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          Trespassing Graffiti Artists Killed by Freight Train in South London
          Seemingly when those who are killed committing said crime are openly praised and given tribute for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and knowing full well that their activity was both bloody stupid and illegal apparently. In Britain much of the public railroad is protected by hedgerows and fences and with good reason because trains are very hard lumps of moving metal and because of the momentum involved cannot just stop if the driver sees somebody on the line. Yet there is still a core of selfish criminals who think its acceptable to 'tag' up an area and no doubt prizes are handed out to the ones who do it in hard to reach places and if that means trespassing on the railway all the better. In Britain and for much of the last fifty years it has been the habit of truly misguided cretins to do just this - to get onto the railway and to commit to vandalism of rolling stock, passenger carriages and the structures, which are immediately adjacent to the rails themselves.
          Under law, anyone caught without good reason on the railway tracks or trackside property of British Rail is most certainly going to be receiving a fine (starting at £1000) and will have criminal charges leveled against them just for the trespass. In extreme cases they can be sent to jail for a custodial sentence. Those who choose to repeatedly trespass or worse, to commit criminal damage including graffiti can expect much more harsher sentencing; and sometimes that 'sentencing' is handed down in karmic retribution. Take the case of Jack Gilbert (23), Harrison Scott-Hood (23) and Alberto Fresneda-Carrasco (19) who in the early hours of June 18th this year were thought to be liberally spraying their tags and art all over the brickwork of a section of track near Loughborough Junction Station (51.4661°N 0.102°W) which is near Brixton in central London when it is believed they were struck by a fast moving freight train and killed instantly simply because there was nowhere for them to retreat too because of the closeness of the tracks and the walls immediately adjacent.
          This area is particularly busy as it is the location of three intersecting tracks. Their discarded cans of spray paint and then their bodies were later discovered by railway employees at daybreak on Monday and despite inquiries made to drivers who passed through that area in the twenty-four hours prior to the discovery none of them noticed or even reported striking unauthorized persons on the tracks. Sadly this is the truth of things - a freight train will
roll right over a human body without even noticing it. The youngest of the three, Fresneda-Carrasco was reported to have left his home at 17:00 hours on Sunday and that was the last his family saw of him but he did leave a text message stating that he would be home late. It is believed that he subsequently met up with Gilbert and Scott-Hood and they waited until nightfall before engaging in tagging. Reportedly he was hoping to study graphic design at the London College of Communication this coming September. Despite this horrific incident, taggers are still painting on private property. An image that appeared within hours of their deaths consisted of the dialogue ''don't play on the track - its not a game'' painted onto the side of a train.

          Seemingly Life is So Cheap in Broken Britain that Criminals Are Now Treating It Like a Video Game
          On October 16th 2017 Nathan Gilmaney (19) and Troy Thomas (18) met up in Maida Vale, with the intention of riding a moped across boroughs and districts in West London in what could best be described as a plan to rob as many people as possible in the shortest time possible and among their victims was Abdul Samad (28) who they approached and tried to grab his iPhone off of him while he was making a call at his own home. Samad resisted them and was murdered for the phone by Gilmaney who on demanding the unlock PIN number was refused to he viciously stabbed Samad in the middle of his chest with a knife on his own doorstep in front of his terrified parents at his own home. Gilmaney didn't give a shit, he just walked back to the moped, climbed on and they both rode off, uncaring of the fact that they had left him for dead and then went on to carry out more thefts, and more assaults for another four hours before being detained by police and in that time committed at least nine knifepoint robberies, during which Gilmaney stabbed four more people who survived and had to be admitted to hospital with deep penetrating wounds. They've both been in custody for some time now and this week both of these fuckers were up before the Judge in the high court and seemingly in contempt of that court and the seriousness of their crimes they talked back and forth between each other during the trial and had to be repeatedly told to be quiet. They choose to ignore this and openly laughed; believing that they were going to get away with it ... but I'm happy to report that they've not done so. The smirks and the laughing very much ended the moment the Judge came to the summing up and declared their sentences.
          Gilmaney received LIFE but is due to serve a minimum of twenty-seven years (personally the cheap little punk ought to have been executed as its the only 'cure' for these creeps diseased attitudes).
          Thomas received a sentence of twenty-two years detention in some jail or other with no chance of time off.
Predictably Gilmaney began screaming threats and profanity when he was told his sentence - I can only hope the little fuck was scared for his life; and his defense for all of his crimes? That he has an I.Q. of barely fifty-eight. This certainly did not excuse his actions or the fact that prior to his arrest he was a career criminal with plenty of drug dealing and robbery experience.

          Universal Credit: Broken Britain's WORSE Problem
In Britain if you're living on welfare because you're too lazy to work, popping out kids because its cheaper than working, or are a cheap punk living off of everyone else or alternatively genuinely in need of the money because you're mentally or physically disabled (or both) you qualify for welfare money which is paid every two weeks and which may be paid in addition to any rent money you may be having paid to cover the cost of your housing. In the last couple of years the incompetent government of this country decided to roll out a system called Universal Credit which rolls six welfare formats into one and pays the recipient once a month ... at least that's how its supposed to work in theory but the truth of things is that the faceless uncaring stupid bastards who thought this system up have well and truly fucked it up. It causes hardship as money does not come in on time to pay the bills. It means people have no money when they need it most which is weekly - imagine waiting a month to get paid welfare? That's what's happening in Broken Britain. Some people have had to wait up to eight months before they could get payments during which they had no cash whatsoever for food, supplies, etc. Now a watchdog has said that Universal Credit is a failure - but of course the 'government' will roll it out nevertheless just to make it work.

          Love and Insanity are Opposing Sides of the Same Coin
          In 2014 Eric Abramovitz was a successful musician and played the clarinet. In fact life was so good that he applied for a scholarship and then received a message from the school that he had applied too saying that they understood his reasons for turning down a scholarship and wished him well ... except, he had not turned it down. It turns out his then girlfriend Jennifer Lee did it in his name simply because she didn't want him to leave her by going away to college. In doing so she seriously damaged his music career so he took the only action he could. He told her to get lost and then took legal action against her and has only recently been awarded C$350,000 in damages - payable by her. Funny isn't it how obsessive 'love' makes people do the craziest things?

          ''Diplomatic Immunity'' (say it in a mocking South African accent, its funnier)
          Former German born tennis champion Boris Becker owes a number of people a hell of a lot of money - we're talking in the fifty million plus range and reportedly he has no intention of paying it. So guess what? He's declared himself a 'diplomat' for the small wartorn and very unstable central African country known as the Central African Republic (CAR). As a diplomat his creditors cannot touch him as he is immune from prosecution and from having them seize whatever assets he might have or might be forthcoming. He was declared bankrupt last year over money owed by him to private banking group Arbuthnot Latham. Curiously and amusingly CAR is one of the worlds poorest countries and being shot there is a certainty as everyone is at war with everyone else.

          Reportedly the Czech president Milos Zeman called an urgent press conference on Thursday this week and in front of startled press and media reporters pulled out a massively outsized pair of underpants and then set fire to them, resulting in the flaming garment falling to the ground where it merrily smoldered as he told the startled media ''I'm sorry to make you look like little idiots, you really don't deserve it.'' You have to ask if the guy is losing the plot. He then walked off without another word.

          Albert Einstein ... Stained?
          I would never have believed the following were it not for the fact that I got a peek at the pages I'm about to comment on. Seemingly the revered Albert Einstein, the same Einstein who fled to the United States when Nazi Germany began persecuting people and who in later life was a resurgent for civil rights and anti-racist views, referring to them as "a disease of white people" wasn't always so tolerant. Seemingly when he was traveling in 1922-23 he visited a number of places in Asia and the Middle East and commented on their cultures and people in his diary. Many of his comments consist of blanket generalizations, most of which are racial stereotypes and negative. Example, he referred to the Chinese as "industrious, filthy, obtuse people." This begs the question. Was Einstein a product of his environment as so many of us are and did he later change his views because he obtained a degree of social maturity or because he simply repressed his racist views and adopted an outwardly projected character which was more socially acceptable?
GK-29137396-GM 'Shady Lady' [Interior Plans] by JonathanBluestone

Just letting my regular readers know that the Shady Lady, an extremely well-armed 'junker' (two or more ships gamma-welded together) and Bounty Hunting vessel has been updated so that all interior plans are now available. Sorry for the delay but health related stuff stopped me from finishing the work in 2016. This version is presented without labels or technical dialogue but the whole backstory has been restored as I found a back-up file with the information in! Anyway, you can see the finished plans above and here: GK-29137396-GM 'Shady Lady' [Interior Plans]
          Eighteen Years On The Housing Waiting List - Only in Broken Britain
          Freddy Emmanuel (56) has been waiting to be housed in London since the year 2000, and in the last eighteen years has not once been offered a flat on any of the social housing registrars yet people arriving in broken Britain can seemingly be housed immediately because to make them live rough or worse, force them to stay in hostels would be against their human rights. Yet, Mr. Emmanuel has spent almost two decades sofa surfing and sleeping in the homes of friends and well-wishers or in hostels or when the money was available has rented briefly. He has also been homeless and living on the streets mainly in Kensington and Chelsea, both boroughs in the city of London. Do not think for a moment that Mr. Emmanuel is a drug user or a social outcast - no, he's a commercial engineer and grandfather and has never been in trouble with the law. So how can anyone justify his having to sleep under a tree off of the Portobello Road in central London? He and approximately one point fifteen MILLION other British citizens are unable to get housing because of the waiting lists in this fucked-up broken country and frankly it is very likely that he will die, homeless. If I was in the position to give him a home, I would do so in a cold moment.

          Sex Sells - And in South Africa Defamation of Women Sells Beer
          Women in South Africa have hit back hard at Vale Bru, a company in South Africa which is marketing beers with titles like Filthy Brunette, Raven Porra, Ripe Redhead and especially against Easy Blonde whose tagline was ''All your friends have already had her''. The company has promised to remove the labels and change the names.

          Pot to be Legalized in Canada
          Although I do not partake (with the exception of secondary smoke in the eighties and early nineties) a vote has recently passed on the Cannabis Act by fifty-six votes to thirty in the Canadian senate after six months so it is now technically legal to use recreational cannabis without being busted. That said, if you're growing it or supplying you can still get arrested. Canada is the first G7 national to bring about this progressive move and in doing so will put an end to many minor yet widespread criminal enterprises. Strict medical use has been legal since 2001.

          Fourteen-Year-Old Scumbag Arrested in London
Police were called to the scene of a moped drive-by robbery in Muswell Hill in London this week and they discovered a youth who had been a pillion passenger on a moped that was known to be used by such opportunist thieves. He was taken into custody and once there discovered to be in possession of no less than thirteen cell phones, many of which were expensive and none of them were his. He is due to be tried with seven counts of robbery with violence next week and will no doubt have the book thrown at him because he's refusing to tell the police who his associates were. He and his pals committed multiple robberies in the Hornsey, Crouch End and Muswell Hill area of London over the space on ONE HOUR and netted what is thought to be up to three thousand pounds worth of stolen property.

          Rattler Poisons Man AFTER Decapitation
          Rattlesnakes are trouble even when they're not pissed, and having lived in parts of rural Texas I've seen my fair share of them but always had the damned good sense not to approach or to mess with them. Last week a gentleman identified as Mr. Sutcliffe was working in his yard at the home he shares with his wife when he uncovered a four-foot-long rattlesnake. His immediate reaction was to instantly kill it by decapitation. Now the story should have ended there for both parties but sadly it didn't. After prodding the corpse he bent down and picked up the body and then the head and fully intended to dispose of them both when the deceased snake BIT him. Now anyone who has the good sense in Texas to know snakes will know that rattlesnakes can inflict a deadly bite due to reflex only on a human (or any other animal) for up to several hours after death. He immediately went into seizures and if it had not been for the fact that his wife was close by that would have been all she wrote. Fortunately medical assistance with anti-venom was quickly on the scene and he received no less than twenty-six doses of it before he began to stabilize. He was admitted to hospital for observation but is now recovering. The moral here is to always pick up a snake head with a shovel and to incinerate it if possible.

