia
            The following occurred in October 2017 but it is of such importance that I'm mentioning it here now. Plasterer, Bill Barclay (31), his two children, Billy junior (7) and Madison (9), and his wife, Monique Fleming (42) all of Fernieside, Edinburgh, decided to go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia for vacation and on arrival decided to change all of their Scottish currency for the local money, the
Saudi riyal at the bureau de change in the Al Hamra Mall in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and were stunned when they were informed that one of the twenty pound notes that he handed them was a counterfeit which the family believes was handed to them as change while still in Scotland. The police were called, he was detained and taken to a police station where he was held in a cell the size of a bath tub for twelve hours and then told that the whole thing had been an error and that he was free to go. During that time, he was not offered any food or water nor had any form of entertainment, and no news as to exactly what he was being charged with. The police also confiscated his passport and spent much of the day searching the hotel room they were staying in and emptying out their possessions and searching the bags they came in closely for hidden compartments. When they failed to find 'evidence' he was released without charge.
            After being released, Mr. Barclay said police assured him that he could return to the United Arab Emirates, as there were no charges against him.
            He added 'They told me they wouldn’t have released me unless I was cleared.' Now most people under those circumstances would be in their right minds to think that visiting Saudi Arabia was a foolish notion, but reportedly he and his family went back there again and on arrival in the county on September 15th 2017, Mr. Barclay was immediately arrested, and he eventually discovered that the police had 'accidentally closed the case against him.' With his case still on the computer and marked as active. This time he was taken away and interrogated. Then he was handcuffed and detained for three days and was effectively stranded in the country for two weeks because his passport was taken from him again. With their stay over, his wife and kids were forced to leave while he stayed there but she got lawyers involved who explained the situation as best they could under the circumstances to the Saudi authorities, noting that such fake currency happens and that they had just been unlucky in having it handed to them unknowingly. He was eventually given his passport back and was released, but while held for over a month he was placed in small rooms with others, whether they be local criminals or merely those arrested due to the countries strict laws, and threatened with a sentence of years in jail. His release was arranged in part by going public about it. His story was released in the media and described how unjust the whole affair had been. Carrying counterfeit money in Dubai carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail or a £1,000 ($1354.63) fine.

            Zoo Fires
            The world-famous London Zoo, based in Regents Park, Central London, was the scene of a blaze that started on December 23rd in a gift shop, and sadly it resulted in the deaths of a nine-year-old Aardvark named Misha and a troope of Meerkat's named as Robbie, Norman, Billy and Nigel. The zoo contains at least nineteen thousand animals (and bugs). Meanwhile, thirteen Patas Monkeys died in a fire at the Woburn Safari Park on January 1st, 2018 with the roof of their enclosure collapsing as a result of the blaze there.

            Empty Properties Scandal
            Britain has a housing shortage, and those wanting to find a place to live often have to go on Council waiting lists with waits as short as three years, and as long as twelve; and are lucky if they are offered a place that does not have psychopaths for neighbors who seem to be unable to listen to the radio, television or stereo without it being turned up to maximum volume. So, isn't it surprising that the government identified more than ten thousand empty properties in Britain that have been empty and unlived in for a decade or more. The information, collected from two hundred and seventy-six local councils showed that there were more than 216,000 homes across the country that have been empty for at least six months. Those properties could be put to good use housing British citizens who are forced to sleep rough on our streets.

            What's In A Name?
            Almost fifty company names have been rejected in Britain because they are lewd, sexist or downright offensive and yet the people who wished to register them with Companies House thought otherwise. A few examples follow: Fanny's Kebab's Limited (in British slang, fanny is slang for a woman's genitals), Blue Arsed Fly Designs Limited (a phrase meaning that its fast), Titanic Holdings Limited (which infringes on the intellectual property of the White Star Line or may cause confusion related to it for historical reasons) and Wags to Bitches Limited.
            Apartment Fire in New York
            According to the authorities, a fire broke out in a five-story apartment building in Prospect Avenue, near Fordham University, the Bronx, New York, and was reportedly started by a three-year-old child who pulled cooking apparatus off of a worktop and that resulted in the deaths of at least twelve persons; four of them were children. Four were wounded. The fire has been described as the worse seen in the last quarter century in NYC. At one point, more than one hundred and sixty firefighters were assisting in the dousing. According to the police, the mother of the child who started it by accident fled with the child and another child, but left her doors open, allowing the fire to spread to the hallway and then the corridor connecting the apartments acted like an insulated fire-trap which allowed it to reach all of the rest of the apartments, trapping many and essentially dooming them.