          Ninety-Year-Old Woman Beaten Almost to Death in her Own Bed / One Hundred Year Old Woman MURDERED For Pension Money
          Nobody really noticed when Iris Warner (90) didn't go out for her newspaper for at least two days, in fact if anything that probably didn't think for a moment that there was anything wrong at all, but all of that was to change with the arrival of Mrs. Warner's son who on visiting her at mid-day on June 4th discovered his elderly mother lying in bed covered with dark purple and black bruises and close to death. Seemingly two or possibly three days earlier she had woken in the night to find a man in her bedroom and his first act was to punch her as hard as he could before she could get up or say a word. He then beat the living crap out of her before ransacking her home for valuables and cash before leaving for for dead at her home in Brent, Northwest London (my old stomping ground). She was taken to hospital and her condition although dire is expected to improve.
          This comes hard on the heels of an unprovoked attack from behind on Zofija Kaczan (100) who was out walking near her home in broad daylight on May 28th this year resulting in her neck being snapped and other injuries all because the cowardly fucker that attacked her wanted her purse. She was attacked in the Normanton area of Derby. Police have a thirty-nine year old male suspect in custody ... sadly, Mrs. Kaczan died of her injuries so its now a murder-robbery inquiry led by Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Darren De'ath (that is his actual name). The stolen purse was found after the fact but had been emptied. UPDATE: Police now have Arthur Waszkiewicz (39) a Polish national and have charged him with manslaughter and robbery - although technically he ought to be tried for murder.

          Pizza Dude, You're Under Arrest!!
          When Pablo Villvicencio of New York City rode up to the front gate of Fort Hamilton (83rd Street & 85th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209, United States) on June 1st and said, "Hey man, I've got a pizza for one of your guys" he probably expected a tip, not to be arrested. Seemingly the pizza dude was an undocumented illegal alien and was working without a green card. His illegal status came to light when the guard asked him to provide a government ID to enter, he provided personal information for a background check and he complied (just so he could deliver the pizza) and well, that's when the call was made to the immigration services and he was hauled off as he had no ID and no social security number. Now facing deportation back to his home country he is married to an American citizen and has two kids via her - and has applied for a work visa but the red tape being what it is, has yet to be granted one.

          Park Where You Like on Anyone's Else's Property ... in Broken Britain
          Did you know that its perfectly legal in England to park on other peoples driveways and parking spots? Indeed, unless a parking space is clearly marked 'permits only' anyone can park there - and this includes driveways. Although socially unacceptable and morally abhorrent any creep can just roll up and park their vehicle in your driveway and there is nothing you can do about it. In fact the only action you can take under law is to move the vehicle without damaging it, clamping it or blockading the offending cretin in so they cannot move the vehicle. Where I live in Winchester, Hampshire, England we have a large college campus and my parking spot has had somebody else's car in it day and night for much of the last ten years because the local authorities in their infinite wisdom don't do enough to prevent such abuse.

          Chinese Hackers Raid American Companies and Military For Intelligence
          Seemingly the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has proof that state-sponsored hackers in China managed to gain access to secured databases in January and February 2018 and steal highly-sensitive plans for technologies and weapons from the United States Navy and other agencies. These plans include a supersonic mission project. The affected company develops underwater weaponry and submarine technologies.

          Unfortunate Drownings Lead to More 'Nanny' mentality
          In a classic case of the 'nanny state' (a situation wherein people are not credited at all with any intelligence or common sense) a section of pathway immediately adjacent to a canal in Rochdale, Greater Manchester is to be sealed off as a public right of way because two nineteen-year-old students got so fucked-up that they seemingly walked off of the path and into the canal where they drowned. In as far as I have sympathies for their families, sealing off the path isn't going to solve any of the associated problems of binge-drinking or being so fucked-up that potential and actual victims don't know what planet they're on. Britain has an over-abundance of such 'nanny state' rules and regulations and this does not surprise me as eighty years ago the government thought that the average British citizen was such a cretin that they put out information films instructing people on how to wash, dress and even make a cup of tea.

          Latest Murder Results From London
          Seemingly a teenager was shot shortly before 23:00 hours on June 6th and arriving at Somerleyton Road, Brixton found the kid dead from a gunshot wound. Additionally and elsewhere in London a man and a woman both in their thirties were admitted to hospital with shotgun wounds. Later a teenager in his mid-teens was admitted to a south London hospital with gunshot wounds. Oh yeah, London is the new New York and we have a terrific crime problem here with armed robbers riding around in public on scooters and motorcycles committing crime in broad daylight because they think they're untouchable. It is estimated that as many as five hundred gangs may now be operating in the city and none of them give a shit about human life. The following article is a real eye-opener:…

          OH SNAP! Chump Blames CANADIANS for Burning Down the White House in 1814
          Anyone with half-a-brain who can call themselves a patriot will tell you that the British infamously set fire too and burnt down the White House in Washington D.C. on August 24th 1814 yet for some reason the Commander in Chief, the man presently living in the same building is firmly of the opinion that the CANADIANS did it. It was revealed this week that President Chump made a phone call to Justin Trudeau, the Canadian leader and during that call he commented that he held the belief that Canada has committed that act, not the British with the phrase, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?" I wish to note that Canada did not even exist at the time and was in fact a series of British colonial interests. Anyway, the reason the British burnt the White House was in direct response and an act of retaliation for the American attack on the city of York in Ontario, Canada which took place during June 1812.
          Chump is also considering 'pardoning' Mohammed Ali for his draft-dodging conviction in 1967 (the Vietnam War). See folks? This is what happens when you hand power to somebody who has no moral scruples. He's doing it for the popular vote of course. Recently a contact close to Chump said that as the head of the justice system in America he could legally pardon himself for any collusion with the Russians when proven ... and frankly I believe that this exactly what he would do. Chump is the sort of man that Washington and Lincoln warned us all about. Power they say, corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately. The fact that Ali died in 2016 makes little difference and if you want my two-cents worth its like pouring a tea cup of water on the head of a drowning man. The drowning victim isn't going to notice and its a pointless act which only makes things worse ... not any better.

          Canada Developing Quantum Radar
          The Canadians have invested $2.7m for the development of Quantum Radar, a technology that is being developed at the University of Waterloo and which when workable would be capable of detecting stealth aircraft. They intend to roll it out at their existing Arctic radar outposts so that it can watch for threat-force aircraft approaching Canadian territory (why would anyone attack the Canadians, eh?). Quantum Radar can detect objects with a greater level of accuracy by making use of a process known as quantum illumination that can isolate pairs of entangled photons.

          Fake Doctor Pumps Victims Full of Fake Botox
          I grow tired at the number of unprincipled scumbags out there who for some reason or other seem to think they can get away with the most hideous crimes. Take the case of Ozan Melin (42) who lived on Pole Hill Road, Uxbridge (about ten minutes from where the author was born) who in 2016 and 2017 claimed to be a licensed medical professional and who subsequently pumped unknown chemicals into the faces of two female patients resulting in their faces swelling up and causing burns to their skin and muscles. The police still don't know what he used on them. Anyway, the meathead received a sentence of a mere four years for his crimes - those of physical disfigurement and of fraud.

          Austria Gets Tough On Mosques
          Seemingly the Austrians have had just about enough of radicals and would-be terrorists hiding behind islam and are now actively targeting mosques which are known hot-bed of political and social unrest fuelled by religious extremism and are closing no less than seven of them to deal with the problem. Sadly this is not going to solve much as the dissident elements will simply go underground and continue to spew their hateful speech into the ears of impressible, often moronically stupid people who are unhappy with their lot in life and want to harm innocent civilians in the name is allah so they can rest assured of their place in Jannah (paradise). Some of the mosques have links (or suspected links) to Turkish nationalists which have been unwelcome in Austria and Germany for more years than I can readily recall. They have been filmed showing children in Turkish military uniforms from World War I reacting the Turkish perspective of the Battle of Gallipoli. The adult world should forever hang its head in shame when they drag innocent children into adult problems and hatreds - no matter what nation they come from.

          Americans Teach Pre-Schoolers to Prepare for an Active Shooter Situation
          I'm not kidding - the land of the free, the home of the brave and the domain of the gun-totting psychotic is now the home of scared parents and school teachers who have in one instance decided that its time to teach the kiddies what to do in the event of some psyche-job coming into their school to murder people. Five-year-old Children in Somerville, Massachusetts are taught to sing ''Lockdown, lockdown, lock the door! Shut the lights off, say no more!" to the tune twinkle-twinkle little star. This is a sad reflection of society in general and American gun culture in particular that such young kids have to live in fear. No wonder when they grow up they want to gun for purposes of self-defense. I'm sure the NRA is loving this.

          Latest Psychotics Worldwide
          Henri van Breda (23) a South African national went psychotic and in January 2015 decided to execute his entire family for some slight or other. He managed to axe his mother and father, then his own brother and tried to kill his teenage sister (Mali van Breda) but she managed to get away and he was soon arrested by police. In describing the scene the cops encountered on arriving at the house the Judge described them as ''excessive and gratuitous'' and for that he is to serve a minimum of twenty-three years plus an additional fifteen years for her attempted murder. We're see if he makes bail in 2041 although I doubt that will be happening. The murderer intends to launch an appeal - you have to ask in what possible fucked-up universe he can appeal his actions?

          And Finally: The Human Race Is Dying and its ALL Your Fault
          Well, in fact the moment we're born we're dying but I'll not add any more to that rather dark comment. It was stated this week that there is now so much plastic in the water table and in the lakes and river, the oceans worldwide that its only a matter of time before the pig-ignorant thrown-away mentality of the human species leads to our own demise for if the oceans die WE DIE and so does everything else. If you have an issue with that, simply watch any news report on how in many third-world countries the rivers and lakes are now big ponds of plastic so thick you cannot see the water. Sadly it can only go on forever for much of our species is not just ignorant of the problems created by such waste but also simply don't give a shit about anyone else. Reportedly more than fifty nations are taking action to reduce plastic pollution. India (one of the worse offenders) will eliminate all single-use plastic items by 2022 with an immediate blanket ban on the city of Delhi. The Galapagos is intending to ban single-use plastics, Sri Lanka will ban Styrofoam and China is now insisting on all plastic being in the form of biodegradables for bags and packaging. Just to hammer this home to you - a plastic coke bottle can take five hundred years to break down.
          UPDATE: micro-plastics have been found inside mussels eaten in Britain and sold commercially in supermarkets. Mussels feed by filtering sea water.
Call me 'old-fashioned' if you will but I'm firmly of the opinion that people who frequent a artwork posting website like deviantART should actually produce and post artwork or some other kind of media so when I encounter an account that contains no art whatsoever, and yet is seemingly populated with folders full of favorites then I get more than a bit suspicious as to the ultimate intention of the person collecting such art.

My suspicion is raised considerably when the owners of these 'ghost accounts' have had the accounts for more than a few years and yet have submitted no artwork or media.

Most of the
ghost accounts that I tend to come across who favor my work are full of favorite folders stuffed with unnaturally huge breasted women, or shemales; often with over-sized genitalia in compromising positions; or with animal-humanoids who are represented in much the same way and frankly it's not something that I am comfortable with because I'm not a sexual deviant.

Every couple of months somebody or other starts watching my gallery and adds more than a few images to their favorites and that's fine, until they start adding my work in bulk. Most people would be grateful of such interest; certainly it suggests they like my work but sometimes there is a more sinister undercurrent going unnoticed. And that is when I automatically
block such media-less deviantART accounts on general principle, as it is my belief that the ultimate intention of the person who is associated with such ghost sites is to rip off or illegally or immorally use my or other peoples artwork for their own purposes.

Despite the fact that my work is copyrighted and that I have taken steps to legally register every design I come up with as my intellectual property (with the exception of interpretative works) you would be surprised at how often I get contacted by some agency or other, often publishers or people in the movie industry who have somehow tracked me down and openly ask me if I'm actually some person or other that I've never heard of because my artwork is being offered to them with the offender trying to make money from my concepts and artwork.

In many cases its a simple enough matter to track down the real world identity of such assholes and to give them such a scare that they won't mess with me again (if they want to continue using their kneecaps as the good lord intended) but once in a while I have to invoke legal action and prosecute for damages.

So if you don't post any artwork whatsoever in your gallery and start favoring mine expect me to be suspicious and to do a background check on you to see if you're harmless or somebody I'm going to have to build a case against. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT isn't easy to get away with. I could bore you with stories of my mis-spent youth of thirty years ago and my background as a professional hacker but that would serve little purpose. It does however give me one advantage. They who live by the Internet, will die by the Internet and you're not safe from my long reach.

I'm tempted to start listing ghost accounts just to make a point.

This post is associated with a longer post explaining my background: Back From The Dead: My Gallery

Jonathan Bluestone
June 1st 2018
Some of the mechanics associated with most commonplace tasks on deviantART are not immediately obvious.


Take for example blocking another deviantART user. To do this, make sure you're logged in first and then point your browser at… - this will bring up a options screen and if you scroll down will have a box marked Blocked Users. In order to block somebody, simply add their account name, dummy example: abusiveuser90 and then press the SAVE button to finish. You can now safely navigate back to your deviantART account. If you want to unblock them, simply remove the offenders name from the listing and SAVE. If the blocked person attempts to look at your gallery they will be denied - also any deviations that they have favored will automatically be removed from their favorites.


So imagine for the moment that you have put a deviation into the wrong folder by mistake or have made a new folder and want to move it there, the process is simple. Start by going to the folder the artwork is in and then click on the EDIT PAGE button. This will bring up a bar at the top of the screen which reads Edit Your Gallery - Drag and Drop thumbs to rearrange them. Ignoring that, click on the piece of artwork you want to move and then select MOVE TO ... as an option then specify the folder you want to use from the drop-down menu. Once you have finished moving artwork, click on the DONE button at the top of the screen to end. The same method can be used to clone an existing piece of work to another folder, except you select the COPY option instead.
                As you have noticed I'm currently reloading my gallery and this all came about after late last year a sizable portion of it was stolen and ended up being published by some lying scheming scumbag in Malaysia who I was forced to sue for damages. So I brought a case against them and despite some international issues in regards to law and intellectual property rights and proving said rights I won. The offender was arrested and is now waiting to be tried (seemingly she was doing this to a number of people and using the stolen work for T-Shirts and books and other media). But during the actual case and in order to prevent further theft I took down a considerable portion of my original gallery - and if you recall was very pissed about it. So much so that I even threatened at one point to basically fuck off and take my work down. More work will follow in the next couple of weeks, and not all of it will be my back-catalogue of starships and other hardware. I removed a gallery full of Judge Dredd inspired artwork as well for the same reasons, and seemingly nobody at Rebellion, the owners of 2000A.D. and the aforementioned character has yet asked me to take down my work so I guess I'm safe there. Anyway, my work in regards to Dredd is 'fan related' and never for any sort of profit. For those among you who are new to my gallery and are wondering exactly what the hell I'm talking about I'll take a moment to explain. I've been a semi-professional starship designer since the late seventies and it wasn't until around 1980-81 that I started illustrating spacecraft and technologies in a style that appeals to me, that of the kit-bashed, hand-built practical looking spaceships that used to appear in the old science fiction movies. I have hardware, with emphasis on spaceships to look lived in and practical. So that means they look clunky. Today's spaceships are all streamlined and slick and have seamless hulls ... not so my work which is most definitely stuck in the Eighties and that's the way I like 'em.

                I also make my designs angular for this reason, as straight lines are often easier to draw when showing a given object from multiple perspectives. The way I present my artwork is known as Orthographic Projection and this means the
back is always shown on the left, the front is shown on the right with the top at the top, the bottom at the bottom of the image and the side view being shown mid-image. Sometimes the object being illustrated does not look the same either side, so I add a secondary side image. Now that's not rocket science is it? Yet you would be amazed at the percentage of people who cannot read a simple orthographic projection. I began writing a series of novellas in the late seventies called The Fallen Worlds and in all about forty of these ended up as books. Four were actually published (but not under my present name). And I did all of the illustrations for the books myself. I also privately published a very limited run of technical manuals but that worked out so expensive back in 1986 that I never did a re-print. About eight hundred of those existed, I have four left and well, have no intention of selling so please don't ask. I've had people say that my stuff looks as if it would be right at home in the Star Wars universe. Well, maybe but it isn't intended for Star Wars and I often grind my teeth when people favor my work and put it in their 'Star Wars' folder because it's not Star Wars. Truth is, my work was inspired by the designers and construction workers who manufactured the sets and props for those movies, and movies like Outland, ALIEN, Aliens, Moon 44, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: The Year We Made Contact, Battle Beyond the Stars, Bladerunner and many others. I always envisioned 'my universe' to be very cyberpunk in nature and the planets and the cities on them to be a hybrid of technologies at many levels with a distinct Bladerunner and The Fifth Element feel to it, but dirtier, harsher, and certainly more lived-in and over-used to the point there existing technologies are now a mish-mash of bits and pieces, different technologies blended together to make things work, even if they lost their 'looks' in the process.

                In 1989 I tried to get my work turned into a role playing game as back then, at the height of
Traveler and Star Wars (West End Games) everyone was doing it but not everyone was a competent technical artist. I'm fine at drawing machinery, vehicles, robotics, spacecraft and aircraft but my weak spot has always been people. I hate drawing people as I simply lack that 'people drawing gene' which I so admire in other artists here at deviantART. I spent six years on that project only to have the people who were working with me stroll off with my work and steal it piecemeal. RULE #1 with other people - don't trust them an inch unless you have known them long enough to know that they are honorable. Even then money can make people do some crazy things and make some lousy decisions. Where money is concerned, get everything in writing or you'll be forced to go around to their house one evening and beat the living shit out of them. I wish that was a allegory, but that's what happened to me and no, I didn't start it; I was the one that got assaulted for trying to get my intellectual property back so came back with a crowbar and broke a few windows and then they started to see I was serious about things. Ultimately my former colleagues decided to try and sell my work and I had to sue them and had to prove to their publisher they had done a deal with that the work was originated by me, wherein the publisher dropped them like a steaming pile of runny cat crap. The result was that they lost everything and I never made a penny - but at least I got my intellectual property back. Mine is only one of millions of similar stories and it left such a mark on my soul that today, if my work is stolen I will if necessary get on a plane and deal with the problem personally although I now have a lawyer who does much of the paperwork for me. Is it worth it you may be asking? The reply is, fuck yeah, its absolutely worth it. You bring something into existence, its yours - its a part of you and some scumbag comes along and steals it ... well, they deserve everything that drops on them from that point on.

                I didn't publish my work again for ten years because of stuff like this. I did briefly have a registered business,
Maverick Starships Limited in London which I used to supply custom-designed starships and other hardware to gaming companies and that kept me well-oiled for a couple of years. Some of my work appeared in a number of publications, including Analog and in gaming magazines. I also worked on the complete re-design of the Fourth Reich technology for a game called Reich Star - and that was due to be published in the second edition of their core rulebook and source book but sadly the owner/writer of the game went into liquidation before that could happen else my work would be out there for that too. I also worked on a couple of movies, most notably Legionnaires, a British production that got as far as the preliminary stage before the 'director' ran off with all the money raised by every dumb sap that brought into it. I understand that Walter Koenig (Chekov from classic Star Trek) was among the people who got burned. Anyway, if you look up that movie the poster for it features my designs for the space fleet. I never saw a penny from that fucked-up mess. This brings us to the present and my establishing a deviantART account a decade ago. Given that my work is protected my intellectual property rights (underwritten by my legal representative) I started publishing my art here and since 2008 I had my work stolen or taken without permission about four times a year and well, in that last ten years I've prosecuted fourteen persons and two 'companies' for it. Often they're just taking my stuff and sell it as plans or blueprints. Sometimes - bizarrely - it appears in comic books without my permission. I was forced a couple of years back to sue a Manga publisher for doing this (as part of the settlement I'm not allowed to publish their name). Their defense was that the artist employed to create the comics had no idea the art was 'copyrighted' and thought he would just help himself.

                That's grade-A bullshit and I proved that in court but it took four months to do it and that was an enormous emotional drain on me. Some of you are aware that I produce artwork in my gallery that features elements which are not of my own invention. This is true and how does this differ from my commentary above? Well, for a start I often product such items as they don't exist anywhere else. I Google stuff and if I fail to find the artwork in a format that I need I simply research the item and then produce as accurate a replica as I can with given screen references or production-photographs. This has led me to do work from movies and television
for my own amusement and the element which I wish to make absolutely clear in this regard is that I produce the art as reference images, post it and mark it appropriately as it is a interpretative work and technically my intellectual property (the image only) and make it absolutely clear that it is derived from somebody else's intellectual property as seen on screen. In this way it becomes 'fan related art'. I never attempt to make any profit from such works, as that would be unethical, immoral and frankly illegal even if I did draw that version. Take the case of my artwork for The Guide from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, that is based on the BBC Television production prop of the Guide and it was produced because nobody else, not in the last thirty-seven years had done a decent image of the Guide. So in a way its a gift to fans of the books, and more so the show. The same is true of the stuff I did for SPACE1999, Judge Dredd, The Terminator and other artwork which clearly not of my own invention. Years ago a close personal friend of mine asked me to draw blueprints for the Power Loader suit that Ellen Ripley uses in the movie ALIENS and I had to refuse simply because I did not have a decent image of the thing from every available angle to do it right.

                I'm all about
accuracy and would never knowingly produce a piece of 'fan media' that was wrong.

                Today I have a model of that thing, complete with Ripley manning it so if I wanted too I could do those blueprints. I often get asked if I would do blueprints for the
Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing and TIE Fighters from the Star Wars franchise and I flatly refuse for one reason. There are already some excellent plans out there of these craft and whether they are 'accurate' or not is entirely open to debate. I simply won't touch stuff like that because invariably I end up with some fan or other complaining that my artwork isn't right or the real rocket-scientists who write me these incredibly irritating comments stating that ''you copied this, it isn't your own work'' which if you know me is bullshit as I have a strict no-copying policy in regards to other peoples work. When I reproduce a screen prop or craft its done using the tried and trusted method of taking reference images, a pencil and sketching out the thing so that I have a good understanding of what I'm drawing, its size, proportions and 'weight' and then I do it. A classic example of this is my Eagle Transporter from SPACE1999 although in that case I did foul up a little and plan to fix my mistake at some point. Just recently I did blueprints for the Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth vehicle, the Killdozer/Landraider and this was based mainly on the Matchbox Toys K-2001 that was manufactured in 1975 and sold in 1976. The work on that project was made all the more difficult by the fact that the same vehicle was drawn in a number of different ways by a number of different artists so I had to settle for a composite image which best reflected the comic book representation and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. The same is true of the various bits of Judge Dredd related hardware and weapons which I originally started drawing because I was working on a book (that project is temporarily suspended as I'm going blind). So expect more art to be re-added to the gallery this year.

                I might also be able to beat chronic fatigue and failing eyesight to produce some new stuff but for me, the best of my work and my
career is on the pages of this gallery. I want to thank all of my long-time watchers for their continued support and dedication to collecting my work, both my own and the media related materials. A few of them are 'super fans' ( and if I had my way you would be rewarded for that loyalty for loyalty is a rare and precious thing. I live by a strict code of honor and well, such people have impressed me with their honorable conduct over the last few years. THANK YOU for your continued support - you know who you are. Many of the people who watch my work are far better artists than I'll ever be; in fact some of you product such gloriously real material that I am in awe of you honestly wonder what it is about my work that keeps you coming back because compared to your work, my own is so dry and static but then I like making blueprints. At fifty-one I'm well past my prime and although I get new ideas all the time - some of them mind-numbingly brilliant in their conception - I'm unable to produce them as blueprints simply because I experience chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which means I'm not always in this dimension, unbelievable depression - especially when my neighbors are being pricks and making enough noise to wake the dead. I'm so fatigued and my eyes hurt. I'm now waiting for the Diabetes Type II to take my vision, wherein frankly shortly after that I would like to be dead because living in the dark unable to see and having to rely on somebody to wipe my chin and ass would be like living in purgatory and that is no life to be sure.

                Jonathan Bluestone (51)
                Winchester, Hampshire, England
                May 26th 2018
Reportedly NASA has managed to make the EM Drive work in practical field tests and its a technology that I'm watching with considerable interest as I first postulated the idea (as science fiction, it should be noted) back in the mid-Eighties. In 2013, I published a piece of artwork as part of my Fallen Worlds series which used what is known as the EM Drive and you can see it here: Koton CCT Pulse Engine Assembly. Anyone who knew me in the eighties will know that I was suggesting that a time/space distortion motor known as a frequency drive would make space travel a practical possibility with the earliest published images in regards to this first seeing the light of day in 1986. I'm not suggesting that I'm ahead of my time, I'm simply noting that as a concept it seemed plausible on paper and that I've been drawing the 'technology' in one form or another since 1981. In fact the same waveguide system is the basis for my subspace motor designs, one of which you will be very familiar with if you've ever favored my Arcos MK I design. The technical illustration can be seen here: Shunt Motor (sub-space) Assembly (Arcos). Some of you might even remember my prototype subspace motor models, you can see that here: FQD01 Principle Elements with the full technical diagram here: FQD01 Sub-Space Motor Assembly. Anyway, I'm keeping a close eye on the new EM Drive tests as its an exciting technology even if it seemingly breaks the laughable 'laws' of physics, but then 'laws' are immutable until found to be flawed like so much of 'science'.

Jonathan Bluestone
May 23rd 2018
         Ironman Turns to Artificial Intelligence
         You read right, actor Robert Downey Jr. is due to appear in a online series of promotional videos on YouTube about Artificial Intelligence but you will have to wait as its not due until 2019. The planned eight-part documentary will be produced with his wife, Susan Downey and probably was inspired by his on-screen antics as Tony Stark (what's not to love about Stark?)