            Man Killed By S.W.A.T. Team After Active Shooter Hoax
            There is a certain sickness in the world of gamers, and some people think that just because they are behind a screen, they can hide but an I.P. Address tells everyone who knows how to read it exactly where you are and one moron decided that he was safe from reprisal when he set in motion the following events. The as-yet unnamed cretin decided to place a call to the cops, informing them that he had shot his father dead and taken his family hostage ... except the caller gave another persons address as the location of the crime and the cops dropped a S.W.A.T. team on the house in question. An innocent party - Andrew Finch (28) went to the front door and was immediately shot dead by the cops at his home in Wichita, Kansas. Later it became clear that Finch had been the victim of a sick f**ked up 'joke' which is referred to as ''swatting'' because the caller and the victim has been playing the game Call of Duty and had become rivals. Eventually this rivalry escalated into open hatred from the hoaxer and he decided to have the cops give the victim a good scare; except the police were responding to what they saw as a 'active shooter' situation and were taking no chances - so they are blameless in this. On a personal note, I often encounter professional assholes in MMORPGs and have found that there is no realistic way of either reporting them in a way that actually gives me closure, or justice, or makes them vanish and I honestly feel that the MMORPG game makers need to seriously rethink such things.

            Teenagers Shot At Takeaway / Twenty-Two Year Old Murders a Fifty-Two Year Old Male
            Two sixteen-year-olds standing in a takeaway in Terrace Road, Plaistow, London on Friday, 29th December were the victims of a planned walk-in shooting, resulting in one of them suffering a gunshot wound to the back, while the other was injured in his leg. Both are described as stable, their wounds are non-lethal. No arrests have been made but police are suggesting the incident was gang-related. You have to wonder at the world - Britain used to be a relatively safe country, but now parts of the major cities here are like South-Central Los Angles and the reason for this is because cheap little punks want to earn a 'reputation' and to be 'respected', so much of what happens is essentially over territory, which is laughable. In another incident, this time in Dilkes Park, South Ockendon, Essex, a fifty-two year old named George Cunningham was approached and then assaulted, resulting in his death by a little punk named Ryan Greasley (22) of Barking Road, East London. The creep is now in police custody and having been charged with murder is due in court soon.

            Fire in Mumbai, India
            Reportedly a fire broke out in a restaurant in the popular Kamala Mills shopping compound in Mumbai, India and quickly spread to neighboring structures. According to authorities, at least fifteen people are dead and many more are unaccounted for at this time. The whole area went up in less than half an hour.

            The Blanket Worth $1.5 Million
            Yes, its true; Loren Krytze (53), a man who was surviving on welfare payouts in California walked into a auction room and exactly seventy-seven seconds later sold a blanket and made $1.5 million  because the blanket was made by a Navajo woman sometime in the 1800's, and therefore was a valuable artifact worth protecting. Until it was sold, the blanket was laying in a closet in his shack on the edge of the Liona Valley, with Krytze trying to survive, unable to work because he had lost a leg in a near-fatal car accident. Now he lives in a home worth $250,000. Sadly, life isn't fair and he now owns two homes - what? I hear you think, life isn't good? Nope, because Uncle Sam is taxing him on them and he is paying ten thousand dollars a year in insurance and property taxes. Just remember, folks; what Uncle Sam can giveth, Under Sam can taketh away. And if that was not bad enough, the roaches crawled out of the woodwork, and certain persons who heard about the money wanted their cut too because they thought they deserved it and they actually demanded the money as it was their ''legal right''. His own sister even threatened to sue him. But then this just reinforces what I've always known and that is what deep down, everyone is a scumbag if the money is good enough - and I do not mean Mr. Krytze.

            Thai Man Handed Down Incredible Prison Sentence
            Pudit Kittithradilok (34) ran a Ponzi scheme and promised investors high financial returns ... but he had no intention of giving them any money, and some forty thousand people were scammed (remember the golden rule, people who claim they want to make you money have no intention at all of doing it - ever). Together that gave him $160,000,000 and that's where the problems started. He was eventually found guilty of committing 2,653 instances of fraud, and when presented with a plea-deal, he confessed, and the court was lenient with him, halving his sentence from 13,275 years to a mere 6,637 years so he won't be out of jail anytime soon. Expect to see him out sometime in 8652 A.D. if he's a model prisoner.

            Drunk Tanks
            Due to the selfishness and just plain stupidity of certain individuals in society who think its clever to get so drunk as to turn them into barely sentient slime, the National Health Service has seen fit to place on the streets mobile drunk tanks which can treat and hold the drunken morons until they sober up. At the moment (and before the introduction of them) hospitals were forced to deal with hundreds of boozed-up cretins who basically came in drunk, puked, wasted everyone's time and then decided to ride out the hangover in a bed that a real patient could have been using, so for me, the drunk tank is a good idea.