         VAPE! VAPE! VAPE!

         My generation grew up reading comic books in which the aliens were eliminated by over-muscled goons carrying plasma weapons and who would charge into battle screaming ''Vape, baby, vape!'' - so now when I hear the word 'vape' I don't think of the pathetic joke-cigarette substitutes (same habit, just as dirty but high-tech) but of vaporizing aliens. Anyway, Tallmadge D'Elia (38) of St. Petersburg, Florida, was a vaper, he enjoyed smoking his vape e-cigarette, that is until it KILLED HIM. According to reports his vape pen exploded with such force that bits of it were lodged in his skull. He also experienced eighty percent burns to his body on a fire which took place on May 5th this year. He is believed to be the very first victim of such an incident. Well, its one way of quitting ...

         Model Citizens ...
         According to police, ten children were forcibly removed from the home they shared with their parents in California after reports of a missing child ... arriving at the home in March 2018 they were told by the other kids that the parents, Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen routinely tortured them for their own amusement, citing water boarding, being shot at with crossbows and being the victims of manual strangulation until they were close to death. The parents now face child abuse charging going back years. There is no additional information on the missing child.

         Ah, North Korea - SO Perfectly Predictable!
         And they're off again! The North Korean command has shown what a bunch of paranoids they really are by declaring that the meeting with President Chump is likely to be called off because America and South Korea are in collaboration together on war games - in other words, "planning the invade North Korea." Honestly, its at times like this that you just know that bombing the living crap out of the North is the best and only policy as they are clearly crazy and you cannot do business with crazy people. Last week North Korea was willing to give up its nuclear ambitions, and its weapons and today - not happening. Like we didn't see that coming right? I fully expected that sawn-off runt to try and kill Chump at that meeting on June 12th, but I guess its not going to happen now. Your choice which. But I will admit the North Koreans (as crazy as they are) do have a point, why should they be forced to give up their nukes when America has so many of their own? Tut tut tut. I have no issue with America, but I do have major issue with it believing that it can single-handedly police the world.

         So Is This Guy Trustworthy Or What?
         So a percentage of the American people elected into office a businessman who seemingly lies by reflex and yet nobody seems comfortable saying to him that its unacceptable. The latest and best of these is that he didn't have a intimidate relationship, no matter how brief, with a porn star named Stormy Daniels. First he denied any knowledge and distanced himself from the allegations that she was paid to keep silent about it, then she said that she was threatened by persons who she felt were associated with the President and then Chump denied any knowledge of her being paid by his personal accountant Michael Cohen to keep quiet ... now not only has he admitted to the payment, its out there for all the world to see that he did indeed pay her through his accountant in 2016 and he's now admitted that he and she had contact, although he has not yet stepped up and admitted that his wang was involved. How many more lies Mr. President before you're impeached? How many more lies before the American people grow tired of making excuses for you? With $100,001 dollars currently circulating in the media - paid to her by him via his lawyer as 'expenses' its likely to be the most expensive bang that Chump has ever engaged in.

         Train Leave Early ... So Sorry. Excellent Service To Be Resumed Soon
         Apparently commuters in Japan are hopping mad because the highly efficient rail company there has managed somehow to let their trains leave the platform a mere TWENTY-FIVE SECONDS EARLY. They ought to try living in Britain where if a train arrives at all, it cannot be used because our truly incompetent rail staff are all mired in disputes over whether or not a guard should be on board and that's why most of our trains are CANCELLED. If you are likely enough to find a train that is running the ticket price is unbelievably high. Worse than North America, and that's saying something.

         School Security Shoots Would-Be Student Shooter
         When a nineteen year old male (name not yet disclosed) turned up at his old high school having been expelled for anti-social activities, the last thing he expected was to be shot at by on-campus security. But that's exactly what happened. The perp opened fire at Dixon High School, Dixon, Illinois and police officer Mark Dallas returned fire wounding the creep. The meathead is now in custody in hospital and Officer Dallas has been praised for his actions and well he should. None of the former students intended targets were injured in his aborted attempt at retribution.

         Bet Your Life on It
         Gambling is a disease, especially in broken Britain where the yobs get their welfare money and walk into the nearest betting shop and play at getting rich quick on electronic gaming machines where the stakes are artificially high and the payments are low because that's how the company running said machines like it. It keeps them in business. Up until today the average betting machine would accept a one hundred pound bet every twenty seconds, and well, that's led to a lot of problems. Crime, gambling addiction, etc. So the government in a rare and intelligent move have banned such high stakes games and now fixed it so that the gambler can only pump two pounds into any given machine every twenty seconds - naturally the betting companies are decrying it as it prevents them engaging in legalized theft from the morons and claim that this will mean thousands of betting shops will be forced to close ... well, boo-fucking-hoo, about time this happened. A fool and his/her welfare money is easily parted.

         Social Progress Is Cancelled Until Further Notice
         Now I'm not gay but I believe absolutely that everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want to believe in, and be whoever they wish to be unless said thoughts or actions cause harm to another person. That said, some countries are repressed due to religious dogma and kept in a state of backwardness unable to crawl up from someplace in the 9th Century because of their religiously enforced laws. One such example is the middle east where people keep on butchering each other over land, religious observation and social pride. Anyway, the organizer of a gay pride week in Lebanon was quickly arrested and dragged into a police station and told that he would never be released until he signed a document decreeing that his gay pride week event terminate right there and then. Under duress he had to sign - well, it was that or his balls would have been in the mincer, we all know how these places work. In 2017 Lebanon because the first Arab country to hold a gay pride week ... and obviously the powers that be didn't like that, so put a stop to it real quick this year. Hadi Damien, the organizer of Beirut Pride was eventually released but I'm sure he got a nasty reminder that he only had to do something that the authorities disagreed with to be back inside on a trumped-up charge.

         Argentine 'Flirting Manual' On How To Pick-Up Russian Girls
         No kidding, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) issued a manual to journalists who plan to visit Russia for this years World Cup. The manual specifically detailed how to 'pick up Russian girls' and said, "look and smell clean, and dress well." It also said "treat women as someone of worth." It also referred to women throughout as "girls" and explained that the way to bed them was to impress them. Such sexist crap belongs very much in the sixties and seventies, don't you think?

         Opportunist Scum
         When Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by the Russian security services in Salisbury there was a secondary 'fallout' from the event. People no longer wanted to visit the town, nor the area in which the contamination took place out of fear of being contaminated themselves. Well, this seriously impacted on the town's tourism business so the local authorities decided to drop parking charges as an enticement to get people to visit ... and guess what? Opportunist scum ('the suits') have been using the parking space for commuting, leaving their cars in places that were intended for tourists and then getting on trains to work in London. Well, now they've going to pay the price for their greed and selfishness because the council are revoking the free parking. Ain't 'humanity' grand?

        Driller Killer
         A seventeen-year-old male attacked a thirty-eight year old woman with a cordless electric drill at the Railway Street area of Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland on May 4th and inflicted considerable physical damage on her skull, hands and forearms. She survived the assault but it is clear from the level of injury that he intended to drill a hole in her head. Now what sort of fucked up situation makes somebody think, "gee, I'm going to mug somebody - how about I drill a hole in their head?" He has since been arrested and charged with the infliction of grievous bodily harm, and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. His victim is in a stable condition in a critical care unit.

Sometimes God is Just SO Fucked-Up ...
         Imagine for a moment that a farm in Belgium dispatched twenty thousand chicks in a sealed modular cargo container to an airport so that they could be shipped on to the Democratic Republic of Congo but somehow, some way somebody fucked up and the container was not put on the plane because the flight was cancelled,  and when the airport authorities in Brussels contacted the farm that sent them, the sender refused to accept them back. well, that container sat on the tarmac in sweltering temperatures for hours with those poor innocent little creatures suffocating and roasting slowly to death and still nobody did anything about it. Eventually somebody came to a decision and called in the airport fire service with orders to 'gas' the birds as a mercy killing. Further agonies were forced on these creatures when they refused to do it (and I can understand why) so they had to call in another fire unit from nearby Zaventem to put an end to their agonies. It's hard to blame anyone in cases like this, but didn't one of these dickheads consider what would happen and put the cargo container under cover? EVEN the cover of an aircraft wing until something could be done?

Emergency Line Responder Mocks Caller ... Caller Dies
         Reportedly Naomi Musenga (22) placed a emergency call to the ambulance service in Strasbourg, France in the first week of May complaining that she was experiencing such a high level of abdominal pain that she was convinced she was going to die. In a recording made at the time she says, "I'll die ..."   to which the responding agent replied, "You'll definitely die one day, like everyone else." And basically refused to offer any further assistance as she thought that it was a hoax call - or at least that's her story now. Unable to get anywhere, Musenga disconnected and called another service who took her claims far more seriously and she was found by an ambulance employee in agony and later died of a massive heart attack while in hospital and in doing so left a young child orphaned. The operator has since gone on television (in shadow) and denied any wrong-doing, claiming that her department was overworked.

         Alzheimer's - A Case in Point (BBC)
         There is an interesting story on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) site about Alzheimer's and how it can turn ordinary, often very sensitive, intelligent people into complete monsters. You can read it here:…

         And Finally ...
         Britain has seemingly gone completely bananas about the forthcoming 'royal' wedding. Prince Harry is due to marry Megan Markle on May 19th, so expect this country to come to a grinding halt.
Soooo, its yet another boring Saturday night and you're in the mood to be entertained. How about you sit down for a good old-fashioned night at the movies with these three classics ...

          Arachnophobia (1990) is a comedy horror starring Jeff Daniels and featuring John Goodman tells the story of a well-meaning city doctor and his wife who move out to rural America as he has been promised a community doctors office by the elderly present town doctor. After moving into a house people start dying however of spider bites that kill almost instantly and unknown to the doctor and everyone else in town its because a new kind of spider has managed to breed and thrive after coming back with a corpse from the deepest darkest reaches of the Amazon. As the bizarre deaths continue to mount up and the young doctor being blamed for them in a indirect manner by the senior doctor, when the senior doctor is killed by a spider the whole place comes unglued. Meanwhile, the young doctor and his wife discover their house isn't quite as well maintained as they thought it was, and I don't mean termites ...

          Mars Attacks! (1996) A truly epic sci-fi comedy horror mash-up in which the Earth is unexpectedly attacked by Martians. Starring Jack Nicholson and a host of other stars nobody can believe it when the Martians vaporize the welcoming committee then Congress and go on to turn the world into a carnel pit. Apparently only Natalie Portman (as the Presidents daughter) and Lukas Haas (as a simple kid from a trailer park who works in a doughnut store) can save the world ... with some help from some very bad singing which the Martians simply cannot take (neither could I for that matter).
          Jack Nicolson plays the roles of the President of the United States. His wife, the First Lady is played by Glenn Close. He also plays the role of a gambler and businessman with big impractical ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada. Annette Bening is his long-suffering alcoholic new-ager wife. Pierce Brosnan plays a professor who is fascinated by the Martians and tries to interact with them with lethal consequences. Denny DeVito plays the role he is best suited too, short, acidic and cheap and a gambling addict. Martin Short as the Press Secretary to the White House who has an interest in dragging groupies back to the White House for out-of-hours 'tours' of President Kennedy's fun room. Michael J. Fox as a reporter who is obsessed with self-image and his wife, also a reporter on a rival channel is Sarah Jessica Parker.
          The most senior General in the U.S. Army is played by Rod Steiger, with Jim Brown playing the role of a washed-up ex-boxer now working as a floor man in Vegas. Pam Grier plays his long-suffering now separated wife who is looking after his kids. Lisa Marie Smith plays the role of a Martian in heavy disguise. Christina Applegate plays the role of a 'floozie' who is dating Jack Black, a career army recruit who is none too bright but very good at taking orders. Paul Winfield plays General Casey (and in doing so got vaporized in two movies, this one and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

          Eight Legged Freaks (2002) Featuring a eighteen year old Scarlett Johansson and a host of other stars of television and screen (including David Arquette) it tells the tale of a kid and his passion for spiders and what happens to him and the town he lives in when a friendly neighborhood spider breeders collection of exotic spiders is mutated by radioactive waste and grow to truly enormous sizes. With the spiders looking for a ready source of nutrition they eventually get into the nearby town and start eating the inhabitants. This is an excellent comedy horror which implies rather than shows the graphic violence with many intentionally humorous encounters between humans and the giant bugs. Originally to be entitled Arac Attack the film makers choose to change the title in some parts of Europe and other countries in order to avoid confusion with the term "Iraq Attack" Frankly its one of my 'go to' movies for eating pop-corn.

          So if you're stuck in bed or perhaps bored out of your mind - why not have a monster mayhem marathon this weekend? Popcorn and Soda optional but it makes it so much more fun!
Yes, its REAL and its coming. Due to be released worldwide in 2020 Kenobi: A Star Wars Story is officially in the works. Sadly that's all we know, we don't even know if Ewan McGregor will reprise his role (but its been heavily hinted at in a fan-made 'film' available via YouTube). Pre-production artists have been hired and so have other facilities at London's Pinewood Studios (I phoned employing mind powers and had that confirmed by studio security who then went off to get me a Lemon Sherbert). Shooting is due to begin in or around January 2019 with the primary location shoots taking place in April 2019. McGregor is on record about his time as the character: [link]

Off-subject, if you have NOT yet seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi STOP READING NOW.

Alright, Luke Skywalker finally dies and in the movie he does so after a remarkable instance of bi-location but his actual death scene could have been so much better in my view. Having done what he needed to do to thwart the evil machinations of the First Order Luke is spiritually exhausted and slumps from his meditating spot, then gradually climbing back to it seemingly pulls a Kenobi and his empty robes tumble to the floor as he has gone into spirit ... but what if the following scene had been added?

                            Luke having crawled and pulled himself back into a sitting position atop of the stone that he meditates is dying.
                            The camera pulls in close on his face as the youth, now old, mouth hints at just the ghost of a smile and he
                            closes his eyes. Across the galaxy two suns are setting on the desert world of Tatooine and the camera (long shot)
                            shows us the familiar domes and spires of the Lars Homestead. The POV changes to show that in their absence and
                            with Luke leaving the world the place is now under occupation by moisture farmers working hard to maintain this
                            valuable resource in the desert. One of them looks up as he shuffles away heavy equipment for the night and
                            sights the shimmering silhouette of a young man, dressed as a moisture farmer standing on the lip of the crater.
                            He calls out to the figure who it quickly becomes clear is transparent and glowing as young luke walks for a short
                            distance and then steps out of sight. POV looking out over the desert, Luke's Force ghost watches as the binary
                            suns set and as they do so, his presence too fades from view.

Finally a VERY rare piece of footage from the making of Return of the Jedi where they refer to it as Revenge of the Jedi: [link]
If I was to discuss an archaeologist who is good-looking, very knowledgeable on all manner of subjects, mild-mannered and seemingly harmless and yet is in fact secretly able to enter Nazi Germany and save and help people being persecuted I'm sure many of you would immediately think of Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones (1981) but did you know that his character was in part based on the character "Pimpernel" Smith who was a mild-mannered British college professor who using his title and qualifications manages to take a group of British and American students into Nazi Germany (circia 1939) with the full support of the Nazi Party in order to aid them in archaelogical studies which 'prove' that the Aryan Race is superior to all others. Now before anyone reaches for the report button, thats the plot of the movie, not my personal opinions. But its a ruse and Smith is only 'assisting' the Nazi's in order to covertly free concentration camp prisoners and cause as much confusion with the brownshirts as possible. Well, Indiana Jones is based on the Britsh movie Pimpernel Smith (1941) and was one of the leading anti-Nazi propaganda movies of World War II. It was released in America as Mister V. Entertaining and yet in a very dark manner (for 1941) it openly ridicules all of the soul-less fascism and goose-stepping of the regime while showing considerable respect towards the ordinary German citizenry who were not at all guilty of the crimes of those who forced them into war. One of the best scenes in the movie unfolds when the professor, disguised simply walks into a headquarters building and using guile and nothing more manages to convince everyone that he is a high-ranking propaganda officer and makes them all dance to his tune. At no point does anyone demand documentation as he keeps them off-center just long enough to get out alive. I'm sure that in reality Smith would have been spotted, but its a wonderful bit of suspension of disbelief (which was also tried by Jones in The Last Crusade when he tries to convince a butler that he is in fact a Scottish Lord and art collector).

I might also strongly recommend one of my all-time favorites, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) and was a morality tale about how an ordinary man of honor rose up through the ranks, he is forced into a sabre duel with a officer of the Deutsches Heer and they almost kill each other over a matter of a ladies honor. Out of this arises a deep respect and friendship which holds true although they are career soldiers on opposing sides in the wars that follow. World War I comes and Blimp's friend becomes a British prisoner of war held in humane conditions on British soil and Blimp comes to see him only to find the officer unwilling to speak with him because of how it would look in front of his fellow officers (they might think he was collaborating with the British). When World War I ends, the officer goes back to Germany and is deeply troubled by the rise of Hitler and his fascist confidents but he is understandably scared to speak out. Meanwhile, Blimp has become a high-ranking officer. World War II breaks out and as a member of the 'old guard' he has been seconded to the Home Guard. Now old and obese from the over-indulgence of all of the luxuries that life offers the privileged, his ideas and appearance are a constant source of amusement to the new generation of young officers who openly ridicule him and yet do not realize what a hero he has been. He warns them when they take his 'private club' in London as a 'war trophy' complete with all the old men inside during war games that they may mock him, but one day they too will be just like him. Dispirited, feeling as if he is not being given the sort of respect he deserves, he receives at his home the old officer who having fled Nazi Germany now sees that their generation knew honor but the Nazi's clearly do not. I'll not say more, because it will ruin the ending. It is a very moving movie.
To a Westerner the Russians seem very alien at times, yet there is much about their culture that is admirable. I spent a day last week speaking with an old Russian friend (who I originally met in the nineties under some interesting circumstances) and he said something in conversation that provided a clue to the Russian mentality if indeed it is true. He said "We Russians go through life unaccepting of the status quo. We question everything we are told, even at the highest levels; and we are not stupid. We all know that the bigger the secret the larger the lie becomes to conceal it. All that any of us want to do is get at the truth of things - this is the base of my culture."

In truth isn't this what all of us want, irrespective of culture or place of origin? Sadly how our lives are staged is the culmination of policies and directives put in place by those who have all of the power. We like to think we are free and to a degree there is some truth to that but in the modern world your freedom is only as deep as your wallet. In the fifty years of my existence I've seen countries rise and fall, regimes too. I've seen whole societies lied too about their opposite number, with the enemy always described in the worse possible terms while the whiter-than-white Dudley Do-Right's (who in reality are often more like Snidely Whiplash) pat themselves on the back, firm in their conviction that their culture is somehow better, more moral and ethical but the truth of things is, no society is perfect. Often we are lied too to keep us in our place. Wealth denotes our place in society as does our parentage. We like to think we have inalienable rights but the truth of things is, even with the Geneva Convention in place and all of the documentation that has been produced on the Rights of Man, if the would-be oppressors want you out of the way you could quite easily vanish tomorrow - and protecting yourself? I'm all for gun control but in Britain we're not allowed to own let alone display any form of weapon and if we do, well, the cops turn up and they have a shoot-first-ask-questions-later policy which if I am honest with you is the best way to go. The downside of this disarmament is should Britain be invaded for any reason 99% of the population don't have a clue how to defend themselves.

It is the year 2018 in the 21st Century and yet much of the world exists in a state of barbarity. In Britain you can get heroin and cocaine delivered faster than a pizza. Our correctional facilities are often more brutal and barbaric than the crime the inmate committed, although in a relatively small percentage of cases (when measured overall against the greater population the criminal originated in) it could also be argued that the criminal deserves it but I have often questioned why we spend hundreds of thousands of whatever monetary units you wish to designate keeping the real scum alive (those who use acid or bleach, those who spread antisocial ideologies intended to kill or maim using religion as an excuse, terrorists, rapists, child molesters, murderers, slavers, drug dealers) when logically the best option would be to remove them completely from the gene-pool as a favor towards the rest of humanity. And even when we do execute such monsters, such execution can take years - where's the logic in that? Kill the fuckers and just be done with it, they are not worth saving.
          Man Cursed With 'Birthmark' Receives Surgery To Correct It
          Normally I would source as much information about a story before commenting on it, but in this instance its absolutely necessary to include the images too to really understand this man's feelings over being born 'different' and made a mockery of by so-called human beings simply because of it. You can see the images along with the story here:… - I wish him the best. But then to the simple-minded there is nothing more frightening than the 'different' and because it scares them they choose to attack it.

          What The Actual Fuck?
          I'm all for the equal redistribution of wealth (and power) but the research and policy organization known as the Resolution Foundation has seriously suggested taxing senior citizens and giving every young person £10,000 ($13,554) so they can get a great start in life. Well, I've been piss-poor for much of my life, in fact there have been times when I've had to choose between paying rent and bills and eating (and note that I don't smoke, don't gamble (and I love those television commercials that make gambling look sexy when in fact the truth is you will lost 99% of the time), or own a vehicle but in the last decade have drunk a bottle of whisky every three months - and have never had to use a loan shark). The chairman of the Resolution Foundation, Lord Willetts claimed that the 'contract' between the older generation and the younger one had broken down but could it not also be argued that the older generation came up from nothing and are lucky to have what they have? I also wonder if his lordship who has never known poverty even knows that every year senior citizens die in Britain because they are scared of switching on their heating. And frankly what I've seen of the younger generation (let's say people born between 1990-2005 for example) are obsessed with the latest personal technology, don't give a shit about anyone else and are out to have a good time and would happily waste that money - and yes, that's a generality but its a fair point. As somebody once said, "The trouble with youth is, its wasted on the young."

          Commander Uhura In Health Scare
Seemingly, the actress Nichelle Nichols' (85) who played Uhura in the sixties Star Trek and a series of spin-off movies featuring the original crew is experiencing severe short-term memory loss. On May 4th her son, Kyle Johnson filed legal documents requesting appointment of four trustees to take conservatorship of his mother, and if this is granted they would take control of her financial assets too. In a nut shell he is worried some shark will talk her into handing over all her money. Already certain persons have exerted themselves into her life to her detriment. She is notable as an actor (actress is no longer used) because she was the first African American on television who was not shown as a servant to white people and she famously was the romantic lead in the world's first televised on-screen kiss between a black person and a white person (William Shatner) in the classic episode Plato's Stepchildren which aired on November 22nd 1968.

          Electric Cars Silence Considered a Problem
          No kidding, it was admitted today in Britain that serious consideration is being given to generating artificial noises to be emitted from all-electric vehicles so that pedestrians, cyclists and other road users can ''hear them coming'' - what cretin thought this one up I wonder? It reminds me of the first days of motoring when the motor car was considered so dangerous to other road users that they actually had a man walk ahead of the vehicle as it travelled down the road holding a warning flag - that's not bullshit, that actually is a historical fact. Seems we've come full circle. If this plan is carried though your nice clean all-electric car will have to produce considerable noise pollution to keep the idiots happy. Whatever happened to them keeping their eyes open, eh? But then, if the lemmings want to cross roads and intersections with their faces glued towards their smarter-than-the-owner phones, so be it.

          Slavery A Choice
          Top of the news is the opinion that four hundred years of Black Slavery was a 'choice' that the Black people allowed according to the rap artist Kanye West. He said, "When you hear about slavery for four hundred years ... for four hundred years? That sounds like a choice." Actually, no, its not; as we all know the white people (and black people who sold other tribes into slavery for their own reasons) who enslaved the black people were utterly ruthless and thought it perfectly acceptable to torture, even murder any black person who showed the slightest hint of rebellion. Other methods also included sending 'uppity' slaves off to other work areas so that they would not be a threat to the white status quo. What an IDIOT this guy is, slavery was never a choice - was forced on a whole race of people who were seen as disposable assets. This bozo supports President Chump - nuff said.

          Possible Pervert Gets His
          The police in Calgary, Alberta, Canada were called in on April 30th when a maintenance worker who had been dispatched to a ladies restroom to find out why a toilet was not flushing discovered the corpse of a man wedged tightly between the wall of the ladies room and an external wall in a shopping center. The corpse was subsequently removed with some difficulty and autopsied and that he had apparently entered the ladies room alone, climbed behind a short wall via the vent shaft and got trapped where he died on the evening of April 27th. His motivation remains a mystery say police but its clear that he was probably a pervert and got what was coming to him - why else would he be there?

          Politician Shows True Colors
          Darcy Norgate (19) of Burntwood, Staffordshire, England, was directly referred to by Michael Fabricant, the MP for Lichfield in a very derogatory manner after she commented on Twitter that she questioned his commitment to her hometown. This resulted in Fabricant referring to her in a rant as a 'twat' (a variation of the slur, 'cunt') which he later tried to explain away (as you might expect of a politician) as a synonym for a 'twit' (like this is fooling anyone and he knew full well what he wrote) the fact is, he did it, its been done and its out there and now she quite rightfully wants an apology. This is a classic example as to why I don't care for politicians as they think they are above the law and show questionable moral judgment in regards to ordinary people who politicians often see as the 'lower classes' and therefore scum.