            Apple Apologizes over iPhone Slowdowns
            Recently it was announced that Apple were deliberately updating the software on their older iPhone models to make them slow down, and in doing so less-than-subtly forcing the owners of said hardware to upgrade. Well, there was a massive backlash to this and people are even organizing to sue the company. Apple has seen fit to save their own asses and are now offering new batteries (to prolong the life of older hardware) at a discount. When initially discovered, Apple attempted to suggest that the reason the phoned slowed down was due to failing batteries. They will also be updating the older OS so that it is not acting to make the older phones unusable.

            British Police Dog Handler Impaled on Fence
            PC Dan Thomas, a police officer based in Sutton Coldfield, the West Midlands, England, was involved in an active chase of a perpetrator who had stolen a motorcycle. In order to continue, he went to lift his police dog, Gil, over an eight-foot-high fence when he slipped and a spike on the fence pierced his arm, impaling him. Despite his sustaining significant blood loss he managed to get free and called for medical assistance and continued his pursuit, eventually catching up with the criminal and arresting him. Fellow officers found him wounded, wherein he was given medical treatment and then moved to a hospital so his wound could be properly assessed. The perp was charged with theft, taking and driving away, resisting arrest and other charges.

            Terrorists Charged
            Farhad Salah (22) from Sheffield and Andi Sami Star (31) from Chesterfield, England have been charged with engaging in actions which would lead to terrorism and appeared in court via video-feed at Westminster Magistrates Court in London last Friday. They and two others were arrested on December 19th by police investigating islamic terrorists.

            Terrorist in Cairo, Egypt Attack Christians / Supermarket Bombing in Russia
            Nine people were murdered in two attacks on Coptic Christians in the Helwan district which lays to the south of Cairo, Egypt. In that attack, six civilians and a police officer were targeted at a church. Meanwhile in another attack close by, an additional two more people were similarly dispatched. The offender had previously attacked a Coptic owned store in the area, killing two brothers. Of course, the diseased slime who think they can rule the world are claiming responsibility. And while I'm mentioning it, they also claimed to have bombed a supermarket in St. Petersburg, Russia on Wednesday this week resulting in the injury of thirteen people. UPDATE: Police have now arrested a suspect in regards to the Russian case - but did not name the suspect.

            Parts of the United States and Canada Colder than Mars
            As it says in the headline, parts of North America are officially colder than Mars at the moment! International Falls, Minnesota, saw temperatures drop to -37°F (-38.3°C) and Mount Washington, New Hampshire saw a new record - -34°F (-36.6°C). Sections of Canada are reportedly colder than the North Pole or the surface of Mars.

            China Selling Oil to North Korea
            According to reports coming out of North America, China has been caught red-handed (no pun intended) selling oil to the North Korean dictatorship despite a United Nations ban (and China's acceptance of same). Predictably the king of America, Donald Trump decided to twitch his digits and tweeted about it with considerable politically motivated glee. China denies selling oil. Meanwhile, South Korea has reported that it seized a ship, the Lighthouse Wiunmore which was registered in Hong Kong that was being used to ship six hundred tonnes of refined oil to North Korea.

            When You Think You Have Heard It All ...
            Domingo Bulacio (57), living in the town of Villa Balnearia, in the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina who fathered eight children with his own daughter (in effect, incest) has been sentenced to twelve years in jail for rape. She has not been named, but it is claimed by police that she was in effect his sex-slave since the age of eleven. Frankly, he should have been given life in my opinion.

            Homeless? Have a CARDBOARD Tent
            The authorities in Brussels, Belgium are dealing with the homeless this winter season by giving them cardboard tents to live in. I'll readily admit that cardboard can keep in heat (I've had this experience myself - no, don't ask). The tents are known as the ORIG-AMI Project and can be carried by users on their backs. The law in Belgium clearly states that pitching a tent is illegal, but its not illegal if the tent is made of cardboard, thus the usage.

            Moronic Police Shoot Shooting Victim Dead
            Police reporting to the scene of a shooting opened fire without warning on a van carrying a driver, and several other people, including a woman who was a victim of the earlier shooting spree, killing her in the process while they were on the way to a local hospital. The police are already a joke there, with investigators busy trying to prove police corruption and extra-judicial killings in President Duterte's war on drugs. 
Frankly I love sci-fi and although I have a lot of movies - both old and new that I love, Star Wars as a whole is near the top of the list, as is the whole Star Trek franchise, including Discovery. Farscape and Firefly also left me wanting more. Its hard to explain why I love sci-fi but I do. I've always loved the idea of being able to planet hop like we might climb into a car, a bus, a train, boat or plane and just take off for exotic places with exotic people which lay further away than we can comfortably manage on foot. I'm also in love with the engineering (anyone who knows my gallery will know that already) with emphasis on the Millennium Falcon and although I go out of my way to avoid copying anything which we see in Star Wars (or indeed any well-known popularlist sci-fi) my artwork has a feel that has often been interpreted as being Star Wars-like. Growing up in the Seventies I saw plenty of old American B-Movies and as such cut my teeth on them. Titles such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, This Island Earth, Invaders from Mars, Them! Robot Monster, The Thing, Kronos: Ravager of Planets, It Came From Outer Space, Things to Come, It!: The Terror from Beyond Space, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Monster that Challenged the World, Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers, The Crawling Eye and of course The War of the Worlds to name but a few.