          Where's The Princess?
          We all know that some parts of the world still cling to a medieval mentality and are in truth little more than democracies with all of the democratic and human rights given little more than lip service and one place in particular is a classic in regards to this. Reportedly Sheikha Latifa, the daughter of the Emirates ruler is said to have tried to flee in March 2018 in order to live free and not under the yoke of the oppressive religiously motivated dictatorship she was born into and even got as far as India when her luxury yacht was intercepted and she and it vanished without a trace. The authorities involved won't comment on the case 'for legal reasons.'

          Chump News
          British MP Boris Johnson is flying to Washington D.C. to convince Chump not to scrap the international deal that is designed to prevent the Iranians getting their hands on nuclear weapons because we all know what happens when you give an unstable religiously led, religiously motivated regime nukes - they use them to settle old old scores. According to Chump the deal is "insane" and yet in a call to the British Prime Minister this week he said that it was important to ensure that Iran never obtained a nuclear weapon. If that wasn't enough, Chump has managed to piss off all of France. In a extended bragging session Chump suggested that the 2015 terrorist attack on Paris that killed one hundred thirty people, could have been prevented if the French all had guns. He even went as far as to mimic a scene in which he was the gunmen and summoned the murder victims in one by one and executed them by saying "Boom! Come over here!" and then used his hand to imitate a gun being fired at somebody's head. That's extremely stupid behavor even for this idiot. In reality the terrorists sprayed many of the victims with concentrated semi-automatic fire and set off bomb-belts, making Chumps comments both crass and insensitive. And he's done it again - this time suggesting to a meeting of the National Rifle Association (NRA) that British hospitals are no-go zones because of knives. Without mentioning which hospital (as you might expect from the very poorly informed Chump) he suggested that knife crime in London was so bad that hospitals were no-go zones and that if the British had guns that would put a stop to all of the knife crime. No, it would not you prize-winning cretin, it would just mean the drug-lords and would be gangsters would have guns instead. Dolt. Funny how Chump fails to mention the decades of knife and gun crime in America, which in regards to wounding and killing far outweighs the British problems.
Ignore the tag-line, that was simply added as a dramatic touch to keep you reading. This is neither about Star Trek or the Hollow Earth Society. Maps fascinate me. They are humanity's attempt to bring order from geographic chaos (from a certain point of view) and over the centuries the various mapmakers have done this in a number of different ways. I have been fascinated with the ancient maps since childhood, with the Piri Reis map (…) in particular as it is one of the most remarkable as it shows a sizable portion of the Americas, Europe and even Antarctica without ice and as such although distorted by modern standards (more on that in the accompanying video link) it is nevertheless accurate.

The true state of the white continent, Antarctica, has only become clear in the last fifteen to twenty years with ground penetrating radar and satellite scanning that the maps show the valleys and mountains, even the rivers and lakes which lay on the surface of that hidden continent to be accurate despite them being covered in ice since the last Ice Age. So this begs the question, where did the Piri Reis map source its information? My guess would be that we are only the most recent example of so-called 'intelligent life' on this planet and that the data came from a time which is now virtually unknown to us in which technologies existed that allowed such things to be known. Sure, it's a wacky theory but it has merit. Anyone who has seen the series Life After People will know that if all of humanity just vanished or perished tomorrow it would be a scant few hundred years before our towering achievements in concrete, steel and glass would become fodder to nature and reduced to debris.

More so if the planet was to undergo climatic and geological changes such as in the case of earthquakes, volcanic eruption or super-storm activity, to say nothing of dramatic sea level rises. For more on that map, see the works of Charles Hapgood (…). So with that in mind it is entirely possible that all of the technology (that might have matched our own) is now gone, except for rare and exotic appearances in coalmines, quarries and on the ocean beds. Such things are known as Out of Place Artifacts (OOPAs) and so many have been dug up now or unearthed in the most bizarre places as to lend credibility to the above idea that we are not the first. A chalice with remarkable surface detailing was pulled out of solid rock in Dorchester, Boston and a icon resembling a modern-day sparkplug was found inside a geode. The rock in both instances was mud at some point. They have found perfectly sound hand-built stone walls in coal seams. They have discovered human skeletons compressed flat in rock which is two hundred million years old; how are we to justify or even explain such things?

Laughable 'science ' prefers for the 'problem' to simply go away and they don't discuss such instances nor do they waste valuable time on trying to make sense of them. This does not stop such things existing. Anyway, coming back to the main point of my commentary, the world is not as it would seem; more so on our maps which are grossly distorted and well, after watching the following video it may become clear to you that what you think you know about the planets size and shape is completely wrong. Video:…

Jonathan Bluestone

My regular readers will know that I am absolutely rabid about my work being displayed elsewhere without credit and well the following are a good example:… and… Images posted in 2009 by the user tiger007 at Seemingly this user has not even bothered to credit me with their illustration. In the past I have sued in instances where unauthorized usage or worse, sales of my work have been conducted without my knowledge or approval by putting in a minimal claim for $10,000 per image - for what amounts to intellectual property theft, or the theft or usage without permission of materials which are interpretative works (and where I have done this, I contacted the copyright holders and got permission to do this) and therefore my intellectual property. My online plans for the classic Judge Dredd Lawmaster motorcycle appears in my classic 'blues' configuration and is even missing the Lawrod shotgun attachment (deliberately left off for clarity). The present colorized set of plans can be seen here: Lawmasters 2018


Its coming and well, from what I've seen so far it looks like it might be a fun movie. There are however issues with the canon and rumors persist that the movie had to be substantially remade due to the fact that certain of the actors simply could not act! Anyway, Dolby have released an interesting poster for it. I intend to see it when it comes out but then I'm not stuck-up like some Star Wars 'fans' I could mention who show considerable disrespect for the expanded materials. They ought to consider themselves lucky because us 'old guard' (the original Stars Wars fans who saw the original movies before they were CGI'ed to death) waited sixteen years to see a new movie and now you're getting them like they're cable property. The poster can be seen here:…
          Bizarre Death on the London Underground
          On December 27th 2017, a forty-seven year old male from Maidstone in Kent (southern England) stepped off of the platform at Holborn Tube Station and then entered a tube tunnel on foot which led to the next station on the line - Russell Square and more than likely never got there because he got hit and subsequently squashed by a tube train travelling at forty miles per hour and his remains left in the Piccadilly Line tracks. And seemingly his remains were there for at least fourteen hours before a London Underground employee investigated the tunnel and thought that what was left being were the remains of a fox and still the trains continued to roll across what was left of the unfortunate man. They later estimated that at least three hundred trains had rolled over the victim for fourteen hours before somebody ran back the CCTV, joined the dots and Transport for London (TfL) issued a statement which said ''We were called at 1.42am on December 29th to reports that a body had been found in the tunnel between Holborn and Russell Square stations. A 47-year-old man from Maidstone was declared dead at the scene.'' I can only imagine they found his identification.

          Missing Airliner, Wrecks Found
          Remember the missing airliner, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and its two hundred thirty-nine occupants which vanished on March 8th 2014? Well, vessel crews crossing and re-crossing the ocean in which the plane is thought to have crash-landed and sunk off of the Western coast of Australia have come across some unexpected structures on the ocean bed and they are ship wrecks, with both being a 19th Century merchant sailing vessels which it is believed sunk with a full cargo of coal. They are at incredible depth of 3,700 and 3,900 meters and located 2,300 Km off the Australian coast, with the wrecks thirty-six kilometres apart and were discovered in May and December 2015, three years ago although its taken this long for the news to be made public. Reportedly both vessels were found in a section of the ocean known as the Roaring 40s trade route and one is known to have a wooden hull, while the other seems to be constructed out of iron plate. Although the paper on the findings makes mention of the fact that one of them experienced an explosion that fragmented the wreck it is not stated which one was found in that state and more than likely was caused by the detonation of the cargo. Neither of the vessels identities could be ascertained or tallied with known missing craft from the periods in question.

          There's Gold In That There Trash!
          Talking of planes, and its a weak link I know but a cleaner working at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea was emptying a trash can when he discovered that it was far heavier than it should have been so he began unpacking the trash from it and then discovered seven one kilogram gold bars worth an amazing $325,000 wrapped in newspapers and well, he reported what he found. Seemingly under law, he might be allowed to keep the gold if after six months nobody comes to claim it and in doing so, provide evidence of legal ownership and why the gold was in the trash in the first place. UPDATE: seemingly the gold's legal owner was a Korean male and that he and tw other Koreans (unbelievably) discarded the gold into the trash can at customs fearing the gold would be seized and they arrested having come in from Hong Kong, China where there is no tax on gold purchasing. Nevertheless, if somebody does not claim the gold, the cleaner gets to keep the lot. I wish him the best of luck and warn him that he will very quickly make 'close personal friends' who are all too willing to help him spend the cash.

          Car Found Hanging Under bridge in Toronto, Canada
           If you check the following story out for yourself you're soon come across an image of a four-door passenger car hanging from power lines below the Leaside Bridge in the Don Valley, Toronto, Canada. The police have no idea how it got there but indeed it was photographed by Malcolm Thomas hanging there and has been since Wednesday this week (May 2nd 2018). The cops tried to 'explain it all away' by claiming it was a prop car for a movie shoot but then withdrew that clueless commentary and no movie shoot is known or planned for that area. So at present nobody has a clue as to how it got there, although I have not ruled out a prank as its had its seated removed, some of the windows are missing and the underside is stripped. It probably does not even have an engine - and the license plates are missing too. But HOW it was hung on power lines is a mystery. The city fire department have since removed it and the police are investigating.

          Is Life so Cheap? Sadly, yes
          On July 10th 2017 Ismail 'Izzy' Mohamed was enjoying his twenty-fourth birthday and was reportedly minding his own business while sitting on a skate ramp at the Salt Hill Park in Slough, Berkshire when he was approached by Oladapo Obadare (25), Rick Musaba (22) and Ryan Fuller-Bent (21) and they stabbed him repeatedly and then left him for dead. Somehow Mohamed managed to get help and was hospitalized and yet he died from his injuries three weeks later. His is only one of many hundreds if not thousands of instances of murder or assault with intent to murder in broken Britain in the last couple of years. Justice however was seen to be done and his murderers were identified and have now await sentencing for their crime on May 21st this year.

          Maybe This Is 'acceptable' in His Country ...
          Serbian immigrant Luca Jelic (29) of Scotland Street, Sheffield attempted to rape a woman under cover of darkness on Friday last week and when female police officers appeared on the scene, he attempted to rape both of them too. He was subsequently restrained and taken in and charged with attempted rape, assaulting two police and sexually assaulting one of them, resulting in her experiencing severe bruising to her breast The victim of his earlier attempt is receiving counseling. He has now in custody pending a trial for all of the above plus possession of a Class A narcotic and criminal damage.

          Doctors and Nurses Now Threatened So Often IN THE HOSPITAL That They Now Wear Body Cameras
          I'm not kidding, such are the actions of the scum who infest our hospitals now that doctors and nurses who are only trying to do good are threatened and even assaulted, sometimes hourly by 'patients' who often are hospitalized through their own stupidity - alcohol, drugs, misadventure during criminal activity. So now they're wearing body cameras so in the event of such instances the video can be used as evidence to clear the medical staff of any wrongdoing. One of the problems associated with such persons isn't so much to life and limb but financially as a certain percentage of patients are now claiming malpractice or incompetence on the part of medical staff in order to fleece them into paying out a large compensation claim.

          Victim of Thief Offers the Thieving Scumbag a Ride
          I'm all for compassion but sometimes you can take it too far. Take the case of Harry Turner (86) who left his home in Perth, Scotland to visit his local public house (bar) and soon afterwards realized that he had forgotten to take a newspaper with him, so Mr. Turner returned home only to discover a man in his twenties inside his home and rifling through the top draw in his bedroom cabinet for valuables. Challenging the youth, the burglar looked on in abject surprise as Mr. Turner suddenly feeling sorry for the thief offered him a ride out of the area in his car, but the man fled as Mr. Turned turned around to lock his front door and exited via the back door and made good his escape.

          Don't Expect RoboCar to Take The Blame
          They say a moron is born every minute and that could not be more true of the following case. Bhavesh Patel (39) purchased a Tesla S 60 all-electric car with onboard autopilot switched it on and then slid from the drivers seat into the passengers seat and decided to relax while the car shot along the motorway between junctions 8 and 9 of the M1 near Hemel Hempstead. But he wasn't as clever as he thought he was and was seen doing this by another car driver who filmed him and later posted the media, which in turn was seen by the police. Patel was later charged and found guilty of dangerous driving and has now been banned from driving .. although technically he wasn't driving at all when caught. We only have to wonder how many other rocket scientists are riding the byways and highways of the world on autopilot and getting people killed due to their selfishness and rampant stupidity.

          Thieving Bastard
I hate politicians and with good reason. I honestly think the majority of them are out to use politics as a get-rich-quick scheme to better themselves and have little real interest in the people they claim to represent. That said the following story does not surprise me in the slightest. Peter Skinner (58), formerly a Labor Party MEP for the South East (between 1999-2014) was found guilty of having dishonestly claimed £100,000 ($137,778) in 'personal expenses'. Jailed for four years he was ordered to pay back the £85,436 or face a further year on his existing sentence. He is also expected to pay out of his own pocket £50,000 in prosecution costs. What a greedy self-serving bastard.

          Jean-Noel Frydman was clever enough in 1994 to register the site name FRANCE.COM as his own and two years later the French government were trying to take it off of him in what amounts to using strong-arm tactics and abuse of power that culminated in 2015 with France starting legal action against Frydman to seize the address by any means possible using a thinly veiled legal challenge to justify their fascism and they won of course. Now he is counter-suing them and good luck to him I say - and is stating in his defense that not only did they seize it illegally but it also effected his business interests which are linked to the site.

          Fraud Is A Way Of Life for Some People
          Sandip Singh Atwal (33), a DJ was admitted to hospital in Birmingham in 2008 with injures to his hands and lip after being attacked in the street and was subsequently treated for his wounds. Yet he went on to try and sue the hospital for negligence claiming that the treatment he received had left him unemployable and dependent on the state for welfare; but his claim was thrown out when evidence was presented that he was in fact employed and working as a courier (secret filming by the DWP) and that he was quite capable of rather energetic dancing in a music video for a single he released after the attack occurred when he claimed that he was in so much pain that he could hardly move. Found guilty of fraud his claim for £837,000 ($1,153,385) was thrown out of court and he now faces the possibility of being prosecuted by the Department of Work and Pensions for making a fraudulent claim and providing false evidence to DWP investigators.

          Driver Who Killed Two Kids Jailed
          Casper Platt-May (2) and his brother Corey Platt-May (6) stepped out into the seemingly safe road with their mother on February 22nd 2018 and were struck by a car traveling at sixty miles per hour (in a 30mph zone) which didn't even slow down or stop at the scene. Their mother was unharmed. Police eventually tracked down the driver of the vehicle (license plate: FP03 HWE) and discovered it to be Robert Brown (53) of Attwood Crescent Wyken, Coventry. Described as a serial criminal he was on licence (in order words, out of jail and told to behave) and had been out of jail less than a week when he killed them. He was as high as a kite at the time having taken cocaine and other drugs and was found carrying an offensive weapon and was without a car license or insurance. He received a sentence for 'dangerous driving' of a lousy nine years for his crime - he should have received life. You would have thought the prosecuting judge would have taken into account the other thirty convictions this shithead had on his record for driving offences. To me, anyone who uses drugs is a danger to society and frankly ought to be put-down for the sake of decent people. And while I'm on the subject the British government actively encourages drug addicts by supplying them with needles - can you believe that?

          Shitty Treatment
          Imagine the surprise when the cops broke into the home of Emma-Jane Kurtz (41) in Blackwater Way, Didcot, England in 2014 and found her mother (Cecily Kurtz) lying on a sofa in the front room wearing the same clothes - underwear as well - that had not been changed for a decade and worse, covered from head to foot in her own excrement. Such was the condition of her mother because the daughter didn't give a shit about her and what sentence did the daughter get for this crime of willful neglect? A lousy two and a half years but she is expected to serve less than half of it - meanwhile her own mother had died in that condition when the cops entered the house.

          Student Knifing in China
          A man with a knife attacked a group of students near Mizhi County Number Three secondary school in Shaanxi province, China this week resulting in the death of seven and severe to moderately-severe wounding to an additional twelve. The suspect is now in police custody and has been identified only by his surname, Zhao (28) a former student of the school.

          Slavery Is Alive and Well in America ...
          But in all fairness it isn't an American who is doing the enslaving. Mohamed Toure (57) and his wife Denise Cros-Toure (57) moved from Guinea to Texas sixteen years ago and brought with them a five-year-old girl who essentially was a slave in their home until at the age of twenty-one she managed to inform their neighbors of her enslavement and with their assistance successfully escaped. The scumbags who held her prisoner have since been arrested by police and charged with a number of criminal offences, including holding a person against their will, forced labor and WHEN convicted could face up to twenty years in prison.

          Evolutionary Climb
          Most of us have common sense, but some people are just born without common sense and manage to survive from moment to moment as they weave through life narrowly escaping from disasters of their own making. Take the case of Scottish bar employee Natalie Cormack (19) who when realizing that she did not have the keys to her seventh floor apartment in the Eden Rock de Torrenova block in Magaluf, Majorca decided to enter it by climbing up the outside of the building by clinging onto the balconies. Any sane person would not have tried it - their common sense would tell them it was idiotic and suicidal but sadly not in this case - as she fell from seven floors up and died at the scene.

          India Almost Electrified
          Reportedly ''every'' village in India now has electrical power, but that's bullshit as it only counts for electrification if a lousy ten percent of any given village has electrical power and those structures have to be public buildings. Guess which ones for electrical power? In many cases, outside communal toilets - I kid you not. As unbelievable as this is, approximately two hundred million people in India still do not have electrical power so its hardly 'all electric' now, is it?

          Galactic Mish-Mash
          It has been discovered that objects imaged at the boundary of the observable universe (the edge of what we can see, not necessarily the edge of the universe) shows fourteen unusually bright objects which seemingly 13.772 billion years ago were on a collision course to form one truly massive super-galaxy. Seemingly we have to wait at least twelve billion years to know for sure.

          Don't Cheat On Video Games in China
          Because if you do, you could end up paying out a lot of money. Seemingly fifteen players of the popular Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) have been discovered using cheats to allow them to survive longer, aim more accurately and spot foes in competitive play and were once identified, arrested and charged with cheating for profit and fined a massive thirty million Yuan EACH. The police are still tracking down the rest of the scumbags and are expecting more arrests. Now to do the same to scumbags in Western video gaming, eh?

          CHUMP NEWS: Tree Goes Missing From White House Lawn / Comedian Threat to Chump's Sanity / Migrants Pose Danger To Chump's Purist America
          Recently the French President and President Chump acted to plant a tree together in the grounds of the White House and yet, within three days of this occurring the tree VANISHED. Given the level of security in the grounds of this establishment and given how Chump was reacting after the French presidents speech you have to wonder if Chump demanded the tree be removed. And he's off again - this time Chump is blasting Michelle Wolf the comedian after her performance at the White House, referred to her in an online outburst as a ''filthy comedian'' after she targeted him and his staff as being less than presidential material. Clearly Chump is incapable of taking a roast with good humor - which was amusing in itself as he didn't even bother to turn up for it - for the second year running. And finally Chump has declared that a migrant caravan stuck on the Mexico/United States border near San Diego which came all the way from Central America is ''a threat to the safety of the U.S." Really? We are talking about the same U.S. of A. with all those guns, planes, tanks, solders and Chuck Norris, right? Dickhead. They are seeking asylum inside the insane asylum and number one hundred and fifty people, many traveling with children.


          Did you know that some of the most iconic and memorable lines and actions in movies were never meant to be said, as they were unscripted.
 Everyone but everyone recalls the movie Batman: The Dark Knight and the legendary and now deceased Heath Ledger who played the role of the Joker. He improvised a unscripted action. Do you recall the scene in that he is told that Commissioner Gordon was getting promoted, he starts a very slow, very sarcastic clapping of his hands that added a very creepy vibe to an already outlandish performance. He also almost got incinerated on set. Recall when the Joker is walking away from the hospital dressed as a female nurse and the whole building explodes? Well, the explosives technicians fouled up and the charges went off prematurely yet Ledger - ever the consummate professional - just carried on walking. He didn't even jump when everything went boom and then - unscripted - threw away the detonator. Take the movie Midnight Cowboy for example, there is a scene where Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight are crossing a busy New York street when a yellow cab comes out of nowhere and almost hits them, resulting in Hoffman improvising the line that is now associated with New Yorkers: ''I'm walking here!'' Reportedly the yellow cab was real and that the driver had either missed all of the police barricades and the signs that had been put up that day that said LIVE SHOOTING AREA and strolled into the middle of the scene. Now, who can forget Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back? Remember the scene where Han has been captured and is due to be turned into a big Carbonite statue? Leia says, "I love you!" and Harrison Ford's reply (scripted) was to be "I love you too ..." but instead he improvised, "I know." Little do people realize that during and after Star Wars: A New hope he and the late Carrie Fisher had a intimidate relationship and that when it unraveled it became something of a thorny issue when filming together. Reportedly minutes before this scene was filmed they had a massive stand-up fight on set and in front of crew and had to be calmed down before shooting could begin. The first take went, "I love you!" From Fisher, only to have Ford reply, "Fuck you." And that's when they had to cut and start all over again. Strange but true reportedly.

          Seen Good Will Hunting? No. Then see it. Matt Damon plays a janitor who happens to be a genius and the late Robin Williams ends up using Damon as his go-too man for every question in life. Towards the end of the movie there is a letter that Damon's character writes to William's character that reads I had to go see about a girl to that Williams improvised the line ''Son of the bitch! He stole my line!'' meaning Damon's character had used William's characters advice for a change.
 That in the movie The Fugitive there is a scene where Harrison Ford is being pursued by Tommy Lee Jones and is cornered, wherein Ford executes his lines perfectly, looking back and shouting out "I didn't murder my wife!" to that Jones replies "That isn't my problem!" when his actual line should have been, "I don't care!" Another is the movie Ghost and more specifically the line that Whoopi Goldberg says to Demi Moore that a killer is coming for her with the improved dialogue, "Molly, you in trouble, girl!" Everyone who loves a good sci-fi horror knows the movie ALIENS and there was some improvisation in it too, but the best was the late Bill Paxton's line "Game over man, GAME OVER!!" Speaking of sci-fi, in the movie The Fifth Element the noted and very talented British actor Ian Holm arrives at Bruce Willis' apartment and on opening the door accidentally addresses Willis by his real name, wherein Willis corrects him to his characters name, Dallas. It's a blink and you miss it moment. 

          Some actors hurt themselves while filming due to their improvisation. In Jango Unchained Leonardo DiCaprio smashes a glass by accident during an impassioned speech and cuts his hand quite badly yet carries on as if its all part of the script. The same thing happened in another movie he was in, Gangs of New York when another actor - Daniel Day Lewis cuts his hand and well, you have to wonder if DiCaprio had learned from him that a good actor just runs with what's happening. Then we have Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring who on kicking a war helmet (improvised) managed to break his own toe putting him out of action. Some actors are unwittingly the subjects of on-set malfunctions. Harrison Ford for example was almost crushed by the hatch that opens at the top of the ramp on the Millennium Falcon interior set while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens and was hospitalized with a broken leg.
Improvisation isn't always a case of actors uttering the lines they think will work on a whim; sometimes its down to the director asking the actors to say unscripted dialogue that they've come up with. Take the case of The Usual Suspects where somebody on-set farted and the unscripted line ''In English please.'' was uttered. Sometimes outlandish actions occur both in front of and behind the camera. For example, during the movie Starship Troopers there is a completely nude shared-gender shower scene and a number of the actors - male and female - felt very uncomfortable doing it and were questioning the reasons for such as public show for the sake of a movie. Eventually they did the scene but only after all of the crew behind the camera, including the director, sound and lighting guys, even the staff (male and female) holding the clappers and assistants were asked to go naked too - and they did (they had little choice in the matter as the director expected it and well, he was paying their checks). You've heard about ''balls out film-making'' well, that's a classic example outside of the porn industry.

          In A Few Good Men Jack Nicholson has a tense court scene in that he is told by the presiding justice to ''tell the truth'' to that Nicholson roared back ''You can't handle the truth!'' and some might argue that this is the line everyone remembers.
Remember Zoolander? David Duchovny played a industry insider who delivers a explanation as to why 'male models' are the most perfect assassins in the world, only to have Ben Stiller (as Zoolander) ask "Why male models?" as if he had not understood a word Duchovny had said. Duchovny picked up on this and ran with it, expressing dismay that Zoolander had just proved the point he had made due to his extremely low level of intelligence and lack of ego - meaning you could bark an order at a male model and they would act to carry it out without question. Actually, Duchovny did something similar in the movie Evolution when sneaking into a military encampment over the site of the asteroid impact out in the Arizona desert:

          Ira Kane (Duchovny): We call no one, we tell no one. This is our secret, right?
          Harry Block (Orlando Jones): What about the government? I mean, isn't this the kind of thing they usually get involved in?
          Ira Kane: No! No government. I know those people. Absolutely not.