          The Seventies brought some excellent movies too, as did the Eighties, although compared to the ones that came before they were frankly shoddy and unconvincing and at times downright cringe-worthy and cheap-looking. There were, however, some excellent ones. 1968 gave us 2001: A Space Odyssey which looks as good today as it did half a century ago and in many ways established how modern space technology would look. It was to lead to a follow-up in the Eighties called 2010: The Year We Made Contact, which although technically proficient wasn't nearly as good as the original. And you know why I say that? Small niggling issues with technical details, such as the Discovery computer and display screens being electron-tube televisions instead of the back-lit panels established in the original which looked more realistic than the ones used for 2010. The Andromeda Strain (1971) was doing what the modern movie Life did decades ago and with much more horror! Then there were movies that warned us of ecological disaster, such as the deeply moving movie Silent Running (1972), Logan's Run (1976) and Soylent Green (1973), and the great movie Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) which is about artificial intelligence and a super-computer who decides its going to run the world - as mankind isn't capable of doing it. I am also going to mention the original Planet of the Apes (1968). Those of you who now enjoy Westworld may not realize it, but it was based on two movies - Westworld (1973) and Futureworld (1976) which although tame and sometimes even uninspiring by modern standards were good movies in their time. If you have not seen the original Bladerunner do so - its epic. The best of the sixties - for me at least was the Hammer Horror studios masterpiece Quatermass and the Pit (1967).

          I can also recommend the move Dark Star (1974) which was the movie which featured the world's very first 'hyperdrive' sequence. Notable movies of the Eighties include Star Wars: A New Hope (and of course, The Empire Strikes Back, the Return of the Jedi) and the amazing Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) closely followed by The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock and more - but for me, those three movies were the best of the lot, with Wrath of Khan being the movie that I watched nightly for two years purely for the sheer drama and space battle sequences. Curiously, I was never a big fan of E.T. but I did love the Back to the Future movies, and of course ALIEN and Aliens but pretty much everything that came after that was simply beating a dead horse. Battle Beyond the Stars, Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, Red Planet, Ghosts of Mars and Mission to Mars were also excellent. The Terminator, Terminator II and Terminator III were good also but my heart has always been in outer space, although I do enjoy time travel stories. As strange as it sounds, I was never a fan of Japanese animated movies simply because at the time of their release I didn't have the sort of money necessary to own them. Sure, today they are cheap but back in the Eighties such movies were often expensive and did not have English subtitles so you either read or understood Japanese or didn't get them. In recent years (the last two decades) I've enjoyed the Predator and Predator II movies, the re-boot of the Star Wars movies; A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, The Bicentennial Man (an excellent performance by the late Robin Williams)A little-known movie Moon 44 was made at the time that the yuppies were conquering the world and well, sci-fi consisted of big corporations locked in wars and hostile takeovers and such. Other movies from that era included RoboCop, Outland (a excellent sci-fi cop movie) and Runaway in which Tom Selleck was hunting down acid spitting robots.

          I do enjoy modern sci-fi but feel that the visual effects often overshadow or worse, drown out the point of the story and these days I tend to like or dislike any given story based on the quality of the script, the quality of the acting and delivery of the lines. Are the characters convincing? Do you have empathy for them and their situation? I recently watched Valerian And the City of a Thousand Planets and it wasn't at all interesting. In fact, I tried watching it three times, falling asleep each and every time. The actor playing the male lead had an accent which was virtually unintelligible and the story although clever wasn't at all interesting (to me). I enjoyed The Fifth Element more than I did this more recent offering as it was a much more riveting movie. I also greatly enjoyed the re-make of The Time Machine (and the original), Total Recall (both the original and the remake), Edge of Tomorrow, which didn't appeal to me at first but which grew on me later on reviewing. Although not strictly speaking sci-fi movies, the Iron Man movies are also excellent offerings as are the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movies (I and II). Recent movies which appealed to me included Gravity, Elysium, The Martian, Passengers and District 9. I'll wrap this up here and hope that I've inspired some of you to seek out movies which you have never heard of - or seen - from that list. And in passing, share with you a clip I came across online. I've always felt that the fight between Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader was rather limp ... compared to modern Jedi/Sith battles, so was delighted to see this video:…

          At some point I'll post a list of movies in my possession.

          Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year: Enjoy!