          He was of course improvising his lines to hint at his most famous character, Fox Mulder and his quest against the secret government who cover-up alien interactions.
 Remember When Harry Met Sally? Well, there is a scene where the two characters, Sally (Meg Ryan) and Harry (Billy Crystal) are chatting, and Crystal improvises ''I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie.'' and in the first take (now sadly cut) Ryan cracked up laughing but it was so good that the scene was re-filmed and the improvised line used instead of the written dialogue. A similar thing happened during the filming of Dirty Harry (another personal favorite) when Clint Eastwood as Harry is cornered by the killer Scorpio as played by Andrew Robinson (yes, Elim Garek the Cardassian 'tailor' from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) who on seeing the size of his .44 Magnum quipped the improvised dialogue ''My, that's a big one!'' and everyone on set and behind the camera cracked up laughing. The scene was re-shot with the sexually suggestive line added. The Shining was perhaps the movie that made Jack Nicholson a household name. Who can forget the scene where he chops his way into a room and says, "Heeere’s Jonny!" (a parody of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson). Total improv. And then there is the movie that scarred me for life as a child - Deliverance that had a bunch of businessmen out in the backwoods of Georgia being chased by rapist rednecks. When the rednecks corner one of the men (Ned Beatty), one of the backwoodsmen screams out Squeal like a pig! And Beatty did exactly that - the dialogue on both sides being unscripted. Goodfellas is one of the best movies out there if underworld and gangsters and that sort of thing interests you and one line in particular, uttered by Joe Pesci (yes, the same one who played the bumbling criminal would-be private investigator in the Lethal Weapon movies) replies to being called a funny guy with a string of unscripted improvised dialogue so good I'm going to publish it in its entirety here:

          Ray Liotta: You're a pistol, you're really funny. You're really funny.
          Joe Pesci: What do you mean I'm funny?
          Ray Liotta: It's funny, you know. It's a good story, it's funny, you're a funny guy. [laughs]
          Joe Pesci: What do you mean, you mean the way I talk? What?
          Ray Liotta: It's just, you know. You're just funny, it's... funny, you know the way you tell the story and everything.
          Joe Pesci: [it becomes quiet] Funny how? What's funny about it?
          Frank Adonis (as Anthony Stabile): Tommy no, you got it all wrong.
          Joe Pesci: Oh, oh, Anthony. He's a big boy, he knows what he said. What did ya say? Funny how?
          Ray Liotta: Jus ...
          Joe Pesci: What?
          Ray Liotta: Just... ya know... you're funny.
          Joe Pesci: You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?
          Ray Liotta: Just... you know, how you tell the story, what?
          Joe Pesci: No, no, I don't know, you said it. How do I know? You said I'm funny. How the fuck am I funny, what the fuck is so funny about me? Tell me, tell me what's funny!
          Ray Liotta: [long pause] Get the fuck out of here, Tommy!
          Joe Pesci: [everyone laughs] Ya motherfucker! I almost had him, I almost had him. Ya stuttering prick ya. Frankie, was he shaking? I wonder about you sometimes, Henry. You may fold under questioning.

          And that is why I love such movies - for the improvised scenes as they simply come alive in a weird and often fantastical way that is hard to explain on the cold dry page.
 Taxi Driver was of course one of Robert De Niro's best - if not his best - movies. If you've seen it you will recall when his character is standing in front of a mirror being tough and he says to his reflection, ''You talkin' to me?'' That line was unscripted as all he was supposed to do is approach the mirror, look into it and well, it evolved from there into the line that everyone now recalls.
 The original RoboCop was a classic (and yes, the characters iron-jaw, no-nonsense approach to law keeping as the use of the word 'creep' were all stolen piecemeal from the character Judge Dredd). Remember when RoboCop arrests Kurtwood Smith's character - Clarence Boddicker and the villain is brought into the precinct house? Smith improvised spitting out blood onto the booking sergeants desk and then screams ''Give me my fucking phone call!'' - reportedly everyone on the set and behind the camera was in shock but it remained in the movie. The Silence of the Lambs was another of those movies where the actors invented much of what you see and hear on screen and only vaguely followed the script. Take Anthony Hopkins performance as Hannibal Lecter. Everyone recalls the scene where he is explaining how he loved eating a human liver with '' fava beans and a nice Chianti.'' but the menacing psychotic hiss that he makes was unscripted. Marlon Brando played the role of Colonel Kurtz for the movie Apocalypse Now, because he simply refused to learn any of his characters dialogue everything you hear him utter is unscripted improvisation. However he was so powerful in Hollywood and the movie could not be made without him being in it so the director (no doubt pulling his own hair out) allowed Brando to 'get away with it' and that ended up as nearly eighteen minutes worth - the man was a Shakespeare!

          Oh yes, I had to include this one! Full Metal Jacket and the late R. Lee Ermey who improvised much of his own dialogue for his scenes with the 'grunts'. He actually got he job by sending off a video tape of his sounding off at real-life Marines and knew that he was exactly the sort of intimidating character the movie needed. Remember the line ''You're gonna need a bigger boat!'' in the iconic Jaws? That was pure improv on the part of Roy Schneider. Now I've not seen the movie Being John Malkovich but reportedly there is a line in it in that an extra that was well and truly liquored up threw a beer can at the man himself and it bounced off of his skull. The drunk uttered the line, "Hey, Malkovich! Think fast!" and well, that made it into the movie. Do you recall the marketplace scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark where Harrison's Ford (as Indiana Jones) is chasing around when suddenly the crowd parts and standing there is a big Arabian man in black and red holding a huge sword? Well, Indiana raises his revolver and shoots the Arab dead in a touch of cultural commentary about how the old ways and the new ways will always be mis-matched, but you may be surprised to know this was not how the scene was supposed to play out. Originally there was going to be a fight-to-the-death between the Arab and Indiana Jones but Ford had experienced gastric problems for a few days prior to the shoot and had both a sore ass and an upset stomach yet carried on acting - what a trooper! Sadly, the whole scene was cut because it would possibly cause him to shit his pants on camera and nobody wanted that. One of my favorites is Dr. Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Bomb) for the truly bizarre performance of Peter Sellers who played the three primary roles in the movie - the American president, an R.A.F. officer and Dr. Strangelove who at one point (clearly rescued from Berlin following World War II under Project Paperclip) raises his right arm into the air and in a fake-German accent says '' Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!!" Much of that was improvised - in fact, many of the actors in the movie improvised and there was a very slim script overall.

          I'm saving the best for last.

          Blade Runner
was utterly stolen by the manic performance of
Rutger Hauer as the Nexus series humanoid, especially so when towards the end of the movie when it looks as if Harrison Ford's character is doomed, Hauer improvised his entire tears [in] the rain speech which for me made the movie so emotive because it was suddenly so obvious that life is so fleeting that you had to embrace it, take what you had to take and that with his passing (Hauer's character) all that he done, all that he had seen would be lost. As is the case with everyone, everywhere when we die. The speech: ''I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.''
Reportedly a naked male named as Travis Reinking (29) walked into a Waffle House in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee at 03:25 hours local time on Saturday and shot dead four people and wounded an additional two who were all eating waffles with a semi-automatic rifle and then made good his escape. The suspect is from Illinois and fled on foot. Police are currently describing him as ''possibly clothed, possibly unclothed but definitely armed and dangerous.'' No doubt he had issues with waffles. UPDATE: It is now claimed that the assault-rifle was seized at the scene after being dropped by the gunman who is still at large.

          Rise of the Super-Scum
          Did you know that in Britain you're considered as knowing the difference between right and wrong by the age of ten; yet according to records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (U.K.) a fifteen-year-old male from Northumbria has been arrested no less than one hundred and six times in the last five years. The little punk seriously needs his ass being kicked frankly. According to the records his crimes include prolific shoplifting burglary, joyriding and arson and he seemingly is well-pleased with himself, thinking that it makes him some sort of urban folk-hero. Personally, if I caught that scum in my home, he would be leaving in a box. And he isn't alone for there is a teenager in north Wales who between the ages of ten and eighteen was arrested eighty-three times. Then there is a child from West Yorkshire who has been arrested seventy-seven times between the ages of twelve and seventeen. What the hell is wrong with these assholes? According to Scotland Yard (London) there have on their records a grand total of just ten kids who have been arrested at least fifty times each. The world is seemingly sliding backwards into barbarism and in the month of April 2018 it was officially declared that there were more murders in LONDON than in New York City; a sad reflection on today's gang culture society and the inability of the police to do what needs to be done. I wish to note that it isn't the fault of the police. They need stronger powers and the ability to make the little fuckers suffer the penalty of law for their crimes because at the moment the kids, gang members and thugs in society simply are not scared of the law and see going to jail as a badge of honor they can brag about to their pals.

          You Can Always Trust a Policeman ...
          Well, seemingly you cannot. Take the case of Police Constable Adam Provan (38) of Kirling, Suffolk, who asked the permission of a sixteen-year-old girl's father to date her. Certainly sounds like a pedophile to me. Her father didn't have an issue with the twenty-two year difference didn't seemingly phase him so imagine his surprise when the girl reported to her father that the police officer had raped her twice on his once and only 'date' with her. After attacking her, he tried to get her to keep quiet about what happened by going into a McDonald's in East London and purchasing her a milkshake. The former police officer is currently on trial for assault and rape.

          RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) was allegedly a British invention but the truth of things is that it was developed independently by a number of nations prior to World War II with much of the work inspired by the research carried out by the German physicist Heinrich Hertz in 1886 when he proved that radio waves could be reflected from solid objects and for much of the 20th Century RADAR has not changed much, until now that is. Its just been announced that the next major step forward in remote sensing is to be pursued - QUANTUM RADAR which involves a far more complex system which sadly I'm simply not qualified to explain suitably. You can however read about it here:… with appendums here:… and here:… - the Chinese are already in the race, claiming that it was first deployed in a practical sense in August 2016.

Recently I had the very disturbing experience of being unable to get Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA-IV) and Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City (EFLC) on STEAM to work. Seemingly Microsoft recently updated their Games For Windows LIVE application, but I didn't know this and on running GTA-IV from my STEAM account this week the game failed to launch ... and a Games for Windows LIVE window popped up with only one option on it - the option to completely delete Games for Windows LIVE. Given no other choice, I did exactly that and was dismayed, nay, pissed off that GTA-IV now failed to run. Okay, so here is what happened; I clicked on the button to run the game and after a few seconds the Rockstar Games Social Club window popped up, wherein I clicked on the button to run the game and, well ... nothing happened. Figuring this was a fluke I repeated this over and over for about five minutes and then tried to run EFLC but it too did exactly the same thing. Setting the super-computer squatting evilly between my eardrums to work I did a quick analysis and came up the idea that the games were 'more than likely' corrupted (WRONG!) so deleted them and reloaded from the protected archive that I keep on a 3TB external drive. Result: failed to execute. So it wasn't the games. I then downloaded fresh copies from STEAM to be on the safe side. Result: failed to execute. So, it definitely wasn't the games! It had to be the Rockstar Games Social Club, application so downloaded a fresh copy and installed it, result: failed to execute. Now I was getting a touch of anxiety. After doing thirty more seconds of super-fast organic problem solving with my 167 I.Q. I came up with the solution. Seemingly the only easy way to fix this is to do the following:

Go to… and when the page comes up ignore the fact that it says X-Box because the software you will be requiring is for the PC platform. Now go to… and get that file, its called gfwlivesetup.exe (Microsoft® Games for Windows® Marketplace - LIVE Game Setup) and run it.
 The program will act to update the Games for Windows LIVE application and to fix the launch issues. After it has run you will be prompted to enter your gamertag information. If you're running GTA-IV or ELFC on STEAM just close that window and start the games normally. This time (in my experience at least) GTA-IV started normally, the Social Club screen didn't require me entering any information, I just pressed the key to play and GTA-IV did indeed run as expected, but once it was running it signed me in using my existing user name (gamertag) and then performed an essential upgrade. ACCEPT the upgrade. The game worked fine after that. I quit GTA-IV and relaunched it and the game was indeed patched. I then tried to run EFLC and the game was effectively patched too so that was cool.

A gamertag is a name that you play from for the purposes of server usage and if you do not have one all you need do is create one. Instructions for doing so are pretty much self-evident so I won't discuss them here.
NOTE that prior to discovering that the file gfwlivesetup.exe would fix the issues, I also downloaded and installed a fresh copy of the Games For Windows LIVE yet despite these the games still would not load so its clear to me now that the gfwlivesetup.exe file (which does the same thing) was the one I should have installed to begin with. The above solution did however fix the issues.

Much of the above is intended to be humor - not bragging.